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Okay, I love @POTUS #CaregiverInChief but lowering drug prices is a complicated economic web — healthcare isn’t something that you pay for like a new car, it’s mediated by a third party 1/x #drugprices #pharma #medicare #medicaid
Take International Reference Pricing for example. (Lost you already, haven’t I?) This type of negotiation tool ties drug prices to caps set using “QALYs” - Quality Adjusted Life Years 2/ #health #pharma #medicine #innovation #caregiving #advocacy…
3/ Don’t get me wrong - #health care needs to be affordable & #accessible & costs should be accessible. But tying access to medicines based on the economic “value” of a person’s life unfairly discriminated against older #adults & ppl w/ #disabilities, see…
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@adamcifu - the idea that doctors should not be political is why the entire field of #pediatrics walked out on the rest of #medicine. Children don't have the luxury of "every man for himself" mindset. Also, Muslim patients' or atheist patients' autonomy at #endoflife : political
All of us are trained, in residency, on "political" dollars from #Medicare and much of our #EBM is funded by tax dollars from #NIH and elsewhere. Tax dollars are public money, managed by elected officials, who are put in place and held accountable by the political process.
Then there are seemingly extreme examples, but are they so extreme given how often horrific things happen in history & even uptick of violence in the U.S.? Should doctors opt out of protecting vs this? These camps, if formed, may utilize doctors/nurses…
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Those who:
do not touch patients & never have
who maintain no clinical licenses
who feel free of any commitment to #ethics

are put in charge, by administrators, to control, often via fear & shame, clinicians.

This harms on many levels.
It is anti-#safetyculture.
We have lost >500,000 Americans to #COVID19 alone. Preventable deaths. These are mostly the marginalized, vulnerable.

Either document measurable work to save lives, or get out of the way and out of budgets that could be used to save lives.
I’ve seen SO much over the years, in the name of #compliance consulting to siphon off money to block &, ultimately, harm.

No this does not save money.
It harms families.
It monetizes coded racism.

There are a multitude of such vendors & consultants.…
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This happening today: Confirmation of @XavierBecerra to lead #HHS.

Will @POTUS @JoeBiden soon thereafter identify his nominee to lead #FDA?

#pharma #biotech
Also today, #NIH Fauci, @CDCDirector Walensky & #FDA Peter Marks are back on Capitol Hill -- virtually -- today along with @DavidAKesslerMD to testify this time at @HELPCmteDems on #COVID19 starting at 10amET… #COVIDvaccinations #vaccines #CDC
The House @AppropsDems Commerce, Justice, Science & Related Agencies Subcommittee also examines #COVID19 outbreaks at federal prisons at 2pmET… #MaskUp
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1/ @AmerMedicalAssn⁩ strongly supports HR1868 to protect physician practices:

Prevent across-the-board direct spending cuts that threaten financial viability of physician practices, especially during #COVID19 PHE & beyond. @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader
2/ HR1868 is vital to protect physician practices:

•Extend current moratorium on the 2% Medicare sequester cuts past the 3/31/21 deadline

•Avoid additional Medicare statutory PAYGO cut of up to 4% triggered by budgetary impact projected under American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
3/ The #COVID19 #pandemic persists and continues to have a substantial fiscal impact on physician practices.

It is critically important that physicians are able to provide frontline care to #Medicare beneficiaries.
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What's in the $1.9 Trillion House COVID Relief Bill?
The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan which the #USSenate is currently considering.
Nine of the 12 House committees have approved legislation. This thread will summarize the major elements.
American Rescue Plan - Ways & Means $923B
👉$1,400 stimulus $422B
👉unemployment $246B
👉Tax Credit $143B
👉pension grants $58B
👉ACA 2021/2022 $45B
👉sick leave / retention credit $14B
👉COBRA coverage $8B
👉foreign subsidiaries $22B
👉Other policies $9B
American Rescue Plan - Oversight & Reform$350B
👉Provide money to state governments $195B
👉Provide money to local governments, territories, and tribes $155B
👉Create paid #COVID19 leave for federal workers and other policies $0.4B
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370K #London #GP patients sold to company owned by #US subprime health insurance profiteer
London’s biggest GP ‘provider’, AT #Medics Ltd, has just been sold to the #UK subsidiary of a US subprime health insurance profiteer with a long record of fraud,
financial dishonesty, health care mismanagement and lack of compliance with #Medicare/Medicaid contracts.
16 Clinical #Commissioning Groups are involved. They’re supposed to carry out due diligence on takeovers. Where is it?
#Operose Health Ltd, owned by #Centene Corporation, is run by the former #NHS England Director of New Care Models, Samantha Jones and the Senior Clinical Advisor for the #NHS England Accountable Care Systems’ Primary Care Development Programme, Nicholas Harding
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@KPcolorado knew a vaccine was coming for at least 9 months, but didn't use the time to construct systems to ensure efficient and timely vaccinations of seniors.
Seniors who use #Medicare ... so
essentially tax dollars were wasted. We will need investigations and transparency so future public health disasters are better handled. @jaredpolis put senior lives in the hands of providers that lack the capacity
and the capability for an essential task. This despite reams of research that says provider communication is key to successful health outcomes.
We knew our health system was piss-poor at managing #chronicdisease- CVD, metabolic syndrome, obesity
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Minister Robert's comments yesterday about our #NDIS are deeply concerning and a smokescreen for a much broader power grab from the Morrison government #AusPol

A thread about why these planned changes are so insidious 👇
If a disabled person who is a participant of the NDIS can show that a support or a service they wish to include in their plan is reasonable or necessary, then the scheme is working as it should. That includes sex-based services.
It is the very antithesis of the scheme for the Minister have the power to veto - based on his own moral beliefs - the kind of services and supports a disabled person might need in their plan.
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1/ Check out this detailed summary by AMAzing ⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ advocacy staff:

•Select provisions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, a comprehensive omnibus spending package

•AMA table of #Medicare physician impact broken down by specialty ImageImage
2/ Dec. 22, 2020, the President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 that:

•Funds the federal government through FY 2021,

•Provides a new round of #COVID19 relief and economic stimulus, and

•Imposes new restrictions on #SurpriseMedicalBilling.
3/ For an @AmerMedicalAssn summary of select provisions in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, please see here:
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I was discussing #healthcare cost variation (& #EHP #RBP models) across geography with a colleague earlier today. I have followed the work of @zackcooperYale and thought it would be interesting to, in very simple terms, visualize some of the cost variation. A short thread. 1/n
2/n I started looking for a datasource. While our #benefitconsulting and #insurance clients engage networks of private insurers, that data is subject to different rules... I wondered what variation "looks like" for Medicare claims. I landed here:
3/n First, there is a ton of #Medicare data. It can be downloaded by state (see below) as well as to a county level (which I pulled into Python.) To consider the amount of cost attributable to different segments, I looked at the largest categories with observations by county. ImageImage
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To celebrate #NewYearsEve, we present the past year’s top 10 Health Affairs Blog posts. To see the #healthpolicy analysis and commentary that captured the most attention in #2020, please view the full post, and have a #HappyNewYear: 1/11
1) Could – Or Should – The Government Impose A Mass #Quarantine On An American City? by @LawrenceGostin of @oneillinstitute #COVID19 #pandemic #InfectiousDisease 2/11
2) Mapping #Misinformation In The #Coronavirus Outbreak by @a_rutschman of @SLULAW 3/11
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THREAD 📌 In 4yrs NO ONE reached out to Hillary voters. We were treated to endless interviews with Trump supporters, but never a word from the people who were cheated out of a president. For 4yrs we were terrorized by the Trump regime and its racist, misogynist, abelist policies.
For 4yrs Republicans and their enabling cohort in the MSM lied to us and about us and never gave us a platform to refute their claims. They continued their assault on Hillary Clinton, whose only seeming crime was calling out white supremacy and institutional racism and misogyny.
While countless Black men, women, children and #disabled were murdered by police, the GOP either sat silent or demonized the victims. While sick and disabled Americans were desperate for #healthcare, Trump and the GOP drove an assault on the #ACA, #Medicare and #Medicaid.
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As an ER doc for 20 years, I have only ever wanted my patients to get the care they need. Like many, I have been critical of @realDonaldTrump’s lack of a plan to control #COVID19 & his desire to eliminate health insurance for 25 million. Here’s why I voted *for* @joebiden: (1/11)
It’s not just that he isn’t Trump, although I can’t think of anyone worse that could be President in this moment. Not being Trump isn’t enough to stand in line for hours in a mask just to vote. Biden may be especially suited to lead us out of the darkness at this time. (2/11)
Biden is an institutionalist. He believes in the power of government to makes peoples’ lives better. Government is not everything, but through good governance, it can make a meaningful difference in the lives of everyday Americans. This is especially true of healthcare. (3/11)
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Of 133 million w/ preexisting conditions, 54 million will be permanently uninsurable if Trump wins his Supreme Court case & the #ACA is overturned. For others, any gap in coverage, no matter how short, could forever bar them from insurance. <NYT: thread>…
If Trump wins in Court, 165 million Americans will again face annual & lifetime caps for costs, including both those who get their insurance thru work & those who buy it on the exchanges.

Employers will negotiate which conditions, therapies, drugs they'll cover in their plans.
If Trump wins his case, being female will again be considered a preexisting condition; insurers will be free to increase premiums for women.

60 million #Medicare beneficiaries will face changes to medical care and possibly higher premiums.
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Mary Jennings Hegar (MJ) is an American politician, United States Air Force veteran, and teacher. In 2017, she published the memoir “Shoot Like a Girl” which describes her service in Afghanistan.She also sued the U.S. Air Force to remove the Combat Exclusion Policy. #TXsen
“We must create a public option to make Medicare available for all those who want it. The best health care I’ve ever had was when I was on military-provided Tricare, similar to Medicare, and I believe that kind of high-quality care should be made available to all Americans.” 2/20
“I will oppose any effort to privatize, dismantle or undercut #Medicare, including raising the eligibility age.” ~ MJ Hegar, candidate for #TXsenate 3/20
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As a doctor, it's beyond bizarre to see a potential #SCOTUS justice say she'll make decisions about healthcare (eg, denying it to millions) based on #Originalism-what she thinks people in the 1700s would have intended. How different was medicine back then? Read on... (1/11)
In the 18th century, barber-surgeons were still doing blood letting, a common (deadly) practice that gave rise to the barber pole with red & white stripes representing bandages & blood. It'd be 11 yrs before surgeons would separate from barbers & perform medical procedures (2/11)
The 1st vaccine wasn't developed until 1799 (smallpox). Does Judge Barrett support #Medicaid covering the routine immunization of kids against deadly diseases? Would she oppose @realDonaldTrump providing a coronavirus vaccine to us, even tho the founders would be confused? (3/11)
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. Reducing Health Care Costs and Improving Health Care Quality/Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to afford life-saving and life-enhancing healthcare.. the other party has no platform at all 1/12
The United States spends more per capita on health care than any other advanced economy, and has less to show for it. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare
Health care costs have been increasing for decades, with average premiums for an employer-provided family plan topping $20,000 in 2019. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #Healthcare
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This section is called: Bringing Down Drug Prices &Taking on the Pharmaceutical Industry/Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to afford life-saving & life-enhancing medications/the other has NO PLAN.1/9 Image
Too many Americans struggle to afford the prescription drugs they need to get or stay healthy. 2/9 #DemPartyPlatform #PrescriptionDrugPrices #Pharma Image
No American should find themselves foregoing or rationing medications because they can’t afford to pay—especially when taxpayer money underwrites research leading to the development of many prescription drugs in the first place.3/9 #DemPartyPlatform Image
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“I’m so grateful for #Gleevec. It keeps me alive. But the price tag ($10k/month) constantly hangs over my head.”
"When I'm on Enbrel, I don't have symptoms... But I also have to carry the fear knowing all this could be ripped away." Enbrel is priced at $6k per month.
First up: autoimmune drug Enbrel. Even though the primary patent on Enbrel expired in 2010, $AMGN has filed more than 50 additional patents on the drug to thwart cheaper competition, according to analysis by @IMAKglobal (1/)…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This section is called: Securing Universal Health Care Through a Public Option
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will have access to quality healthcare as a human right..the other fights to TAKE IT AWAY. 1/9
#Democrats also know that finally covering every American through the public and private insurance system alone is not enough to guarantee universal access. 2/9 #DemPartyPlatform #HealthcareIsAHumanRight
That is why #Democrats support doubling investments in community health centers and rural health clinics in underserved urban and rural areas, 3/9 #DemPartyPlatform #ConmunityHealth
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