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Help me save lives.

As of 2013, 61.6M Americans speak a language other than English at home, 25.1M are considered limited English proficient(LEP). The numbers have probably increased. With wildfires, massive outreach this segment of the population is cut off. @MigrationPolicy
Recently passed legislation #AB5 further aggravates the ability of language access professionals, who are already unable to meet the demand for hospitals, schools, courts, and gaps in between due to lack of policy around #languageaccess.

We need government to reach LEPs.
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Thread: California is under extreme threat from this virus. Everything our gov't has been doing for the last decade has weakened us to an incredibly frightening degree. Prop 47 released thousands of criminals into the streets & where do they go? Nowhere. They stay in the streets
You can't even arrest someone who is stealing less than $950 worth of goods if they're doing it right in front of a police officer. Homeless encampments are everywhere. Human urine and feces...everywhere. Diseases like typhus have already broken out
The state provides needles for the drug addicts who make up 99% of our homeless & where do those needles end up? In the streets. Where they get stepped on or reused. Homeless line the streets of LA and San Francisco and now almost everywhere.
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"Commuters remain strangely unwilling to use the filthy, violent, dangerous Bay Area Robbery & Terror (BART) murder train for their local transit needs"🙄

Bonus points for using the phrase "luring them back" for a strategy of enticing crime victims back…
"A Tale of Two SF Chronicle Transit Graphics"

Regarding: the Bay Area Robbery & Terror (BART) Murder Train and the BIZARRELY INEXPLICABLE phenomenon of *declining* ridership🤷‍♂️

Homicide, rape, assault & robbery on BART have DOUBLED from 2015 to 2018🤔…

A lavishly-appointed bunker deep inside BART HQ—as exuberantly overpaid public sector idiots deliberate as to exactly WHY stubborn commuters are unwilling to pay for the *privilege* of traveling via filthy subterranean rape, robbery & murder trains…
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#AB5 #proact fam, just read the Dynamex decision that’s being used as a predicate to chip away at self-employment in California and now nationally. I found it very interesting. These are my layman observations:

Right out of the gate, it’s clear Dynamex was narrowly tailored. 1/
“The issue in this case relates to the resolution of the employee or
independent contractor question in one specific context,” the court says. “Here we must decide what standard applies, under California law, in determining whether workers should be classified as 2/
employees or as independent contractors *for purposes of
California wage orders,* which impose obligations relating to the minimum wages, maximum hours, and a limited number of very basic working conditions (such as
minimally required meal and rest breaks) of CA employees.” 3/
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I haven't officially come out and stated that I'm backing @ewarren because I have a very tiny soapbox on here and figured, who would care who I support? Still, I want to lay out why I've never been this excited by a candidate in my life (I'll be 44 next week). #TeamWarren 1/
1. She prioritizes intersectionality and issues that matter to marginalized women, like universal child care.
2. She's the best candidate on LGBTQ rights that I've ever seen - she's explicitly stated how marginalized Black trans women are.
These areas are where I see the biggest
differences between @ewarren and Sanders. Unlike him, she doesn't evade "identity politics" questions or answer them in a universalizing way that basically discounts existence of racism, sexism, homo- & transphobia, etc. Everything is reducible to class for him. In contrast,
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Call/email your reps without delay and ask them to vote NO on the federal version of #AB5. If you’re an independent contractor or hire independent contractors this is the federal version of the hell we aredealing with in California. Oppose #PROAct (H.R.2474) CONTACT YOUR REPS!
#PROAct is an anti-gig bill. It’s not #ForthePeople it hurts anyone who is freelance or works in the gig economy or hires independent contractors. So to everyone who pointed your finger and said “tHiS is wHaT yOu gEt for liVinG iN CaliFoRnia” now this nightmare is coming to you.
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Thread: Dear Independent Contractors in and out of California, I know some of you are having a difficult time joining forces with those of us on the right to fight #AB5 and #HR2474 #PROAct. And I get it.
When you believe that your opponent has a different set of core values than you do, it's tough to make that leap to work together. But I am here to make our case because #AB5 and #HR2474 #PROAct are so much bigger than left vs right. Let me explain.
In California, the right is practically gone. Non-existent. There is no way in hell that we can ever fight #AB5 and #HR2474 #PROAct because we are outnumbered in California. We're practically a one-party state. We can't get this done.
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Stormy Daniels likes to #DisruptInequality & spoke out AGAINST #AB5 in LA Times op-ed.
AB5 = Dancers Exploitation!!#AB5Hurts. Pls Retweet Thx @StormyDaniels You Rock!!👇…
“Strippers get naked and dance for our customers. It’s a sensitive profession. As independent contractors, we can perform when, where, how and for whom we want."
- Stormy Daniels (1/4)
“If we are classified as employees, club managers would be empowered to dictate those conditions. Employers might require us to give free nude performances for customers we don’t feel comfortable with" - Stormy Daniels (2/4)
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Thread: I think the reason we do not see eye to eye with defenders of #AB5 is that most people associate the "gig economy" with Uber/Lyft/Doordash and nothing more. They don't understand or know the range of industries covered by independent contractors.
From drivers to cleaning crews, writers, musicians, wedding planners, photographers, videographers, composers, hairstylists, graphic designers, etc. IC's cover so many different types of industries outside of ridesharing.
I believe that @LorenaSGonzalez and the writers of the law knew this and were intentionally vague about it to garner support for it. All they scream is Uber Uber Uber is evil and have zero understanding or refuse to understand that there is a growing number of
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A lot is made of “cancel culture” being a contrivance of way-too-online people but it’s not

It real in a very ground-level way

Just ask a millennial job seeker
They viscerally *feel* potential employers going through their social media history every time they apply for a job

The amazing thing is they way overestimate how often employers do this social media screening

But regardless, the feeling is there
And the most common worry is something socially embarrassing, like an off color joke or a shirtless photo with beers in the background

But there is the political aspect too and I would argue that is even more difficult to deal with
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A thought on #AB5: Rather than sector-specific exemptions that undermine the law, the legislature might consider a (high) absolute revenue trigger over which the presumption of EE status doesn't apply. 1/
This would solve the (possibly marginal) problem of sellers/workers who really don't want to be employees, and who have some bargaining power to make that decision. Annual revenue, if set high enough, seems like a reasonable proxy for that bargaining power. 2/
This is just a thought--and I do see the downside to any exemptions at all--but if the choice is between sector-specific exemptions and this, I'd argue strongly for this method. If set high enough, may not need to get into costs. 3/
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More #AB5stories From the Freelancers Against AB5 Facebook Group. " I’d like to raise my voice for older people who have “aged out” of the employment pool before retirement but still need to work..." 1/5 #RepealAB5
"...every senior barely getting by with Social Security; and every person whose disability might confine them to their home or restrict their opportunities.AB5 is restraint of trade - ours - and the state of California has no right to dictate..." 2/5 #RepealAB5
"...where and with whom we choose to contract, and under what terms, as long as it’s legal. This ( #AB5) is a 19th century response to a 21st century economy. If the idea is to go after companies exploiting part-time workers, then punish the companies. 3/5 #RepealAB5
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Fuck #AB5. I’m so upset. I’m sitting here crying bc everything I’ve worked for, the career I’ve created and based my entire life on, is crumbling around me and there’s literally nothing I can do about it.
In past years, I’d done the whole “pitch a ton of media publications” approach and found it’s just not an efficient method for a working mom. I’ve specifically been cultivating relationships with a smaller number of pubs to maximize my output and thus, income
Now I have to go back to that inefficient time suck approach to have any hope of maintaining autonomy as a sole proprietor and avoid playing for additional childcare by shifting to W2 status somewhere
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Here's what really sucks about #AB5 on a personal level. I moved home to CA in 2012 after my marriage ended (in which I was supporting spouse so no alimony/child support) w/only what fit in the back of my Ford Flex to help my dad post-stroke. I rented a room from my godmother.
When I could buy my own furniture 9 mo later it was a huge deal. I started an entirely new career at 40 b/c the method of court reporting I practiced for 20 yrs in NC wasn't allowed in CA (ironic!). After 8 yrs of working 15 hr days (no joke-ask my kids and friends..and bf lol)
I finally was where I wanted to be. A comfortable home of my own, furnished (mostly) the way I wanted. Contracts providing FAR more than min wage. A flexible sched so I could be available to help my children or mom. A stable routine. And, FINALLY, a stable paycheck. Then in late
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Glad the #ab5 law that tries to ban gig work is being challenged in court.

One of the best things about the gig economy is that you don't have to interview for jobs in it or go through gatekeeping processes.
Want to drive for Uber or Lyft, just get a car and drive (assuming you have the requisite driving record). Want to deliver meals? Just sign up, do the thing, and get paid.
The gig economy is a step towards near universal basic income, in the sense that it doesn't pay much, but at least it is a backstop that most people can do to generate revenue.
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Hey @ewarren, I got a lovely response from your correspondence team re: #AB5 and similar legislation. However, I'm afraid your team still doesn't get it. Many contractors consider themselves small business owners, not exploited workers. (Thread.)
@ewarren I can incorporate, which may or may not help. But many other contractors cannot. What about those who freelance because they're disabled, caregivers, or otherwise unable to work full-time? Becoming an employee would destroy their ability to work. How will you protect them?
@ewarren #AB5 is poorly thought out and is already destroying livelihoods in Calif. I'm begging you not to make the same mistake on a national level. The people who would be most hurt would be the ones that you most want to help.
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White collar Millennials who fantasize about unionizing their workplace are appropriating blue collar culture
I honestly think this is the end game for california's crazypants #AB5 law

they want unions for everyone

and a lot of my millenial peers love this idea

But I personally feel there are ethical issues with unions, especially when it comes to white collar work

Professional organizations often echo this view

For example from the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) canon..
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My name is Whitson Gordon. I'm a freelance writer in San Diego, and what follows is an explanation of how @LorenaSGonzalez and the state of California are hurting my career with #AB5.
@LorenaSGonzalez I write a lot. I write a lot because I really, really love what I do. I also write a lot because I financially support my wife, son, and daughter, who I love more than life itself.
@LorenaSGonzalez At this point, I make more money freelancing than I could at any full-time job as a writer or editor. And the flexibility has allowed me to be home and watch these two little kids grow into beautiful little human beings.
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This is the Assemblywoman behind California #AB5, a law aimed at Uber and Lyft that missed and instead hit every freelance author, photographer, trucker and independent consultant in the world's fifth largest economy. She's dealing with the push-back really well.
We are entering the next phase of the techlash, where laws are passed because they piss-off hated companies without a full appreciation of the fact that some of these issues (privacy, contractor gigs, political speech) run deeply through the rest of the economy.
I was at a meeting of IT execs and the ones complaining about CCPA were all from medium-sized companies that mostly operated in the US. Tech companies have worked on GDPR compliance for five years, but CCPA hits a huge swath of the corporate world and they aren't ready.
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There are so many articles & op-eds out there about the damage the current iteration of #AB5 is doing to California freelancers that I've decided to pull them all together into one thread. I'll continue to add as new pieces get published about this anti-freelancer law. #AmendAB5
Of the many things I hate about #AB5 is that I find myself agreeing with hardline conservative/libertarian/alt-right figures. I don't agree with Edward Ring or almost anything he stands for but... he's spot-on here about what a disaster AB5 is.…
The piece by @katiekilkenny7 that really kicked it all off: "As for how lawmakers settled on the 35-submission figure... Gonzalez says 'Was it a little arbitrary? Yeah. Writing bills with numbers like that are a little bit arbitrary.'"…
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A thread to clarify some confusion about #AB5 and Freelancing Journalists:

(1) No one single law or test makes you an employee or independent contractor. For example, you can be an employee for state minimum wage laws, but an independent contractor for the NLRA. 1/
(2) In California, state employment protections are embodied in the Labor Code (…) and the Unemployment Insurance Code (…) 2/
(3) Prior to the passage of #AB5, there were different tests for different laws. For example, after the Dynamex decision, employment status for wage orders were analyzed under the ABC test while employment status for unemployment insurance was analyzed under the Borello test 3/
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To be clear: #AB5 was a broad labor bill codifying a test created for CA by our Supreme Court. It was not (nor was the decision) about any one profession. Any reference to specific professions was by request of those industries to provide clarification and flexibility. 1/
It wasn’t a decision or a bill solely aimed at the gig economy. Although there is massive misclassification in the gig economy. It certainly isn’t a bill aimed at freelancers. The exemptions provided added more flexibility than the decision for writers/photographers, not less. 2/
We spent over a year meeting with hundreds of industries, working Californians, unions, worker groups, and academia/researchers. Not writing the bill would have meant the ABC test would apply to every single employment situation, without flexibility. 3/
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THREAD: CA organized labor has been circulating framework for how they might organize gig workers. Here's why this matters in larger context of #AB5 and #Dynamex (1)
Recap: #Dynamex ruling says more workers are employees. Gig firms like Uber/Lyft are desperate to get out from under this, because their business models rely on work-when-you-want independent contractors. Labor not budging on #AB5 to put ruling in law; Newsom said he'll sign. (2)
BUT: #AB5 not a guarantee of gig worker organizing. Feds have said these workers are not employees, breaking with SCOCA. Newsom has said this gives CA an opportunity to create a new category; labor also talking about a new California Employee category (3)
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Good morning! I’m in Oakland where drivers from @GigWorkersRise & others are about to board a bus to Sacramento to lobby legislators ahead of a Senate labor committee hearing for AB5 — the bill that could force Uber, Lyft, Postmates etc to make their drivers employees
Drivers from groups across the state will be meeting at the state capitol to lobby legislators to pass AB5. About 35 are expected from this contingent. Busses of drivers from LA left last night to make it to “lobby day” which was organized by the Cal labor federation
It’s often unspoken but there are often inherent logistical issues for drivers when they’re looking to perform actions. Today is no different. Drivers were struggling to find all day parking. Other drivers have a second job they need to get back in time for.
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