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#BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
#IranProtesters of AmirKabir University students chant:
"Fear Fear We are all together"
"People R involved in poverty&they R thinking of voting"
"1500 people were killed in November"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
The regime's agents attacking the students' peaceful gathering to mark the 40th day of the #IranPlaneCrash
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
they chant:
"We do not want military rule"
"We will die but we will not accept the disgrace"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
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For decades, the CIA (and BND) secretly monitored government communications from allies through its ownership of Swiss company Crypto AG.

#QAnon #BreakingNews…
BND OP name: Rubikon
CIA OP name: Minerva 🦉

And Siemens is involved once again.…
Article from 1995 (!)
„They never imagined that when they coded their messages with the Swiss machines, they may have been sending a copy directly to NSA headquarters at Fort Meade.“

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LIVE blog: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to present Budget 2020 at 11 am…
Copies of the Union Budget reach Parliament. Follow all live updates on #Budget2020 here:…
Live now: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tables 15th Finance Commission panel report. #Budget2020…
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Who wants 💣bombshell news that can end impeachment?
@realDonaldTrump @potus
I think I can nullify Schiff's entire case in 1 move.
The problem is I'm not sure people can see it. Maybe I've been shadow-banned.

Give a LIKE & RETWEET if you want you want to see me try?

Not a joke
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS 1/💣Bombshell News - #TheEndofImpeachment


The source noting Biden's visit to Ukraine was to 'help Hunter's business' is a western-oriented Ukrainian politician. He was with 3 western oriented parties: Klitschko's, Poroshenko's, & "The Voice."
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS 2/💣Bombshell News - #TheEndofImpeachment


Before I move onto the issues of "TIMING" & "RELEVANCE," let me note that I will not be the slightest bit surprised if this guy ends up like Epstein or if he makes an announcement disputing his own words (under pressure).
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Busted ♦ George Soros company behind the outbreak of #WuhanVirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
ban George Soros and his companies
#China #ChinaCoronaVirus @XHNews @PDChina @ChinaDaily @GovernmentRF @KremlinRussia_E @RusEmbIndia @mfa_russia @GeneralBakshi
@XHNews @PDChina @ChinaDaily @GovernmentRF @KremlinRussia_E @RusEmbIndia @mfa_russia @GeneralBakshi @SusanSarandon @codepink @anyaparampil @CBSNews @BBCSanjoyM @VishnuNDTV @republic @atahasnain53 @AdityaRajKaul @jimmy_dore WuXi Pharma Tech aka WuXi Apptec Address 666 Gaoxin road East Lake dev zone Wuhan
- molecular drug discovery and research centre created the virus #CoronavirusOutbreak #WuhanCoronavirus #WuhanVirus

Welcome to bio warfare

Company owned by #GeorgeSoros
#chinaoutbreak #China
@XHNews @PDChina @ChinaDaily @GovernmentRF @KremlinRussia_E @RusEmbIndia @mfa_russia @GeneralBakshi @SusanSarandon @codepink @anyaparampil @CBSNews @BBCSanjoyM @VishnuNDTV @republic @atahasnain53 @AdityaRajKaul @jimmy_dore The Wuhan lab owned by #GeorgeSoros was the first in China certified to study what are called BSL-4 pathogens, which can cause diseases such as Ebola and is one of 54 around the world.
#WuhanCoronavirus #coronoavirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaOutbreak
George Soros banned from Russia
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US embassy compound hit in Baghdad by rocket fire, a "dining facility" was struck, "3 out of 5 rockets fired on Sunday directly hit the US embassy in Iraq's capital," the compound if 104 acres large...#breakingnews

PREVIOUS attacks: January 21, January 8, January 5
2019: Oct 31, Sept. 23, May 19

January 29, 2005 "An insurgent-fired rocket hit the United States Embassy today, killing two Americans and wounding five."
December 31: "Protesters attacked the United States Embassy in Baghdad."

January 14: Following a meeting with leaders of multiple Iraqi militia groups in Iran, Muqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday called on protesters to hold a “million-man” march against the presence of US troops in Iraq
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#BreakingNews from @TuckerCarlson.

There was a second amendment rally in Richmond Virginia today where nothing dramatic happen today.
The media was really disappointed because there was no violence at the Second Amendment rally in Virginia.
The left doesn’t care about public safety it’s all about power and never forget that. @TuckerCarlson
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Well I'm now totally convinced there is nothing to hide, as the police refused to give evidence of that.
(It's a good thing that #Harrexit -he's the one leaving, people!- is opening the debate on racism. But let's be honest, that's not the major royal #breakingnews.)
Also re: debate on racism, one more time, more listening, less "blacksplaining"?
It's not about "calling everyone a racist", it's about shouting out about the way too many racist abuses that most non-targeted people are unaware of.
Show solidarity/support wouldn't hurt here...
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

#BreakingNews @GenFlynn moves to withdraw plea agreement. @SidneyPowell1 explains.
.@SaraCarterDC says @GenFlynn is a true patriot that fought for the truth. He went up against @BarackObama because the narrative he was pushing was false. Because of that he drew in a slew of enemies.
.@GreggJarrett Robert Mueller‘s team of partisan hack‘s prosecuted @GenFlynn for telling the truth.
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Thread: Now #BREAKING from Tehran: Video of Iranian protests on January 11 in wake of Iran admitting it shot down the Ukrainian airlines plane. Thousands of people participated, it started by hundreds of students of Amirkabir and also Sharif university.
Protesters believe the government “wanted to use the civilian planes as a defensive wall or shield. They did it to prevent any possible air attack from US. They made a human defense wall by risking us that way.”
They chant asking Khamenei to resign in other Solgans. " استعفاء استعفاء"

And “don’t be afraid we are all together.”

They chant also "we will harm whoever killed my brother" It's a threat typical of slogan against the IRGC. #BreakingNews
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#Iran launches 'more than a dozen ballistic missiles' at #US targets in #Iraq, Pentagon confirms
I#Iran #USA
ran’s foreign minister has said the strikes have concluded and characterised them as self-defence within the boundaries of international law – not the first shots in a war.

Trump, in his first comments after the strikes, also sought to play them down.
#Iran #USA
The attacks appear to have been carefully calibrated to avoid US casualties. #US bases in #Iraq were already on high alert.

This is a first step Iran is initiating to give the go to further attacks by Iran and its allies to exhaust US forces in the Middle East.
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⚫️Did we REALLY think ARROGANT TRAITOR #IlhanOmar would raise amazing children?

⚫️Make sure to look at EVERY TWEET IN THIS THREAD bc THIS is WHY we have teens/20 yr olds who 🖤#socialism

⚫️Meet #IsraHirsi
#Omar’s 16 yr old

WATCH!👇🏼 #TikTok
And she’s FAIR GAME bc as of Sept 2018 she’s 16 years old

#NicholasSandmann was 15 in Jan 2018 when DemonRATS- INCLUDING @IlhanMN- DOXXED his entire family

Ruining is life!

Glad he just financially rap*d @CNN

#NBC suit still waiting & he may sue #Phillips the “Indian” for $5M
⚫️That video you just watched☝🏼

⚫️The words being repeatedly “sung” behind the video are:

•Bitch I got your man
•Since you been a ho
•Pitch him if you can
•Bitch I got yo man

⚫️Ironic since her TRASHY MOTHER @IlhanMN just stole someone else’s MARRIED man
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Why does Trump want to drag #US soldiers to be sacrificed in a new war in the ME?

In an emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention, the soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, directly addressed Trump: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

#Iraq war declaration on the #US from Sayyed Moqtada al-Sdar to #US President Donald Trump:

"We are demanders of peace if you surrender and war if you fight. Do you threaten us? How dare you">
#Iraq Moqtada al-Sadr to #US @realDonaldTrump
:" Are you threatening to starve a population you son of casino? Are you threatening to surround a population with sanctions son of brothels? Do u think Saudi money serve you? Do u think your arsenal protects you? "+
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Eyewitnesses said the 50-odd goons entered #JNUCampus and beat up students and teachers. #JNUSU #JNU

Updates |…
#Update | Secretary, HRD Ministry has called the Registrar, Proctor and Rector of #JNU to his office, today: news agency ANI. #JNU #JNUSU

More here…
"The violence and brutality faced by students, while protesting, is worrisome": Shiv Sena's Aaditya Thackeray on mob attack on #JNU students, teachers.

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When the Air Force (Helicopters) of a country, #Iraq, carry the coffins of those assassinated by a guest country, #US. Do you @realDonaldTrump believe your troop will be safe in Iraq after your violation of the agreement with the Iraqi government?

@realDonaldTrump The 1st of 3 expected Funerals in three cities of #Iran today and tomorrow of the most famous and loved #Qassemsoleimani General assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack . The US and neocon sitting in tanks all day, pretending & trying hard to think, believe he is hated
@realDonaldTrump The will of the most famous General in #Iran Sardar Haj #QassemSuleimani assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack:
A دثقغ simple grave with the name of "the soldier Qassem Soleimani, without any Flowery phrases (praising compliments)"
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#Iran has decided to directly respond against the #US assassination of #IRGC commander #QassemSoleimani and #Iraq commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes
#Iran #IRGC cmdr #QassemSoleimani movement was not a secret because it was understood that his killing will create a response.

He was killed in #Iraq by a #US order and #Iran will hit the #US by Khamenei order.

That will drag a wider confrontation

#Iran #QassemSoleimani commander was due to visit #Turkey President Erdogan and had a visit scheduled to #Lebanon.

His trips were known for many. The assassination will not at all affect Iran military and operationally because no one is indispensable.
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread with host @jasoninthehouse.

#BreakingNews Iran Quds Force commander was killed just moments ago. At least 7 dead in rocket attacked at Baghdad airport.
.@RepMichaelWaltz says this Iranian commander that was taken out is equivalent to the head of the CIA.

Who knows it could be @IlhanMN or @ValerieJarrett’s dad or uncle.
.@PeteHegseth they needed a reality check and a reminder that the US is still the top dog. It doesn’t matter where are you running running and hiding at. We can always Hunt you down, find you, and take care of you.
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This is how 'Iraq expert' sitting in the US brainwash readers
1. He can prove all attacks are carried out by 'pro-Iran forces'.
2. Any attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad is directed against the US even if rockets fall hundreds of meters away.
3. No mention of US killing of Iraqi
I doubt the #Iraq #USEmbassy will keep its personnel for very long in #Baghdad if protestors continue camping outside. No US official personnel would dare to leave - but by helicopter - and any American citizen would not want to be in the street as a matter of precaution.
If #US DoD sent hundreds of Marines to #BaghdadEmbassy, these won't be a game-changer because no direct attack is intended against the diplomatic mission. If #US Marines shoot protestors, it will worsen the situation and would be counter-productive. So time maybe best.
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After the launch of secret military satellites by #India the Indian Army is pin pointedly targeting terrorist barracks/ camps in #NeelumValley Pakistan Occupied #Kashmir

Its not in the mainstream news
Sharda, Chalihana Athmuqam heavily pounded
Karen liberated
#BreakingNews Indian Army liberated Karen
Warned drivers on #NeelumValley road to stay away as pounding of terror camps has begun.

Most Pakistan Army troops (70000) ordered to fight poor Houthis at Saudi #Yemen border
Extremely demoralized #PakistanArmy

#Pakistanarmy had enough
retreats from Karen Village

#JammuAndKashmir Good News for POK they may see reunification soon
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Lead story now on

The cities where protests have so far not been disallowed include Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Bhopal.…

#NDTVLeadStory #CAAProtests #CitizenshipAmendmentAct
Road No. 13A between Mathura Road and Kalindi Kunj is closed for traffic movement. People travelling from DND or Akshardham to reach Delhi: Delhi Traffic Police.

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Fire broke out at a house in Delhi's Anaj Mandi area this morning. 11 people rescued so far, 15 fire engines at the spot: News agency ANI.
#Update | 14 people rescued from the house on Rani Jhansi Road in Delhi's Anaj Mandi area, where fire broke out this morning. Rescue operations underway.
#DelhiFire | "Fire has been doused. 15 people rescued so far, operation underway. 27 fire engines at the spot": Sunil Choudhary, Deputy Chief Fire Officer. (ANI)
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[They] are in full force #QAnon! Welcome to United Police States of America😡 #SusanWojcicki #Panic #YouTube
Never watch 💩 #60Minutes but DVD ended & BAM💥 there she was throwing up lies & #censorship 🤮 Outright says cut down amount of time..controversial content ... by 70%!”
2. Listen to this video! 👆🏻 Remember who #SusanWojcicki and #SergeyBrin are ! And #FollowTheWives #FakeNews #SocialMedia #Censorship @realDonaldTrump
#WeAreTheNewsNow & [they] do NOT like it! Threatened by Truth! 🐸 #QAnon! 🙏🏻 #DoItQ!
3. Here is entire interview #SusanWojcicki 👉🏻…
“YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice”🤨😒 Mmkay🙄 Lies because👇🏻💥BUT they change algorithms to “cut down the amount of time Americans watch controversial content by 70%”💥
#DoItQ #QAnon #Censorship
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BRAND NEW #Bombshell #Thread #Crowdstrike is covering up for #JeffreyEpstein’s #SexTrafficking operation which was run through the #ClintonFoundation. This is why #Hillary deleted her 33,000 emails. #Impeachment is a way to stop prosecution.
#SergeyBrin, owner of #Google visited #JeffreyEpstein after his #ChildSexTrafficking conviction in 2011 at #LongBeach, CA. The funder of #CROWDSTRIKE was in bed with #ChildSexTrafficker #Epstein along w/ #Bezos, #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
Financed by #Epstein friend #SergeyBrin & the #Rockefellers, hired ex-#FBI #ShawnHenry, #Crowdstrike provided cover to the examination of the #DNC servers which would’ve exposed their entire #JeffreyEpstein #China #ClintonFoundation trafficking ring.
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