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Canadaland and Jesse Brown need to be seriously reprimanded for promoting this type of reporting.

The man is a menace to investigative journalism in Canada.

This isn’t a whistleblower. It’s a saboteur looking to denigrate the public service.

Which party would most benefit?
This isn’t journalism. It’s gawking at human imperfection.

Do human beings have real life problems and also work for the public service? Yep they do. Because public servants are actually real people.

Are people employed in private sector just as plagued by real life issues?
Yep they are. Which is why we have employee assistance programs, in both the public and private sector.

Substance abuse, relationship issues, health problems, mental health, dying relatives, and an assortment of other real life issues impact people who work.
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This is an ALEC sponsored policy. (American Legislative Exchange Council). ALEC is Koch Industries among other corporate interests. CPC & Fraser Institute are members though SPN (State Policy Network). These policies are US Tea Party policies.…
ALEC Tea Party policies are the entire reason US states are almost powerless to address COVid appropriately at the moment.

These laws have been adopted in the US at the state level, though pressure to adopt them federally was huge during Obama administration.
Basically States who have this policy promise not to deficit budget. So any changes or emergencies that arise mean cuts to existing programs.

This is why states cannot purchase enough PPR for healthcare staff, because it means cutting other programs to pay for it.
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This article needs some context. Good thing I’m prepared to offer some.…

I’m stunned by the hubris and ignorance of this opinion piece.

Is there a more poignant example of Eastern Canadian tunnel vision and belief in Canadian exceptionalism?
Since 1935, Alberta has lived under the rule of one party government. Social Credit were Nazi sympathizers and autocrats. A dead giveaway, their 36 year one government rule. Followed by 44 years of PC rule in Alberta.
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This article is the bomb💣🧨💣

If you want an excellent overview of global politics, the players, the plays and goals, the problems we face and where economic and social progress post COVid is pointing, read this article.…
Some is good news. Neoliberalism has been summarily debunked as inadequate. Austerity is not what is needed. Privatization and free markets are a disaster. Image
Some is not so good news. The rise of authoritarianism and government controlled capitalism that exacerbates inequality, like China and Russia, are on the rise.

This reveals Canadian conservatives and GOP Republicans are moving in this direction.
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This is it, Canada. Election Day. The future of our country is up to you. 4 years ago, you chose real change and a better, more positive vision for Canada that we all shared. Today I’m asking you to keep that vision for Canada in mind. #ChooseForward
I’ve traveled all across our incredible country. I’ve tried to meet as many of you as I could - to hear your stories, listen to your concerns and struggles, and talk about how our policies were helping out. #ChooseForward
We’ve accomplished a lot together these past 4 years - with more jobs, more money for families, a real plan to fight climate change - but there’s a whole lot left to do. #ChooseForward
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You may hear people saying the CPC will cut healthcare. You may hear CPC supporters say that's fear-mongering. But, is it, really? Let's take a look. 1/25
#cdnpoli #elxn43 #Vote #NeverScheer #healthcare #ChooseForward
The National Citizen's Coalition was incorporated in 1975 by an insurance agent names Colin M. Brown. Mr. Brown had begun advertising back in 1967 against the Canada Health Act. 2/25
Our universal health care was the NCC's primary target, but over the 4 decades it has been in existence, it has also campaigned against;

- The Canadian Wheat Board

- the Canadian Labour Congress' strike protesting wage and price controls in 1975

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Tomorrow, Canada decides. It's been a busy election, and some information may not have made it through the noise. So I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the pieces in our platform that I'm most proud of. #ChooseForward
We'll make it more affordable for student to pursue higher education, whether that’s college, university or apprenticeship training. While some governments are cutting student support, we’re ready to step in and help. #ChooseForward
We have an ambitious and achievable plan to fight climate change and protect the environment for generations to come. Politicians that don’t have an effective plan for the environment have no plan for the economy. It’s that simple. #ChooseForward
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Conservatives have spent the last four years voting against the things Canadians need. They voted against the Canada Child Benefit. Against the middle class tax cut. Against a stronger retirement for seniors. #ChooseForward
Think about that… voting against the things that have helped so many people get ahead. And now they’re asking you to believe them when they say they’ll help you and your family. #ChooseForward
In opposition, Conservatives stand in the way of good policies that help people. Then they campaign on fear and empty promises. And as soon as they get into power, they cut taxes for the wealthiest, and cut services for everyone else. #ChooseForward
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@andykemp16 @kenthehr Easy.
1. Increased funding for programs (done).
2. Brought in Pension For Life (although most vets are choosing to take Pain & Suffering Compensation in lump sum payment) while maintaining psycho-social & vocational Rehab programs (done). /2
@andykemp16 @kenthehr 3. New Income Replacement Benefit allows for the first $20K in employment earnings to not be deducted $ for $ from the payable IRB benefit (done).
4. IRB bumped up to 90% of vet's salary upon release (done). /3
@andykemp16 @kenthehr 5. Implemented & paid out Retrospective Lump Sum Payments to vets that were previously granted Disability Award payments from 2006 to 2017 as rates of disability paid were found to be too low (done).
6. Established a Veterans Emergency Fund (done). /4
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I want to talk to you about the future of our country. Because in this election, there are two very different visions of Canada on offer. One will take us backward, and one will move us forward. #ChooseForward
Andrew Scheer wants to give a $50,000 tax cut to millionaires. I want to cut taxes for middle class Canadians. #ChooseForward
Andrew Scheer wants to scrap the first and only national climate plan Canada has ever had. I want to fight climate change. #ChooseForward
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1/ #ChooseForward Another discussion with a #cpc supporter last night. I concede that I was intentionally winding him up—condescendingly disproving false claims with cited facts or correcting subjective beliefs with more reasonable alternative inferences.
2/ A recurrent #cpc theme is the need for a national debt reduction. In itself that’s a reasonable goal—in fact virtually every party wants to do that.
🇨🇦 $120Bn debt is AVERAGE among OECD;
🇨🇦 has the HIGHEST credit rating^ (AAA),

3/🇨🇦pays the lowest interest on our debt, at a time when borrowing costs are very low.
It is a GOOD time to use debt to accomplish national goals.
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Round 1: @JustinTrudeau wins because Scheer makes it about about @JustinTrudeau - and Elizabeth May’s answer acknowledges all the great work we have done to raise people out of poverty and restore 🇨🇦’s reputation on the world stage.
Round 2: Bernier’s extreme tweets ... dude bro gets talked over ... Scheer barely different ... May gets compared to Chavez ... Bernier makes his point best to the Bloc ... Trudeau actually labels the politics of fear what it is and defines Canada against the politics of fear.
Round 3: intergov affairs. Bernier will stay in his lane. Singh makes case for pharmacare. Scheer will get existing trade deal/kill carbon tax. May wants Council of 🇨🇦 Govs. Blanchet says stay out of QC issues. Trudeau points to record of cooperation, will save climate plan.
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This is an attempt to influence votes by AFN. CANADA is in the middle of an election and the request is for a stay. UNTIL AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT GETS BACK IN PARLIAMENT.

Any government would be compelled to do the same!
Interesting since I saw condemnation last week in FN twitter of Bellegarde and more than one FN activist warning the AFN not to support Liberals Child Welfare compensation ruling.
Far left (left libertarian) FN radicals looking to unseat LPC are behind this. Supported by pincer attack from “progressives” by NDP & GPC stating they would approve unequivocally. But they can’t deliver this outright.
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Must watch speech of Greta Thunberg. 💥💥💥💥💥

LPC has an approved Bill C-69. It needs to be enacted. When it is, it’s the modern framework and global blueprint for the management of FF production, reduction and eventual cessation. All decisions MUST include a climate lens.
It’s what the Fossil Fuel industry fears the most. Not the Green New Deal. Not May or Singh.

A legal framework to restrict fossil fuel development in favour of climate considerations. It already exists. CPC would immediately repeal it.
May and/or Singh would promote their own plans setting us back years to develop another legal framework that passes the HOC and senate.
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We are starting to hear #housing platform positions from the @CanadianGreens, @CPC_HQ, @Liberal_Party, and @NDP. Here’s what I have to say about that! #Elxn43 #ahomeforeveryone, #includecoop.
@CanadianGreens @CPC_HQ @liberal_party @NDP The lack of supply and affordability in the Canadian housing system is a national crisis. When you don’t have an affordable place to call home, it is damn near impossible to #chooseforward, have #timeforyoutogetahead, to #renewthesocialcontract or be #initforyou. #Elxn43
@CanadianGreens @CPC_HQ @liberal_party @NDP See what I did there? Those are some of the party platform hashtags.
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This article is fully researched and a compelling read. Amy MacPherson digs into how and why the Trudeau scandal came to be.
If you care about free elections, foreign interference or Election Act restrictions, read this article in full.

And then submit your complaint to Election Commissioner of Canada using this link… citing FOREIGN INFLUENCE as the potential issue.
Attach this article with all its detailed receipts.

Thank you Amy MacPherson.


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Happy to report this tweet has 37,000 hits and counting.

We are on our own Canada. Canadian MSM is not informing the public. They are working to elect CPC.

So it’s up to you and me to get this info to those who still think the MSM is informing them.
There are no heroes.

We the people are our own heroes. Be the change you want to see. Spread the word and get every apathetic voter out to the polls.

We can overcome voter suppression. But it takes a community to inform the public. The 4th estate has abandoned their post.
That means every concerned and invested citizen needs to pick up a pice of that post and chip in to block CPC from selling Canada out from beneath our feet.

This is a non partisan issue.

We either demand a fair election or we capitulate to the post truth era.
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We have a dilemma Canada. Keep focussing your rage at CPC whose bots and hired operatives are out in full force goading as many progressives as they can. Or ignore the CPC and start focussing on the progressives who are intentionally working to get CPC elected.
Why would progressives work towards destroying the only viable alternative to CPC?


It’s addictive and when given a chance to grab some at others’ expense, only those with integrity and a strong character refuse.

A true Progressive doesn’t value power over human rights.
There is no circumstance that justifies sacrificing human rights to gain power. It’s the central dogmatic principle & belief connecting all progressives.

A CPC win will result in multiple human rights lost.
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This guy gets it.

Excellent thread detailing the Finkelstein Method’s impact on Canadian politics.

If you’re emotionally charged this election, you’ve fallen victim to provocation and disinformation. You’ve lost your ability to think critically and rationally.
We don’t need to agree about every detail. Don’t even need to be on the same side of the political spectrum. We just need to be objective in our assessment of leadership and stop the tribalism.

There is one planet. The vast majority of us haven’t resigned ourselves to oblivion.
Who is in the best position to protect human rights in Canada, engage globally to protect Canadian sovereignty and national security through trade and NATO alliance, can access the expertise and knowledge to inform policy, and governs for all Canadians, not just his tribe?
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Must watch video💥💥💥💥

This is what protesters are currently being subjected to in Red Deer, Alberta. This is prior to the announcement of the snitch hotline and Kenney’s admiration of Russia jailing of Greenpeace activists he finds so instructional.
The province has been inundated with anti-protest propaganda for over a year.

This is the result.

The protester could have been killed by this action. The driver fine, less than $1000.

This is the political environment Kenney introduced a snitch hotline.
Expect violence in Alberta to increase.

Expect division between left and right ideology to exponentially widen.

Expect increased vigilante justice doled out by Kenney’s “Alberta Proud” crowd, emboldened by his embrace of fascist rhetoric.
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I’m going to frame this in its proper context for readers.

This is called extortion. “Give me what I want or I will force the nation back to the polls, costing taxpayers millions.”

I’m not sure extortion is the best campaign strategy, but its extortion nonetheless.
This is a strategy with precedent. US Republicans have used it for at least the last decade to ensure the political appointments they want are made, or to stop the Democrat’s policy.

It’s also referred to as obstructionism. “Give me what I want or I shut the government down.”
As noted in this article from 2011, it’s a strategy that originates from Southern US slave owners.

And we now have video confirmation of Elizabeth May’s adoption of authoritarian & libertarian strategies to extort compliance to GPC policy.…
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