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#CoronaVirusUpdates : India passes Brazil, now has world's second-highest cases. The number of deaths due to the covid-19 infection has reached 71,642. India has already been recording more number of fresh cases than #Brazil for the last few days.
India on Monday touched the grim distinction of recording the second most higest number of covid-19 cases globally.
India surpassed Brazil with 42,04,614 cases and is now behind the USA which has recorded 6.29 million covid-19 cases. Brazil has registered 4.14 million case.
India's covid-19 death toll breached the 71,000 mark as 1016 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, said the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday. @ICMRDELHI
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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Despite different population dynamics, reporting systems & health system response, the seven-day rolling average of new deaths are plateauing ~1000 per day globally. Via @FT 1 of N
Too early to be confident , but #India shows early signs of stabilizing the daily case burden (per million) while its good news for #Brazil and #US. Worrying signs in #EuropeanUnion , prolonged first wave with new peak sooner ? Via @FT 2 of N
Of the nations with successful strategy, #Vietnam hasn’t got the limelight it deserves !

Call it a bias of #globalhealth ! N of N
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#GlobalDealForNature, #NatureNeedsHalf, #VoiceForThePlanet, #30x30, #CampaignForNature (#Wyss, National Geographic),

- all marketing serves elite sought financialization of nature; the corporate capture of the commons.

#WEF #WWF #GDP #NaturalCapital #PES #Privatization
#VoiceForThePlanet is the sister marketing campaign of the #NewDealForNature. At helm of both campaigns are #WWF (atrocities against #Indigenous) working in #lockstep w/ World Economic Forum founded/headed by Klaus Schwab. Founding partners include UN - partnered w/ WEF in 2019.
The National Geographic Society markets the Global Deal for Nature, New Deal For Nature, & the Campaign for Nature w/ the #Wyss Foundation (billionaire Hansjörg Wyss). The Society operates via National Geographic Partners - a joint venture w/ #Disney.

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It was lunch time in #Brazil on a Saturday in 1990 when I decided it was time to be born! I grew up in a large city in #SãoPaulo called #Guarulhos, which in Tupi (native language) means “eaters” or “big-bellied people”. Here’s the proof I am “Guarulhense”:
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
Our #family was not wealthy, but my parents made sure I had good #education, even if that meant sacrificing part of their own life. For that I will be forever #grateful. They made sure I learned how to #appreciate everything I had that money could not buy.
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS ImageImage
I loved learning about #science in school. Not only because it is #fascinating, but also because my biology teacher, Diógenes (@spock_alvo), had great #enthusiasm when teaching it! His motivation would #inspire me to fall in 💜 with the 🧠! #teachinggoals
@IWS_Network #IWSVoices Image
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People Without Racial Prejudice Turned Out To Be Genetically Sick;

A Thread

Scientists have found that people who, in principle, have no racial prejudice, they turned out to be children with Williams syndrome.

Williams Syndrome;
Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. It occurs in one child in twenty thousand newborns.

It is caused by the deletion of genetic material from a specific region of chromosome 7. The deleted region includes 26 to 28 genes, And since the body is left without several genes at once, the effect of such a defect is complex.

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Reading 31 poetry books in 31days. Day-1 Just completed reading Human Wishes by #RobertHass which I had received as a present in #WashingtonDC in 2018 #sealeychallenge @ZoeBrigley ImageImage
Reading 31 poetry books in 31 days. 2/31 Day-2 Just completed reading Wild Kingdom by #VijaySheshadri which I had received as a present in #NewYork in 2018 #sealeychallenge @ZoeBrigley ImageImage
Reading 31 poetry books in 31 days. 3/31 Day-3 —Read today The Nightangles are drunk by #Hafez which I had received as a present in #Brazil in 2019 #sealeychallenge ImageImage
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Tree-planters by day, firefighters by night 👨🏽‍🚒🌳 Thanks to your searches, we can support our partners in #Brazil, @ITPA_ITPA, to both plan trees and fight fires that will help grow back an estimated 25 million trees. 💪🏾
Here is a full picture of some of the heroes on the ground protecting your trees from fires:…
For more details on how Ecosia users are helping restore the former Atlantic Rainforest in #Brazil, read this article on the Ecosia Blog:…
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Thread of Stefan Zweig's Life Story Begins!

Austrian novelist, theater writer, biographer and journalist Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna on November 28, 1881, is known for his short story #Chess and his wonderful biography works supported by psychological analyzes.
#StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
#StefanZweig met literature at a young age and received extremely high level education in this field. Having learned #English, #French, #Italian, #Latin and #Greek, he also studied #philosophy. Stefan Zweig
Originally interested in poetry, the writer was largely influenced by the great German poet #RainerMariaRilke, born in Prague. Zweig, who translated the poetry translations of #CharlesBaudelaire and #Verlaine into German, then traveled to South Asia. #StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
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Buckle up for this thread.

#RobertMaxwell = Mossad, KGB, MI6, CIA

#JeffreyEpstein = Mossad, CIA

#GhislaineMaxwell Jeffrey Epstein = Blackmail Operations

Christine / Isabel #Maxwell = Information Technology

#SamBronfman > #MeyerLansky > J. Edgar Hoover (sexual blackmail)
#RobertMaxwell > #CharlesBronfman > #LesWexner > #JeffreyEpstein

Robert Maxwell / Charles Bronfman = The Mega Group

Robert Maxwell > #PROMIS software theft

1920s - #SamBronfman was bootlegging to Meyer Lansky and other members of the mafia during Prohibition.
1940s - #MeyerLansky obtained compromising photos of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The photos showed Hoover engaged in sexual activity with his long-time friend, FBI Deputy Director #ClydeTolson.

1971 - Christine and #IsabelMaxwell found a company called #InformationOnDemand.
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@HelenClarkNZ @ @UNDP know #GhislaineMaxwell??
#Ghislaine spoke @ the @UN 20+ times.
[25 Jun 2013]#Ghislaine #Maxwell, Founder of the TerraMar Project and H.E. Mr. Stuart Beck, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Palau, Speak at @UN press conference…
How long was @HelenClarkNZ @ the @UNDP
(MINURSO), is not only accused of sexual harassment in a previous @UN post, but is about to benefit from a cover up by the UN boss “to protect another UN official”…
Dat:Fri,Jun 28, 2013 at9:38 AM
Sub:The TerraMar Project To: matthew.lee, It was a pleasure to meet you. As promised, here is some information on the TerraMar Project – you can see all the latest…
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BREAKING: June 2020 was the worst June on record for Amazonian deforestation - 1034 km2 of #forests were lost. Bolsonaro has been in office for 18 months, during 9 of which we have seen record deforestation rates.
President #Bolsonaro took office in January 2019. Since then these are the months with record deforestation:
May 2019 (then surpassed by May 2020)
July 2019
Aug 2019
Set 2019
Nov 2019
Jan 2020
Feb 2020
June 2020

Data from the Brazilian Space Agency:…
45% of the area deforested between January 2019 - April 2020 has not yet burned. When adding this up with the area deforested in May 2020 (832 km2) and June 2020 (2034 km2) we can expect a *very* bad burning season to come.
Check data from @IPAM_Amazonia:…
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100 million trees are so much more than the CO2 they absorb. 💪🏾 Each tree brings us closer to a different future – one we can all look forward to. Let's keep building it, let's #PlantChange. 🌳⏱
To #PlantChange you can take to the streets - or take to the web, if the streets aren't your thing. Speak out or amplify those who do, like @mayasideas 📢💚…
Sometimes activism means convincing your school, uni or workplace to switch to Ecosia. It’s time for businesses and organizations to #PlantChange, too.…
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(7/6/20) The former president of Panama’s sons were arrested for money laundering and bribery. President Ricardo Martinelli sat on the board of the bank that #Greenlighted #TrumpOceanClubPanama. He was a VIP guest at the project’s opening in 2011...…
LOOK AT THE DATES: "between approx 8/09 and 1/14 the defendants facilitated...pymt of bribes from #Odebrecht to or for the benefit of the *PANAMA GOV OFFICAL* by taking...steps that included opening and managing SECRET bank accts [via] shell companies in FOREIGN jurisdictions."
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#Brazil: Government military mission took 66 thousand 150 mg chloroquine tablets to treat indigenous people from nine ethnic groups from the Yanomami and Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Lands.
#Brazil: Indigenous leaders angry about #COVID19 risk from military visit.
"We are worried strangers came here and left the COVID-19. The Yanomami people were called into the garrison with no explanation"…
Video: @RedeProYY
"We don't want to be used as government propaganda," said Parana Yanomami. "We don't want outsiders coming here to take photos of our children. The visit took us by surprise."
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1/n. This, right here, is why I teach. No other reason. If you think race is a control variable, your racial theory is a hair to the left of essentialists. You are not loss though. You can be saved, resurrected, and/or reborn. Here’s what you need to do:
2/n. Read the works of @DorothyERoberts (Fatal Invention), @TukufuZuberi (Thicker...), and Joseph Graves, Jr. (Emperor’s New Clothes) will pull you out of the biological racism matrix. Then, will get your theory game going in the right direction.
3/n. Then, to improve the efficacy of your methodological theory, read Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s and @TukufuZuberi’s White Logic, White Methods and both of John H. Stanfield, II’s Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods volumes. Your design game will get strong.
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Despite surge in cases & increased testing, trajectory of new deaths attributed to Covid-19 for India is lower compared to in #US, #UK, & #Brazil. 7-day rolling average of new deaths (per million), by number of days since 0.1 average deaths (per million) first recorded.
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At the same time, the absolute number of cases per million is increasing at a lower trajectory in India. Testing has doubled in last month. Via 7-day rolling average of new cases (per million), by number of days since 0.1 average cases/million first recorded. Via @FT
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Inference:- Good news
1. Lockdown postponed the surge in cases

2. Lower rate of deaths can be ascribed to enhanced treatment capabilities, younger age demographics & protection due to cross infection.

3. Increasing the testing and treatment capacity is working well
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Florida and the U.S. both set new records for #COVID cases today. Higher than March, higher than April. The highest it’s been. Yet I have a *select* few followers from South Florida who call me a fear-mongerer for sharing these facts. Let’s review their arguments:

Hospitalizations are down, they insist

(source: @MiamiDadeCounty)

@MiamiDadeCounty Testing more, they say…

(Testing in orange. Source: @MiamiDadeCounty)

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Truly grateful to announce I have been promoted to Associate Professor at @MonashBiol 😊

I would like to thank my team & former team members, my collaborators, mentors, colleagues for the support and feedback @BBM_Wong and @RobertB_R, & my boss @OBryanMoira for the push to apply
Inspired by @jane_bourke_phd I would like to share how I got here because I look up to many & constantly think I am not doing 'well' enough. What I learned over the years is that on paper things look much more glamorous than they are (I call it the Instagram of academia) 1/
I came from a developing country (#Brazil) where research is not valued and there is little $ available. But I had amazing lecturers and teachers, and amazing opportunities to do research since I was an undergrad. This resulted in 5 papers prior to my PhD & helped me a lot 2/
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Thread: #Mexico, #Brazil, #India, #Pakistan, #Chile, #Colombia are experiencing alarming #coronavirus outbreaks and rapid ACCELERATION in cases & deaths.

On June 21, @DrEricDing tweeted the concerning statement below about Mexico.

On June 22, Dr. Ellie Murray of Boston University posted a response, calling @DrEricDing's tweet "bad and misleading".

A number of other Infectious Disease Epidemiologists (ID Epis) joined Dr. Murray to criticize @DrEricDing, mostly with disrespectful tweets.

@DrEricDing was the first epidemiologist who correctly broke the news about the #coronavirus pandemic on 2020 Jan 20. He received a similar backlash from some ID Epis for making minor inaccurate statements, and was called an "alarmist" & a "fear-monger".

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Members of Parliament of #Brazil Break into a Hospital to Prove They Falsified Information On COVID-19 Cases & Deaths. The hospital claimed to have 5,000 Infections & 200 Deaths... Not 1 Was Found!!!

5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by # Bolsonaro two break into the hospital and check two see the numbers of Patients there. This hospital pretending to be finished but Claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead so need this hospital.
Officials break in two check it and found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is defrauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country & push #vax"
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