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New Brunswicker in Ottawa. Habs fan. Housing nerd and co-operator. Executive Director @chfcanada. Proud board member of https://t.co/bP22QfBQas. #includecoop
Sep 23, 2019 26 tweets 45 min read
We are starting to hear #housing platform positions from the @CanadianGreens, @CPC_HQ, @Liberal_Party, and @NDP. Here’s what I have to say about that! #Elxn43 #ahomeforeveryone, #includecoop. @CanadianGreens @CPC_HQ @liberal_party @NDP The lack of supply and affordability in the Canadian housing system is a national crisis. When you don’t have an affordable place to call home, it is damn near impossible to #chooseforward, have #timeforyoutogetahead, to #renewthesocialcontract or be #initforyou. #Elxn43