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29 Apr 20
How to gauge risk for a complete newbie: #Stocks

If you've hesitating, second guessing or wondering where it is a good price to enter a stock while keeping risk low ect.. .

Here is a simple method you can use to gauge risk.

I will keep it very simple, so lets go!

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First thing is first, make the 20sma and the 200sma (simple moving average) your friend.

What a moving average does, it simply smooths out the direction of price over the last 200 candles or 20 candles on a chart:

It is as simple as that
To keep this simple, we'll be using the 20sma (pink)

keep this in mind: Price will always return to its moving average, whether through price or time.

Using $SDC as an example, anytime price has moved away from it's 20, it eventually magnets back to the 20 sma
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