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20 Jul
So it's day 4 of using @obsdmd and I've gotten a lot of guidance from Roam-to-Obsidian converts/dual users on how to treat the DNP in Obsidian so thought I would write up some of the learnings since it may be helpful to others #obsidianmd #roamcult
First off you can definitely approach the DNP the same way for both Obsidian and Roam

The difference comes when searching for things later
In Roam, since everything is block-level, you can use queries to search for a given block

Obsidian is page-level so if you have random thoughts on the DNP (like I do), and you search for a specific word/phrase - you may come up with a lot of false positives.
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16 Aug 20
Got a lot of ideas and learnings from 'How to Crush it on Twitter' by @david_perell and @mkobach

Twitter is so valuable because you have some of the world's smartest people in your pocket at all times and a lot of them will interact with you
Being a good synthesizer is a valuable skill to have but especially for Twitter. You have to be able to take complex thoughts and distill them into simple components
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13 Aug 20
I just watched How to Take a Digital Note by @fortelabs which was also essentially a preview for BASB. Took some notes on it (ha the irony) and sharing some highlights below in case it is useful to others!
You should have four criteria for what to keep and include in your second brain. These include things that are 1) Inspiring 2) Useful 3) Easily Lost and 4) Personal
Personal is the one that stuck out to me because these are experiential learnings that are truly not available to be found anywhere else except through your own journey and experiences.
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