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Oct 12 19 tweets 4 min read
Yesterday a 97-year-old Arizona man told me "I'm terrified how close we're getting to #authoritarianism in this country." Sounds like something I might say! But his example? Gavin Newsom. Which has inspired some new thoughts on #democracy and its multiple opposites. A 🧵 1/18 It now occurs to me that people with different political orientations think democracy’s opposite is a totally different thing. Loosely speaking, please hear me out…..

For the Center: Authoritarianism
For the Right: Socialism
For the Left: Oligarchy
Aug 15 21 tweets 29 min read
Now out with @PrincetonUPress!

“From Development to Democracy: The Transformations of Modern Asia,” written with @JosephWongUT.

What do we argue? And how do we try to offer new thinking on #development and #democracy in East and Southeast #Asia?

A 📘🧵! 1/21 @PrincetonUPress @JosephWongUT It might help to start by noting that the book’s working title was always “Democracy through Strength,” until the very last minute.

That’s our main argument, and it’s still the title of our theory chapter. 2/21