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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 CoinDCX CEO says imposition of TDS a blow to cryptos in India

🗞 Polygon zkEVM Validium upgrade proposed by co-founder Mihailo Bjelic

🗞 WisdomTree and Invesco file for spot Bitcoin ETFs

Details and more🧵
🗞 According to cryptocurrency exchange @CoinDCX, the application of TDS by the government on digital currency is one of the issues that has recently influenced consumers’ activity.
🗞 @DeutscheBankAG has requested for regulatory approval to act as a crypto custodian in Germany, the bank announced.
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1/ Wassup degens!👋

Have you heard about @Narwhal_Finance ?👀

Narwhal is a decentralized perpetual trading platform, emphasizing #Social #Trading on both $BNB Chain and #Arbitrum 🔥

You can trade without KYC, geographical restrictions, or high centralized exchange fees.🤌 Image
@Narwhal_Finance ecosystem includes USDT as collateral and NAR as governance/utility token, making it easy to trade a wide range of leverages and pairs.📈

Follow and even copy the actions of your favorite traders with social trading, and watch your funds grow✅
Not enough to get you excited?🧐

Narwhal Finance has secured $1M in seed funding from top-tier investors such as @AnimocaVentures and @HailstoneVC ! 💰

This positions the platform for even greater success in the future.👏
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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 Coinbase slams SEC for evading and giving ‘No straight answers’

🗞 Do Kwon denies allegations that he forged passport, blames ‘Chinese’ agency

🗞 JPM says Hinman docs released in Ripple vs SEC case are boosting Ether

Details and more 🧵
🗞 @coinbase has lambasted the United States @SECGov for failing to respond to issues posed in the United States Court of Appeals as part of the ongoing investigation.
🗞 @binance CEO @cz_binance revealed that the company has officially issued a cease and desist letter to the bogus business known as Binance Nigeria Limited.
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Our Daily Routine lays out what we need to do throughout the day to give us the best chance of following our Trading Plan.

Our Pre-Trade Routine puts us in the proper mindset to actually follow our plan and maximize performance.

Here's how to create these documents👇
Here's a daily trading routine example.

Update it as your trading and life change.

The idea is that the routine serves you, helping you trade your best.

If the routine starts getting in the way of that, revise it to suit your life/current mental state. Image
Here's an example of a pre-trade routine to get us in a positive mental space for #trading.

Being in a good confident headspace is what matters. Create a routine that does that, and note things that work for putting you in "the zone". Recreate those things in your routine. Image
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[1/n] Friday’s night crash was very interesting because there was no big news at this moment and some of the instruments fell about 50% within two hours. I would like to break down the microstructure behaviors and do an overall analysis from that day. 🧵

#trading #cryptocrash Image
Firstly, let’s take a look at the macroscopic view of the market. On the histogram, we can see the changes from the highest price to the lowest price within the first couple of hours of June 10th (UTC). Big moves around the whole crypto space. Image
Some of the instruments fell about 50% and GTC fell over 73% due to the fact that during such crashes, liquidity is poor. This example can show you how liquidity is important when there is huge volatility in the market. Unfortunately, this move happened during the weekend.
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The Bear's Take:

•Germany is in recession
#USA #recession is coming
•Spinning top on Nasdaq
#NDX negative divergences with classic indis
•Leading stocks are overextended
•Breadth Negative divergences
•4300 is strong resistance

#SPX #ES_F $SPX $SPY #0dte

The Bulls's Take

•Daily, weekly and monthly bullish candlestick with high volume
•Big bullish action on Friday, with Breadth Thrust
• $SPX broke important levels on high volume
•Bullish momentum
•Dealers increased their long positions
•Positive #Gamma


Our Take

•Momentum is bullish, but indices are near resistance
•A likely visit to 4220 in the next two weeks is expected
•Hard to see a solid break above 4300 this week
•Expecting good performance from the #smallcaps this week

#SPX $SPY $ES_F $SPY #trading
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🧵Como afrontar operaciones perdedoras🧵

Si te gusto el hilo, no dudes en compartir!

Seámonos sinceros: a nadie le gusta perder.

El problema es que, lamentablemente, en el trading las perdidas son inevitables.

No existe estrategia alguna con un 100% de efectividad. Si existiese, todos seriamos millonarios...
Convertirse en un buen perdedor es fundamental para poder ser un trader exitoso.

Debes aprender a manejar las perdidas, de forma que no afecten tu operatoria.

Si no manejas las perdidas, la rentabilidad será inalcanzable.
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Breakout (B/O) Nasıl Onaylanır ?
Öncelikle belirtmem gerekir ki bu konu başlığı altında anlatılacak bilgiler yatay destek-dirençlerin kırılımı için hazırlanmıştır. Diyagonal trend çizgilerinin kırılımlarında da bu bilgilerden faydalanılabileceğiniz gibi, diyagonal
çizgilerin trade edilmesi farklı aksiyonlar da gerektirmektedir. Benim fokuslandığım alan yatay çizgi kırılımları olduğu için diyagonal trend kırılım detaylarından bu yazıda çok fazla bahsetmeyeceğim. Anlatılacaklar farklı finansal enstrümanlar (hisse, fx, kripto) için++
uygulanabilir yöntemlerdir ancak en nihayetinde teknik analiz sınırları içerisinde kalacaktır ve teknik analiz size altın tepsi içinde kesin yargılar sunmayacaktır. Her zamanki gibi bazı objektif ve subjektif teknik analiz yöntemlerinden ve belirli kabullerden bahsedeceğim.
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The Bear's take:

•Unresolved Debt ceiling
•Friday's negative day and bearish candlesticks
• Several neg. divergences
•Leading stocks reversed
#VVIX bullish engulfing candle and #VIX1D daily higher highs higher lows points to more vol ahead
•GDP maybe ↓


The Bull's take

• Indices up week on high volume
•Buy the dip: Bullish action
•Volatility indicators are subdued
• $NDX, $FAANG, $SMH in good health
• $SPX, $NDX higher highs and higher lows
•Market broke out above resistance
•Breadth thrust last Wednesday

Our take

•Debt ceiling will be solved
#PCE will come lower
#GDP will be OK
•Breakout zone is likely to be retested this week
•Price is firmly in positive Gamma
•We remain cautious due to still internal market weakness

#ES_F #Options #Trading $SPY #SPX $SPX
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Qu'appel t-on appel spread/ liquidité, comment se déplace le prix ?

🚨On entend souvent dire que le prix augmente car il y a plus d'acheteur que de vendeur sur le marché...

Cette affirmation est fausse ! 🚨

Thread ⬇️

#Crypto #trading #TRADINGTIPS #cryptocurrency
Vous le savez, pour qu'il y ai vente, il faut quelqu'un qui achète (donc quand vous vendez, c'est qu'il y a quelqu'un qui est près à acheter au même prix... à mediter)

La clé du mouvement de prix est l'attitude des intervenants adoptent sur le marché (agressive ou passive)
L'offre et la demande:

Ce sont les commandes à cours limité que les acheteurs et vendeurs placent dans les colonnes du carnet d'ordre (BID et ASK)

Il n'y a pas de prix unique sur le marché, quand vous entrez sur le marché, il y a deux prix (l'achat et la vente) Image
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1/ This Is @I_Am_The_ICT Pd Array Maxrix
Understanding this will supercharge your ability to build a model that works for you

You want the Entry to be at the extreme but the stop losses to be near the middle of the matrix
Outline for building a model
#Ict 1/6… Image
2/. Pick 1 or 2 Pd arrays for the Setup
Choose a chart time Frame you will look for this and a 2nd for entry

Pick a Specific timeframe for entry Example -"after the IT-MSS on a 3min I drop down to a 1min for a Fvg or MB entry" #trading
3/ Now It is Important you choose a specific window of time you expect to see this happen
Example: 8:30-900am
Remember that it is TIME & PRICE.

Decide on a PD array for Stop loss
The closer to 50% the less risk
Deeper discount will equal more risk in most cases
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Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 India based WazirX says Binance has maintained control over WRX token

🗞 Bankrupt Voyager will now be able to pay back creditors

🗞 Bitcoin mining difficulty rises 3.2%, a new all time high

Details and more🧵
🗞 As the conflict between @WazirXIndia and @binance continues, @WazirXIndia has emphasised Binance’s current supremacy over the WRX token.
🗞 The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has allowed the bankrupt @investvoyager to begin repaying its creditors.
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Rising volume in $XLK, $VTV, and good enough $SMH transparently prepared the ground for improving #ES market breadth – but the one factor that made me reconsider the requisites of the medium-term (bearish) outlook, was this.
2. Back when I took the MT bearish view (mid Mar), it was well justified as two significant #banks had fallen, $CS was getting back on the radar screen, #deposit outflows continued, and demand for the #Fed emergency programs was rising.
It was questionable whether $KRE and $XLF
3. would stabilize.
The incentives for #deposit outflows were still present (#Fed hadn‘t yielded to market pressures to ease, and still doesn‘t, short-term #yields kept solidly above 5%, #Fed balance sheet kept declining, #M2 and #margin debt shrinking while consumer #inflation
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【宏观和投资思路:美联储 6 月 15 号加息预测】
6月15号将发布下一次的利率决议,目前观测器的数据显示,市场对美联储停止加息(当前利率为 5.25%)的概率为 77.5%,继续加息25个基点的概率为 22.5%。这个 thread 会写一下我的预测以及调仓的思路,不做投资建议。
#btc #crypto #trading #交易 #fed Image
1/4 5月美国 CPI 数据会在 6月13号公布,这当然会对 2 天后的利率决议产生影响,但我个人认为,此前美联储持续加息的影响已经逐步显现,目前美国已经出现了衰退迹象且会越来越明显,所以我判断 CPI 数据会持续走低。
2/4 CPI 的走低说明通货膨胀问题得到缓解,所以个人判断 6 月的美联储利率决议将会停止加息,对 crypto 来说是不错的消息。
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"Buckle up for an Intellectual Rollercoaster Ride as we Embark on a Mind-Bending Journey through the Winding Thread of @asymetrix_eth!

Simply reading this thread may teach you anything and alter your life.

Here's why you should care: Image
♦️Asymetrix is an exciting project that aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance (#DeFi) by combining cutting-edge technologies .

♦️In this thread, we'll dive deeper into what makes Asymetrix unique and why it's gaining attention in the crypto community.
♦️At its core, Asymetrix is a decentralized trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

♦️It leverages AI algorithms to provide users with advanced trading strategies and risk management tools.
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#trading #nifty #banknifty #nse #wealth #investing #stockmarkets Image

SYMBOL: Underlying name (e.g., Banknifty, Reliance)
TENOR: Maturity type (Weekly, Monthly, LEAPs)
SL NO: Maturity priority (1st = closest weekly expiry)
EXPIRY DATE: Contract maturity date
TODAY: Recording date Image
Future v/s Straddle chart - The front month future (blue) and the straddle (red). Consider a strike price of call+put having the lowest premium.Roll the strike price dynamically to plot the premium for at-the-money straddle. Image
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I always wondered which stock/index to select for trading.
@DestinedMusk gives us his insights on the criterias to select an underlying for trading in the YT video
#OptionsTrading #Nifty #banknifty #finnifty #TradingSuccess #wealthcompounders #trading

1/4 Image
2/4 Image
3/4 Image
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📶Systematic StopLoss using
#SuperTrend Indicator

✅ Technical Analysis Simplified

A Learning Thread 📚

🚀 Telegram

#trading #StockMarket #tradingstrategy #PriceAction

@kuttrapali26 @KommawarSwapnil @sunilgurjar01 @caniravkaria @Stockstudy8 Image
Entry As Per Your Setup Image
Apply Super Trend Indicator Image
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#orchidpharma #stockstobuy #breaoutstocks Long term Invest - Catch me if u can kind of setup with sky as the limit... Its buy n forget #rsistudy #stockstudy #nifty50 #investing #sensex #trading #nse #stocks #stockstotrade #stockmarket #marketing #investing #zerodha
Wkly & Daily BB Blast, Daily EMA COnvergence, Daily Golden Crossover, RSI ND failure has validated PR & Price has closed abv Resistance wth a strong vol candle. There is no res in sight. Still it cud fail so manage position size according to SL.
Rise cud be as furious as the fall n it has potential to be a multibagger - 2650 is the ATH. Funda - ROCE is positive after 5 Yrs for 2 consecutive FY n current is higher then previous/ OPM is Good/ Low Float, Check PE & DE or talk to ur advisor
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#stockstobuy #breaoutstocks Long term Invest - Catch me if u can kind of setup with sky as the limit... Its buy n forget #rsistudy #stockstudy #nifty50 #investing #sensex #trading #nse #stocks #stockstotrade #stockmarket #marketing #investing #zerodha ImageImageImageImage
Wkly & Daily BB Blast, Daily EMA COnvergence, Daily Golden Crossover, RSI ND failure has validated PR & Price has closed abv Resistance wth a strong vol candle. There is no res in sight. Still it cud fail so manage position size according to SL.
Rise cud be as furious as the fall n it has potential to be a multibagger - 2650 is the ATH.

Funda - ROCE is positive after 5 Yrs for 2 consecutive FY n current is higher then previous/ OPM is Good/ Low Float, Check PE & DE or talk to ur advisor
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#eimcoeleco - PDH Break #justdial - PDH Break #carerating - PFH Break #GLS - PDH Break #jaibalaji - IB Break #hudco - PDH Break #akzoindia - PDH Break, #zensar - IB Break, #dynamatech - IB Break, #BLKashyap - PDH Break
#denora - CMP. #ATAM - CMP
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I've made my living off the markets since 2005.

Here are 12 Lessons for #SwingTrading Stocks, including:

-capital needed
-position sizing
-when to avoid trading
-scanning for stocks
-And Much More...

A thread 👇📷 👇
1. How Much Capital to Swing Trade #Stocks

If you pay commissions, start with $5,000+. Need bigger profits to compensate for commissions (often a flat fee).

If you don't pay commissions, can start with $1000 or less.

To earn a decent side income, you'll need more.
2. Leverage:

Open a "margin" stock trading account to access leverage.

For swing trading, you can often access 2x leverage AKA 50% margin.

This means you can buy positions worth twice your capital. $10K deposit, trade up to $20K.

Bigger potential profits...and losses.
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[1] The hottest topic in the crypto universe last couple of days was $PEPE - a meme coin that went to top 40 coins and was the biggest meme surprise since SHIB in October 2021. How did the market look in the HFT data? Let’s see! 🧵🧵

#pepe #cryptocurrency #trading Image
[2] I focus on CEX trading because there were more analyses related to the $PEPE and trading on DEXes, such as the great thread by @thiccythot_ which can bring you a lot of value in terms of understanding what happened on $PEPE. Highly recommended thread.
[3] What is important in terms of the analysis of $PEPE is that we should divide our analysis into two periods: The first move with only a couple of exchanges that had $PEPE listed with really small liquidity and the second move with other exchanges in the game such as OKX. Image
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#Bitcoin set to soar with projected target of $36,000 as technical breakout signals strong #rally amidst positive market outlook fueled by #stockbuybacks and #memecoins

Sub to our TG for the latest:… Image
1/10: #Bitcoin prices could be set to surge as the #cryptocurrency #trades within a narrowing triangle that is about to break to the upside, potentially projecting a move higher by around 6,100 points.
2/10: A #breakout could lead to a 20% increase from current prices, setting a target of $35,000/$36,000 for #Bitcoin (#BTC). Image
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