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Passionate about justice & human dignity. In the struggle to end AIDS. Executive Director of UNAIDS Opinions are my own.
8 Jun
AIDS is not over. An AIDS death every minute is an emergency! HIV rates are not following the trajectory that we together promised. Indeed, amidst the fall-out from the Covid crisis, we could even see a resurgent pandemic.
@UNAIDS @UN_PGA @AminaJMohammed But a never-ending HIV pandemic is not our fate. Even in spite of all the set-backs, we can #endAIDSby2030. Business as usual however, would fail. The programs that have secured substantial progress will not enable us to finish the journey because the road is blocked
The evidence and analysis are clear. Inequalities in power, status, rights & voice are driving the HIV pandemic.

Inequalities kill.

As the #GlobalAIDSStrategy sets out: to end AIDS, we have to end the inequalities which perpetuate it. #HLM2021AIDS

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8 Jun
The #G7 are failing in their duty to provide global leadership to end the COVID19 pandemic for everyone everywhere. More than 1m people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they pledged to increase the global vaccine supply.
@ChathamHouse @CHGlobalHealth @UNAIDS @HelenClarkNZ @DrMikeRyan @yates_rob @G7 Of the 1.77bn doses of COVID vaccines given globally, 28% have been in @G7 countries. In contrast just 0.3% of COVID jabs have been given in low-income countries.
COVID-19 related deaths are increasingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. This is heart-breaking.
The scale of this inequality is not an accident. It was predictable months ago. President Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa called it “#VaccineApartheid” - and it is.

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7 Jun
It is 20 years since the first UN General Assembly Special Session and 40 years since the first cases of AIDS were reported. In this important year, we also mark 25 years since the world came together and establishment of @UNAIDS.
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@UNAIDS Since the start of the epidemic 77.5m people have become infected with HIV & 34.7m have died of AIDS. But in the past 40 yrs, we have made huge progress, the world came together, activists came together, govts came together- to turn the epidemic around
We find ourselves at a critical moment to get the world back on track to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the fragility of the health and development gains made over the past decades.
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5 Jun
Today marks 40 years since the first case of AIDS was reported.

We stand in solidarity w/all people living with or affected by HIV, & we remember our friends/family who have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Our mission: #endAIDSby2030.


Since the start of the epidemic 77.5 million people have become infected with HIV and more than 34 million have died of AIDS-related causes.

However, HIV is more than a disease.

It's an issue of social justice.

No one should be infected and no one should die. Image
In the past 40 years, we have made huge progress in turning the epidemic around: 75% of all people living with HIV are now on treatment. That’s more than 27 million people, on treatment today.

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