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Two things to follow this morning: 1. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to unveil #China initiated a global standard data security in face of #US worldwide block of Chinese high-tech (at 9:00 am) 2. Chinese President Xi to give a speech on #COVID19 fight around 10:00 am
According to a global #DataSecurity initiative that can serve as a global standard for data security, country to 1. oppose the use of information technology to damage other countries' key infrastructure or steal important data 2. prevent and stop the infringement of personal info
...and must not abuse information technology to conduct large-scale #surveillance of other countries or illegally collect personal information of citizens of other countries. 3. require companies to respect local laws and not to force domestic companies to store data generated..
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Great article on how #ByteDance's #tiktok algorithms made it such a success in #China; mainly because in #China, AI algorithms have been applied at scale to entertainment. With AI, the more inputs you have, the better and more accurate the algorithm becomes.
2/ #Tiktok would not likely be as effective in the US because the market is smaller (fewer inputs) than in China. This means that the algorithms could not be optimized as it has with #Douyin in China. In the US, algorithm optimization at #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook, #Apple
3/ is a much slower and better documented process. With #facebook, it monetized advertising mainly through small ads and political ads targeting extremist subcultures and conspiracy groups, which adds to social fracturing in the US. #Facebook makes money from US collapse.
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Ummmm... so much wrong in this one tweet. A New Yorker story about a WIRED conversation funded by Huawei and promoted on Twitter. Image
Understanding the US-China tech race, presented by Wired and Huawei. Image
Breaking down some of the dynamics of how information gets laundered, note that the New Yorker tweet was a “promoted” Tweet. So Twitter is directly or indirectly making money off of #Huawei in addition to WIRED (and maybe the New Yorker?).
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Glad to have given an interview on China-UK relations to Global Times @globaltimesnews, which was published on 17 August, 2020 in the newspaper and on the website. The full transcript of the interview is as follows:… Image
Q: On UK's moves on BNO, Huawei&Hong Kong, what counter-measures will China take?
A: The UK Government, in disregard of China's solemn representations, is bent on carrying out political manipulation on the issues of BNO and the extradition treaty with Hong Kong. Image
A: The Chinese side strongly opposes such acts of the UK side which openly go against its own pledge, violate international law and the basic norms governing international relations, and blatantly interfere in Hong Kong affairs, which are internal affairs of China.
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NEW: I delved into the connections between one rural B.C. politician and China.

What I found helps illustrate the efforts Beijing is making big and small to change the global narrative about its governance.… @TorontoStar #cdnpoli #china #bcpoli
This is Al Richmond, former chair of the Cariboo region, one of thousands of local politicians across Canada.

In the eyes of some, wittingly or not, Richmond had been pulled into China's global influence machine.… @TorontoStar #cdnpoli #bcpoli
Back in March, Richmond sat down with China's official news agency Xinhua and said:

“China was ultimately, I think, successful in containing the (#COVID19) virus."

The outlet extensively promoted the remarks on its international social media channels.
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இதில் இருப்பது தான் உலக அரசியல்!

பார்த்த உடனே புரிஞ்சுதுன்னா நீங்க அரசியல்ல தேறிட்டு இருக்கீங்கன்னு அர்த்தம்!
1. Jack - ட்விட்டரோட CEO அது உங்களுக்கே தெரிஞ்சது தான்

2.Jack & Trump க்கு ஏழாம் பொருத்தம்!
முக்கியமா Fact Check கொண்டு வந்து அமெரிக்க அதிபர் மூஞ்சிலயே பூரான் விட்ட கெத்து கை!

3.Facebook ட்ரம்ப் க்கு சொம்படிக்குறவன்! நீங்க The Great Hack டாக்குமெண்ட்ரி பார்த்தால் தெரியும்!

4. Twitter யை தடை செய்வேன் மோடித்தனமா Trump சவால் விட, அதெல்லாம் உங்க அப்பன் வந்தாலும் நடக்காதுன்னு USA Law point யை காட்டி அந்த Claim -ம் False ன்னு Declare பண்ணுச்சு Twitter.

5.அதன் பிறகு Facebook யை தூக்கி பிடிக்க ஆரம்பித்தான் ட்ரம்ப்!

இதற்கு இடையில்………,

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Uma forma inteligente de mentir é desviar o foco. E aí não me refiro à BBC News Brasil, mas à conversa que ela própria veicula, que parece ser uma construção de "mundo livre vs. comunismo". Vamos lá...

O verdadeiro "#pontodetensão" entre o "#Ocidente" e a #China é pelo controle e desenvolvimento da tecnologia 5G e aí, a oposição à #Huawei. Outros pontos destacados na matéria, como Hong Kong, já vinham ocorrendo a tempos e recebendo manifestações pífias e inócuas de +
outros centros de poder mundial, #Washington aí incluso. A questão dos #uigures, no #Sinkiang, já tem décadas, assim como a #MongóliaInterior, com a etnia #mongol e o próprio #Tibet, já calejado de receber homenagens na telona com atores consagrados como Pitt ("7 Anos no Tibet")+
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LIVE NOW: US #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense discusses the US vision for security in the Indo–Pacific region and the way in which the US intends to engage on the issues of importance across the theatre.

“US commitment to free and open Indo-Pacific rooted in values, history and economic ties we share with allies and partners, and has only grown deeper in the face of efforts to undermine it,” says #SecDef @EsperDoD in a special IISS address @DeptofDefense |
“Three pillars of US Indo-Pacific Strategy are based on preparedness, strengthening partnerships, and promoting a more networked region,” explains #SecDef @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense
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🧐7 [C] H [I] N [A] ese companies🤡, including #Huawei, Alibaba, may face action in India for having links with PLA…
Let me introduce u too Alibaba....😠
#ThesePeopleAreSick… Image
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On July 16, I gave an online interview to Catherine Philp,diplomatic correspondent @thetimes. On July 18,The Times reported on interview but failed to reflect truthfully what I said&misrepresented China’s position on some important issues.Transcript below.…
Q: Is this the worst the relations have been between UK-China?
A: During my 10 years time here, I've seen the relationship continue to move forward despite twists and turns.
A: We had seen British leaders meeting with the Dalai Lama, the leader of separatist movement, a departure from British commitment to one-China policy and regarding Tibet as a part of China.
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How the #CIA made Google
Inside the secret network behind mass #surveillance, endless war, and #Skynet
Global ‘information war’ — a war to legitimize the power of the few over the rest of us. The lynchpin of this story is #Google.…
Could #Trump (read Google/CIA?) Win the War on #Huawei and Is TikTok Next?
In a plot twist, the administration’s assault on the Chinese telecom giant is gaining traction. At heart, the US has an interest in its own electronic surveillance capabilities.…
Huawei’s “Safe City”
It has fueled concerns that China is “exporting authoritarianism.” Among the “solutions” Huawei sells globally under this label are facial and license-plate recognition, social media monitoring, and other surveillance capabilities.…
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For anyone wanting a proper read of what the Uk Government has announced today about @huawei and #5G and #FTTX networks, this document from @NCSC has a lot more detail than all the guff in the press

Actually discusses specific network elements affected…
My take:

- I don't buy this idea today's rule change "delays 5G by 2-3 yrs"
- My sense is it allows the industry (& some in govt) to quietly back away from 5G's cult-like hype with a good excuse
- Many I speak to hadn't realised the cool "vision" stuff was always 2023+ anyway
Added to that, post-pandemic economic downturn would likely have slowed 5G deployment *anyway*

Even though the telecoms industry is doing OK, it will face some fallout - not least, people unwilling to upgrade to new £1000 phones, esp as they're using home bband & WiFi more now
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All those cheering UK policy banning #5G equipment from #Huawei, calm down.

Policy: Buying new Huawei #5G equipment banned after 31 December 2020.

Implication: Nothing -- UK telecommunications firms are free to buy all #Huawei equipment they want, and more, over the next five months.
Policy: Existing ban on Huawei from most sensitive ‘core’ parts of 5G network remains.

Implication: Nothing -- no change from previous policy.
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#Huawei 1/5 The UK has taken leave of its senses. This period will become famous in our history as an exercise in national suicide. We left the EU, our biggest trading partner. We now decide that China, the largest economy in the world, is our greatest enemy.
2/5 We turn our back on Huawei, one of the world's most innovative and important companies, and its 5G technology that is crucial to our future. We rip out all its technology in an extraordinary act of national self-harm, costing us, one suspects, 5-10 years.
3/5 And on whose orders? Those of the worst president in US history who is busy undermining America's own future. The parliamentary Conservative Party is now in hock to a right-wing cabal who live in the past and have no sense of the future. They will never be forgiven.
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Today's screeching U-turn on allowing #Huawei access to our 5G architecture is an important moment for “Global Britain”, this Govt’s attempt to carve out a relationship with different parts of the world on terms independent of either Washington or Brussels. (Thread 1/7)
There are two clear reasons for the #Huawei U-turn. The first is US economic & political power. American sanctions on chip technology made our openness towards Huawei unsustainable given our political commitment to the US alliance & the reality of global supply chains. 2/7
The second reason for the #Huawei U-turn was Tory rebellion. 'Global Britain' involves a mixed position towards China: openness on economic issues, hawkishness on security issues. Neither Beijing nor Washington allows the world to be seen like this. Tory backbenchers agreed. 3/7
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UK plans "would unite the Five Eyes — 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿 — or a broader group of 'D10' nations formed of the G7 plus India, South Korea, and Japan, in a joint enterprise collaborating on investment, procurement and research to fast-track #Huawei’s rivals."…
“invest in open source technology — OpenRAN — which would allow telecoms carriers to buy off-the-shelf hardware from a range of vendors, rather than tailor-made systems. The UK also is striving to identify 'common standards' which would increase #interoperability between markets"
"The US is already trying to implement much of what the UK is proposing… [it] has launched an array of programmes including the 'Blue Dot Network', a joint public-private sector [infrastructure] initiative with 🇦🇺 and 🇯🇵 … [and @DFCgov] financing #Huawei-free networks abroad."
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1. volete che vi aiuti a capire il caso #Huawei? Iniziamo: c'è un segreto sotto gli occhi di tutti. Dalla sua creazione, internet è stata completamente dominata dagli #USA e gli #USA non vogliono certo perdere questo dominio,specialmente ora che da internet passa tutto
2. internet è passata dall'essere un regno per militari, ricercatori e nerd all'infrastruttura da cui passa tutto:il nostro lavoro,le nostre relazioni sociali,le nostre transazioni finanziarie. Avere supremazia su questo regno è altrettando importante quanto supremazia militare
3. gli USA non vogliono certo perdere la supremazia su internet, finora incontrastata,e con #Huawei che avanza, questa supremazia è sempre più in gioco. Potete immaginare il nervosismo di Washington
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“The greatest long term threat to our nation’s information & intellectual property & to our economic vitality is the #counterintelligence & economic espionage threat from China.” —Christopher Wray, #FBI Dir on the significance of China’s threat to the US (& its allies) #IPTheft
“If you think this is just an intel issue, govt prob or nuisance just for big corps—you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the [Americans] who’re the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so massive—it reps one of the largest transfers of wealth in history.”—#FBI Dir Wray
“We’ve now reached the point where the FBI is now opening up a China-related counterintelligence case—about every 10hrs. Of the nearly 5,000 active CI cases in the US—50% are related to China.”—Christopher Wray, FBI Director on China #IPTheft #Surveillance #ChinaModel #中国模式
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"The greatest long-term threat to our nation's information & intellectual property & to our economic vitality is the counterintelligence & economic espionage threat from #China" @FBI Dir Christopher Wray tells @HudsonInstitute
"It's the people of the United States who are the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history" per @FBI's Wray

re #China threat
.@FBI's Wray calls #China a threat to "our health, our livelihoods & our security"

"We've now reached a point where the FBI is opening a new #China-related intelligence case every 10 hours" per Wray
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