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The #G7 this weekend renounced its role as #globalhealth leader, @kentbuse and I argue in @bmj_latest:…

A thread on what next for global health & #healthsecurity.
Speaking at #G20 Rome #GlobalHealthSummit in May, German Chancellor #Merkel had raised the question, “if not us, who?” to end the global #Covid19 #pandemic.

At #G7UK this past weekend, #G7 responded with "Not us," committing to donate 870mn #vaccine doses when the need is 11bn.
Instead of engaging with recommendations of @TheIndPanel to strengthen #pandemic preparedness & the #globalhealth system (, strongly backed by @antonioguterres (), #G7 noted it would "explore" different proposals.
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🌎 Concluyó la Cumbre del #G7 en 🇬🇧.

Los líderes publicaron un comunicado en conjunto.

Refrendaron su compromiso con las democracias en el 🌎 y la importancia del multilateralismo.

Focos rojos: China y Rusia.

Aquí varios de los puntos más importantes.

Abro 🧵
1-Salud: Poner fin a la pandemia en 2022 requerirá vacunar al menos al 60% de la población mundial. Intensificarán acciones para salvar vidas.

La prioridad internacional es acelerar el despliegue de vacunas seguras y eficaces y accesibles para los países más pobres en el 🌎.
2- Compartirán al menos 870 millones de dosis durante el próximo año.

Las dosis estarán disponibles lo antes posible y el objetivo es entregar al menos la mitad para fines de 2021, principalmente a través del mecanismo de COVAX.

Investigar a fondo el origen del #COVID19 en 🇨🇳.
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“Last time the #G7 met there was no mention of China. But this time there is mention of China,” #Biden said He also said the “G-7 leaders agreed to call out human rights abuses, to coordinate a strategy to “deal with China & to take action against forced labor”.
#G7Summit (1)
#JoeBiden said there is “plenty of action on China” in the joint communique, I think you’re going to see straightforward dealing with China. “And again, we’re not looking, as I’ve told Xi Jinping myself, I’m not looking for conflict.
.@TV9Bharatvarsh #China #US #India #G7UK (2)
Biden also called on China to “act more responsibly in terms of international norms on human rights and transparency” and mentioned the need for access for international experts to help determine the origins of the coronavirus. #Covid #WuhanLab #China #COVID19 (3)
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EU official on #G7Summit2021 says it was "reassuring to see the US again at the negotiating table and aligned on common values and international cooperation. tThe relation was strained over the past years. Now it looks invigorated."

But concern over US vaccine behavior remains.
"The EU has been the pharmacy of the world in this pandemic," the EU official says. The EU has exported 350 million doses so far this year (700m expected by year's end) while US had a vaccine export ban.

"We also managed to achieve a very balanced position on the #TRIPSwaiver".
There was "strong support by #G7 leaders for the #PandemicTreaty" the EU official says.

"The clear objective is to vaccinate the world population and finish the pandemic in 2022".
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"Extraordinary collaborative and productive meeting" at #G7Cornwall, says @POTUS.
"We committed that we're going to do more for the rest of the world, as well" on #coronavirusvaccines, says @POTUS. "I committed we would provide a half a billion doses...of Pfizer vaccine."
With partners "we're going to have a billion doses of vaccine," adds @POTUS.
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#G7 "Leaders have pledged over 1 billion doses, either through #Covax or directly."
PM Johnson starts #G7 press conference with "The world was looking forward to us to reject nationalism."
Something's not adding up....
Live now here -> Image
👏 that @GPforEducation has reached 1/2 of 5-year funding target.
But absolutely incredible how #G7 during largest #pandemic in a century fails to do something similar with #Covid19. They could have. They didn't.
"Vaccinating the world - we can do that together" PM Johnson states at #G7.
He didn't add: "But we decided not to."
#vaccinenationalism #VaccinEquity #PeoplesVaccine #Covid19
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#G7 #G7TradeMinisters communiqué:

Now circulated in @wto. Its 6 pages includes a couple of paragraphs on “#TradeTransparency

Includes “transparency in all respects” but the focus is narrow:

• market distorting practices
• notifications on goods

1/16… Image
But #TradeTransparency and #wtoTransparency are much more than that.

The #G7TradeMinisters have nothing to say on improving external transparency so the world knows what is happening in the WTO and in other trade negotiations

What else do the #G7 #G7TradeMinisters say?

First some nice words on being committed to “free and fair trade” (who isn’t?), tackling the pandemic (who isn’t?), sustainable development goals (who isn’t?), and support @wto reform (who isn’t?)

3/16… Image
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Terrible org at #G7 in Cornwall.
Journalists have been parked an hour’s drive away from where leaders are meeting.
Almost like everything was designed to keep journalists as far as possible - which is the opposite of democratic. Not a good look for the mtg of wealthy democracies.
At the last in-person G7, hosted by France in Biarritz, journos were across the street from leaders. We shouted questions from balcony, had many opportunities to run into leaders and for impromptu press huddles. That was democratic.
No mobile PCR testing facilities here. An NHS facility on site but w/registration system that blocks out foreign (at least French) phones. This is a basic logistical necessity for foreign journos to be able to travel home. Portugal did great providing this at May EUCO in Porto.
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WTF’s going on in Cornwall? #G7 🍺
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🛑Hoy es la reunion del Grupo de Siete #G7 en Cornualles, 🇬🇧.

En su primer viaje al exterior, Biden buscará restablecer el liderazgo de 🇺🇸 en el 🌎: formar un frente unido frente a Rusia y China.

Discutirán recuperación #Covid19 y la lucha contra el cambio climático.

Abro 🧵
1- El #G7 se creó después de la crisis económica internacional de 1973.

Esta compuesto por siete potencias económicas:

Estados Unidos, Japón, Alemania, Reino Unido, Francia, Italia y Canadá.

Representan el 65% de la riqueza mundial.
2-Rusia se unió en 1998, G8, pero en 2014 fue expulsada como consecuencia por la anexión de Crimea.

Se reúnen anualmente en alguna ciudad de los países miembros para discutir temas urgentes en el escenario global y coordinar políticas.

Hay 4 países invitados: 🇮🇳, 🇰🇷, 🇦🇺 y 🇿🇦.
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According to a @WhiteHouse official, @JoeBiden previously met with #UK queen in 1982.
This evening, @POTUS and @FLOTUS participate in a reception with fellow #G7 leaders and their spouses hosted by the Royal Family at the Eden Project. @POTUS "will also participate in a family photo with other G7 leaders and Her Majesty The Queen," according to the @WhiteHouse.
Later, @POTUS and @FLOTUS have dinner with fellow #G7 leaders and their spouses, adds a @WhiteHouse official.
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Message #1 for #G7

Science facts are useful
The planet’s on fucking fire
There are a lot of things we could do to put it out
Are any of them free?
No, of course not
Nothing’s free, you idiots. Grow the fuck up.

@BillNye on response to #ClimateBreakdown

Message #2 for #G7
Imagine the planet was suffering its own #Coronavirus #pandemic

Imagine we responded to the #climateemergency like it might be life threatening to us all

The Earth has more than a fever

Our house is on fire

We are the cause

We can also fix it
Message #3 for #G7

Are you mature enough to tell it like it is?
Listen: most important 2 minutes you have today
And for the rest of your life
And our lives

If you are also mature enough to act

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Attached with the above🐈

This is how #MH17 meets Julian #Assange. One of the common good causes is exposing & putting on trial..

.. #WarCrimes

@Dpol_un @mfa_russia @RussianEmbassy @afshinrattansi @rogerwaters @Ruptly @MLP_officiel
I know two potential feline⏳candidates for🚁chopper ride⌛the #SkripalCat🐈team at @RussianEmbassy in London & Marine🐈 @MLP_officiel😸

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Dank Joe #Biden haben die @G7 dieses Jahr wieder die Chance & damit auch die Pflicht, positive Impulse zu setzen. Als Vorsitzende der Auswärtigen Ausschüsse der #G7-Staaten haben wir unseren Regierungen sieben Ziele formuliert, die jetzt im Vordergrund stehen müssen. #G7Summit
Erstes Ziel: Wir müssen aus der Pandemie echte Lehren ziehen & uns gemeinsam besser auf zukünftige Gesundheitskrisen vorbereiten. Denn #Covid19 hat unsere Gesellschaften geschwächt & unendliches Leid über unzählige Familien gebracht. Auch die globale Wirtschaft hat gelitten. #G7
Zweites Ziel: Wir erwarten von unseren Regierungen, dass sie die weltweite Verteilung von #Impfstoffen organisieren & dabei alle ihren Anteil übernehmen. Die #Pandemie wird erst zu Ende sein, wenn das Virus überall zurückgedrängt wurde & alle Menschen geschützt sind. #G7
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ACAB Daily Digest (June 8, 2021)🧵:

Notorious, #LASD gangleader Alex Villanueva is consolidating new powers to venture into Venice, citing the support of stakeholders (not "the people") against "anarchy." #MaskOff

[h/t @CarpendiCacoeth]
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) | "A social justice group made up of current and former Ottawa high school students is renewing its call to remove police officers from schools..."…
UK | "The first in-person meeting of the leaders of major developed economies for nearly two years will take place in Cornwall on the tip of southwestern England"… #G7 #G7Cornwall #G7Summit
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The #G7 are failing in their duty to provide global leadership to end the COVID19 pandemic for everyone everywhere. More than 1m people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they pledged to increase the global vaccine supply.
@ChathamHouse @CHGlobalHealth @UNAIDS @HelenClarkNZ @DrMikeRyan @yates_rob @G7 Of the 1.77bn doses of COVID vaccines given globally, 28% have been in @G7 countries. In contrast just 0.3% of COVID jabs have been given in low-income countries.
COVID-19 related deaths are increasingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. This is heart-breaking.
The scale of this inequality is not an accident. It was predictable months ago. President Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa called it “#VaccineApartheid” - and it is.

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Levying the Corp Tax on foreign Cos operating at home (🇨🇳has a 20% rate)or abroad, is illegal.
It deprives those foreign companies of the export revenues of their multinationals that would be taxed by the countries they are based on. Image
Yellen's proposal could be a 15% rate on foreign Cos subsidiaries of 🇺🇸Cos w/ a 15% min Corp Tax & a credit of 100% of the foreign rate.
🇨🇮example: 2.5% effective rate on the 🇨🇮subsidiaries of🇺🇸Cos vs 0.5% today.
The tax rate is an issue within a region(🇪🇺,🇺🇸,etc),not among them.
Either operating at home or on the foreign subsidiaries of local Cos operating abroad(services Cos)
If they are manufacturers,they must ship their products from home,be taxed at home.🚨The country accumulates forex reserves.@USTreasury @WhiteHouse
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And we’re underway with @PressSec and @JakeSullivan46.
“We believe President Biden goes on this trip from a position of strength,” says @JakeSullivan46.
Announcements will be coming about further bilateral engagements for @POTUS at Cornwall and Brussels, according to @JakeSullivan46.
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That slogan.
All you need to know about what they are colluding to bring about, far above your petty little human concerns and far beyond your right to have any say in the process.
The #WEF is mutating into the World Eco-communist Federation before our very eyes.
As a sample of its horrors, here is the monetary aspect of the programme - larded, of course, with Ecobabble, weasel words, #Davocracy catchphrases and a full endorsement of policies which encapsulate both XR extremism and fully-woke cultural marxism.
Then there’s the sinister ‘One Health’ approach -overseen by the #UN #WHO & other such retirement homes for failed politicians, ex-dictators & kleptocrats.

“Building back better will include a Health in All Policies approach”

Hark! The hinges of the Gulag gates swing shut!
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“We emphasise the need to green the global financial system so that financial decisions take #climate considerations into account. This will help mobilise the trillions of dollars of private sector finance needed, and reinforce government policy to meet our net zero commitments.”
“We support moving towards mandatory #climate-related financial disclosures that provide consistent and decision-useful information for market participants and that are based on the @FSB_TCFD framework, in line with domestic regulatory frameworks” -@G7 Finance Ministers statement
G7 agrees “on the need for a baseline global reporting standard for sustainability, which jurisdictions can further supplement...We encourage further consultation on a final proposal leading to the establishment of an International Sustainability Standards Board ahead of @COP26.”
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1/. My heart broke a little this morning

“The northern white rhino - which survived 55 million years & saw ice ages, earthquakes, meteor strikes & bore testament to innumerable historical changes - could not survive humans” @VertigoWarrior

This rhino is now functionally extinct Image
2/. It’s because we love this planet so much, that we weep at its destruction

To be honest, my heart breaks a little every day

But it also fills with joy

Our hearts are designed that way

They're built to break & they're built to fill with joy, each day
3/. In 1944, Churchill described Nazi atrocities as "a crime without a name"

Soon after, the term 'genocide' was coined

Is it time to recognise ‘ecocide’ as an intl crime?

Is it time for all of us to start getting ACTIVE to protect our fragile planet?
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Quando si parla di "tasse" 💵 in Italia bisogna sempre usare cautela. Partiamo dall'inizio: la pressione fiscale in Italia è oggettivamente elevata. Bisogna, però, guardare a come è distribuita. 1/11
Il maggior gettito in Italia è dato da Irpef e contributi previdenziali. Sull'Irpef la faccenda è interessante. La sua genesi è riconducibile alla grande riforma del sistema tributario degli anni '70. Con il tempo, però, ha subito qualche modifica. 2/11
Se ci si concentra, ad esempio, sull'aliquota per fascia di reddito più alta, essa equivaleva originariamente al 72%, ma si è ridotta oggi al 43%. Un'aliquota più bassa rispetto a quella di altri Paesi europei 🇪🇺. 3/11
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Starting now: @HouseofCommons is holding a Westminster Hall Debate on global press freedom to mark World Press Freedom Day earlier this month, sponsored by @DamianCollins as Chair of the APPG on Media Freedom. Watch live here:…
Strong start from @DamianCollins, mentioning the situation in Belarus, the murders of Jamal Khashoggi & #DaphneCaruanaGalizia, @mariaressa’s fight to #HoldTheLine in the Philippines, the SLAPP case against @CatherineBelton & many more worrying examples, citing @RSF_inter figures.
.@jeremycorbyn raises concerns around media ownership, the need to ensure access for all to social media, the case of Anabel Hernandez in Mexico, the jailing of journalists around the world, the arrest of Roman Pratasevich in Belarus, and the targeting of journalists in Gaza.
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