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7 May
There are big people involved in illegal sale #OxygenConcentrator exposed by @DelhiPolice . Gaggan Duggal of 'Matrix imported the oxygen concentrators under the NRI scheme of gifts of oxygen concentrators for personal use by paying through illegal channels. (1)
Navneet Kalra of Khan Chacha , Townhall restaurants in Khan Market, is a partner of Gaggan Dugal in this venture and was instrumental in driving up prices by black marketing for ₹12,000 to ₹70,000. They were raking in moolah when @DelhiPolice stepped in. (2)
It has now emerged N Kalra had a spat with one Mickey Mehta of Garam Dharam restaurant over some business issues. Mehta was implicated in a cooked up rape case by some girl, who was cahoots with Kalra. (3).
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13 Mar
Sachin Vaze the controversial police officer of Mumbai Police has been arrested by @NIA_India #MansukhHiren #AntiliaCase
@NIA_India officials are recording statements of API #SachinVaze of Mumbai Police in connection with the suspicious death of businessman #MansukhHiren . #AntiliaCase
There is no terror angle in #AntiliaCase . Investigation carried out so far has found that the message by Jaish ul Hind was just to garner eye balls. This was just a ploy to divert attention. @NIA_India has arrested API #SachinVaze on many counts in this case.
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17 Feb
"@DelhiPolice is probing Marine Patterson, a member of the UK chapter of Extinction Rebellion (XR) as she allegedly drafted the content along with #NikitaJacob and Shantanu for tweet storm on February 4 and 5. Her footprints were found in the entire conspiracy", sources say.
"It has been revealed that Marina Patterson had prepared a package and added to the document through hyperlink.
“The #Toolkit was accidently published when she was simultaneously editing it", investigators said. (2). #ToolkitTruthProbe
Pattinson wrote "Police are attacking protesters, many are injured, many have disappeared & many are already reported dead. This was part of the conspiracy to create unrest among the protesting people. #ToolKitExposed
#Toolkit (3)
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17 Feb
Delhi Police investigation has found that #NikitaJacob had shared the final #Toolkit with Canada based #MoDhaliwal 's PJF on January 23,2001. Banned terrorist group #SFJ was deeply involved into it. The toolkit was prepared & shared with ulterior motives to create unrest.
Banned Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) is a front of Pakistan ISI. There are strong evidences to prove that a deep rooted conspiracy was hatched to exploit the ongoing farm protests & stoke anti-India sentiments.
Please read January 23,2021. *******
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15 Feb
Delhi Police is looking for Nikita & Shantnu, involved with the #Toolkit posted by #GretaThunberg . A Delhi Court has issued NBWs against them as they haven't joined the probe despite receiving summons from @CellDelhi #ToolKitExposed
Nikita Jacob is one of the key players of the #Toolkit plan that was prepared to launch coordinated mayhem not only in Delhi but to other parts of the country. As the investigation progresses, Left Ecosystem will get exposed & many of its members behind bars. #ToolKitExposed
Investigations by Delhi Police have found, #disharavi holds key to the entire conspiracy that was hatched to burn Delhi. She alongwith #nikitajacob were part of the plan. Jacob was in touch with Canada based Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal. More arrests are likely in the days to come.
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25 Sep 20
@ECISVEEP declares #BiharElections2020 , increases polling time by 1 hour, makes extensive arrangements of masks, PPE kits & sanitizers for the polling duty, also allows roadshow. Not more than 5 people during door to door campaigning..
234 member Bihar Assembly to be sworn in by November 29,2020. #BiharElections2020 @Elex_Michaelson
#BiharElections2020 to be held i 3 phases. In phsse 1, polls will be held for 71 seats. In phase 2: 94 assembly seats will go for polls, in third phase 78 sears will vote.. there will be 33500 polling stations.
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22 Sep 20
Continuing its action against drug peddlers, @narcoticsbureau has busted an International module of heroin, cocaine & marijuana traffickers.
•In another operation 8 persons including kingpin were arrested around 8 kg heroin, 455 g cocaine and 1.1 Kg marijuana was seized.
"The recent arrest of the India based African Kingpin lea to recovery of 1.75 Kg of heroin.
•Entire India based module of this syndicate busted .
•Follow up investigation reveals that around 52 kg of contraband has been trafficked by this syndicate", KPS Malhotra Dy Dir NCB.
Initially one parcel containing 970 gm heroin was seized in Delhi on 1st September 2020 & in the continued operation, on the basis of digital foot prints and digital forensic analysis, intelligence was developed that more such international parcels were destined for India. 3.
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18 Sep 20
Arrest of Rajiv Sharna, a journalist who wrote for Diplomat & Global Times under Official Secrets Act, has sent alarm bells ringing. Sharma was arrested by @CellDelhi after he was found passing on critical & classified defence related papers to countries inimical to India.
Rajeev Sharma, a senior journalist had also worked for United News of India, The Tribune, Free Press Journal, Saakaal. He was arrested on 14..9.2020 and was produced before Magistrate on 15.9.2020 and was given in police custody for 6 days.
Rajeev Sharma was in the centre of Pegasus Spyware story. It had accused how GOI agencies were reading whatsapp chats & intercepting calls of civil rights activists & those of Bhima Koregaon case. Now join the dots.…
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17 Sep 20
Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh to speak in Rajya Sabha on #LACStandoff shortly. Stay tuned..
India has given a befitting reply to #China ..RM @rajnathsingh in Rajya Sabha..
Till boundary issue is resolved between India & China, there shall be no disruption on the #LAC. China has backtracked on several promises on LAC. We hope Military Talks can find a way out to ease tensions on the LAC..RM @rajnathsingh in #RajyaSabha
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15 Sep 20
Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh to speak in the Parliament shortly..stay tuned..#LAC #China
India -China boundary issue is still unresolved. Says @rajnathsingh
#China is in illegal occupation of 38000 square km of Indian land. China considers 90000 square km at its own. I want to inform you that LAC is not clearly delineated. India & China agree to maintaining peace on LAC..Raksha Mantri @rajnathsingh in Lok Sabha..
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6 Sep 20
@narcoticsbureau to grill #RheaChakroborty & may video graph the entire proceedings. Meanwhile AIIMS Forensic experts have questioned suicide theory & have asked Forensic & toxicology experts of Cooper hospital to explain on abrated & oblique marks on #sushant 's body.
AIIMS forensic experts & CBI SIT had spent hours at Sushant's house in Bandra on Saturday evening/night to recreate the sequence of events. Domestic helps of #SushantSinghRajput were summoned while Sushant's sister Meetu Singh was also present. 'Suicide theory' is crumbling.
@narcoticsbureau has brought Sushant's house help #deepeshsawant to be present during #RheaChakraborty 's questioning. It appears he has spilled the beans how RheaChakraborty was procuring drugs in large quantity. More whatsapp chats have emerged.
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5 Sep 20
While media remained busy in tracking arrest of #ShowikChakraborty & #SamuelMiranda, #CBI grilled #SandeepSingh & Mahesh Shetty in #SushantCase. CBI team, Forensic experts of AIIMS visited Sushant's house to recreate sequence of events. Stage 3 of investigation has begun.
CBISIT & Forensic experts of AIIMS were accompanied by an officer who is considered to be master of recreating crime scenes. Interestingly CBI & experts spent considerable time while examining roof of Sushant's house. Did they get something? We may know it soon, stay tuned
#SandeepSingh was asked how did he get Aadhar & PAN card of #Sushant when he hadn't met him foe over an year? Who asked him to visit the spot & take control of proceedings? #smitaparekh who is fighting for justice to deposed before #CBI. There was a mystery girl too? Who is she?
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31 Aug 20
Fresh clashes between Indian Army & PLA at Pangong Tso. Indian Army reacted strongly & prevented PLA's attempts to alter the status quo. Below is the statement issued by the Indian Army. Image
Everytime there has been a Diplomatic engagement & commander level talks, Chinese #PLA has tried to alter the status quo. PlC tried to carry out provocative action which was thwarted by Indian Army. Brigade Commandeer level talks going on at Chusul.
Indian Army has handed out a bigger hammering to the #PLA this time. According to available information, IA has inflicted a heavy loss to the PLA, bigger than the last clash at #GalwanValley Chinese have been shown their place by IA. #JaiHind
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28 Aug 20
#SushanthSinghRajput 's ex flatmate #SidharthPithani being taken out of the CBI's camp office at DRDO guest house while SIT is grilling #RheaChakrobarty #showikchakraborty Pithani is being taken for cross verification of certain evidences, sources say.
#SidharthPithani has been taken to CBI West Zone HQ at Bandra Kurla Complex..#CBI has cracked so many theories floated by vested interests in #SushantSingRajputDeathCase Truth must & will prevail.
#CBI #SIT is questioning #SidharthPithani with 4 others whose identities have been kept secret in the larger interest of the ongoing probe. Meanwhile #RheaChakrobarty is being grilled by Nupur Prasad SP in the light of material evidences with the agency. #SushantSingRajputDeath
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27 Aug 20
#RheaChakrobarty 's interview to #rajdeepsardesai was a hit job. It was aimed at tarnishing #SushanthSinghRajput 's image that too when he is not there to defend himself. #RheaChakrobarty was given a script & she knew questions in advance. There was heavy editing to mask her.1
A close watch of #RheaChakrobarty 's interview has revealed the sinister design behind this hit job. She kept on telling that she loved #SushanthSinghRajput but tried to prove he was depressed, had bipolar disorder, cooked up stories of height fright to hammer her point. (2).
#RheaChakrobarty 's interview to #rajdeepsardesai proved what a bad actor she is. Despite camera close up shots, to present her as a broken girl, she couldn't produce a single drop of tear. Poor cameraman & video editor must have banged their heads against the studio wall. 3
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26 Aug 20
Breaking: #SidharthPithani confesses how 8 hard drives of #sushant 's personal computer were destroyed to kill evidences in Sushant's house on June 8, the day #RheaChakraborty left his house. Pithani spilled the beans during intense questioning by the #CBI on 5th day.
Meanwhile @narcoticsbureau has registered a case in connection with #RheaDrugChat & an investigation has been launched. #RheaChakraborty
It remains to be seen what was stored in these 8 had drives that were destroyed the day #RheaChakraborty left #SushanthSinghRajput 's house . Sources say #CBI may seek help of Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory to see whether lost data could be recovered?
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22 Aug 20
#CBI SIT visited Cooper hospital to question Forensics Team that conducted autopsy on #Sushant 's body. Strangely, they didn't mention time of death & that has left a big question. CBI suspects autopsy protocols were not followed.(1) #SushantMysteryDeepens
Why was autopsy carried out after 12 in the night? Autopsy after 7 PM is carried out under extreme circumstances that too either on request of the family or orders of a court. In #Sushant 's case neither was done. Sandeep Singh, nowhere related to SSR reportedly signed papers (2)
Did the INVESTIGATING OFFICER submit questionnaire to forensic experts before autopsy was started? Entire process should have been video recorded under supervision of a medical board. Discussion of experts during autopsy holds importance as that sheds light on causes of death.
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22 Aug 20
ISIS terrorist identified as Abu Yusuf arrested in Delhi will IEDs & weapons. One of his accomplice managed to flee. @CellDelhi has launched a manhunt to nab him.. Yusuf belongs to Yusuf & us being interrogated..
Bomb disposal squad pressed into service in & around busy Dhaula Kuan area. Bomb Disposal Squads of National Security Gaurds & Special Cell aee trying to diffuse the IED. @CellDelhi sleuths say, they they have averted a terrorist attack in the National Capital. @DelhiPolice
@CellDelhi has recovered 2 pressure cookers packed up with 15 kg of explosives. 2nd terrorist who had managed to give @DelhiPolice a slip, has been arrested after a chase. More details to follow.
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19 Aug 20
Driving in Delhi during rains is like winning a Bravery Award. #DelhiRains
#DelhiRains are a curse to those driving to reach to their destinations. An SUV has been rendered immobile since water drain pipes just don't exit here..
The white patch (encircled) is a car, totally submerged in water.. imagine the plight of people traveling in the car #DelhiRains Image
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19 Aug 20
Supreme Court 's order for the CBI probe in #SushantSingRajputDeathCase must have sent many scurrying for cover. SC has made it clear that @MumbaiPolice will have to assist in the probe. It also held the case lodged by @bihar_police & ordered all files to be handed over to #CBI
DGP @ips_gupteshwar stands vindicated today. The FIR lodged by @bihar_police stands validated by the SC. Now #MumbaiPolice or any other agency of #Maharashtra Govt won't have any role in #SushantSingRajputDeathCase & can't obfuscate the probe. #CBIForSSR
The SIT headed by Joint Director Manoj Shashidhar will leave for Mumbai to launch probe into #SushantSingRajputDeathCase . #MumbaiPolice has been ordered by the Supreme Court to hand over all related documents. #CBIForSSR #CBITakesOver
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15 Aug 20
"Now our farmers can sell their produce anywhere.Times demand that we upgrade our farming sector. We must take our farmers to the World Market. Our Jal Jeevan Mission completes 1 year today. We are delivering water to 2 crore families". PM @narendramodi #IndependanceDay
"The campaign, 'Vocal for Local', 'Re-Skill and Up-Skill' will help in building a self-reliant economy": PM @narendramodi #AatmaNirbharBharat #IndependenceDay
"By choosing more than 110 such aspirational districts, special efforts are being made there so that people of the country get better education, better health facilities, better employment opportunities": PM @narendramodi #AatmaNirbharBharat @mygovindia
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