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27 Nov
Whether the ongoing #ThaiProtests2020 will achieve the goals remains to be seen. But so far the movement has made a significant impact on Thai social and political discourse. The issue of monarchy and crown property is now being openly and directly discussed on mainstream media.
The issue of Crown Property has been featured by major outlets like @Thairath_TV and @ThaiPBS. Editor of @sameskybooks (the publisher raided by police weeks ago for publishing monarchy-related books) was invited to a debate on the hottest Thai Rath TV show.
This article by @workpointTODAY explains Crown Property, how it came about, how royal assets were managed under absolute monarchy, how that changed and was invested in Rama 5 reign, how it was managed in Rama 9, and how it changed again under Rama 10. workpointtoday.com/explainer-10/
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26 Nov
6 pro-democracy protest guards were shot towards the end of Nov 17 protest. Last night another 2 were shot.

Reports of both incidents have been described as “clashes” or “conflict between rivals”. Choice of words is important. How about “agent provocateurs”? #ThaiProtests2020
Thai Rath TV issued an apology for (presumptuously and incorrectly) reporting that the shooting at the end of the protest at SCB last night was a fight between rival gangs of vocational students.

Good, but media should be more careful. #ThaiProtests2020 #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา
Police perspective. See how quickly he ruled out other possibilities including, ‘agent provocateurs’.
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25 Nov
A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic symbolism of Thailand’s power structure.
I was going to ask about companies with their names and logos on the shipping containers used as barricades against pro-democracy protest in Thailand today.

Here’s a response from @Maersk. #ThaiProtests2020
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25 Nov
Barriers this am ahead of much anticipated 25 Nov protest at Crown Property Bureau.

Today is a big step up for #ThaiProtests2020, whereas the state has responded with summoning protest leaders for lese majeste. Showdown. Gloves off.

#WhatsHappeningInThailand #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา
One day ahead of this big protest, a key figure ‘Toto’, leader of protest guard volunteers We Volunteer (WeVo) was arrested under arrest warrant for sedition & computer crime for a protest in August in Udon. ‘Toto’ has been taken to Udon. #ม็อบ25พฤศจิกา matichon.co.th/local/crime/ne…
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21 Oct
#ThaiProtests2020 are truly led by youth, the country’s future. But this is how they feel about the current Thai society. A view of high school girl from a poor region, Isan. #WhatsHappeningInThailand
‘Lookmai’ @yanisavara 1st-yr Chula U student, politically active since high school:

• “Rising up to fight is not just an option but the only option left.”

• “We don’t want to change the game players but want to change the game.”

#ThailandProtests2020 adaymagazine.com/loukmai-yanisa/
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20 Oct
We Thais are a playful bunch and we love using and making new wordplays.

This is a sample of our newly coined Thai protest slang: carrot, curry, iced coffee, CIA, mocha, Natasha Romanoff, and more. Enjoy! 😃 #WhatsHappeninglnThailand khaosodenglish.com/culture/net/20…
❤️ Love a cultural story like this. Thai protesters have been joking about how the food vendors, esp. the meatball sellers, are always first at the scene of any protest site. Hence, the nickname “CIA.”😎 Here’s their secret. #WhatsHappenningInThailand
Here are some memes. 😂

😎 meat balls (or fish balls) CIA agent
😎 FAST & FLASH MOB #Thaiprotests2020 #WhatsHappenningInThailand
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20 Oct
Methinks schoolgirls *were already leading* school-based protests around the country from the start, not only “emerging” now. Yes, more school girls are speaking at large protests. They are finally being recognized as leaders now. #WhatsHappeningInThailand khaosodenglish.com/politics/2020/…
I discussed girls’ participation in student protests in this thread.
Schoolgirl protesters profiled in Thai-language press.
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19 Oct
Lao-language hashtag #ຖ້າການເມືອງລາວດີ (#IfLaoPoliticsWereBetter) is currently No. 5 on Thailand trends. Interesting phenomenon with respect to Thai-Lao relations and #MilkTeaAlliance.
Hashtag #ຖ້າການເມືອງລາວດີ (#IfLaoPoliticsWereBetter) takes after a popular Thai hashtag #ถ้าการเมืองดี (#IfPoliticsWereBetter) used in political reform discourse on Thai Twitter for some time.
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19 Oct
Let’s see protests from outside greater Bangkok on 19 October.

Lopburi, central region. Student speaker talks about alcohol tax. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Chiang Mai is a key protest site in the north. The speaker flashing .|||. on stage is high school student ‘Menu’ @florasprig.

#ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Khon Kaen, a key protest site in the northeast, Isan. Locals moved to rally in front of Khon Kaen University. #ม็อบ19ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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19 Oct
1:20pm Police raided publisher @sameskybooks and confiscated 5 titles for investigation.

Same Sky is an independent publisher of mostly scholarly books on history and politics, incl. on Thai monarchy. Their books provide critical reading & many are popular among young readers.
List of titles confiscated by police (4 books + latest edition of Same Sky Magazine. I have 3 out of 5. 📚🤓😁)

Note: At the last BKK Book Fair, police visited Same Sky booth and bought some books. ”Hey, if you don’t like books, write a bad review. Not raid the publisher!😝” Image
@sameskybooks confiscated by police. All four are scholarly books by critical Thai historians.
1) + 2): on 1932 Revolution & roles of military, royalist elites & US post 1932-Cold War by Natthaphol Jaijing
3) + 4) about monarchy in politics, hyper-royalism by Thongchai Winichakul ImageImageImageImage
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19 Oct
Yet another pro-democracy activist arrested. Patipan is an artist and performer. He was once imprisoned for performing a play deemed a royal insult.

Since recent protests >80 people have been arrested, >20 still detained, more continue to be arrested.
Update from Thai Lawyers for Human Rights @TLHR2014 on arrests of protesters, 13-18 Oct:
• >80 arrested, incl. 2 minors
• 27 in prison (denied bail)
• 8 detained for investigation
All in 5 provinces (BKK, Pathumthani, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Ubon)
#WhatsHappeningInThailand Image
*Correction: Arrests during 13-17 midnight, not 13-18 Oct.
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19 Oct
Here we go. Thai junta wielded emergency decree to black out pro-democracy media outlets, citing “severe” state of emergency. The victims are @VoiceTVOfficial, @prachatai, @thereportersth , @thestandardth and protest organizer @FreeYOUTHth. #Censorship #WhatsHappeningInThailand
Meanwhile, pro-junta, ultra-royalist media in the Nation Group (Thailand’s equivalent of Fox News + InfoWars) that keep spewing fake news and hate speech on the daily basis has never got even a slap on the wrist, let alone a blackout. Disgusting.
Background on blacked out media:
@VoiceTVOfficial - its biggest sin is being owned by son of Thaksin (biased? maybe, but not half as much as Nation); long suffering countless bans & blackouts
@prachatai - online outlet news site, has had fair share of persecution /cont.
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18 Oct
Thread: I have collected tweets of protest images from across Thailand going on in parallel with the major protests in Bangkok. (It’s not a complete list. Pretty sure some are missing.) #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
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18 Oct
Protesters’ demands remain:
1. Prayut get out
2. Draft a new constitution
3. Reform the monarchy to be truly under the constitution

Everyone, get ready! (To gather at any mass transit at 3pm)

Will BTS & MRT suspend service again today? #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Bangkok metro MRT does not disappoint. It dutifully suspends service at key stations—basically to reduce transportation access for protesters. #bootlicker #ม็อบ18ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Expect @BTS_SkyTrain to announce closure too, in 5.... 4..... 3.... 2.... 1....
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18 Oct
Thai Rath reports in great detail on #ม็อบ17ตุลา protests yesterday. There were 4 major protest sites in BKK (Lad Phrao, Udomsuk/Bangna, Wong Wian Yai, Ramkhamhaeng) + at a number of universities and schools across the country. #WhatsHappeninglnThailand thairath.co.th/news/politic/1…
Several people have observed and commented that mainstream #ThaiMedia reports on the current youth-led protests have become more professional and straightforward (as opposed to with typical slant, bias, laziness, or self-censorship like before). #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Apparently @BangkokPostNews, once a newspaper of record in the English language for Thailand, is not among the mainstream media appreciated for the coverage of ongoing protests. (To think Thai Rath is now doing a better job than the Bangkok Post. 😣) #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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17 Oct
Top trending hashtags on Thai Twitter tonight are many #save protest figures who have been arrested or have arrest warrants.

Thai authorities have stepped up arrests of pro-democracy activists basically for protesting and demanding change. #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeningInThailand
No. 1 hashtag right now is #Saveหมอทศพร about a doctor who advised protesters on what to do if they were sprayed with water (with irritants) and tear gas. (He also gave the police an earful.) He was arrested today. #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
Hundreds of Thai physicians issued a statement against use of water cannons against protesters. They call for hospitals to be a safe zone, healthcare professionals to be protected to provide service fairly to all & govt to open space for different views. #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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17 Oct
No, MRT. You did not ask for our “cooperation” for suspending your service today. You caused inconvenience for protesters and non-protesters alike. You served dictatorship instead.

No apology accepted. You should be ashamed of yourself! #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
And same to you, BTS. You carried countless protesters of all colors and stripes in the past. Are you a true public service? WHOM do you really serve? The public or the dictators?

Shame on you! #ม็อบ17ตุลา #WhatsHappeninglnThailand
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5 Sep
This is an excellent interview with some leaders (5 girls) of school student protests. All say school is a closed space for critical thinking and questioning, a reflection of authoritarian culture that they want to change.
#WhatsHappeningInThailand the101.world/students-movem…
The intellect of these school kids no older than 18 is impressive. They see structural problems in unfair punishments at school (e.g. for hair-dress code violations) and teachers’ impunity, how school authoritarian culture is linked to politics and affects their lives and future. ImageImageImage
“The school is a mirror of the state. Teachers represent power. Pupils are citizens oppressed by power in many situations. When pupils create a space for discussion, we realize the unfairness. For example, teachers don’t need to follow certain school rules but pupils must...” Image
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