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Harvard Liberal Arts Infiltrates Supreme Court of India!

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
Is Justice Chandrachud's Ideology Breaking India Into a Nation of Victims?

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
Rejoinder to Marxism and CRT!

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
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Harvard Dismantling of Brahmin Structures!

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
Creating Conflict between Buddhism and Hinduism!

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
Alleging Genocide of Dalits in India!

#SITG #SnakesInTheGanga
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Splendour was mismanaged from the first time it set up at Parklands, with zero foresight, contingency planning, or any duty of care consideration.
Parklands is supposed to be a dedicated festival site - it’s 100% not, bcs it’s not engineered for inclement conditions. #SITG
In 2013 conditions were as bad as today, with rivers running thru the expensive camp grounds; road collapse; all patrons forced to walk extremely long distances in pitch dark to get to buses; assaults in the dark;
patrons sustaining hip&joint injuries from hiking thru DEEP mud to get anywhere; extremely ill-conceived ground plan &pathways; *complete lack of planning for traffic on public roads (which begs the question: *who approves it?); lack of staff, and more.
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On Heroism

In greek, it is linked to many words & concepts. If we had to pick one:

Ἀνδρῶν γὰρ ἐπιφανῶν πᾶσα γῆ τάφος
[For] glorious men, all land [is a] grave.

Heroism, in theory, readiness to die & ignore material possessions [Graeco-Christian conjunction → Saint]
The Hollywood depiction of heroes ("This is Sparta!" kind of cr*p) resembles a primitive barbarian glorification of warlords, typical in myths of other cultures.

Homer introduced something radical new: a sensitive hero, w/ fears, debates, pays for his hubris (sins).

Not this:
So, in Iliad, one could argue that the alpha-male is Agamemnon, not Achilles. Agamemnon exercises the power to enforce his will over Achilles who is, effectively, humiliated inside the greek camp, even if Achilles was physically & objectively a better fighter.
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Welcome all to our #SITG Book Review! I will kick this off with a tweetorial attempting to summarize Nassim Taleb’s major books and ideas (and this will be missing lots) and how they might relate to medicine #PennRadBook @RogueRad @anish_koka 1/?
Fooled by Randomness: using Markov models, Taleb elegantly illustrates the unexpectedly large and underappreciated role of chance in finance and in everyday life…
Application to medicine: most medical research is wrong largely due to chance (e.g., multiple testing) underscored by failure of reproducibility of research (e.g., low reproducibility/concordance of observational nutrition studies with randomized trials) - see Ioannidis
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1) “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

Not the discretion you think of though. But discreet knowledge of human nature.
2) Hannibal is recognized as one of the greatest military strategists of the ancient world. Yet, his career spanning the Mediterranean went from misery to disaster.

Because Hannibal could do war better than anyone, yet failed at the business of war.
3) His Roman rival Scipio enlarged his family’s power and property by getting the business of war really well, and ultimately defeated Hannibal.

Scipio became Rome’s living savior and champion, doubling its territory and power in just a few years of campaigning.
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