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Clap for that, you stupid bastards.
25 Sep 20
You think #AB5 is bad? They’re coming for the rest of you - Murray, Brown, DeLauro Introduce Landmark Bill Expanding Labor Laws to Protect Workers…
Who’s endorsing this, you ask? “The bill has been endorsed by: the National Employment Law Project (NELP), the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).” Elections have consequences. #ab5 #proact
You can kiss being a freelancer goodbye for evaaaah. That flexibility you love? GONE! “The bill will create a new standard where workers are always presumed to be employees.”
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21 Sep 20
Off into the unkooooooown
Is this thing on? @jenvanlaar @politicsofamy Image
Listen to me brag.
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17 Sep 20
We're supposed to be winners, not 22nd place. You can't let me and @politicsofamy be anything less than 1st place. Don't you hate pediatric cancer?! We're going to be walking and live tweeting our walk/hike on Sept 26th. Maybe even video. Click the link!… Image
Now it got interesting! @politicsofamy
@StJude #giveusthemoney Image
Who's going to reach $1000 first? I would like to think that my followers are more giving and hate cancer a lot more than @politicsofamy's followers. Prove me right!… Image
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16 Sep 20
We're not taking care of our environment when we allow the conditions to get so bad that any little thing sets off fires the way we're seeing now. THAT is irresponsible. And jamming people into cities ain't happening. No everyone wants to live like sardines.
This notion that I have to live in a dense city with these psychos to save the environment is laughable. The carbon footprint ur leaving by cementing over everything is insane! But soooo progressive. I can do better than that by living away from everyone and live off the land.
I can guarantee you that I'm doing more for the environment on a personal level than any of these holier than thou earth worshippers do. I brew my own coffee, cook at home every day, do not use disposable plates, utensils, have worked from home for 15 years, the list goes on.
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11 Sep 20
I finally got the opportunity to visit the 911 memorial last December.

Like so many people, I remember the exact moment when this tragedy struck. I was an over the road truck driver at the time and had just returned to California from a trip. Image
I was staying with my parents while in town and was sound asleep when my dad started pounding on my door screaming that we were under attack. It was such a confusing thing to wake up to. What did that mean? Under attack? Here? How?
I ran out of the room into the kitchen and watched in horror as people leapt from buildings trying to escape. That has never left me.

Last Dec while in NYC on business, I took the train to the memorial & spent some time reflecting on the magnitude of what this place represents.
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9 Sep 20
“This is CA’s big secret: it’s not climate change that’s burning up the forests, killing ppl, & destroying hundreds of homes; it’s decades of environmental mismanagement that has created a tinderbox of unharvested timber, dead trees, and thick underbrush.”…
“Newsom said that there are “Hundreds of millions of dead trees” in the state & that it cost his father $35,000 to clear “a small little patch of dead trees” on his property.”
“Newsom didn’t admit it, but the outrageous cost to remove a few dead trees from private land is a consequence of California’s Byzantine environmental regulatory patchwork.”
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5 Sep 20
First time making burger buns. Now I’m excited for the burgers. Image
Guys. Image
Bleu cheese stuffed. Image
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5 Sep 20
!!!! Image
I don’t know my husband continues to agree to let me take him on crazy adventures in a 2-wheel drive sedan where we have no business being when he can just say no. Today was one of those days where I thought I might kill us. BUT DID YOU DIE!! 😎
Me: Let’s go!
Husband: where are we going?
Me: I don’t know
Husband: Sounds good!

Clearly he hasn’t learned yesterday’s valuable lesson. 💁🏻‍♀️
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4 Sep 20
This is exactly the attitude that gets us these laws. She works for US. WE pay her salary. She is supposed to represent US. It is not the American way to beg legislators we put into power to please spare us. We fire them. #AB5
As an immigrant, I feel like it’s my duty to warn Americans about the road we’re on. The reason we scream at these “progressive” movements and laws is because this is exactly what brought us to America. These are tyrants who want to control every aspect of our lives.
They play on your emotions making you feel guilty about your “white privilege” and how things might be made right by taxing everything into submission. All while the ruling class lives in their armed communities and send their kids to charter schools….
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1 Sep 20
You guys....
I have an article for you to read but you have to read it all. It's important.
See how @LorenaSGonzalez staff, @veenadubal, @davecraige & others are working together to silence those of us who are anti #AB5- "This is significant – we have a PAC opposing Prop 22 coordinating with legislative employees to target political opponents."…
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28 Aug 20
U might want to choose ur words carefully when flinging accusations about paid campaigns when u have ur little friend emailing & accusing me of being paid just because Im critical of ur efforts to take our jobs away. And in terms u can understand, u can kindly kiss my ass. #AB5
The only targeted harassment here has been having your little lapdog “journalist” reach out to me and the other victims of #AB5, @LorenaSGonzalez. Enjoy your little article and freshen up your resume. Your career days are over. #AB5
You and your sidekick @veenadubal might have been able to get away with this shit when you were a nobody, local politician, but your union thug tactics of intimidation days are coming to an end. You picked the wrong twitter account, @LorenaSGonzalez. Have a nice day 😘
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24 Aug 20
You guys literally chose the old white guy and gave the POC the consolation price of VP. Please tell me more about this diversity you think you have a monopoly on.
She literally was running for president and you guys picked the white guy. Literally. 🙄
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22 Aug 20
Weekend adventures. Got me some honey. Image
Pit stop: Refreshing local beer & lavender farm. 😍 Heaven. Image
Came across an old hillside cemetery. Gravestone from 1921. Image
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16 Aug 20
Let’s go on an adventure, I said. It’ll be fun, I said. Image
I need a high profile vehicle. This sedan is cramping my off-road style.
I usually don’t get nervous on the road but today I definitely got a little scared.
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15 Aug 20
It’s my youngest’s bday in 45 minutes.
Every year I remember how I almost lost her at 2 weeks old when she stopped breathing.
Thank GOD I knew how to do CPR.
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15 Aug 20
I need a tutorial on how to get off wi-fi and wire my work computers so that I'm not held hostage when Spectrum tells me it'll cost a million bucks to do it. Who has a good tutorial? Give it to me.
After going through this thread, I realized that even though I keep saying “I just got this wi-fi router”, I actually got it about 15 years ago. But I’m old so everything seems like I just got it yesterday. Probably time to upgrade the router first.
And this is my sleeping in tweet.
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13 Aug 20
Teacher provided an assignment to the 6th graders and did so on a shared Google doc. The kids took over the doc and erased the doc & started writing hilarious stuff on it and I don't think the teacher has any clue what's going on. Le sigh. This August is going to be a long year.
In addition to that, the school has their security set up to where no one outside with an outside school district email address can send email so there is no way to email the teachers. My emails have been bouncing all day. Peak 2020.
And when I tried to send an email to tech support and open a trouble ticket, I got an email back asking me to set up an account to track the ticket. But I am not allowed to open an account because I have and OUT OF SCHOOL DISTRICT EMAIL!!
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12 Aug 20
Celebrating my Tony’s birthday today. She asked for tortellini Alfredo like the one from spaghetti factory and this cake. Hope this turns out ok. Image
I don’t have a Tony, you stupid phone. It’s tiny.
Fresh, homemade whipped cream is the only way to go. ImageImage
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12 Aug 20
Happy anniversary to the most wonderful man I have ever known. You complete me. #TheAmp Image
Get yo self a man who will stand in 110° heat to take pictures because you asked him to. ❤️ #itsouranniversary Image
I knew I would marry him when he held my hand during chemo and surgeries when he didn’t have to. #theamp Image
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12 Aug 20
I got another birthday present today. Thank you, @asthegirlturns!! At this point, I think #19Crimes needs to sponsor me. Image
You think I’m joking but I’m not. Almost every present I got this birthday was @19Crimes. Image
So I think a @19Crimes sponsorship is definitely in order. #19crimes
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11 Aug 20
Having to endure Kamala's annoying voice until November is peak 2020.
I knew she'd be the nominee when she got that annoying joker face to go with the voice.
If you people make me have to deal with that past November, we will have some words.
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