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Boring centrist. Interested in the future of the West and the world. Commercial advisor to private equity (views my own, etc.). Ex-military (Afghanistan, Mali).
16 Jun
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism Hi Charles - thank you for your detailed reply, and apologies for taking so long to respond to it!
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism Regarding the historical point, I'd argue extreme movements *both* on the left and right almost always justify their existence, their violence, and their destruction of institutions by claiming that they are defending against an extreme movement on the other side...
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism Hitler (apologies for bringing him into the conversation so quickly), famously said "If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the Revolution" - and a lot of his support really did stem from a not-unfounded fear of communist revolutionaries...
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10 Jun
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism I have no argument with civil wars or violent uprisings having to be stopped by violence. The same is the case for violent uprisings by other political movements, fascist, religious, etc. The question is - how do you prevent violent uprisings or civil wars in the first place?
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism The point at which you have a civil war or a violent uprising is already a catastrophe - and the irony of the examples you have chosen is that several of them were started by the far-right, and all but Germany and Finland were followed by far-right authoritarian rule.
@TheWorthyHouse @a_centrism Assuming you want to maintain stable, well-functioning, democratic government (which self-evidently ought to be a goal for both conservatives and liberals), a single minded focus on *just* keeping the hard left at bay no matter the cost is counterproductive.
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