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#Huawei Planned Covertly to Sell Smartphones in #US disguised as non-Huawei devices - Chinese telecom sought to circumvent U.S. government ban…
US intelligence agencies learned of the plans last month and alerted senior policymakers. According to the officials, the Shenzhen, China-based company planned to ship a large number of its smartphones to Mexico where the smartphones would be re-labeled and shipped into the US.
As non-Huawei devices, there would be no prohibition on selling them in the United States. The phones, however, could be identified as Huawei devices by examining their electronic components that can be traced to the Chinese telecom.
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‘Blood on their hands’: the intel officer whose warning over white supremacy was ignored

Daryl Johnson’s team faced an official backlash 10 years ago when it issued a briefing on rightwing extremism

Nadler presses ahead with impeachment probe #ImpeachTrump

Trump abruptly decides to install Joseph Maguire, the director of the Nat’lCounterterrorism Center, as the acting DNI after Coats steps down from the post next week.

Banks Hand Over Docs on Russians who may have had dealings w/ Trump, his family or Trump Org

Police Launch 8chan Probe in Philippines

Investigators look for any negligence in moderation of site linked to U.S. mass shootings

Andrew McCabe sues FBI over firing, alleges plot by Trump to oust those disloyal to the president
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Former Czech #Huawei Employees Reveal How Company Passed on Data to #Chinese Embassy Officials - #Huawei instructed staff to secretly gather personal information on clients and government officials, then pass the data on to China.…
Two former employees at the Huawei office in the Czech Republic have revealed that the Chinese tech giant instructed staff to secretly gather personal information on clients and government officials, then pass the data on to China.
The findings were the result of a recent investigation by public radio broadcaster Czech Radio, and the two former managers spoke to the media outlet on the condition of anonymity.
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#Huawei @SenFeinstein + Apple iPhones - Got Connections?!?!

Chips in Naval Warships & Fighter Planes = #Research 📚

@POTUS @GenFlynn @freedomcaucus @gatewaypundit
Richard Blum, Husband of @SenFeinstein Information:…
Blum-Feinstein-China Financial Connections Are A Conflict of Interest For American People ⚖️ If this is not illegal it should be⚖️
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Thread: Nearly 60% of #Huawei’s 50 5G contracts are from #Europe - Huawei said 28 of 50 commercial contracts for 5G that it signed globally are with operators in Europe - Some people never learn, money & trade above security 👎👎👎…
Huawei’s major competitors in network development, Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson, had secured 43 contracts and 22 contracts as of the end June, respectively. Huawei’s crosstown rival, ZTE, has publicly announced 25 commercial deals.
Europe, which has generally resisted pressure from the US to shut out Huawei, is an important market that the company could not afford to lose after a series of bans in North America and Oceania.
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Is #Huawei a Security Threat? #Vietnam Isn’t Taking Any Chances - As the world splits along #US-China# fault lines, telecom companies in Vietnam appear to be quietly avoiding the Chinese tech giant in their 5G plans.…
At first glance, this fast-developing nation might seem to be a natural customer for Huawei. Its economy is entwined with China’s, and Beijing has embraced the country’s Communist Party leaders in Hanoi as ideological brethren.
Yet Vietnam’s leading mobile carriers appear to be keeping Huawei out of their 5G plans, even if the government’s fear of incensing Beijing most likely prevents them from saying so.
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Thread: Two-thirds of #Canadians reject closer ties to #China and want #Huawei banned from 5G networks, poll says - People’s perceptions of China have ‘deteriorated markedly’, poll says…
The poll, conducted from July 6 to 9 by Research Co, also found increasing support for Canada’s handling of the case of Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive whose arrest in December at Vancouver’s airport sent Sino-Canadian relations plummeting.
Mario Canseco, president of Research Co, said Canadian perceptions of China had “deteriorated markedly over the past five months” and that the speed of deterioration “was really surprising”.
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The UK's Intelligence and Security Committee has published what I think is easily the best summary and explanation of the increasingly convoluted British debate around #Huawei and 5G.

If you want to understand what is going on, read this
Main takeaway from the ISC statement is conclusion that Britain's delayed and so far yet-to-materialise final decision on Huawei is damaging international relations. Urges next PM to make a decision "as a matter of urgency"
It then clearly lays out @NCSC case that network security not about a vendor's country of origin and UK needs to be able to defend against attacks "from any quarter." Security officials say supplier diversity best way to achieve this.
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Anyone else curious that @daokedao1234 "韩宝玉" pops up out of nowhere with a clearly fake picture #Chinese name sharing information about #Chinese computing. Is this a #sci-op? #Falseflag? Just saying his knowledge of #Chinese #cyberspace is setting off 🚨🚨🚨. #China #Chimerica
Interesting that his image #1 hides facial features ( including eyes ) #2 uses two pairs of glasses AND #Huawei phone showing in reflection. What is the #symbolism here? #foreignpolicy #foreignaffairs #Chimerica #PatriotsResist #Chimerica #ChinaUS #globalpolitics #USpoli #politic
''Big Brother'' is Watching You is the clear #symbolism here. We have two pairs of eyes on you and can see you using your #Chinese phone, we are also watching you with that. Any #occult #symbolism experts care to weigh in? There's something going on here. #China #USA #foreignaff
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There's so much going on here it's difficult to know where to start!

But start we must.

So, remember when the Brexiters said #Brexit was all about sovereignty & being free? Well, turns out America will decide your policies. You have no veto. Or vote. 1/8…
Secondly, Britain and the US are both members of the Five Eyes security alliance. Trump's administration would have shared their intel on #Huawei with the UK.

It is very telling that Britain did not buy in to Trump's anti-Huawei narrative that it poses a #security risk.

Trump's position was already undermined when he had said that @Huawei could be part of a trade deal with #China - apparently ignoring the "fact" that it is a #security risk. If it was such a risk, it would never be allowed to trade in the US. 3/8
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Excellent report on the technical vulnerabilities found in #Huawei’s devices, code, and #5G systems. A superb and highly technical report, but the main finding? Multiple backdoors were found. Thread 👇🏻…
“Finite State’s conducted comprehensive, unbiased analysis of the security properties of (Huawei) devices. Our automated system analyzed more than 1.5 million files embedded in 9,936 firmware images supporting 558 different products within its enterprise networking product lines”
“The results of the analysis show that Huawei devices quantitatively pose a high risk to their users. In virtually all categories we studied, we found Huawei devices to be less secure than comparable devices from other vendors.”
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🇺🇸 🇨🇳 #G20 (1) | After Trump and Xi met on Saturday, the two countries plan to restart trade talks. Following his request to hold a conversation with Xi, Trump had to make 3 concessions ❗ to restart discussions and get a vague Chinese commitment to buy US agricultural products.
🇺🇸 🇨🇳 #G20 (2) | The US compromises came despite, ahead of the meeting, Xi Jinping spared no opportunity to paint the U.S. as the bad guy in #China’s spiraling trade conflict, while avoiding the provocative step of naming Trump personally - Bloomberg…
🇺🇸 🇨🇳 #G20 (3) | Looking at the details, #Trump told reporters 1/ he wouldn’t put additional tariffs on #China for the “time being” (until there is progress in negotiations)…
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Ahh... here's yet another link to the Democrats #GreenScam and #China.

#NorthCarolina Democrat congressional candidate Dan McCready invested in Strata Solar to build solar farms in North Carolina and guess who Strata works with? None other than #Huawei.

Hypocrite Dan McCready is trying to FOOL PEOPLE into believing he wants to be tough on China, but don't fall for it.

He touted his investments in his own campaign ads in the past.…
This is just what I've been looking for #GreenScam "investment funds."

Dan McCready, along with partner Rye Barcott, a "green" investment company called Double Time Capital in 2013.…
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Should #India allow #Huawei a role in building the country’s #5G network? @AKanisetti and I have tried to provide a roadmap for the government in our new discussion document.…
We argue that India’s decision on Huawei in the context of 5G has strategic implications and should not be looked at only from the prism of economic benefits.
India needs to think about Huawei’s checkered history and linkages with the #Chinese Party-state, the potential of and threats from 5G and the country's position in the world of tech geopolitics.
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Reuters: #Huawei can roll out Hongmeng OS in 6 to 9 months "if the circumstances force us to -executive
Reuters: #Huawei's OS to be based on #Android open source, meant for mobile but to support other devices later - executive
Reuters: #Huawei's foldable 5G Mate X coming to market in September - executive
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.@POTUS Message in the Westminster Abbey guestbook
“Thank you so much. This has been a great honor. Special place.”

Notice: "Special Place"
GS=George Soros

We have a Special Place picked out for GS
Really special

Soros MIA Bilderberg

.@GenFlynn #QAnon #SaturdayThoughts
Q Proof
Sidley Austin Offices Evacuated After Manhattan Helicopter Crash
Representing VTB a Russian Bank Contributed 385,000 to Hillary Clinton
The Law Firm of the NWO+Dirt on Rosenstein
SidleyLaw partner Stephen Cohen w/Rod Rosenstein
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Michelle Obama was employed at the law firm #Sidley Austin along with Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, where she met Obama. Valerie Jarrett worked for Mayor Richard Daley, offered Michelle Robinson a job as Assistant to Mayor Richard Daley
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon
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1/***What the hell was Ben looking into to get kicked off Twitter edition?*** @themarketswork @CarrollQuigley1 @TheLastRefuge2 @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @ECCulper @Joestradamus91 @JuliansRum @MissiWhite4 @MischaEDM
2/#RegimeChangeDeluxe and #WickedWok top the charts of our daily discussions. An intersection got Ben banned. Here is the map:
3/For more on #RegimeChangeDeluxe just search the hashtag and will find MANY threads @Avery1776 @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo
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1.What/Who is Five Eyes #FVEY #Q #SpyVsSpy #UK #NZ #AUS #Canada #US #FISA #Declass-Let us take a 👀 of where it started and why? What it has been used for? The connections to #Bigtech & $$$$$
Thread 1/50👇
2 .It stems from the UK USA agreement of 1946 and was expanded in 1955 #FVEY #Q

History of 5-Eyes – explainer…
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“They spent all their resources stealing technology,” said Robert Read, a former contract engineer from 2002 to 2003 in #Huawei’s Sweden office. “You’d steal a motherboard and bring it back and they’d reverse-engineer it.”…
"Theft & industrial espionage R relatively common in global tech industry & Huawei isn’t sole co. to face accusatns of stealing foreign intellectual property. What set Huawei apart was flagrancy of its plagiarism.They made verbatim copies of whole portions of Cisco’s user manuals
"Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler flew to Shenzhen to confront Mr. Ren w/ evidence of Huawei’s theft, which included typos from Cisco’s manuals that also appeared in Huawei’s. Mr. Ren listened impassively and gave a one-word response: “Coincidence.”
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La tienda de aplicaciones de #Huawei se llama #AppGallery. Quizás seas usuario de la marca, pero nunca entraste a esta tienda. Te enseño cómo es. Cuando ingresas por primera vez tienes que otorgar algunos permisos básicos y te sugieren algunas apps para descargar.
Como verás, el aspecto de la #AppGallery de #Huawei no dista mucho del resto de tiendas de aplicaciones.
Si eres usuario nuevo de la #AppGallery de #Huawei se te ofrecen algunos beneficios. Básicamente es crédito en algunos juegos.
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« #Huawei's 'HongMeng' operating system to gradually replace Android »

As I explained yesterday, if you don’t have access to the GApps and the Play Services, your only choice is to create another OS.…
#Huawei was ready for the ban and started to work on their OS since 2012. But, for the reasons I said yesterday, they also know that stay on #Android is better for the business.
After all these years, they didn’t release their OS for this exact reason.

So no, the ban is not a good news for them at short term. On the long term they might benefit from it but nobody is really able to say it.
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Let's do a short contrarian #Thread on #Huawei and #Google

There's a substantial outrage right now around Google's announcement that Huawei will be excluded from the Android ecosystem. (They're essentially complying with a Trump administration directive, but park that.)
What is not being highlighted is the fact that Google is excluded from the biggest ecosystem of all – the #China market. All of the internet in mainland China is subject to Beijing's control – it's referred to as "The Great Firewall of China".
So a lot of the Google ecosystem which I use every day – search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps – is not available in mainland China. Last time I was in Beijing late 2017, I found myself deaf, mute, blind as a result.
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Google acting as a wing of the U.S. gov't is pulling Huawei’s Android license. Huawei will lose Android updates, Google Play Store access in order to discourage Chinese government spying on users while monopolizing
US government spying on users.…
Huawei will have to create own OS to continue updates which the Chinese government is already developing. Meaning they will have even larger control over devices, apps, and the total ability to spy on millions of users that will not stop using their products because why?
Needless to say, anybody working for @Google , @GooglePlay , or has ever worked for them or contractors directly associated to them, should 100% not go to China right now unless they really want to get State fucked and guillotined.
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There is a misunderstand in the #Huawei story.

The main issue is to lose the right to preinstall the GMS which contain the GApps and the Play Services
1) People buy an Android phone to use the Google Apps. Not having these apps preinstalled is an issue. Maybe you are a techy but the average user will not install all the Google apps on the PlayStore. He want all the apps preinstalled.
2) The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is SUPER MEGA GIGA dependent to the Google apps… and this is on purpose.

Did you use a vanilla version of the AOSP? I do and it sucks.
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