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12 Jun
Is the Govt of India saying we have nearly 15 CRORES Corona positive cases?

That more than 1 lakh persons may have already died of Covid? 

That's 500 times more than the official figure, higher than any other country.

Don't believe me?

Follow this thread.

Govt released results of Part I of Serological survey by @ICMRDELHI

First rigorous random survey of pop.

Covers entire country outside hotspot/containment areas.

Survey done in May, data is for
disease spread on 30 APRIL
(as antibodies take a few weeks to develop) 

Big finding: 0.73% of population was Corona positive. This may look tiny, but is really big.

A simple comparison:
Positive rate in India (30 April): 7,300/m

Positive rate global (30 April): 254/m

Current global rate: 936/m  (7.29 m cases/ total population of 7790 m)

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5 May
Now let's address some troll Qs:

Q: Tickets are not being sold at counter but are paid in advance?
A: Yes, not being sold at the station to avoid crowd, but being sold through the Govt. That is why it says "Advance" payment.
Where they pay makes no difference to the worker.
Q: Is Central Govt paying 85% of the ticket price?

A: No. This is a classical distraction to confuse everyone. This is a notional subsidy (usually 53%, but now 85% due to lesser numbers etc) built into passenger fares. There is NO concession on actual ticket price.
Q: Won't the Railways go in losses?

A: Yes, it would add a small amount to Railway's losses. It is a PSU, its objective is not just to make profit.

Railway ran free trains for Nepalese citizens after 2015 earthquake. Why can't it do so for Indian citizens?
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5 May
Here is a story of moral cussedness, political apathy and spin doctoring.
Migrant workers are made to pay for their evacuation.
Govt passes the buck to state governments.
Ruling party uses spins & fakes to wriggle out.
This thread exposes the truth.
Let's cut through the clutter and focus on three simple questions:
1. Who is eligible to use Shramik express trains?
2. How much fare does the railway charge?
3. Who pays this fare?
BJP spin doctors have tried to bluff their way through on all these.
Q1. Who is eligible?
Impression: Every migrant worker can use these to go back to native place.
Truth: Only persons temporarily stranded. Workers can't use it to go from workplace back to native place. Shramik trains are not for migrant workers!
See this MHA letter
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1 Feb
This budget is a declaration of war on agriculture and Indian farmers.
This year every economist agreed on putting money in the hands of rural India so as to start a virtuous cycle.
This thread on how FM not only disregarded them, she launched 3-prong attack on agri.
FCI subsidy(for procurement and NFSA):
2019-20: 1,51,000 cr
2020-21: 75,000 cr
PM Aasha(MSP procurement)
2019-20:1,500 cr
2020-21: 500 cr
MIS/Price Support
2019-20:3,000 cr
2020-21:2,000 cr
Effect: farmers wont get remunerative prices as procurement gets hit
Fertilizer subsidy:
2019-20:79,996 cr
2020-21: 71,309 cr
Effect: cost of production will go up, especially when fertilizer prices have seen a hike in global and international markets
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8 Jan
Youth throughout the country have shown up today in overwhelming numbers to stand for a democratic, secular & republic India
Any effort to divide them only makes them stronger.

Here is a thread of nationwide youth protests in solidarity with #BharatBandh today
Law students at Carter Road, Bandra, #Mumbai
Raipur, #Chhattisgarh
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27 Oct 18
That current market price are well below MSP is now accepted by media and admitted by govt officials.
Yet in this thread I respond to this critique of our data (not to personal innuendos, political rhetoric) in the hope of settling this point. opindia.com/2018/10/fact-c…
Let's take first commodity in our table: Bajara
Step 1: we take arrival data of each state for 1-24 oct from official AgriMarknet website (screenshot),
Step2: we use this to compute total national arrival for this period (attached table)
Step3: we take monthly average price for October for each state from same source (it's already weighted by arrivals for each day and each mandi). Today's screenshot attached.
We don't use national average price from this table as that cell is simple, not weighted, average.
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