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1/A thread re:the appointing a new Secretary of State to replace @AlexPadilla4CA & the likely problems if @GavinNewsom selects @LorenaSGonzalez

History: I was in the Assembly when Kevin Shelley resigned & @Schwarzenegger chose Bruce McPherson to replace him
2/ Kevin resigned after people "accused Shelley of abusive behavior toward his staff."

This followed the recall of Gray Davis. Republicans were happy to topple another state constitutional officer.

A similar "domino effect" could happen w/@LorenaAD80…
3/ We've seen @LorenaSGonzalez draw the ire of corporations after #AB5 -> to Prop 22

We've also seen her conduct unprecedented campaign money laundering, transferring corporate funds to her husband- @SupFletcher - when he ran for Supervisor in 2018.
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If you live in California, you have been blitzed by messages to vote for #Prop22, a rule that would allow Uber, Lyft, Postmates and other money-losing, destructive bezzles to continue to abuse their employees through the fiction that they are "independent contractors."

Prop 22 is the most expensive ballot initiative in California history, with a pricetag of $186m and counting, money transfered from the never-to-be-profitable app companies that have destroyed so many Californian businesses and lives.…

These companies launched with deep cash reserves from the Saudi royals, funneled through Softbank, and they were a bet that they could monopolize our state's transport, logistics and food by losing money on every transaction until all the real, money-making businesses failed.

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@Gunn4DG Yes, she is the embodiment of craft the law according to my purposes and not align purposes to the law.
@Gunn4DG And saying that unless you are a creative writing, you're misclassified? By what standard?! None of them interviewed anyone who writes for a living. I'm not talking about WGA or the journalist union stooges--I'm talking about people who actually do the work across platforms. /1
@Gunn4DG I have been paid for technical writing, editorial writing, creative writing, filmic writing, opinion writing, investigative writing, ad infinitum with and without my byline. 2/
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You think #AB5 is bad? They’re coming for the rest of you - Murray, Brown, DeLauro Introduce Landmark Bill Expanding Labor Laws to Protect Workers…
Who’s endorsing this, you ask? “The bill has been endorsed by: the National Employment Law Project (NELP), the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).” Elections have consequences. #ab5 #proact
You can kiss being a freelancer goodbye for evaaaah. That flexibility you love? GONE! “The bill will create a new standard where workers are always presumed to be employees.”
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Congressman Patrick McHenry introduced bill HR 8280 to amend Rule 701 to allow businesses to issue company stock to their gig workers.

This bill would also pre-empt California’s #AB5.

#gigeconomy #GigWorkers
Statement from the Internet Association:
Brief statement about the Gig Worker Equity Compensation Act from McHenry:
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THREAD: Here are some representations of Labor, lobbying organizations, and elected Reps who support #PROAct passage. Be aware, be warned, and where possible, VOTE THEM OUT.

@ConorLambPA voted for the PROAct. He is in a tight race with @SeanParnellUSA. Time for Conor to go. Image
@GarciaHolmes4NM is running against @RepDebHaaland. Haaland championed the #PROAct. Time for Deb to go. Image
@RepWilson is on House Labor Committees and championed the #PROAct. She has several challengers but Floridians need to coalesce around one in order to see her out. Image
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We're supposed to be winners, not 22nd place. You can't let me and @politicsofamy be anything less than 1st place. Don't you hate pediatric cancer?! We're going to be walking and live tweeting our walk/hike on Sept 26th. Maybe even video. Click the link!… Image
Now it got interesting! @politicsofamy
@StJude #giveusthemoney Image
Who's going to reach $1000 first? I would like to think that my followers are more giving and hate cancer a lot more than @politicsofamy's followers. Prove me right!… Image
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For those who wanted the full thread in context, I am retweeting Avogato and then adding my comments to it as the quote thread below... 1/
Veena Dubal from her testimony at the February 26, 2019 Labor Committee hearing on #AB5.
This is one of the lies she told to reassure professionals that they truly would be exempt from AB5.
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Mrs. Amazon counsel is pontificating again. Time to shut that crazy down. There is absolutely no reason why she should have so much power over how we work while she sits in her multi-million dollar house paid by her Mr.
It’s easy to ruin people’s lives in the name of progress when you’ve been a career student your whole life and then marry a sugar daddy. Try working a real job, starting your own business and then let’s see how your spoiled ass feels about #AB5.
It’s also easy when you score a rich professional athlete baby daddy, whose significant child support pmts you don’t have to report so you can continue to play the “I’m a poor Latina from the hood” card and use it to advance your political career and awful progressive laws.
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Who represents the single mom who receives ZERO child support and is the only adult family member around for her learning-disabled son? It's sure as hell not you, and you don't give a shit about the moms who used gig work so they could be there for kids with IEP's.
I learned #AB5 would result in the loss of my primary freelance contract around 4 PM Fri 12/27/19, when I was in NC driving from my mom's house to my middle son's wedding reception. No time to strategize. So I decided I'd move to NC while my youngest... 🧵…
...finished his 11th grade yr then we'd re-evaluate, hoping there'd be a repeal or something. I spent most of Jan & Feb and part of Mar back east but came to CA for 2 wks after CPAC and got corona quarantine. Then, I found out on Easter that I was gonna be a grandma! I decided to
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CA's #AB2257 has been signed, which expands the groups of people that are exempt from being required to be treated as employees under #AB5.

Here's the text of the legislation:…
exempt frm #AB5 under #AB2257: "Services provided by a freelance writer, translator, editor, copy editor, illustrator, or newspaper cartoonist who works under a written contract that specifies the rate of pay, intellectual property rights, and obligation to pay by a defined time"
exempt from #AB5 under #AB2257: "Services provided by an individual as a content contributor, advisor, producer, narrator, or cartographer for a journal, book, periodical, evaluation, other publication or educational, academic, or instructional work in any format or media"
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This is exactly the attitude that gets us these laws. She works for US. WE pay her salary. She is supposed to represent US. It is not the American way to beg legislators we put into power to please spare us. We fire them. #AB5
As an immigrant, I feel like it’s my duty to warn Americans about the road we’re on. The reason we scream at these “progressive” movements and laws is because this is exactly what brought us to America. These are tyrants who want to control every aspect of our lives.
They play on your emotions making you feel guilty about your “white privilege” and how things might be made right by taxing everything into submission. All while the ruling class lives in their armed communities and send their kids to charter schools….
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Thread: #AB5 hurts small businesses by not allowing subcontracting as part of #BusinessToBusiness Today I was presented with an opportunity to bid on some work. It was work from home, great during this pandemic. So what happened? #AB5stories 1/
This project would be an opportunity to collaborate with a longtime friend and colleague, who is also an independent consultant. We each have our own businesses (separate LLCs), clients, and market ourselves. The client could use both of our expertise. #AB5stories 2/
The client wants one statement of work for the project. So to make that happen, one of our businesses would be the lead, and the other would subcontract. Under #AB5 that’s not allowed. #AB5stories 3/
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Can't help but think of a fellow writer friend who lost interest in the #AB5 fight almost as soon as it started because, as he told me, he didn't truly believe @cafwu had any real chance of accomplishing anything. That we'd never accomplish...exactly what we just accomplished.
Now thinking about when a guy I had a thing for told me I didn't have what it takes to move to his country & thrive. I held onto that burning little coal of spite in my chest. Fast-forward to now. I've lived in Berlin, I've thrived in LA. I'm apparently motivated by contrariness.
Am I motivated by the pettiness of spiting people who likely don't even remember saying the things they said to me?
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BREAKING: While the D-list @CNET reporter wanted to paint me as part of a collusive and well-paid campaign, it is a whole bunch of other folks who are targeting Van Laar, Kira Davis, and little 'ole me. /1
Now what did I ever do to you except tell you that your #AB5 law is garbage and so is your humanity, @veenadubal, @LorenaSGonzalez?

Tell your friends they need to expand their vocabulary. Image
@jenvanlaar is about to blow this wide open. I'm here with the 🍿! /end

How Unions, Journalists, Academics, and Legislators Are Colluding to Intimidate AB5 Opponents… #RepealAB5 #UnionWeak #liarsandgaslighters #pureevil
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You guys....
I have an article for you to read but you have to read it all. It's important.
See how @LorenaSGonzalez staff, @veenadubal, @davecraige & others are working together to silence those of us who are anti #AB5- "This is significant – we have a PAC opposing Prop 22 coordinating with legislative employees to target political opponents."…
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These ProAB5 people are spending a lot of time and energy writing pieces defending @veenadubal when she had “nothing to do with” #AB5 all while defaming actual victims of AB5 in the process. Maybe you shouldn’t have targeted writers with your trash bill. Consequences. 😘
Keep it up. I’ve had just about enough of you people. All you’re doing is pissing off #AB5 victims even more. 🖕🏽
Just know that these ProAB5 ppl are using their usual union intimidation tactics & going after private citizens expressing an opinion on Twitter after having their livelihoods completely gutted by #AB5 and writing false hit pieces calling us paid operatives. It 👏🏽 is 👏🏽 on 👏🏽
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U might want to choose ur words carefully when flinging accusations about paid campaigns when u have ur little friend emailing & accusing me of being paid just because Im critical of ur efforts to take our jobs away. And in terms u can understand, u can kindly kiss my ass. #AB5
The only targeted harassment here has been having your little lapdog “journalist” reach out to me and the other victims of #AB5, @LorenaSGonzalez. Enjoy your little article and freshen up your resume. Your career days are over. #AB5
You and your sidekick @veenadubal might have been able to get away with this shit when you were a nobody, local politician, but your union thug tactics of intimidation days are coming to an end. You picked the wrong twitter account, @LorenaSGonzalez. Have a nice day 😘
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After a year of fighting for changes to #AB5 with @cafwu, it's finally happening. The 35-submission cap is being lifted & other changes being made. Whether or not companies will trust these changes & work comes back to CA freelancers remains to be seen, but for today, I'm happy.
Now, @cafwu & @Freelancers_USA turn our focus on the federal #PROAct, which utilizes the same outdated ABC Test as CA's #AB5, but will be even more disastrous if it passes in its current form as it has zero amendments for freelancers and ICs at all.
That being said, please don't think our work with #AB5 is done. There are still plenty of industries and professions being crushed this stupid bill and being left out in the cold. @cafwu is still here to support and help them in any way we can. Gotta pull everyone up the ladder.
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After yesterday's #RepealAB5 vote, I wanted to share the names of some Legislators who were there on the floor but did something worse than vote against the repeal, THEY REFUSED TO VOTE AT ALL. Thread coming.
First up is @ChristyforCA25! We all remember Christy for voting twice for #AB5, only to go down in flames during her Congressional run. She's running again, so the community needs to remind her again why she lost.
Next, we have @VoteCottie, the freshman Orange County Assemblywoman locked in a tight reelection race, time to send someone to Sacramento to vote, not take walks on votes!
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THREAD (1/5): Yesterday @KevinKileyCA introduced an amendment to #RepealAB5 for non-rideshare companies and individuals. I was deeply disappointed that his efforts were unsuccessful. Here are my thoughts:
(2/5) The backlash to this law has been bipartisan, widespread, and well-documented. Dozens of exceptions, fixes, and clean-up bills have not solved the basic problem: this law does much more harm than good.
(3/5) I challenge my fellow Democrats to listen and lead. Our super-majority has made it too easy to eliminate voices of opposition and, in this case, reason. We are the party of inclusion, but we have shut out voices of disagreement to the detriment of millions.
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.@LorenaSGonzalez also broke franchises with #AB5- “The broad language however has wreaked uncertainty upon franchising here in CA by potentially turning franchisee business owners like myself into employees of the corp we franchise from”… via @ladailynews
“Underscoring the seriousness of the #AB5 threat to franchising, 7-Eleven’s corporate headquarters recently announced that it was halting all new franchise opportunities in California while “the legislative process plays out.”- Excellent job, genius.
What’s it like to break everything you touch?
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So you’re probably all reading the headlines about Uber/Lyft shutting down today.

Many of you don’t know much about #AB5. So let me tell you, this was a direct attack on any and every 1099 in CA.

The target was the “gig” economy, but it hurt us all.
There have been concessions made, but in essence the bill is terribly written, entirely vague and for the most part hurts many of us during a difficult year.

This bill is hurting many many many people and there are a slew of FB groups dedicated to fighting it.
The California legislature over-stepped their bounds. But make no mistake, the headlines will be about Uber/Lyft.

But for the rest of the 1099s that can’t afford hefty lawyer fees, they are screwed. CA is a state that doesn’t work anymore. We need change, BAD.
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Don't be fooled by the hysterics. #AB5 was the tool they used to try to bring Uber/Gig apps to their knees & force them to unionize. They thought they could hold every other freelance industry hostage to get what they wanted. It backfired. And now she's scrambling. #UnionGreed
Thousands and thousands of independent jobs lost in California. Collateral damage. The ends justify the means with these people. Except when you're a giant company like Uber, they can't afford to flip you off and go elsewhere. #AB5
Notice how @LorenaSGonzalez NEVER mentions the industries she killed with #AB5. She wants you to think it's only about Uber because it's easy to get people to hate one giant company. She's playing you. Hold her accountable for the job losses she's caused in California.
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