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These 7 Growth #Investing Lessons Could Make You Rich

Elite businesses that deliver many years of consistently strong increases in revenue and profits tend to reward their shareholders with market-crushing returns.

Here's how to find them...
1. Quality matters.

The best businesses often turn out to be the best investments. Here's what Motley Fool co-founder and legendary investor @DavidGFool has to say on the subject:
The best growth companies are those with the strongest competitive advantages, largest market opportunities, & best management. They are the innovators, disruptors, and best of breed. And they tend to create tremendous wealth for their shareholders as they lead the world forward.
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Tata consumers products (TCP)
Tata global beverages renamed as TCP after merger of consumer portfolio of Tata chemicals with itself
2nd largest player in branded tea market ,330mn servings/day in 40 countries
Tata salt 1st iodized salt available in India
JV with
Starbucks 50:50,Starbucks store in India,1st store in 2012,more than 180 stores at present,long runway as it enters tier 2 ,3 cities ,rising price,consmptn

With PepsiCo, known as Nourishco for non carbonated drinks in India ,Tata water plus,Tata gluco plus Himalayan Image
N chandrasekaran - Chairman

Sunil D'souza - MD & CEO ,Past MD whirlpool India,also worked for 15 years at PepsiCo

Under N Chandra company has sold loss making units in Russia,Sri Lanka,better capital allocation,more focus on growth
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Another #tech bubble? There’s a lot of talk about the FANG mega-cap #growth companies leading the market, just like 2000. The #tech companies’ narrow leadership of the #SPX is a big reason perma-bears are hating on the #market. Right or wrong? Let’s take a closer look. (THREAD)
1/ In 1999 I did a deep dive on the top darling stocks to compare the lopsided leadership of the late 1990s to the early to mid-1970s. Earlier, during the 1960s, the cyclical #bullmarket from Oct. 1966 to Nov. 1968 produced a huge bubble in retail speculation.
2/ #Tech & space companies were big favorites. Then came the #recession of 1970 & a painful bear market that wiped out speculators. During that decline & recovery, institutional investors dominated the #stockmarket & were buying tried-and-true stocks with bulletproof #earnings.
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Joel Greenblatt's MAGIC FORMULA Screen for Indian Stocks with Additional filtering for Quality.


3rd Upd -12JUL2020

Added HOW TO USE Magic Formula & some more updates, so do read till end.

#MagicFormula #Stocks #Indianstocks #JoelGreenblatt

Magic formula =Good Stocks @Attractive Price

Higher Earnings Yield = Undervalued Stock

Higher ROIC/ROCE= Better Quality

Rank stocks on ROIC/ROCE (1 for Highest ROIC/ROCE)

Rank on Earning Yields (1 for Highest EY)

SUM the Ranks

RE-RANK on Combined score (1 for Lowest)

Additonal Filtering -

Good ROCE/ROIC over a period of time. Min 22%.

Attractive Earnings Yield > 10YrGSec(5.85%).

Good Operating Cash Flow over a period of time.

Good Asset turnover ratio/Management Efficiency.

Stable Promoter holding.

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Compounding Your Money - One of the most powerful assets you have is time. (thread)

Most investors don't understand how compounding works and how powerful it is. The math can be difficult, but I learned early in my financial career how to make it easy.
And now I am going to make it easy for you.

The Rule of 72

What Is the Rule of 72? The Rule of 72 is a simple way to determine how long an investment will take to double given a fixed annual rate of interest.
By dividing 72 by the annual rate of return, investors obtain a rough estimate of how many years it will take for the initial investment to duplicate itself.

To simplify, if you can produce a 9% return annually, it will take you 8 years to double your money.

9 x 8 = 72
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Stage Analysis – The Four Stages


Examples of each of the Four Stages to help you learn Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method.

Also will help you understand what I'm referring to in my posts

#stanweinstein #stageanalysis #stocks #study Image
Stage 1 – Basing Phase

Stage 1A – Start of a base. Needs much more time.
Stage 1 – Basing Phase. May begin accumulation.
Stage 1B – Late in base-building phase. Watch for breakout.

#stanweinstein #stageanalysis #stocks #study Image
Stage 1 – Basing Phase

#stanweinstein #stageanalysis #stocks #study Image
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With so many trading investment and trading options available to retail clients it might be a bit confusing and overwhelming.
This thread quickly recaps the most common trading products and instruments and what advantages and disadvantages they have to offer.
#trading #investing Image
1. CFD trading offers a wide range of markets to choose from and is a leveraged products so you don't need much capital to trade CFDs.
Because of the leverage you'll have to pay overnight financing charges and carry higher risks.
#cfds #cfdtrading
2. Financial spread betting is also a leveraged product and practically the same as CFDs, offering a wide range of markets and you can go short as well as long.
Spread betting is only available in the UK and Ireland and it's tax free.
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Software Stocks Monthly Charts
Sonata 233.25
Sasken 465.35
Mphasis 919.15
Nuclues 273.30
Majesco 360.05
L&T Tech 1411.70
L&T Infotech 2109.65
Tata Elxsi 928.50
Which could Top the List 2 years from now on Investing Returns?
11July20 7:33
#Software #Stocks Monthly Charts
#Mastek 384.20
#Hinduja Global 676.95
#Intellect Design 110.95
#Kellton 15.00
#Cyient 250.30
#TakeSolutions 43.95
#Zensar Tech 126.80
#Ducon Infratechnologies 4.00
Stocks to avoid totally.
Which could they be?
11July20 7:44
Software Stocks Monthly Chart
#TCS 2222.35
#HCL Tech 582.25
#NIIT Tech 1592.90
#Wipro 222.10
#Oracle #OFSS 2769.00
#MindTree 1007.95
#TechMah 569.00
#Infosys 781.85
Which stock could fall back behind in the Race?
11July20 7:51
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1/Thanks very much to my old friend @steve_sedgwick @SquawkBoxEurope for the chat this morning
2/We looked at #Growth v #Value, the #US v ROW, we touched on #bonds and borrowing, #money supply, #inflation, #lockdown, #commodities & #gold - all in under 10 mins!
3/If that was all a bit rushed, here follow the notes I sent to accompany our chat:-

#macro, #markets
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Ist Upd - 05Jul2020


A small tribute to @drvijaymalik on the occasion of Guru Purnima🙏

#valueinvesting #stocks
#SalesGrowth #OPM #npm
#CurrentRatio #DebtToEquity
#SSGR #MarginOfSafety #MaxPEtoPay #EarningsYield

@drvijaymalik The Final Checklist for Buying Stocks !

Financial Checklist !

Taking Maithan Alloys as Sample Stock !

Tax Payout Shown in 1n (above).

Valuation Checklist !

Earnings Yield > 10Yr G-Sec Yield. Higher the difference better it is.

Max PE to Pay calculated on the basis of Prevailing Current Interest Rate in the Economy (10Yr G-Sec Yield)

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Yesterday i ran a thought experiment on #Prospecttheory with some new clients to understand to what extent are they Risk- averse.

I handed them 2 choices

1. Choose to invest 1,00,000₹ in Bank Fixed deposits at a 6% ( Risk free rate) a probability of 98 %
Assuming a 0.98 Probability x 6000 ( 1 Lakh x 6%) = 5880


2. Invest 1,00,000 in ITC and earn a dividend of average 4% yield + Capital gains of another 10%

100000 x 4 % ( Dividend ) = 4000
100000 x 10 % ( Capital gains) = 10000
Assuming a Probability of 40% of this playing out = 14000 x 0.40 = 5600

The expected value in the options came out exactly same (rounding +/ - )

So results were

Both chose to invest in a bank FD and not in ITC even when I explained the rationale of the thought process.
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Going fwd agrochemicals sector is expected to do well
Mcap - 34,149 cr
BV - 252.37
P/E - 21.32
ROCE - 10.36 ROE - 14.87
P/S - 0.95 ,D/E - 1.52
PEG - 1.46
Sales - 35,756 cr
EPS - 20.91
Sales growth - 13%
Ebidta growth - 18%
Net debt reduction- approx 3500 crores
Reduction in WC days from 119 to 80,inventory days from 106 to 81 & receivables from 135 to 118 from fy19 to fy20
Going fwd management doesn't expect any further decrease in inventory days
Arysta acquisition, further integration going fwd,expansion by leverage of Arysta already established dealer channels will drive growth
Foray into china by acquisition of Yoloo Laoting, entry into africa via arysta will give exposure to newer markets
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🚨Some "free game" for #stocks in [THREAD] form🚨

As we kick off the second half of 2020,

Let's look at TEN(!) important #investing hacks to help

beginners succeed in the stock market. 💰

1. "Know Your Investment"

New investors constantly invest in what they see/hear about online/TV, NOT what they understand.

Know how a business makes $ inside/out, so that you can both recognize opportunity 💵

And see storm clouds on the horizon. ⛈️

Do your homework!

2. "Become Comfortable With The Color RED"

People get sick about seeing red in their investment accounts. 🤢

However, the only way you avoid it is to perfectly time a bottom on a stock price.

That almost never happens.

Don't let the sight of RED make you sell low.

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Stock market quotes for Dummies

1)You get recession, you have stock market declines. If you don’t understand that’s going to happen, then you’re not ready, you won’t do well in the markets. – Peter Lynch

2)No price is too low for a bear or too high for a bull. – Unknown
3)In the short run, the market is a voting machine. But in the long run, it is a weighing machine. – Ben Graham

4)The four most expensive words in the english language are, “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton
5)Learn everyday, but especially from the experiences of others. It’s cheaper! – John Bogle

6)Everyone has the power to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it. – Peter Lynch

@PassivefundsIn @IndiaEtfs
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Mark Minervini
Specific entry point analysis & superperformance
Basic criteria :-
Most superperformers occurred with stock in a definite uptrend,improving earnings,revenue,margins,definite catalyst in place
Most superperformers give atleast 1,sometimes multiple entry points
Many superperformers may not workout or result in gains,stoploss is critical

If trend is in place check fundamentals ,look for a catalyst ie..drug approval by USFDA,appointment of a new CEO,identify entry and exit points
@markminervini @jackschwager
@dow #stocks #markets
Most superperformers(SPs) occur when a stock is young 1st 10 years post IPO
Many companies have high growth phase when they are small ,nimble and low market cap
Occasionally large caps may see huge price surge after a turnaround or post prolonged bear market
@Coolfundoo #nse
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Q&A #Thread 24

#Longterm #investment #stocks #portfolio
Q->Bro your screener data is really helpful..just read a tweet abt Navin fluorine & GMM investment... I wish if you could share few companies for a long term ..5 to 10 yrs will be really helpful

Me-> Thank you.
I have been active on twitter for less than 2 months so if you just go through my past tweets you will surely find something useful.

Posted portfolio based on my screening technique. You may study them for long term investment -

Q->8 is best is that rite bro?

Me->Yes. Stock listed on my 8 different screener screens.
I posted all the details in later tweets. Name of various screeners you can find there. You can search for them in my tweets.

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1) Muita gente diz por aí que tudo estava caro antes do Corona e segue tão ou mais caro agora. Como sempre digo, a variável mais importante é a taxa de desconto. Com um juro real de 7-8% no fim de 2015/ínicio de 2016 tudo ficava caro. Com um juro real de 2-4% melhora bem.
2) O “There is no alternative” ou T.I.N.A. que vemos por aí vem da visão que há cada vez menos juro real em títulos soberanos no mundo e, portanto, os investidores precisam buscar ativos com retornos reais como ações e imóveis.
Seria razoável esperarmos uma valorização dos...
3) ativos conforme as taxas longas caiam. Essa valorização das ações e imóveis deveria ser dada pela mudança do valor presente devido à mudança de taxas, + o retorno acima da taxa de desconto no período e, por último, VPL de uma mudança na percepção de risco (uso CDS de 5/10y)..
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(1/n)Thread on "The Call to Boycott Made in China Products".
Src: CNBC TV18

#India's Trade Deficit with #China:
FY17: Rs.3,43,853 cr
FY18: Rs.4,06,241 cr
FY19: Rs.3,74,790 cr
FY20: Rs.3,06,634 cr (Apr-Jan)

#investment #AtmaNirbharBharat #coronavirus #economy #GDP #stockmarket
(2/n) India - China trade Imbalance:

Imports: US$70,408 mn
Exports: US$16,783 mn
Deficit: US$53,625 mn

#China #India #BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina #BoycottMadeInChina #investors #import #export #CoronavirusIndia
(3/n)- India's imports from China:
Category : Share
Manufacturing: 95.94%
Chemicals: 19.53%
Engg & Transportation: 30.67%
Electronics: 31.63%
Ores & Minerals: 1.62%
Agri & related: 0.44%
Crude & petro prdts: 1.42%
Others: 1.58%

#BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina
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#Day #Trading #Options

#Basic Concept - options day trading focuses only on the underlying #mathematics. It does not rely on any #financial predictions, company results, or market direction.
A #realistic approach is to take advantage of occasional pricing inefficiencies that arise in the #options market.
These #distortions can be related to #earnings announcements, expiry week, weekend #theta decay, intraday implied #volatility swings, differences between overnight and #intraday volatility, or news and #rumors.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/10/2020-2…

Joe Weisenthal on Twitter: How One Familiar-Looking Chart Explains the Weirdness of the U.S. Labor Market

Protesters’ Demands in Response to Police Brutality Have Come a Long Way Since the 1992 LA Rebellion…

#brutality #race #rebellion #police
The biggest mystery: what it will take to trace the coronavirus source…

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Filter Criteria -

Over 3 & 5/7 Yrs ->

Compounding Multiplier > 2
Good Profit/Earnings Growth, Sales Growth, Return of Equity (ROE)
+ive Operating Cash Flow
Profit Growth > Sales Growth

Thanks @abhymurarka,! His attached pic gave me idea to build this screener.

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Queries #Thread 16

#QSR #Stocks

Q- Can you look at Westlife Development(McDonald's) please?Also I hold Jubilant Foodworks from lower levels and it is at 1700 now, do you think it makes sense to sell it

1/n Comparison Chart I prepared for Westlife Development Vs Jubilant FoodWorks Vs Tasty Bite.  #Westlife #JubilantFoodworks #Tastybite
Listed QSR(Quick Service Restaurant), I chose -

Westlife Development (McDonald)

Jubilant Foodworks (Domino's Pizza & Dunkin Donut)

TastyBite - Supplier to Westlife (WDL) & Jubilant Food (JFW) & derives 33.2% revenue from QSR

Rest listed QSR, I didn't feel worth my time.

Westlife Development (WDL) - West & South India McDonald

Know Your Company (See Pic attached) –

Indian Promoter - Jatia Group

Google stories -> Amit Jatia
- Vikram Bakshi, Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL) - North & East India McDonald, Dispute

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LOW FREE FLOAT SalesProfitGrowthCashFlow&Safety
Ist Update - 05Jun2020

#Stocks #LowFreeFloat #IndianStocks

#Definition, Criteria & Details in below #Thread

1/7 LOW FREE FLOAT SalesProfitG...
Free Float = Public Float(DII+FII+ MF+ Corporate+HNI+Retail)
No. of Shares publicly traded which we buy/sell from exchange in everyday life. For simplicity I assumed non-promoters shares though custodians & locked in shares should also be excluded.

High Free-Float = Good Governance(In general). Promoters less influence & other shareholders can exercise their rights.

Low Free-Float = More Promoter influence can easily manipulate stock price for their gain.

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1. News: Black Americans Killed in Riots Across America:

#Condolences #Prayers #RIP
Dave Patrick Underwood, 53
David Dorn, 77
Italia Marie Kelly, 22
David McAtee, 53
Chris Beaty, 38… #Riots #Terrorism
2. News: President Donald Trump: Save New York City and Call up the National Guard… #Riots #ANTIFA #Terrorists
3. News: Rev. Franklin Graham Thanks Trump for Walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church… #Riots #ANTIFA #Terrorists #GodWins
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