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Thinking a lot about YQY/MBJ and how having a third person involved changes the dynamics. Mostly on YQY’s side of things.
In a situation where it’s just the two of them involved I can see the combination of YQY’s kindness and indomitable strength being what attracts MBJ to him. And depending on how things play out, when YQY reciprocates I still see him being a little soft with this demons who
For whatever reason has chosen him as the human he imprinted on? MBJ is no different than any of the other strays that YQY takes in and he is more than prepared to deal with a bratty emotionally constipated partner, he cut his teeth on Xiao Jiu after all.
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It’s not that Shen Jiu went out with the intention of uncovering this particular secret. He, like everyone else in CQMS, assumed that the sect leader was a beta.
Yue Qingyuan’s calm demeanor and inability to be rushed into action by his emotions had also been attributed to his secondary gender. Though stereotypical, it was still widely believed that betas were less ruled by their emotions than alphas or omegas.
And thus, it only made sense that the infamous Xuan Su sword was a beta. When Shen Jiu had first discovered this about him, he had scoffed bitterly but didn’t question it.
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c0mm for @/abelithea
tags: BingJiu, alternate universe, arranged marriage

Luo Binghe finds it ridiculous that he's the demon king and /still/ has to abide by /rules/. Rules that say he not only needs an empress, but an heir as well.
Before his father’s death, he’d arranged a union between him and some human royal. And now that Luo Binghe’s eighteen, they’re set to finally meet.
“Sire,” Sha Hauling says, voice coy, “do you /really/ need to honor this agreement? Your father is dead and this is a /human/!” She leans in close.

“Surely there’s… Others that foot the bill.”
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#jiuyuan horny sharing a body threadfic! warning for slight dubcon (sj is in control of the body but sy is absolutely secretly into it) #svsss

shen yuan awakens slowly. he's in his bed in the bamboo house
and there's a warm, tingling sensation creeping up his spine. his breath is coming quicker than normal. it's odd - the whole time he's been in this body, it's felt perfectly neutral, cold even. but now he feels...??
all of a sudden, he becomes aware of a hand on shen qingqiu's hard, leaking dick. it's his own hand, but shen yuan isn't the one controlling its movement. it doesn't quite feel right - his hand squeezes the head tighter than he would normally,
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This might be controversial but-
SHL &LPM are bottom on bottom supremacy.Whiny bratty hellian bottoms who just need to be fucked quiet.All pouty while setting fire to youre belongings until theyre tied up and have an automated vibrator teasing them to overstimulation
QQQ should take one for the sect use a firm hand on these 2.SHL being her pretty little slut since SHL invaded the sect.Mouthing on ayi's tits w/out permission since she just wants to be brought over her lap and have her pussy spanked till it's twitching, nice &warm 4 QQQ's strap
When LPM pissed off QQQ during the IAC she got bent over and had her panties pulled between her knees as she got her well earned spanking than and there. When LPM and SHL met fighting like dogs, none of them got fucked until they fucked each other for QQQ's entertainment
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Angsty Jiuyuan anyone 😩.
Shen Yuan first met Shen Jiu by accident. It was the last college class Shen Yuan took before he dropped out. He remember doing well on test, but hated doing homework and the guy in front of him always texted him his.
#svsss #jiuyuan
Shen Yuan only gave him his study guide once since it wouldnt hurt to help someone out once in awhile and in return, he never had to do homework again. When he saw his friend-that-he-only-spoke-a-few-words-to one day just disappear he to say the least.
It was kinda nice glancing at him every for 3 classes every week. He always had one of those super fashion outfits on and kept his hair in a neat long braid which gave Shen Yuan a chance to notice how pale,creamy and soft the back of his neck was. #svsss
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Shizun SQH just has me in a head lock atm. Shen Jiu wearing clearly stolen young master clothes, anxiously trying to appear nonchalant as YGY's shizun sends him over to QJP to see if he could be taken in as a discple
SQH eyes widen in surpise as Shen Jiu mumbles out a greeting. At this point its been decades sense he wrote SJ as a character, and he didnt like to think too much about he indirectly created this world...when he saw SJ a sliver of guilt crawled in his stomach
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AU where Binghe blackens before he becomes a disciple in CQMS and when SQQ accepts him, SQQ nods in respect to this child who has seen the ways of the world. He finds no sense of disgust towards this Binghe because this Binghe does not remind him of all that he was
flawed back then: weak, hopeful, pathetic. So he drinks the tea his new disciple has brewed.

Anyways, SQQ trains LBH as his head disciple. MF gets jealous as canon went but Binghe is smarter. He knows better how to deal with them. Bullies are to be dealt with swiftly.
You can't show any weakness or you'd just incite them more. Before he could grow stronger, he could only use dirty tricks against the other disciples. A few months later, he's beating them up.
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I see talk about trans characters on my tl...
*Whips out my trans SY AUs*
#svsss #jiuyuan
So, let's say SY transmigrates into Ning Yingying, right before the whole pendant scene.
I think Nyy!Sy would be so powerful.
Sy transmigrates and is like: 🤷 guess I'm a woman now. And has lots of trans feelings (not that he admits that's what they are. He just knows he likes being a woman?)
He... She? Has all the power of Nyy and all the knowledge of a reader. Sy knows how to make Ming Fan's bullying stop and is able to manipulate Shen Jiu into treating Binghe nicer.
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#svsss baby yuan makes a friend☺️
A-Yuan was four years old when his meimei was born. A-Yuan was four when his older brothers started playing with him less. A-Yuan was four when his parents became far too busy with work.

He was four when he learned what death meant. Image
That's what the doctor had told his parents, that's what they told him - that he would soon be dead.

They had phrased it a bit better but the point was he would die soon. He could vividly recall his a-niang bursting into tears, his a-die used his angry voice towards the doctor.
Meanwhile he just really wanted to go home because his favorite show was going to air soon, and he would miss it if they stayed in the room any longer.

Needless to say, the ride home was... uncomfortably silent save for his a-niang's sniffles.
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Og SQH is so underrated. I see you my manz. #svsss
Shang Qinghau didnt have life easy growing up. He was born in a poor village to a humble home of 7 other children. There was never enough food to go around and all his other brothers were more outstanding than him
Shang Wen, at the time found out that the richest farmer was making a big commotion about how his son is going to be a cultivator. CQM was holding its yearly event of accepting new students. He didnt think much about it at first, maybe 1 in 1,000 would have spiritual veins
1 in 10,000 would have acceptable spirtual roots to even be glanced at by the immortal daoist. That snooty little rich boy would make his way back home in a puddle of tears when he didn't get accepted and the Hao family would be the laughingstock of the village. #svsss
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#svsss had a dream about modern mamajiu where SJ is a novelist 📖✍️
"So...what do you think?" Shen Jiu asked once he was sure A-Yuan had finished reading.

A-Yuan did a few more cursory page flips before shifting himself to a more comfortable position by Shen Jiu's side. Image
"I think it's great!"


His son sent him a cheeky grin, "...But I do have a
/few/ notes."

Shen Jiu rolled his eyes at his son in fond exasperation, "Alright then. Out with it."

"I wished the talking dog had more time to shine,"
A-Yuan beamed up at him, "I think he was the coolest character."

"Really?" Shen Jiu rose a brow, "I thought you found the hero the most appealing when you read the previous chapter."

"Mhm. He's awesome, but one can beat a cute talking dog."
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Hello, I've come with 🔪🔪🔪
Shen Yuan dies. From a meat bun or a yogurt or just from rage, it doesn't matter.
But he can't accept it. His soul can't help but linger, because this can't be the end. This shitty life can't have been all of it.
So he dreams himself a world. Or rather, he dreams of himself transmigrating into PIDW, the world that has been his escape from reality for so long.
He dreams of himself finding a purpose, getting to know the characters, teaching his disciples...
The technical details don't matter. He's never learned how to play the qin or draw. He doesn't question it when it just comes to him. Must be the left-overs from the original goods (never mind that the qin lessons seem like vague dreams, like impressions of teaching).
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#svsss #bingqiu
Ok, hear me out. We need more overpowered, dangerous Shen Qingqiu.

Sqq as the personification of the Endless Abyss, meeting a Binghe who is at the end of his rope. Will he help him out or only pull him deeper into his domain? Who knows.
Heavenly Demon Sqq. So, people were wrong, there is one more Heavenly Demon after all. Shen Yuan taking Sj's place to get a good look at the newest member of his kind and ending up staying.
Fae Shen Yuan, maybe. Seeing hurt little Bunhe and his fae instincts going crazy. But, instead of luring him into a fairy ring and kidnapping him, he decides it would be more fun to kill Sj and take his place as Bunhe's shizun.
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Shizun Yuan and disciple Shen Jiu would be such a gold mine of angst. Think about it, at first SY would probably still be under OOC mode and would have to ignore Shen Jiu's brothel visits right? 1/ #svss #shencest #shenjiu #ShenQingqiu #shenyuan #scumcum #danmei #dameitwt
I already know his lil gremlin brain would be going thru leaps and jumps ranting how obvious SJ was in his scuminess. Meanwhile, Shen Jiu is already highly self-conscious know the all the small differences in his shizun means Shizun is displeased w/him. He just doesn't know why
If i REALLY wanted this angst, Shen Jiu's original shizun used him as a cauldron, now that Shizun Yuan isnt visiting Shen Jiu in his little bamboo hut, Shen Jiu worries he's outlived his use.Orig, SJs OG shizun told him to go to WRP so no 1 would question his damaged meridians...
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So, time for daily #ShowerThoughts i need bingge to accidentally transform into a dog and have no idea how to return into his human form.Shen Jiu being a fellow pet simp sees an adorable fluffy black dog who's hurt and takes him home #svsss #binggejiu #danmeitwt #ShenJiu #bingge
LBG wakes up to gentle hands dressing his wounds and a pleasant voice humming a tune that sounds familiar.Another maiden saved him and wants to become his wife? He wondered what she looked like. LBH cracked open an eye and saw the daintiest hands he's since he was a disciple wai-
Tho-those hands! Bingge would NEVER forget those cruel pale beautiful,tender, and elegant hands! He's dreamt of ripping them off and storing them away everyday for nearly a decade! How and WHEN was he put into SQQ's mercy?
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Shen Jiu sighs laughing as tears fall down "are you done playing Luo Binghe?" he gives a sardonic smile "after all these decades, you're still calling me shizun? Just how long do you want to continue this dream?"
LBH looks up baffled. "Sh-shizun?What do you mean"
Shen Jiu hummed, fiddling w/the tip of his sword watching LBH's blood pool on the floor.
"Im not sure LBH, emperor of 3 realms, harem owner of 3000,sole owner of Xin Mo, and my murder ."

Shen Jiu smiled, the 1st genuine smile he has in the past half decade, but it was all teeth
LBH turned deathly pale, how h-how did he know-....
Shen Jiu threw Xiuya down into the abyss shrugging at LBH's shocked expression.
"if anything Luo Binghe, i hoped you enjoyed my performance enough to release me. I'm not quite sure i was the 'kind' shizun you were looking 4,but-
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Crack au but what if TLJ kidnapped Shen Jiu before bingge could get to him ?
#svsss #svss #ShenJiu #danmeitwt
TLJ really just wanted revenge on YGY for being the only living person involved in his imprisonment. Unfortunately the sect master's current strength was still unknown. His second in command however... Would be easy enough to subdue. ZZL knows the man frequents brothels
ZZL slips in some sedatives& blood into his tea& carries the man out of brothel successfully pulls of a kidnapping. Everything is going 2 plan, wasnt. When TLJ recieved his hostage still in his IRs, gagged,tied & blindfolded he looked straight out of his yellowbooks
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Shencest will never leave my mind. 😭 Its so underloved. I NEED Shen Yuan to do a world a favor and fuck his big bro.Fuck gege A-Yuan. In an AU Shen Yuan and his lanky ass fucks the scum villain to save the protagonist of course! #svsss #shenyuan #shenqingqiu #shenjiu #danmeitwt
Its a fact that Shen Jiu is a morosexual. He probably pops a boner the MOMENT dumb men look defenseless and need him just to survive. Shen Yuan, this tall useless little dumbass clinging to him claiming to be his long lost didi, would ruin Shen Jiu.
SY smirking internally thinking: HA! 😤Cannon fodders really have negative braincells. Someone random calls you gege and looks a little similar to you and you just believe them ??? Someone w/this level of intelligence is better suited to be in a wife plot rather than a villain !
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Shecest Yall remember the early 2000s goth? SJ being the typical eldest goth sibling slutting it up in rebellion& his dweeb gamer lil bro trying to prove his masculinity by peeping in on his goth bro and his hot goth girl friends as a dare #svsss #ShenQingqiu #danmeitwt #shenjiu
The only one changing in was his brother though,but for some reason Lil Yuan can't help but get hard.Shen Jiu's wearing a black hello kitty thong wiggling himself into mesh stockings and ass shaking as he's careful not to tear his Jiejie's stockings she bought over 4 him to try
SY's bFF SQH was squeaking its wrong to peep, but the other boys were desperate to shove him to the side and get a peek at the girls through the peephole. Mumbling SY's Jiu-ge was just to cool having girls undressed in front of him, but Jiu-ge was undressed in front of girls!
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a rare pair that i think would work well together is Mobei Jun x Shen Jiu. Both ice queens, but Shen Jiu is just so pointy w/his words but turns soft like snow w/his actions. MBJ is the opposite. 1/ #mobeijun #shenjiu #svsss #danmei
AU where Bingge wants to humiliate MBJ by tossing his defeated shizun to him to bed. (he managed to piss off his harem and started noticing quit a few of his wives send calculating looks towards his general) What better way than to put MBJ in his place once again,
get a reaction out of his miserable &boring shizun,&make those damn women know that none of the men in his caliber wold ever pander to their idealistic totalitarian marriage ideals?it was perfect.He fixed up his broken shizun a bit,all four limbs and a slightly reconstructed mind
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#svsss mamajiu finds a stray
Shen Jiu was not good with children, of that much he was sure. Children were loud, whiny, and messy. They tend to leave a trail of troubles at their wake and he really did not want to deal with any of that.
He knows that children also steer clear of him when they could. His own disciples were fortunately smart enough to stay out of his way when needed, lest they want to be the recipients of his ire. It also helped that he looked essentially unapproachable.
So why did this one kid keep on following him?
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a fan actually published pidw on jj and the comments are just filled with:

"dumbfuck author dumbfuck novel! (傻逼作者,傻逼文!)" 😂😂😂…

#svsss #人渣反派自救系统 ImageImageImageImage
yes, the author name is under "airplane shooting towards the sky z" (yeah plus a "z" at the back) and it's literally titled pidw

in the synopsis, a note was added that it is "derived from svsss by mxtx", the following is its tl
pidw tells the story of a male protag who was abused since childhood until he joined an immortal sect. initially, he thought that he could live peacefully along with fellow immortals, however, he didn't expect to be abused by his shizun and shixiong. during the

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#svsss (cw a/b/o, mpreg)

Mamajiu doesn't sing, but when he does..


Shen Qingqiu had created an image of himself as an untouchable immortal, a figure of grace and strength unparalleled. Many believed him to be fearless; after ridding the world of many demons and
vengeful spirits alike, it was a very easy assumption to make.

Shen Jiu, however, had many fears.

Which was why he stood in front of an orphanage at the dead of night with a newborn in tow.
The child in his arm though swaddled in the softest of blankets began to fuss.

How perceptive his baby is. His son probably knew what he was about to do...which made it a lot more painful
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