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It took President Ronald Reagan seven years to say the word AIDS, because the disease took its early toll on the fags, whores and junkies. 1/
But let's be clear: our government let us die because of who we were. We didn't count, we were disposable people. 2/
We're now in another epidemic with another president, who couldn't care less if we live or die. 3/
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cannot say this enough: #ACTUP is one of USAs most important political movements; and for us GenXers, it’s probably the most important one of our lifetime.

too many of us would be dead without #LarryKramer and the ACTUp elders putting their bodies on the line.

may he #RIPower
wasn’t prepared for Larry Kramer’s passing to hit me like this; but am here grieving, instead of celebrating, his joining The Ancestors.

his passing, in the middle of this #COVID19 pandemic, is a reminder we’re still fighting the same fights of the AIDS epidemic
am not an expert on LGBTQI. am just an ally who lost family and friends to AIDS. am only bearing witness because i refuse to forget the wretchedness that has been the fascist Reagan Revolution.

and, let’s be clear: ActUP, at it’s core, has always been an ANTIFASCIST movement.
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Homages to activist, writer, ACT-UP founder and all around trouble-maker par excellance #LarryKramer are pouring in. He was my friend, and today I grieve.…
He was working on a new play touching on #COVID19 -- having written the great #HIV play "Normal Heart" and so many other screenplays and books. He survived #HIV and #hepatitis, a liver transplant & much more, but succumbed to pneumonia.…
It's impossible to imagine what the ACT-UP #HIV #AIDS battle would have looked like without #LarryKramer. I suppose it's like trying to envision SF gay liberation without #HarveyMilk. Larry was often fueled by anger, but he had a tender heart.…
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"There have now been more than four million cases of #COVID19 across the world.

Over the past week several countries have started lifting #StayHome orders and other restrictions in a phased way"-@DrTedros
"Countries put these stringent measures in place, sometimes called lockdowns, in response to intense transmission"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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1. @OANN & @DrJudyAMikovits expose #Covid19 #Soros #BillGates #Fauci #Clintons #DeepState & more. It covers #Globalists #DepopulationAgenda and fight against #hydrochloroquine!

Part 1...

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Vaccine

2. @OANN & @DrJudyAMikovits expose #Covid19 #Soros #BillGates #Fauci #Clintons #DeepState & more. It covers #Globalists #DepopulationAgenda and fight against #hydrochloroquine!

Part 2...

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Vaccine

Check this out @CoreysDigs & @TheSharpEdge1

Scroll down to see part 2 as well!
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Out today: Our new @TheLancet analysis of #ethics & #politics of #access to #testing #PPE & #Covid19 treatment. We must act now so to ensure that geopolitically powerful countries apply ethical standards & coordinate their procurement to access for #LMICs…
Many #African health systems lack capacity to respond if #COVID19 outbreaks get out of control. So #testing & #tracing are particularly vital.

Unfortunately, testing supplies are increasingly scarce, as #NorthAmerican & #European countries snap up everything on the market.
This mirrors failures in the #AIDS response—when testing & treatment came to #Africa years after it arrived in #US & #Europe, and long after the #pandemic had taken hold. This resulted in tens of millions of unnecessary deaths. @chidodc @DrWilfredoM @RenzoGuinto @paimadhu
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#China #Soros #Rothschild #Gates #Desmarais #Clinton
OWN the #patent for #Remdesivir.

@TrudeauMustGo19 @dkc1983 @JackPosobiec
#Soros #ClintonGroup Close their position in Gild Science in 2016.
#Soros invest in #Blizzard gaming
#FirstAmericanTrust buys into Blizzard & #GileadSciences
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ICYMI: Judicial Watch - U.S., Soros-Funded Ukrainian HIV Charity Under Criminal Probe for Embezzlement -…
people forget too, ukraine is also investigating the 90 billion dollar aids sLush fund that GATES fauci birx clinton soros and all of them are mixed up in. pepfar..
#DigIt! Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? -… via @CoreysDigs
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2. 一連の騒動は仕組まれていて、#SDGs#持続可能な開発目標)の一つ「すべての人に健康と福祉を」に照らし合わせ、全人類にワクチンを #強制摂取 させることが狙いである。
#デンマーク ではその前段階の法案が可決。

見出し『デンマーク、#コロナウイルス#緊急法案 を早急に可決』

#保健機関#強制 での検査、治療、隔離 の権限が与えられるというもの。…
3.私たちが認識している #HIVウイルス#AIDS の因果関係は捏造されたものであり、それを提唱した #アンソニー・ファウチ という人物は #ロナルド・レーガン の時代から政府に #ディープ・ステート として根を張り、現在も #COVID19 に専門家として関与している。
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#Birx December 15, 2014 NYC

Data2X conference w/ Deborah Birx re: How data can close gender gap. They never miss an angle.

Nice crew!…
I'm puzzled people care what Deborah Birx's daughter is doing. Dr. Birx was Global HIV/AIDS coordinator. Could there be anything more atrocious?!!

2015 Ambassador Birx at CROI
#Q777 Big pharma tied to smart phones.

Now tie in #Lieber thread (nanoelectronics, injectible nanoelectronics and Qdrops on mind control).

scroll up to top
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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Language re #covid law, ethics, policy is wooly/confusing. What is #SocialDistancing Mass #Quarantine #Lockdown? We can't possibly balance PH & HRs w/o knowing exactly the intervention. This thread explains what policies are ethical & lawful, & those that are troublesome.
I've worked in PH Law since #AIDS…

Following is lawful/ethical w/ individualized risk assess based on sci:
❖ Isolation: positive #SARSCoV2 test
❖ Quarantine: known exposed
❖ Close venues posing sig risk of spread (schools, businesses, mass gatherings)
These actions stretch law/ethics, no clear precedent in modern con law:
❖Cordon sanitaire of large area (incorrectly termed "lockdown")
❖So-called "Mass Quarantine" of large venue (nursing home, cruise ship, apartment block)
❖Draconian enforcement: armed guards, intrusive surv
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Things are changing so fast, reporters can't keep up. We can only report so much, so quickly. A week ago I warned my family not to fly anywhere--they were all planning to head out West to spend Pesach together. I told them by this week we would not be able to fly. I was right.
During the #AIDS pandemic, I spent a lot of time talking to infectious disease specialists, including Tony Fauci. Later, it was Hot Zones. I met Laurie Garret, Michael Osterholm. I wrote stories about diseases appearing out of nowhere. I had hoped we would never be here. We are.
Our lives won't be the same after this. We need to recognize that. Try to adjust. Try to remain calm as we rethink how to live through the next year in which everything will be forever changed. It will be the hardest part. But we have to do it. That will be the way we survive. 🌿
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I am at work on a book, The Great Deliverance, for @PrincetonUPress, about the long fight against epidemic disease.
And I have been thinking lately about the social isolation of #COVID19 victims, hospitalized, possibly dying, & unable to see family or anyone else, except medical staff dressed like this.
(Yes, the baby is a #coronavirus victim. Born that way.)
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#coronavirus IMPORTANT👇

#Chinese doctors say autopsies of victims suggest that #ChinaCoronaVirus is “like a combination of #SARS & #AIDS

It damages both the lungs & immune systems” & can cause “irreversible” lung damage even if the patient survives…
The grim finding was reported on by Communist Party mouthpiece the Global Times on Friday, after a paper by Wuhan doctors published in the Journal of Forensic Medicine earlier in the week went viral on Chinese social media.
“The influence of COVID-19 on the human body is like a combination of SARS and AIDS as it damages both the lungs and immune systems,” Peng Zhiyong, director of the intensive care unit of the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in Wuhan, told the Global Times.
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⚠️Chinese doctors say autopsies of #coronavirus victims suggest that #COVID19 is “like a combination of #SARS and #AIDS as it damages both the lungs and immune systems,” and can cause “irreversible” lung damage even if the patient survives.

This latest report of SARS-like lung damage is consistent with prior clinical reports of #coronavirus cases from #China. At least 1 patient who survived #COVID19 later received a lung transplant due to permanent fibrosis ("scarring") of his lungs.…
Lung inflammation + low lymphocyte counts ("#AIDS"-like immunosuppression) in #coronavirus patients presents a conundrum. Doctors sometimes use steroids to blunt the lung inflammation, but the downside is further immunosuppression.

Rock, meet hard place.

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MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 1: Latest ARGIS Map 3/5 6:53AM .. NOTE #China not supplying DEATHS update.FIRST SEE #IMF Report from yesterday.. AND Breaking #Boris suspends #British #Parliament .. IS #Iran totally sure that Vendor from #Wuhan had come to HolyDays before?
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 2:
Yesterday's MD THREAD:
by MD trained during #HIV #AIDS Epidemic When we had to fight YEARS for Research, and Treatment.
Still do @VP #Pence killed many in #Indiana in 2015 #maddow @seattletimes @sfchronicle
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 3: WaPo Mapping as I note above I like ARGIS JohnsHopkins Map better but this is US alone... HEADS UP..SCARY folks...
While #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #Trump and @VP Pence are clueless @maddow @CNN @votevets
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Chelsea Clinton’s Leadership in Media Conglomerate Exposes Conflicting Interests in Vimeo #Vaccine Racket & #AIDS Genocide▫️

#Vaccine Information #Censorship = It’s All About the $$$

@POTUS @HHSGov @AP @Vimeo @CBSNews @NBCNews…
#Vaccine Information #Censorship
#Vaccine Information #Censorship
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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MUCH outpouring of love & support for Phillip Scofield for coming out today as gay - & rightly so!!!

(However @Schofe, please remember that @BorisJohnson described gay men as "tank topped bum boys", so please reconsider your apparent support for him - HE IS NO ALLY TO US LGBTQ+)
But I *LONG* for the day when no-one has to "come out" any more & that it never has to be "news-worthy"....

I was watching #thebodyinthepool @Channel4 documentary last night, & although at the time of the incident, Michael Barrymore had already publicly come out as gay....
.... I must assert that, although poor Stuart Lubbock died unnecessarily & that someone should be held responsible for the crime, a *HUGE* part of what went wrong that night & all the subsequent covering-up was due to the clandestine nature that gay people have to adopt....
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"Today, over 90% of all people living with #HIV in 🇷🇼 know their status & almost all of them are on life-saving treatment. Of those, 90% have achieved viral suppression. That makes 🇷🇼 one of the few countries to achieve the 90-90-90 targets prior to 2020"-@DrTedros at #ICASA2019
@DrTedros "Globally, of the 37.9 million people living with #HIV at the end of last year, almost 80% now know their status, over 60% receive treatment & over 1/2 have achieved viral suppression. The number echoes overall progress in Africa, where 75% of all people with HIV live"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @UNAIDS "Millions of people are on #HIV treatment. Even better, millions of people are NOT on treatment because they have the tools to protect themselves. We’ve accelerated research & development. We’ve pushed back the boundaries of science & are now in hot pursuit of a cure"-@DrTedros
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It's #WorldAIDSDay and I thought I would share my story in a thread. I was born with #HIV HIV in 1998, full blown AIDS by six weeks of age due to poor care. (my mom was an alcoholic & addicted to crack & was barely able to get by herself). At six weeks of age I was in a coma.
@UNAIDS @EGPAF @ejaf @RED @CANFAR @amfAR @ETAForg I was on life support @sickkids until I was six months old. My doctor, Dr Stan Read and staff fought to save me. At six months of age they wanted to move me to a foster home for palliative care. They called more than 200 families and no one would take a baby dying of #AIDS.
@UNAIDS @EGPAF @ejaf @RED @CANFAR @amfAR @ETAForg @sickkids Finally, they found a home. A couple who already had six kids, five of them with special needs came to Sick Kids to pick me up. They were told I had a month to live and they decided they were going to give me all the love they could for whatever time I had left.
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Tidbit from a piece I did some years ago:
#TaylorSwift began her philanthropy at 16. At 17 she donated $100k to help secure gay marriage rights against CA's terrible #Prop8. Michelle Obama honored her twice at the WH for her dedication to literacy.
#TaylorSwift has given millions to disaster relief in the US and elsewhere, to climate issues, to textbooks for under-funded schools. She has donated close to 100k books to schools, libraries and children's hospitals.
#TaylorSwift has given millions to #AIDS research, #FeedingAmerica, #UNICEF Tap Project, MusiCares. She has donated $25k to St. Jude's, $50k to Philly Children's hospital, $100k to cancer research. She has donated to myriad #LGBTQ rights organizations.
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Congratulations to @DazonDiallo of @SisterLoveInc
on being honored by @ATLCouncil and @AndreaBooneNow for her *decades* of work in fighting #HIV/#AIDS among Black women!… Dazon Dixon Diallo, an African American woman with dreadlocks, wearing a purple and yellow print top with matching hair wrap, purple lipstick, and purple earrings in the shape of the Prince symbol.
@DazonDiallo @SisterLoveInc @atlcouncil @AndreaBooneNow .@DazonDiallo in Nothing Without Us (@WomenFightAIDS):

“For everything that the men have done to forge the fight on this epidemic, to open the door, it will be the women who close the door on this epidemic.”

@DazonDiallo @SisterLoveInc @atlcouncil @AndreaBooneNow @WomenFightAIDS Here’s @DazonDiallo writing for @Rewire_News in 2016 about the importance of Black women’s voices to the fight against #HIV/#AIDS:
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