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THREAD TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS OF #SSRIANS ABOUT THE BIOPIC OF #MSDHONI THE UNTOLD STORY @nilotpalm6 @smitaparikh2 @iujjawaltrivedi @shwetasinghkirt @divinemitz @withoutthemind
@republic @pradip103
Qn 1- How idea of Biopic Came?
Ans - It was Planned on after winning 2011 WC but Took 3-4 Years To Convenience #Dhoni

The Casting Of Movie.
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People memory is too short and Raita Wing is "frog jumping on a hot tin roof"

Remember during the 2014 Maharastra and Haryana election India witnessed massive LoC firing from Pakistan #BengalElection2021 #sushant
That time Raita wing was not born but Media, Congress and all other parties went after Modi ji 24x7 asking him to be in Delhi and fight out this LoC firing as if PM himself will pick gun and shoot and his generals are useless along with RM #BengalElection2021 #sushant
The objective was to take him out of the election campaign as both Maharastra and Haryana were cash crop of 10 Janpath

It was not reported in Media but we know $25 million was paid to PA from an island account overseas. That time i wrote on twitter #BengalElection2021 #sushant
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Friends pls understand, #Bollywood #Drugcartel #Underworld tactics, since public have not gone for movies due to covid,these meanies want u to start returning by showing movies that you may want to see like #NArendraModi n #DilBechara, remember it is produced by #sandeepSingh 1/1
This movie #Modi is as per reports produced by a man who is allegedly a drug don..Anand pandit as per this video at 8.44, he is Sandeeps godfather and also producer of Amitabh Rheas #chhere...
I think @PMOIndia @narendramodi @amitshah should object to the release on Oct 15 if the producer himself is of doubtful repute as is involved in #drugs as this video says.. directly leads to #SandeepSingh #SurajSingh #DubaiLink
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@akshaykumar and his #PR team and fans could not tolerate the truth about him in my video on #CandidMeena. So the only thing they could do is attack #SwamiNithyananda, a revered Hindu Guru who manifests powers to awaken the kundalini 1/1 ImageImage
When he stopped #ChristianConversions in and around the area where his ashram is, religious lobbies got scared and started framing him in concocted sex cases. Media was brought in. First the allegations against Swami Nithyananda were made solely by media ......#AkshayKumar ImageImage
..before any charges had been filed by authorities. Then t police wanted to gather evidence to substantiate the charges and started placing advertisements on TV asking for victims to come forth and approach the police with complaints.See the malicious pattern #AkshayKumarFriends Image
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@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 Sir @PMOIndia @amitshah @rajnathsingh Sirs we have voted u to power, #Bollywood with Politicians in Maharashtra have been exposed by many #whistleblowers on SM in cases of #childtrafficking #auction supplied by #NGOs, @republic journo was arrested since he knew SS #farmhouse 1/1
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic 1/2 had something hidden which they did not want exposed... If #BJP is serious about cleaning India, expose what is hidden there and other places ...#Child and #womenTrafficking is killing out system .. @republic had the guts to expose, but politicians jailed them
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic Please sirs if the minister of #WomenAndChild is not bothered to take strict action on this because of connections, please change and put tough police women as head of this ministry. So many children are kidnapped from cities and villages and auctioned at Bollywood parties..1/3
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Dear friends, fans, wellwishers of #Sushant, We are professionals from diff fields who have come together to fight for justice to #Sushant and his family. Thanks for being part of our 14K Twitter Family.
Let us continue fighting and not waver till criminals r caught #302ForSSR
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This is NO PAGE 3 story, this is abt anti-India activities. Glad that agencies hv zeroed down on the exact reason for #Sushant’s murder, and that the not-so-Macho-Khan’s brother’s name hs popped up, I’m assuming there’s work being done on Mahesh Bhatt’s links too.
2/2 The STRATEGY— Mahesh Bhatt ws keeping an eye on Sushant’s day to day activities via Rhea. The reason why girls like Rhea enter lives of clean actors is—to drag them into the same quagmire that the rest of Bollywood is in. My point is— those who r neck deep in
3/4 anti-India activities hunt for actors with a clean image to LAUNDER black money. This helps ‘em in 2 ways —1️⃣They’ll not directly come under d radar of agencies.2️⃣If a controversy erupts over the issue then the actor with a clean image cn b turned into a scape-goat.
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I am finally putting out on social media. I have quit #RepublicTV for ethical reasons. I am still under notice period but I just can't resist today to throw light upon the aggressive agenda being run by #RepublicTV to vilify #RheaChakraborty . High time I speak out!
I was taught #journalism to unearth truth. In #shushant case, I was asked to take out details of everything but not truth. As I investigated, sources close to both families agreed #Sushant was suffering from depression. Ofcourse it didn't suit #Republic agenda.
I was asked to investigate on financial angle in the case, the account details of #Rhea father was accessed, which didn't get remotely linked to the agenda of siphoning of #sushant money for their two flats. Ofcourse, this also didn't suit the agenda!
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@narcoticsbureau to grill #RheaChakroborty & may video graph the entire proceedings. Meanwhile AIIMS Forensic experts have questioned suicide theory & have asked Forensic & toxicology experts of Cooper hospital to explain on abrated & oblique marks on #sushant 's body.
AIIMS forensic experts & CBI SIT had spent hours at Sushant's house in Bandra on Saturday evening/night to recreate the sequence of events. Domestic helps of #SushantSinghRajput were summoned while Sushant's sister Meetu Singh was also present. 'Suicide theory' is crumbling.
@narcoticsbureau has brought Sushant's house help #deepeshsawant to be present during #RheaChakraborty 's questioning. It appears he has spilled the beans how RheaChakraborty was procuring drugs in large quantity. More whatsapp chats have emerged.
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While media remained busy in tracking arrest of #ShowikChakraborty & #SamuelMiranda, #CBI grilled #SandeepSingh & Mahesh Shetty in #SushantCase. CBI team, Forensic experts of AIIMS visited Sushant's house to recreate sequence of events. Stage 3 of investigation has begun.
CBISIT & Forensic experts of AIIMS were accompanied by an officer who is considered to be master of recreating crime scenes. Interestingly CBI & experts spent considerable time while examining roof of Sushant's house. Did they get something? We may know it soon, stay tuned
#SandeepSingh was asked how did he get Aadhar & PAN card of #Sushant when he hadn't met him foe over an year? Who asked him to visit the spot & take control of proceedings? #smitaparekh who is fighting for justice to deposed before #CBI. There was a mystery girl too? Who is she?
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#CBI has recovered deleted Whatsapp chats of #dipeshsawant . Sawant sent a message to a friend of #Sushant at 10.51 AM on June 14 about a deal with Flipkart. Sushant was about to sign this deal. Whereas #SidharthPithani had claimed Sushant wasn't responding & they were worried.
#CBI team had visited #SushantSinghRajput 's bandra residence again on Monday & officials stayed there for over 5 hours. It appears they were told about preliminary findings by AIIMS forensic experts. #SSRCase has turned on its head. It was anything but suicide.
#SiddharthPithani had claimed they were worried around 10 AM on June 14 since Sushant had locked himself up. If Sushant wasn't responding to their thumping on the door, how did #dipeshsawant sent a whatsapp message at 10.51 AM to a friend of Sushant to inquire about the deal?
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Oh wow #rhea says #Sushant fell in love with her in one day #Slurrdesai becomes emotional! 1/4 #Liesgalore
#Rhea wanted a small #Sushant this is the kind of relationship... wow his innocence made her true to herself! 1/5 Trust was the basis of the friendship....(how many drops did u put Rhea... 2 or 4 before it kicked in...Im asking)
1/6 Wow Slurrdesai looks like #SherlockHomes #Rhea says he wanted mountains peace and she also wanted that 🤣🤣🤣
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Breaking: #SidharthPithani confesses how 8 hard drives of #sushant 's personal computer were destroyed to kill evidences in Sushant's house on June 8, the day #RheaChakraborty left his house. Pithani spilled the beans during intense questioning by the #CBI on 5th day.
Meanwhile @narcoticsbureau has registered a case in connection with #RheaDrugChat & an investigation has been launched. #RheaChakraborty
It remains to be seen what was stored in these 8 had drives that were destroyed the day #RheaChakraborty left #SushanthSinghRajput 's house . Sources say #CBI may seek help of Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory to see whether lost data could be recovered?
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One thing you must bear in mind is that, the Maharashtra gov is watching CBI moves and social media with a microscope and pulling their PR machinery accordingly whenever they feel threatened... #SushantCase #CandidMeena

A simple example is when two Mumbai police landed up at sushants residence yday before the CBI came in, they said they had come to drink water. Its amusing they did not get water any where else. Watch and sibscribe #CandidMeena
Two scenes were shown one on news channels yday repeatedly, one which showed Sandeep Singh at the back entrance of Cooper hospital where Sushants dead body was lying. He was acting in a very agitated manner, while still controlling things..subscribe
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#CBI SIT visited Cooper hospital to question Forensics Team that conducted autopsy on #Sushant 's body. Strangely, they didn't mention time of death & that has left a big question. CBI suspects autopsy protocols were not followed.(1) #SushantMysteryDeepens
Why was autopsy carried out after 12 in the night? Autopsy after 7 PM is carried out under extreme circumstances that too either on request of the family or orders of a court. In #Sushant 's case neither was done. Sandeep Singh, nowhere related to SSR reportedly signed papers (2)
Did the INVESTIGATING OFFICER submit questionnaire to forensic experts before autopsy was started? Entire process should have been video recorded under supervision of a medical board. Discussion of experts during autopsy holds importance as that sheds light on causes of death.
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#CBI has filed a written submission before SC that they have registered an FIR. It says Mumbai Police are recording statements without legal sanction. CBI counsel prayed before the SC that it should allow @dir_ed & CBI to carry out the probe in #SushantSinghRajputDeathCase
Earlier, KK Singh, the father of #Sushant questioned the role of Mumbai Police & termed it dubious. #CBI questioned Mumbai Police recording statements that are bereft of legal sanctions. #CBI4SSR
#CBI submitted before the Supreme Court that no case is pending in Mumbai & questioned #MumbaiPolice probe in #SushantSinghRajputCase & recording statements of 56 people that has no legal validity. #CBI4SSR
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#SushantSinghRajput case hearing to shortly begin in the #SupremeCourt.

Sr adv Maninder Singh will appear for state of Bihar today.

Sr adv Abhishek Manu Singhvi to represent #Maharashtra Govt.
Hearing begins.

At adv Shyam Divan, for #RheaChakraborty, commences arguments.
#RheaChakroborty to #SupremeCourt:

* FIR at Patna is bad in law

* Considerable delay of 38 days in registration of FIR

* Serious apprehension of bias

* Ends of justice will meet if jurisdiction lies only with Mumbai Police
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#RheaChakraborthy has reached @dir_ed 's Mumbai office and is being grilled by officers about her financial transactions..her bank accounts have been scanned..ED is probing how she made payments to buy the flat where she is living ? #SushantDeathMystery
#RheaChakraborty tried to buy time from the @dir_ed but was denied any more time & was asked to join the probe. Sources say ED is probing the entire gamut of financial dealings & the people involved into it.
Reports say @dir_ed will quiz her for her two plush flats in Mumbai and whether she took the funds to buy them from Sushant. She will have to disclose all the documents related to the financial dealings and disclose information of her bank accounts, Reports @ABPNews
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Mumbai Police deletes #DishaSaliyan File
Cooper Hospital refusal to share sushants post mortem reports
Mumbai cops not cooperating with Bihar pol n forcibly Quarantined Patna SP #VinayTiwari
Y did d Mumbai Pol hurriedly conclude it as suicide without preliminary investigation
This is greatest betrayal & negligence
Sushant’s father confirms ‘I alerted Mumbai cops on Feb 25 this year that my son's life is in danger.
Y did d mumbai pol not act on it.
If an well known personality cant b protected wher does that leave rest of us
#SushantSinghRajputCase ImageImage
Mumbai Police Com #ParamBirSingh appointed by HM Anil Deshmukh of NCP was the same man named by Col Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya for having brutally tortured them during Malegaon blast investigation under Hemant Karkare.
He also had given clean chit to Ajit Pawar
#SushantSinghRajput Image
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1. Someone has to say it!! #BhattFamily = SUICIDE GANG
How can we forget the fact that every celebrity who reportedly committed suicide out of 'depression' was either linked to Mahesh Bhatt or Mukesh Bhatt? #SushantDeathMystery #JiahkhanwasMurdered
2. It is so weird that all the Bollywood 'Mysterious Deaths' from #ParveenBabi to #JiahKhan and now #Sushant are linked to these Bhatts - the SUICIDE GANG. Isn't it #MaheshBhatt who always cooked up stories in every case accusing them to be schizophrenic?
3. Bhatts the Suicide Gang very strategically planted people (#Rhea in Sushants case, #SoorajPancholi in Jiah's Case & #MaheshBhatt himself in Parveen's) to torture them, rob them either of their sanity or money or career and then kill them!
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And yet more evidence. Mystery aadmi - at Sushant's scene - bag liye bhaag raha hai. Omnipresent. Wiping out evidence. Does that explain why Sushant's dog Fudge has disappeared? #cbiforsushant #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput @RoopaSpeaks @shekharsuman7 @PayalRohatgiFC @thekangana
yeh rha Youtube Link:
Another Youtube video by @U2boy identifies the mystery man as "Divesh" - Sushant's attendant in his apartment. I have no idea what fools believed his anar juice story, and didn't arrest him after he changed the story. #Sushant had probably already been murdered much earlier
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This does not look like a natural relationship #MaheshBhatt, Rhea Chakravorty looks almost scared of you, After #Jalebi she became #Sushant's GF while being in such proximity with you. Your daughter is cavorting with a #Loser with no films. 1/1
Then Rhea started repeating what you said about #PraveenBabi and #Sushant that he was hearing voices. Tt ty were fighting depression &taking medicines. It sounds u & your family (MukeshBhatt) were along with Rhea building a case against him? Why was she ensuring he took medicines
We recall seeing #Alia's BF #RanbirKapoor drunk or high on something else, laughing and kissing everyone hysterically at an awards function, all his movies were flops, so is that why she, he, you, ur brother, KJo all hated #Sushant and his success? Sinister
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"Success ke baad ka plan sabke paas hai... lekin agar galti se fail ho gaye... toh failure se kaise deal karna hai... koi baat hi nahi karna chahta" - Sushant Singh Rajput, Chhichhore
Sushant Singh Rajput's last Instagram post and tweet will leave you teary-eyed

#SushantSinghRajput #sushant #SushantSingh…
'Shocked and speechless': @akshaykumar mourns the loss of Sushant Singh Rajput

#SushantSinghRajput #SushantSingh #sushant…
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