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She/her. Been around; done some things; wouldn't recommend it. Multiskilled. Reluctant bird fixer. St Mary is my legit name. Not a nun.
Jan 29 6 tweets 3 min read
The Icarus family interrupted Egg’s rain spa earlier. The baby is very precocious &comes right to him, &Egg isn’t happy about it.
This is a perfect example of kooka vocalisations when non-family kookas are intruding. Egg still uses baby-calls to get my help.
#kookalife #EggBurra You can break down his monologue into separate vocalisations that are: declaring the presence of non-fam kookas; calling for assistance; complaining about these arseholes; telling the arseholes to get off his lawn.
Jan 28 9 tweets 3 min read
I’m a bit embarrassed to upload this bcs of my prednisone potato head &sweaty gardening hair, but meh, 🤷‍♀️what can you do?
(Careful of volume - I’m whispering; Egg gets loud)
#kookalife #EggBurra When he slows down in his call, he wants me to join in. The phone dampens it &it’s way louder in person than it seems here. And this isn’t his loudest…
This is a family/happy call.
Jan 27 5 tweets 2 min read
I like to think of our Hills hoist as living sculpture. Egg brings performance art to it.
Big day today with the WBsea eagle paying us a close up visit.
#kookalife #EggBurra Image She was hunting the riverside all day; when we went to see LB, she showed up there. LB didn’t show (I’m glad!) so we went to pick up a parcel from the PO - the owner’s little girl is obsessed with Egg. He finds this tiny human’s fascination with him bewildering 😆
Jan 25 31 tweets 6 min read
In the’90s I received social support as a single mum for the first time ever. I was studying &doing contract work.
I informed C’link that I wasn’t eligible for Austudy but they paid it anyway. I put it in a separate account til the day they asked for it back using threatening -> -> letters that implied I’d knowingly defrauded them. The language of the letters was traumatising, but I had informed them TWICE &they had told me I was wrong, so I knew the fault was theirs. The sum they tried to extract was more than they had overpaid ->
Jan 25 4 tweets 1 min read
It’s past time Australians acknowledged & confronted the
myth of Medicare.
•It’s no longer setting global precedents - it’s behind
•It’s very expensive to be chronically ill/disabled
•Most low income ppl can’t afford to see specialists
•Its lack of coverage is discriminatory @AlboMP #Medicare #UpdateMedicare
Jan 23 5 tweets 2 min read
I made this to show some of the more obvious elements of our communication. I wdn’t normally hassle him to come up, but I knew it would clearly show how he says ‘no’. He knows I know he’s not done yet; he has to do his last call.
#kookalife #EggBurra There’s a lot of nuance in head movements, eye contact, &body language. It’s taken a while for me to learn, but I’m getting there. You might notice he doesn’t *like saying ‘no’ but doesn’t understand why I’m being pushy (not what I usually do).
Jan 23 9 tweets 2 min read
Very strange raven activity today.
My home crew having LOOOONG conversations, over distance, this morning - one right at my door.
8 collected at a tiny roadkill by the road at the orchards; dozens &dozens there on my return; >100 spread across the orchard and haybales. The roadkill was not their focus. I saw this same behaviour once before - that time I moved the roadkill off the road but was enveloped in a curtain of passive but engaged ravens (Opal’s family), flapping &brushing me.
Some of these today will be Onyx’ &Opal’s connections.
Oct 11, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
Egg had a Terrible Awful Very Bad Day yesterday and is in Super Sook mode today. He needs *all the snuggles*
(We’re used to the practice drumkit in the background).
#kookalife #EggBurra He’s ok-ish now but Egg had an awkward crash land yesterday morning &seemed fine, except for scraping his wing stub. He put on a brave face all day but it became visibly clear he’d hurt himself more than he’d let on.
#kookalife #EggBurra
Sep 20, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Sorry I’m quiet. Nobi has gone missing &I’m run ragged doing everything I can to get him back home if he’s found. He was spotted about 10 properties away (rural, so a long way…). The whole thing is really weird. Egg &I walked about 5km looking &dropping flyers. The only consolation has been Egg’s absolute absorption in the long walk - “you mean this a Thing we can do?!?”
His conversation about the world around him was astonishing. The walk took us to his home country &he gave indications he knew where he was.
#kookalife #EggBurra
Jul 24, 2022 24 tweets 5 min read
Friday was a Very Bad Day. Day 9 of my teen’s covid infection, he had previously had mild symptoms, kept entirely to himself, &should have been improving but was suddenly hit by an immense, migraine-like headache. Not wanting to worry me, he remained isolated but, …no longer able to use any distractions, he lay alone on his bed, crying in pain, unable to find any position in which his headache eased. He’d taken all the right meds; drank water; had a window open. I thought he was sleeping so I didn’t bother him.
Jul 23, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Foraging with Egg. After spending a good while playing on the bank, waiting to see if Opal turned up (no show 😞), Egg was quieter than usual. Misty rain was moving in so it may have been that.
#kookalife #EggBurra At abt 0:11s, he cocks his head listening to seabird chatter. His direct look at me is a suggestion we move. I didn’t register til I stopped videoing &realised he was fixated on an eagle,while listening intently to the seabirds. He gave a bunjil alert call as we got into the ute.
Jul 22, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
Splendour was mismanaged from the first time it set up at Parklands, with zero foresight, contingency planning, or any duty of care consideration.
Parklands is supposed to be a dedicated festival site - it’s 100% not, bcs it’s not engineered for inclement conditions. #SITG In 2013 conditions were as bad as today, with rivers running thru the expensive camp grounds; road collapse; all patrons forced to walk extremely long distances in pitch dark to get to buses; assaults in the dark;