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7 Sep 18
Based on what I heard — and didn't hear — from Judge #Kavanaugh at his hearings, and having reviewed his writings and record as a judge, I believe any reasonable person would have cause to be concerned, even fearful, of his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

I will vote no.
My decision is based on:

1) his judicial track record
2) his equivocation on whether presidents should be investigated while in office, even though he investigated President Bill Clinton for Independent Counsel Ken Starr, and
3) what little we have seen of his White House record
Further, this whole process has been outrageous.

My request to meet with Judge #Kavanaugh before the hearings began was denied by the White House. I joined @JudiciaryDems in requesting a modest postponement so I had adequate time to review his full record – that was also denied.
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24 Aug 18

This is reckless and absurd, @BetsyDeVosED. First: Maryland law already requires school districts to provide a trained school resource officer to ensure school safety. #GunSafety
Second: as Maryland educators prepare to head back to school, 91% will use their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms. They need resources to support struggling students and address mental health needs – not firearms to protect from imaginary grizzly bear attacks.
Third: our educators are exactly that – educators. A difficult enough job as it stands. They do not want guns in their classrooms, making the job exponentially more difficult and dangerous. This proposal would ignore that reality, which is precisely why I'll fight it. #GunSafety
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22 Aug 18
Good news for Marylanders: thanks to the collective work of a united federal-state team, Maryland is at the forefront of an innovative reinsurance program that will increase access to quality health care while decreasing costs. #healthcare…
Together, we are working to stabilize the insurance market for Marylanders. But the reality is this waiver would not have been necessary if not for the Trump Administration's ongoing sabotage of the #ACA.
We needed to push back on the outrageous price increases caused by @POTUS' deliberate steps to undercut our health insurance markets and choke off federal funding. @POTUS promised to lower #healthcare costs, but nearly every action he has taken while in office has raised them.
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10 Jul 18
THREAD: 6 months ago today I released the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's #RussiaReport documenting the strategies Vladimir Putin has used to undermine democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Russia and Europe for the past 20 years.
Because to prevent what he did in our 2016 election from happening again, we need to understand Putin's patterns and methods. The Kremlin uses an arsenal of tools to destabilize democracies and sow chaos: cyber attacks, propaganda, coups, corruption, assassinations and more.
Putin has increasingly crossed the line of acceptable behavior – and we need a @POTUS who is resolute on American values, our transatlantic alliances and international norms to stand up to him. #RussiaReport
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29 Jun 18

Today I'm thinking about the five Maryland families who went to bed last night without their loved one. I'm thinking about the good people at @capgaznews who've lost dear friends and colleagues. My heart hurts for them. Yesterday's shooting in Annapolis was a gut punch.
I want to thank Anne Arundel County Police and all the first responders who rushed headlong into danger to save others' lives yesterday. This tragedy could have been even worse without their quick action. And I'm grateful to @ATFHQ and @FBI for assisting officers at the scene.
But today, I am also thinking about how condolences are inadequate. It is a tragedy that this cycle of #GunViolence continues to play itself out, over and over again, while lawmakers offer thoughts and prayers instead of action. This cycle must end, and it must end with us.
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27 Jun 18
SCOTUS has made it possible for millions of public-sector workers to get the protections & benefits of collective bargaining without paying their fair share for that representation. Today's decision is a partisan bending of the law and an attack on middle class Americans. #Janus
As Justice Kagan said in her dissent, "The majority has chosen the winners by turning the First Amendment into a sword, and using it against workaday economic and regulatory policy… the First Amendment was meant for better things." #Janus
Congress must now take action to restore fairness and equity for our public-sector unions, which helped build our country and our middle class. Working people should have the right to join together to improve their workplaces and earn wages and benefits that can support a family.
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21 Jun 18
At a rally outside the U.S. Capitol to #KeepFamiliesTogether, because we still have questions for @POTUS.

1. What's your plan for reuniting the 2,300 children who were already separated from their parents? When will we see it?
2. Why haven't you rescinded the harmful "zero tolerance" policy that's responsible for this crisis?

3. What's your plan for safeguarding the families seeking asylum? The mothers and fathers bringing their children to our ports of entry, because the alternative is death?
You must answer these questions, commit to alternatives to detention centers, and finally admit to the American people that this policy of tearing children from their families was your Administration's doing, that it was deliberate, and that you had the power to end it all along.
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20 Jun 18
This #WorldRefugeeDay we're grappling with the news that 68.5 million people worldwide were displaced in 2017 – 25.4 million of them refugees who left their home country, fleeing violence or persecution.

We are not powerless to help them. We can, and must, be their voice.
Half the world's 25.4 million refugees are children. Devastating, particularly as the world bears witness to asylum-seeking parents and children being ripped apart at our border. @POTUS could end this today. And he could lift his refugee resettlement cap today. #WorldRefugeeDay
We are the United States of America. We must be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Today we must all rise to say that we are great enough, and strong enough, to not have to choose between our values and our security – we can and should have both. #WorldRefugeeDay
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12 Jun 18
THREAD: Kim Jong Un has now achieved a long-sought goal: international legitimacy through a meeting with @POTUS. Trump's repeated praise for the brutal dictator notwithstanding, in exchange for that meeting we need verifiable progress toward ending #NorthKorea's nuclear program.
Any path forward from here must entail #NorthKorea making a complete declaration of their nuclear programs, verifying that those programs are frozen, allowing international inspectors to see exactly what is going on, and agreeing to the removal of nuclear weapons and materials.
Finally, but critically: any agreement reached must go through Congress. @POTUS has committed to that, and he must honor it.

He should also honor American values by putting an end to his gratuitous praise of Kim Jong Un, a brutal and violent dictator. #NorthKoreaSummit
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11 Jun 18
We can #SaveTheInternet if the House will take a vote like the Senate. ISPs should not have the last word in what any American can see on the internet. Congress has a chance to put consumers and #SmallBiz first. #NetNeutrality
Seventy percent of small business owners feel that they are at a disadvantage compared to larger businesses due to their size and market power. The internet gives them capacity to try to equalize that disadvantage. Congress should support a free and open internet.
This is a debate of whether we are on the side of big utility-type companies or individuals and small businesses to guarantee them equal access to this critical service. Almost half of consumers have no choice of ISP. This is not about competition but preventing discrimination.
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31 May 18
Thank you, Illinois! We need just ONE more state to ratify and we need Congress to do its part by passing S.J.Res. 5, which would immediately remove the arbitrary and unnecessary deadline for states to ratify the #ERA.
Most Americans are shocked to find out that the U.S. Constitution still lacks a provision ensuring gender equality. It's long past time to recognize the equality of women in the foundation document for U.S. law.
The 27th Amendment, which prohibited immediate congressional pay raises, was ratified after 203 years. There should be no deadline keeping America from recognizing women as equals under the law.
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28 May 18
Across our proud nation this #MemorialDay2018 , we remember the men and women of our Armed Forces who made the greatest sacrifice imaginable. Whether on the battlefield of Antietam, the beaches of Normandy or in the mountains of Afghanistan, we pay honor to their immense courage.
I remember the sacrifices of my fellow citizens from MD like those of Specialist Tocarra Green during this time. She was the 1st woman from MD to die in the Iraq War. I remember Sergeant Erick M. Houck, a Baltimore native like me, who died in Afghanistan just last year.
They and those like them deserve every honor we can bestow. As we consider the cost of our freedom, let us also remember the families of our fallen, our Gold Star families. We recognize the tremendous loss to these great American families and admire their patriotism.
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24 May 18
Our students deserve better. Hiring for-profit school executives to oversee the unit investigating for-profit schools creates clear and direct conflicts of interest. And it’s no way to run the Department of Education.…
Outrageous. Secretary #DeVos hired for-profit school execs and w/in months the special unit designed to protect students shuttered investigations into 3 for-profit schools. Now they have only 3 staffers to oversee fraud at nearly 6,900 colleges. Draining the swamp? Not.
I’ve written to Secretary #DeVos to ensure that the Dept of Education maintains its commitment to students and investigates colleges that enrich for-profit school execs at the expense of taxpayers.…
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10 Jan 18
Today I'm releasing a #RussiaReport documenting Vladimir Putin's 20-year attack on democratic institutions in his own country and Europe. To protect against what the Kremlin did to the U.S. in 2016, we need to first understand Putin's pattern.…
Russia's attack on the U.S., while still being fully investigated, was not limited to email hacks or one election. The scale and scope of this threat is real, it is growing, and if left unchecked, it will happen again in 2018 and 2020. #RussiaReport
This is the 1st U.S. government #RussiaReport to detail exactly how Putin operates, from a toolbox that includes military invasions, cyberattacks, disinformation, supporting fringe political groups, and weaponizing energy, crime & corruption. Summary here:…
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