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#ALERT #BreakingNews

There is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR unemployment scam going on right now. This needs to be shared nationwide.

Details inside
It appears that the scammers are using previous data breaches to do this AND they're taking advantage of COVID.

The States send mail or email to company headquarters - and if we ignore the mail, it gets auto-approved.

The problem is three fold.
People who get fired and shouldn't be claiming are, and are getting auto approved...or scammers are doing it to them.

People who are still employed are having scammers apply under their names, and since nobody is going into the offices regularly, these are getting autoapproved.
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📌 Americans still believe the lies on T.V. When did we decide if its not on the idiot box it is not real? Thread👇
While researching for truth in congressional records, I found Obama changes the 1948 Smith-Mund Act prohibiting propaganda on December 30, 2012. (Welcome Comrades to Propaganda is now legal🙄)
And you never see a retraction right? Of course not the media calls you 'lazy sheep who will regurtitate the phrase of the day' Have you noticed everyday, in every program, is a phrase repeated to brainwash you."Historical" "Begining of the end" #FakeNewsMedia #FridayThoughts
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#BreakingNews #Biden Lies or just forgets.
Either way, his claim is backwards.
95% of donations come from Large Corporations, multi-million, billion dollar companies.

You can confirm these numbers on Open Secrets. ImageImageImageImage
It's no surprise that almost half comes from commities and super pacs in Washington, California and New York.
The 3 most corrupt cities.
Known for taking federal grants and bailouts, giving extra to companies like Planned Parenthood so tjey can then re-donate it to politicians ImageImageImageImage
Half of the donations came from Super Pacs.
Wealthy donors usually give money to others to donate to sidestep the $15,000 limit.

Neighbours, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.. ImageImage
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#BillGates has turned off the ability for people to comment on his Twitter page, #CancelCulture'ing ALL of humanity but for his Elite club of suckholers & well bribed Cartel co-conspirators, due to the massive backlash & calls for Prison, Arrest& Hangings Image
Since Gates only wants to Dictate to the world anyway, Buy off & Bribe Media to ask only what he wants them to, NEVER a decent question about anything, just helping his agenda to get the MILLIONS, & Kill 10-15% of pop, "this just works better for him not having to hear you"
After all, he didn't care what you had to say anyway, he wanted all of you dead, especially if you are tanned "the "Blacks Eradicated" (Planned Parenthood & Population Control Institute & related chains) or Christian like #Poland who his mother funded Hitler & Nazis to Murder
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#CDC Updated “Deaths from #COVID19” to be ONLY 6%, admitting 94% of them were FAKE, NOT attributable to SARS, & on top of that having on average 2.6 causes of Death OTHER THAN SARS, as well as having ZERO Genomic isolations performed nor capable via PCR!!! Image
2/ all Countries of the world need to open IMMEDIATE Lawsuits against the #CDC & CRIMINAL investigations Unilaterally not multilaterally into #Fauci, #Birx, #BillGates & the roles by #Cuomo, #Whittmer, #Newsome, #WHO & the others committing these DELIBERATE Worldwide CRIMES
All Nations need to SUE the #CDC #NIH & #Fauci & #WHO for FULL ECONOMIC LOSS DAMAGE RECOVERY for EVERY DOLLAR LOST due to their Radical LIES & Worldwide CRIMES FRAUDING the data, scaring & pushing fear & #Lockdown, & demanding others lockdown destroying their economies.
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#BreakingNews All operations against deforestation in the Amazon will be halted starting on Monday, the Brazilian government has just said. The announcement was made on the same day as #ClimateStrike. We'll tell you more in this thread 🧵
We write a lot about how the Amazon suffers with deforestation and fire. One year ago, there was ‘Fire Day’, against which no one was charged:…
We also revealed how meatpacking companies like @JBS are buying animals from ranchers who invade indigenous lands in the Amazon. Our story showed that there is still no guarantee that meat from any meatpacker is 100% deforestation-free:…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
-#HCQ has ZERO benefit
-Antivirals have ZERO benefit
-"Disinfectants" H-Peroxide (like what your lungs make to fight viruses) have Zero benefit
-5G can't make u sick…
#WHO a CRIMINAL organization with open investigations & still Unconvicted for their #CrimesAgainstHumanity Willfully Damaging MILLIONS w'out consent nor restitution LYING to their faces then Sterilizing them in their backs, maiming MILLIONS & KILLING Thousands w' not $1 paymnt
The CRIMINAL #WHO is LYING & LYING & LYING & Steering Spinning & Doctoring ALL possible information points to their FRAUD SCAM LIES Agenda for TOTAL WORLD CONTROL via Vax Tyranny & Health & Travel & Surveillance & Sanction State under these TOTAL SHAMELESS Anti-Science LIES.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#WHO says once again "The worst thing that could happen is Herd Immunity, we wouldn't need a #Vaccine then." Their entire mission seems to get total control over your societies & your bodies, lives, health & environments & economies via Forced Vaccine. Image
Notice how they put the Snake Head around the needle in yellow so it stands out, turned it on it's side like a vaccine needle to you, put it as close to the center as possible so it's in your face in the camera with Tedros. Intel agencies & Evil secret societies always occultic.
WHO is Deliberately avoiding, HIDING, & NEVER mentioning:
-ALL Tcell treatments
-C, C-infusions, zinc, D3, all vitamins
-HCQ, Chloroquine & others
-Convalescent plasmas
-Peroxides, other Blood treatments
-Inhaled treatments, Dexamethosone, Buhdesonide
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Famous MI6 Centralist Leftist Narrative Propaganda Org (FakeNews pumper) #Reuters States that VAPING Causes #COVID19 as "Vapers are 4x as likely to get #COVID19" Then also blames touching face despite viruses can't survive in sun.…
So, according to FAKENEWS org Reuters, #COVID19 IS NOT caused by SARS-COV2 from CCP China & #Fauci & his team, no, but actually it's caused by Vaping. It's also caused by touching your hands & face when viruses DONT survive in direct sunlight at all regardless what you do.
#Facebook Censored & Blocked posts from FAKENEWS Org #Reuters before, & you have to be certain that fakebook would block this one also since it goes against the #WHO narrative that it's from a Bat crossover & caused ONLY by SARS-COV2, not this NEW claim it's from Vaping.
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#ÚltimaHora Cabal Peniche y Miguel Aleman están tomando por asalto las instalaciones de W Radio de Prisa para tomar por fuerza control editorial
#BreakingNews Han cambiado seguridad, están cambiando de apoderados legales y mañana hay duda sobre quién ocupará los espacios de @WRADIOMexico
@PRISA tiene control editorial y @MiguelAlemanM le compro a @Televisa #controlfinanciero. Pero van a la mala por lo editorial.
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#CHLOROQUINE Is a potent inhibitor of #HIV PROVEN in #NIH Studies. O.O 💥💥💥 WOW! No Wonder they want to stop this drug!! It stops their Bio-Weapons & Depopulation Weapons & Big Cancer Drug Money!!
"CQ alone inhibited HIV replic"!…
-PLUS! In combination with indinavir (IDV), ritonavir, or saquinavir (SQV), CQ had a synergistic effect at concentrations found in plasma of subjects receiving malaria prophylaxis.
-CQ and its hydroxy-analogue #hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) are endowed with anti-#HIV effects, inhibiting the production of infectious viral particles at doses nontoxic for human cultured cells! O.O 💥
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#BreakingNews accompanied with @SecPompeo, @USUN Ambassador @USAmbUN presented a notification to #UNSC President @indonesiaunny, stating that the #US makes as 1 of the #JCPOA participants identified in paragraph 10 of resolution 2231 1/2
#BreakingNews ...the process set forth in paragraphs 11 and 12 of that resolution leading to the re-imposition of specified measures terminated under paragraph 7(a) has been initiated 2/2
@RussiaUN says the #US can’t initiate the #snapback mechanism against #Iran
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-100% Success Rate in Trials
-ALREADY on #WHO "Essential Medicines List"
-Can be used as Preventive Prophylactic
-14 Hospital trial Bangladesh
-China 60/60 cure…
-Ivermectin is an inhibitor of the #COVID19 causative virus
-Reduced the virus 5,000 fold in just 48 hours in cell culture
-FDA approved for parasitic infections
-WHO list of essential medicines
-#WHO knew this the entire time, CRIMINAL
-#Fauci Knew!, CRIMINAL
- add doxycycline & zinc (stops viral replication)
- studies are close to 100% success
- Have not seen a result under 100% successful yet
- Used in #USA already
- 14 hospital trial in Bangladesh
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"MEDICAL MIRACLE From God" Says Totalitarian CRIMINAL Dictators in #Australia #Victoria #Melbourne, NO FLU DEATHS THIS YEAR! RECORD LOW YEAR!
It's "Not" that they're LYING & FRAUDING, They want u to believe that the social distancing Fairy waved it's wand Image
2/ ‘MASSIVE DROP’ IN FLU CASES by "Miracle" in #Australia #AU as the entire country held hostage in Tyrannical Dictatorship the likes of Hitler's Nazi Iron Curtain.
-There have been ZERO DEATHS associated with influenza across Australia so far this winter! WTF!!!!
-Positive cases nearly non-existent! an 84-99% per cent drop in #Australia!
-They are just claiming Flu is #COVID19 obviously just like in #America! CRIMINAL FRAUD FEDERAL CRIMES!
-Dr Chant said if you have respiratory symptoms, “it is most likely that you have COVID, not flu"
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President Trump phones into #fauxfoxandfriends #FoxAndFriends #TrumpInterview

President Trump on his late brother Robert: "He was my friend. I guess they say best friend, and that's true."
President #Trump: "He was my biggest fan. People would tell me all the time, 'I spoke to your brother and your brother was so thrilled.' And so thrilled at what was happening. And what was happening for the country, he was so angry with #China."
President Trump says, he's going to #Wisconsin. He was told that every yard has a Trump sign in it and hardly any Biden signs visible. Talks about the record breaking #TrumpBoatParade, says we have great spirit, more than in 2016. #Trump2020 #MAGA #potus45
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Wuhan team that ENGINEERED Sars-COV2 from SARS-COV1 STATE:
“Vaccines WILL NOT WORK” vs the novel spike protein (they proved)
Then they ENGINEERED & ADDED a Significantly more infectious spike than that one, making it even worse. Why is MSM LYING 🤥 not lab Image
2/ This means:
-Vaccines WONT WORK even for the LESS infectious version, let alone the far more infectious version
-#Fauci’s Wuhan team KNEW THIS way back in 2015 & know it now also, & he has REPEATED THIS many times recently on video
-He stated recently that vaccine MAY NOT WORK
The reason #Fauci stated #Vaccines may not work is due knowing the intricacies of these infectious technologies which he has patents for & 40yr career in ENGINEERING thats what he & the NIH & NIAD do is ENGINEERING diseases! Now him & #BillGates are saying truth, MANY DOSES
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Australia’s Criminal #Lockdown Dictator Andrews of Victoria CAUGHT RED HANDED LYING, 🤥 admitting they have NO IDEA NOR ABILITY to determine if ANY of the ppl they claim to have SARSCOV2 actually have it or died from “#COVID19
-Defers to distract & get confirmation from other person ('Mental consensus' fraud move)
-Looks down thinking for something else to say to cover (another tell)
-"or at least with this virus" (Another cover-justify attempt)
-"or at least needs to be teased out further"(hinthint Image
-mouth hangs open loose jaw due 'lie reflex'
-stuttering as knows caught 0:27
-covers other side of it with "that's a perfectly legitimate question"
-Eyebrows up & forward in projection (to convince) "one that I have asked myself this morning" (blink from lie):30 Image
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#ClimateChange CRIMINAL CONARTISTS (who should all be arrested for their massive financial crimes & endless fraud) Put out this Shameless SCAM video, LYING to everyone's faces. Let's all play the "Spot the SCAM" game & you all explain what his LIES are.
-I'm not sure who this Fraudster is yet, if anyone knows, do tell, will look into.
-He obviously knows what he is doing, & is FRAUDING the audience on purpose, it is completely clear.
I will say no more for a couple days & let the ppl weigh in.
-Forget about the display screen & entirely! What else is going on? :D
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Israel says that it’s Directorate of Security for the Defense Establishment in cooperation with additional security institutions, has thwarted a cyber-attack targeting Israel's leading defense industries.
Israel says : an international cyber group called "Lazarus” - an organization that is backed by a foreign country. Members of the group used various hacking techniques, including 'social engineering' and impersonation. #breakingnews #Israelnews
“They built fake profiles on Linkedin, a social network that is used primarily for job searches in the high-tech sector. The attackers impersonated managers, CEOs and leading officials in HR departments, and contacted employees of leading defense industries in Israel,”
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CRIMINALS in Big Pharma try AGAIN to FRAUD the world in new Study trying to Defame #Chloroquine, but God has the Last laugh as actually what happens is they Revealed a Potential CURE for #Cancer!!! O.O :D
WOW!!! 😆💥💥💥💥💥💥
WOW!!! God is too good!! This is amazing!! FRAUD #Fauci & #BillGates trying to kill the world's population for Billions & World Control & God spun it & made it into a CANCER CURE! #HCQ protects healthy cells & then when u expose to SARS-COV2 it will kill the cancer cells! LOL!!🤣
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Former Senate President of #Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq,
DEMANDS Full Audit by @realDonaldTrump of the BILLIONS taken in by #ClintonFoundation for #Haiti which ALL WAS STOLEN by them but for a mere 2% of funds taken in, & Demands Criminal Charges for Fraud.
What do you want to bet that some of Biden’s island money just next door to #Haiti came from the Haiti Scammed Billions in the Clinton Crime Cartel? Hmm. 🤔 I wonder what islands they own from their “Foundation” money. The Clintons claim only 30 million was ever received. 30 of 6
0.5% Half of One percent of accused take in. But someone also claimed 12 Billion in print. Even if it was 1 Billion or 100 Million, where are all the power plants?? I could have installed at least 50 Megawatts for that money 100% renewable supplying at less than 1/3rd diesel cost
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#BREAKINGnews #usps
We all keep hearing about mail delays at the post office, and I see a lot of people wondering if it’s true.

It IS True and it’s a nationwide catastrophe...and it’s really screwing up my job.

If you work in HR you know what I’m talking about.
2: My company is still hiring and we have people in 42 states - paychecks have always been mailed on Tuesdays for new hires, and they always arrive by Friday at the latest.

For the past 2 pay cycles, people aren’t receiving these checks until Monday or Tuesday - a week late
3: on at least 3 occasions I’ve had to cancel someone’s live check and reissue once I received DD information.

But that’s not even the worst of it.
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🚨 #BreakingNews 🚨

Since Democrats would not let Attorney General William P. Barr Speak more than the words "Yes or No" in his Testimony to 🇺🇸 Congress

Here are the FACTS & the complete Testimony Directly from @TheJusticeDept

👇RT this Tread👇
1. Opening Statement of Attorney General William P. Barr Before the House Judiciary Committee Washington, DC~ Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery

Chairman Nadler, Ranking Member Jordan, Members of the Committee, I am pleased to be here this morning.
2. I accepted an invitation to testify before this Committee in late March, but it was postponed as a result of the pandemic that continues to pose challenges to us all. I know some other hearings this week have been postponed to honor your late colleague, Congressman John Lewis.
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