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1 May
May I request authors of #SewellReport who have claimed #NHS as a success story in race issues to read this thread

Recent survey of Primary in Humberside region shows very disturbing findings discrimination in NHS of 2021 /1

@rcgp @KailashChandOBE @CNagpaul @riddell_marcus
Is it acceptable that in #NHS of 2021 ability to train in ones chosen career is affected by ones ethnicity, culture and #racism #discrimination ? /2

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How can we allow🤔 in 2021 a trainee to be told by a senior trainer

'we do not accept people who are not from around here' /3

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18 Nov 20
1-Virus spreads through air especially indoor in areas of low ventialtion
Have a look at this thread if you want to know how you can check if ventialtion in an area is adequate.
Its really easy!

@CNagpaul @helenamckeown @KailashChandOBE @sarahedderwick @anilkjain61 @doctorshaib
2-Every time you exhale CO2 is exhaled in air. You can use CO2 levels to see if room is filling with potentially infectious exhalations
CO2 level lets you estimate if enough fresh outside air is getting in

@raj_psyc @docjon55 @petermbenglish @NikkiKF @drpshukla @TheBAMEGP
3-Last year in Taiwan tuberculosis outbreak at Taipei University was found out to be due to underventilated rooms. Rooms had CO2 levels⬇️3000 ppm.When air circulation was improved with CO2 levels⬇️600 ppm outbreak completely stopped…
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16 Nov 20
1-@parthaskar thankyou for raising this. May I first share some evidence & than I will try to address what @TheBMA is doing in this regard

@CNagpaul @dr_emmacoombe @DrOKaneAgain @anilkjain61 @helenamckeown @drhfidler @smileywalshey @DrAnneCarson @blmdh1 @YorksHumberBMA
2- I did a survey of 1071 BAME doctors in June 👇.…

Results of the survey showed very worrying findings

It does appear that IMG & BAME doctors who studied medicine in UK Universities face similar challenges in NHS
@drpshukla @terry_moran1 @Prerana_Issar
3- BAME NHS doctors when asked if they ever felt pressurised to work without adequate PPE

UK Uni BAME drs 60% said YES
IMG BAME drs 64% said YES

@NikkiKF @PeaPeaspot @BeingMo @AlisonGeorge10 @documi @MudholkarDr @drtariq_ie @DrSakel @pav_akhtar @nagina_j @DrKhan_do ImageImage
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15 Nov 20
1-Heard about another colleague ending up in ICU today

626 HCWs deaths & we still haven't learnt our lesson

HCWs must now have appropriate PPE against airborne transmission

Please find time to see the videos in this thread&please spread the message

@CNagpaul @KailashChandOBE
2- Saw a webinar by Prof Donald Milton (a world authority on aerosols) of Institute for Applied Environmental Health Maryland

👇video of question to him

@petermbenglish @doctorshaib @BrennanSurgeon @NikkiKF @AliRacaniere @helenamckeown @drhfidler @anilkjain61 @sarahedderwick
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18 Oct 20
1- Please read this thread if you want to know what must be done to protect health care workers who are taking care of all of us during this Pandemic

@CNagpaul @helenamckeown @DavidGWrigley @terry_moran1 @NHS_RobW @TheBMA @TheDA_UK @Muslimdoctors @drneilpease @JeremyFarrar
2- Remember 625 HCWs lost their lives during the first wave - highest rate among developed countries

@petermbenglish @doctorshaib @DPH_MAshton @BWDDPH @AbdulRazaq_PH @felly500 @Smithkjj @FurberA @andrewleedr @ADMBriggs @DrZeshanQureshi @MontioMorgan…
3- Remember disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on BAME HCWs&slowness of NHSorganisations in taking practical risk mitigating steps to protect them

@chrischirp @DrOKaneAgain @trentconsultant @mikejkemp @anilkjain61 @thomasdolphin @smileywalshey @AudioQ…
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3 Oct 20
2- do you agree that Public messaging should also include
-importance of ventialtion
in addition to
-social distancing
-hand hygiene
-face covering

@trishgreenhalgh @KailashChandOBE @docjon55
@surashsurash @BrennanSurgeon @NikkiKF @drpshukla @BMJLeader @raj_psyc
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27 Sep 20
1-To keep schools open,economy going we need fit for purpose #TrackAndTrace

Spent 5 minutes this morning analysing track&trace data from 3-9 Sept

Was amazed at the extent of failure of current track&trace

Read through this thread to see what I mean

2-#SercoTestAndTrace proudly declares 73.8% of known contacts reached between 3-9 Sept

Does this means that maybe 26.2% of potential contacts not reached & hence not isolating?

Not really....... read on

@anilkjain61 @DrUmeshPrabhu @DrOKaneAgain @trentconsultant @helenbevan
3-#NHSTestAndTrace doesn't mention out of 18371+cases b/w 3-9 Sept it got close contact details from only 10653 cases

73.8% contacts it reached is infact 73.8% close contacts of 58% not all positive cases b/w 3-9 Sept

42% +cases close contacts it did not even tried to reach
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24 Sep 20
1-#ARM2020 voted overwhelmingly👇BMA should disengage itself from DDRB.This thread is about the reasons why I proposed this motion at #ARM2020

@KailashChandOBE @CNagpaul @helenamckeown @drhfidler @trentconsultant @DrOKaneAgain @ShafiAhmed5… via @medscape
2-DDRB has overseen real-terms pay erosion of all doctors over the last decade
-Consultants over 30%
-Other hospital based drs 22%
-Contractor GPs 26.8%
-Salaried GPs 24.5%

@aakochhar @H3MADRI @ParagSinghal09 @mathew_satheesh @inzyrashid @darshnasoni @bmj_latest @TheDA_UK
3- Recent pay award for NHS doctors is just not acceptable
-Giving consultants pay rise equating to just £20 per week in take-home pay for some is indeed unacceptable
-GPs and junior doctors not getting any pay rise is just scandalous!

@DrSarahHal @MunchkinDr @TheBAMEGP
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20 Sep 20
1-Atlast penny has dropped!
CDC has accepted virus can spread by airborne route
'It is possible that COVID-19 may spread through the droplets and airborne particles that are formed when a person who has COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes'…
2-Now hopefully authorities will give due attention to ventilation which can be crucial in reducing indoor spread & reducing the risk of 2nd wave

@doctorshaib @KailashChandOBE @raj_psyc @Dr2NisreenAlwan @petermbenglish @anilkjain61 @DrUmeshPrabhu @svig2 @Prerana_Issar @DrHNaqvi
3- @CNagpaul @DavidGWrigley @helenamckeown now @TheBMA must lobby NHSE NIHP to change PPE guidance to take into account airborne transmission of virus
@TheBMA should now supprt enhanced PPE as a risk mitigation factor for at risk HCWs which has been present at @NHSNLaG since May
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17 Sep 20
1-Thx🙏#ARM2020 for overwhelmingly passing 👇motion

All HCWs deserve a fair settlement!

Consultants getting£20 weekly payrise after30% real-terms pay erosion over last decade is unacceptable

GPs,Juinior drs& nurses not getting any is just 'Scandalous'…
2-Absolutely right #ARM2020 decided to walk away from DDRB which has overseen 24-31% real-terms pay erosion of drs over last decade
@CNagpaul @helenamckeown @DrLatifaPatel @KailashChandOBE @DrOKaneAgain @Vish_Sharm @trentconsultant @DrUmeshPrabhu @anilkjain61 @PeaPeaspot
3- After all the sacrifices made, nurses like GPs& junior drs not getting any payrise is indeed incomprehensible

How ungrateful one can be!

@theRCN @DrSarahHal @AskJeevesWij @enamhaque31 @Jingstar @fernandof1974 @DrIainKennedy @doctorshaib @RCOphthPres @YorksHumberBMA @blmdh1
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5 Sep 20
1-Please consider all risk mitigating factors including risk of airborne transmission of virus at UK educational institutions as opening them is fraught with danger of virus outbreaks👇

@KailashChandOBE @doctorshaib @CNagpaul @DrNighatArif… via @NBCNews
2-Evidence regarding airborne transmission keeps increasing every day👇

I hope UK authorities will follow the science&start talking about importance of 'ventilation' more soon

@anilkjain61 @raj_psyc @docjon55 @BMJLeader @darshnasoni @AbdulRazaq_PH…
3- It is very likely that SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) like its predecessor SARS CoV-1 may spread through airborne route👇

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15 Aug 20
Surprisingly so much talk about #NHSracism but can't find a single survey on this issue which asks difficult but necessary questions.Plz do the Survey
@ShafiAhmed5 @ProfKevinFenton @fernandof1974 @AbdulRazaq_PH @BWDDPH @DrBalsamAhmad @DrZeshanQureshi @salmanWaqar @Shahed__Ahmad
Hesitancy to do proper survey about #NHSracism when asked(by even who talk about it)so started my own.Plz do&encourage others(RT)
@BIDAUK @BAPIOUK @MelaninMedics @blacksurgeons @BeingMo @trishgreenhalgh @NikkiKF @anilkjain61 @DrUmeshPrabhu @petermbenglish @BusheraChoudry @FurberA
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12 Aug 20
1-As per @ONS data 625 UK HCWs deaths- probably highest in the developed world but

have we learnt the lesson🤔

See👇interim results of ongoing survey. Subgroup analysis show 18.48%of BAME HCWs still haven't had RA done
@MrTimLane @CNagpaul @KailashChandOBE @anilkjain61 Image
2-Even the colleagues who had RA interim results show 27.07% of BAME colleagues were not satisfied by it.
Have we still not learnt our lesson?
@DrHNaqvi @RaoMala @WRES_team @yvonnecoghill1 @meralhece @jsbamrah @Prerana_Issar @NikkiKF @kamleshkhunti @petermbenglish @salmanWaqar Image
3-A fit for purpose RA should be done of all at risk HCWs It must not be a tick box exercise
Worryingly some Trusts are dumbing down their local RA tools to enable them to deploy more staff on frontline
This must be stopped
@Prerana_Issar @lowie63 @terry_moran1 @YorksHumberBMA
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1 Aug 20
1-Last month I did survey of appropriateness of PHE recommendations following its rapid review 'Disparities in the risk & outcomes of COVID-19' & what action needs to be taken now.
Results show there is still a lot of work needs to be done
@ProfKevinFenton @CNagpaul @meralhece
2-Almost all respondents of the survey are the very individuals(medical&non medical)who are in positions where they either themselves directly responsible or can influence the implementation of the PHE recommendations
@Prerana_Issar @yvonnecoghill1 @Azeem_Majeed
3-One of the disturbing finding of the survey is that less than50%of the very people who are needed to act on these recommendations are confident that these will make a difference(be implemented)to correct the health& social inequalities👇
@petermbenglish @anilkjain61 @PeaPeaspot
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13 Jul 20
UK among highest COVID-19 health worker deaths in the world…
2. It is extremely disturbing that UK has second highest HCWs(545) deaths in 79 countries? Should not we (NHS workers) ask for a Public Enquiry to understand why it happened? Should we not demand that this can never happen again? Lessons have to be learnt now and quickly.
3. Risk assessment(RA) of vulnerable HCWs shouldn't be a tick box exercise. It is imperative that a fit for purpose RA is followed by practical risk mitigation steps. A recent survey of over1000 NHS BAME doctors showed that majority(54%) were not satisfied with their RA. Image
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11 Jul 20
2. It is shameful that in year 2020 nearly 45% of BAME doctors do not feel confident to raise concerns. If this is the working environment of a highly educated successful ethnic minority group, I leave it for you guys to imagine the working environment of less lucky BAME workers!
3. 64% of ethnic minority doctors working in NHS who responded to the survey have faced a situation where they have felt pressurised to work without adequate PPE
4. There is a perception among BAME doctors that a disproportionate number of them were assigned duties in red COVID areas & this survey gives credence to this view with nearly 50% of colleagues work pattern was changed during height of pandemic without their agreement.
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