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Let's be clear. Disregarding testimony of people w/ "2nd or 3rd-hand knowledge," while openly condoning the contempt & obstruction of witnesses who have 1st-hand knowledge (& could potentially exonerate the President) is an absolute endorsement of authoritarianism by the GOP.
Calling the investigation a "sham" while working to undermine it, ridicule it & basing the validity of any allegations on the testimony of people they outright refuse to compel to testify....

2/ allowing the executive branch to determine the terms of oversight by the legislative branch.

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@AllenFrancesMD @doctorid The biggest mistake institutional psychoanalysis made were not doing empirical research and not engaging with academic psychology. All this emphasis on theoretical issues & case studies, published in their own professional journals, existing in “splendid isolation” 1/
@AllenFrancesMD @doctorid from mainstream academic psychology which emphasized a more scientific approach. This is slowly being remedied, a project initially started with ego psychology w/in psychoanalysis but this focus fell out of favor to postmodern psychoanalysis. However, within academia, 2/
@AllenFrancesMD @doctorid psychodynamic empirical research has been slowly but steadily increasing imo.
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"people in #Germany at the time they were not all evil people; they were a people who believed in the #government, and that was the crucial mistake..the ideology is not the core trigger, is not the reason why people were behind those views; it's the #propaganda. It's not that ..
.. everyone was racist, it's not that everyone was evil; it's the fact that the government was so adamant about spreading those views that everyone just got behind them (without questioning them), and it's the same with #socialism that came afterwards [well, international
.. #socialism (and in particular, the institution of #concentrationcamps) came BEFORE National Socialism, not only afterwards; to wit, institutionalized socialism (within modern history) started with Soviet Union, from 1922 onwards, 11 years before Hitler came to power.
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1. Talking at #EmTechDigital today on 'Preparing for #Deepfakes: Trust and Truth' placing in broader framework of how we think about AI and social good. My cliffnotes here in this thread… (in great company with @red_abebe and @latonero)
2. Quick intro for those don't know @witnessorg; work on helping anyone, anywhere using video and tech for human rights. We're focused on making you more effective, ethical and safe if you do. And that means also keeping eye out for emerging tech threats
3. Big emerging tech threats we're concerned about now are: #AI at intersection with #disinformation, #media manipulation and rising #authoritarianism. We know this is where the rubber hits the road for activists and civic witnesses on the ground.
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Must read on #authoritarianism:
Opinion: The strongmen are back. And we have no idea how to confront them.
"It has returned as an ideological force, offering the age-old critique of liberalism, and just at the moment when the liberal world is suffering its greatest crisis of confidence since the 1930s..."
"It has returned armed with new and hitherto unimaginable tools of social control and disruption that are shoring up authoritarian rule at home, spreading it abroad and reaching into the very heart of liberal societies to undermine them from within."
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Trump: Day 614
-206th Day at Trump Property
-Claims China Interfering in Midterms
-Calls Avenatti a "Third-Rate Lawyer"
-3rd & 4th Kava Accuser Emerge
-3rd Interest Rate Hike of the Year
-ICE Using New Restraining Devices
-Tariffs on Metals Cost Ford $1B
-Press Conference a Wreck
Day 719 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 571 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Let's start here: Dan Rather does a good job summarizing the Sinclair propaganda facet of Trump's authoritarian regime.
Rump's authoritarian behavior includes subverting democracy, failure to be transparent, failure to be accountable, nepotism, cronyism, and many dimensions of financial corruption.
Trump's authoritarianism includes thwarting the will of congress, obstructing the protection of the environment, and putting property & people & planet at unprecedented risk.

#EPA #BootPruitt #DumpPruit #FirePruitt #PruittMustGo #PruittMustResign
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Trump’s step to dismantle our democracy:
1) exec branch: leave agencies unstaffed or staff them w/regime members who will deconstruct from within
2) 4th estate: put major brands in hands of allies (Time, CNN, etc) & strike down FCC barriers for consolidation (Sinclair).

3) judicial branch-see Week 54: add new positions and rush thru appointments unfilled by Obama etc. McConnell removes barriers
4) legislative branch-threaten and bully GOP House and Senate into complicity and submission.

Trump has made dramatic progress quickly in deconstructing our democracy. The guardrails there to stop him are disappearing. I fear us putting all our eggs in the Mueller basket, cuz Trump will do something to undermine the investigation to save himself when it becomes necessary.
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