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What @BeauHaan 's approach to #Zettelkasten has in common with the TV series Severance - a thread for the #Roamcult, and anyone else exploring #PKM and #TfT
A common theme among proponents of the new #ToolsForThought is that linked notes are more useful (accessable, re-mixable) than foldered notes. However, Beau emphasizes neither links nor folders, but conversation among selves separated in time
Some say we have three selves in time: past, now, future. Jerry Seinfeld has a famous joke about it - He never sleeps enough because at night he's "night guy". If he wakes up tired, that's "morning guy's" problem. Who cares about that guy?
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1/ I have a name for the function of pages (not blocks) in #RoamResearch. I call them the hunter/gatherers of the tool. This function is represented by three page "types". Want to know what they are? Keep reading #RoamCult...
2/ The page types help in understanding how process is implemented in Roam and can be used to strategically guide process development.
3/ The Collection/Insight Page. As per the name, this page "collects" and provides "insights".

This type of page has simple identifying metadata but no on-page content blocks. All blocks appear as linked/unlinked references.
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Been a while since I talked about @RoamResearch. I'm not constantly discovering as many cool new things about as I once was, I'm just _using_ it now. Every day, almost without fail
I just read a blog post about how it's supposedly not easy to know where to put things in Roam, or to find them later. I agree to this extent: the search bar could use some love. But otherwise I don't really understand the complaint
I take a lot of notes on books and podcasts. I have a specific tag that I use in my daily notes, and I either just link to a page for a book/paper and take notes there, or I write some brief metadata for a podcast and take notes in a block under it
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The more unhinged my tweets, the more attractive my followers. This seems to be a law of the universe.
Why does #roamcult have more attractive people than any of our competitors?
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One of the worst mistakes I made in 2021 was disavowing the #roamcult hashtag.

Putting out the fire where my friends gathered to appease a nanny state spirit that never much liked us anyway.
Who would of thought that the emails and tweets I got from folks “concerned” about #roamcult were all from CIA saboteurs
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Three times I've written drafts of this thread in my Roam, and three times I've failed to publish it.

But Feynman is right

So for next 4 hours: one like one tweet on difficult lessons and painful mistakes I made as CEO in 2021

In the words of Bill O'Reilly "We'll do it live" Image
First: A confession.

You know the trope of the Zealot who condemns in the world the thing they are ashamed of within themselves?

Think of the fundamentalist who wants to stone gays, but turns out to be closeted.

Tonight I finally saw that same level of hypocrisy in myself.
I've got a lot of tweets to fill, and it's been a long time since I actually put adequate effort into communicating something that felt important.. so rather than trying to be pithy I'm going to do this more stream of conscious and tell a few of these as stories

So... context...
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🎬 New @RoamResearch Tutorial

"How to Use BLOCK REFERENCES in Roam Research - for Beginners"

This will get you up and running in under 60 seconds 😁👍

#roamcult #roam
Roam Research is ALL about CONNECTIONS

The beauty of writing everything within BLOCKS, is that you can re-use and remix your work ANYWHERE within your Graph...

... by utilizing what are known as

Here's a SIMPLE way of doing just that...
1️⃣ Go to the block that you would like to reference somewhere else

2️⃣ Right click on the bullet and click on "COPY BLOCK REF"

3️⃣ Now go to whereever you would like to place the copy & click in the block

4️⃣ Right click and paste

5️⃣ Hit ESCAPE or RETURN and the text will appear
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@RoamResearch has no scrollbars. And even if it did, it still doesn't solve the problem of digital content: it lacks intuitive guides built into the document to help our brains subconsciously (ideally by a tactile touch) orient around the document. #roamcult
Paper books have these clues built-in: by touch alone, blindfolded, you can easily find out where you are in the book you are reading. It's easier to remember the location of a particular piece of information when you've literally "felt" the place at your fingertips.
I've been wondering whether it might be possible to bring back some of that skeumorphism to all these "flattened" apps. I was also inspired by an interview with @CatoMinor on @RoamFm ( and, incidentally, by @PlayDate's ingenious re-make of a game console.
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@RoamResearch #Workflow #roamcult

This is based on my Zettelkasten Method, but primarily it's maximizing the power of the granularity of the block! 🧱
1️⃣ Make a page called [[Clients]], then have each parent-level block listed:

• [[Client A]]
• [[Client B]]
2️⃣ Then in the Daily Notes page, create a /Current Time and nest underneath the 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙠 𝙧𝙚𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙠 with [[Client A]]
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@RoamResearch took over Evernote in my #pkm workflow in late 2019. Doing a tool change requires a complex and heavy redesign of my working process.
I have thought several times to switch to @obsdmd. The new mobile app motivated me to spent an entire week “migrating” from @RoamResearch for an in-depth evaluation.
I watched many in-depth Obsidian videos (@tallguyjenks), took advice from “Roam expats” (@RobertHaisfield) to migrate workflow, imported 3600 notes from my Roam graph, wrote at least 50 original notes natively on Obsidian, created maps of contents, atomic notes, etc...
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A year ago I started using Roam as a note-taking app that replaced Evernote.

I was not disappointed.

But what I didn't expect was how good this app turned out to be as a project management tool 👇🏼 #roamcult
After a crazy 2020-2021 I am preparing for a short break. This morning as I was finishing up a year of work on various projects, I was struck by how effortless @RoamResearch has made it to follow up on projects.
In the last year I finished up about 50+ projects. Some large, some small. I kept a single Google Drive folder per project for timesheets and documents but all the rest went into Roam.
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So it's day 4 of using @obsdmd and I've gotten a lot of guidance from Roam-to-Obsidian converts/dual users on how to treat the DNP in Obsidian so thought I would write up some of the learnings since it may be helpful to others #obsidianmd #roamcult
First off you can definitely approach the DNP the same way for both Obsidian and Roam

The difference comes when searching for things later
In Roam, since everything is block-level, you can use queries to search for a given block

Obsidian is page-level so if you have random thoughts on the DNP (like I do), and you search for a specific word/phrase - you may come up with a lot of false positives.
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🧵A thread: This morning, I wrote my Morning Pages on the @obsdmd mobile app. Although I'm a dedicated @RoamResearch user, I always like to check out other apps to see what they are doing. Here are some of my thoughts: /1
While I like how Obsidian works on mobile, how easy it is to sync, and the fact that the format of the saved notes is a non-proprietary text file, I prefer the bulleted, block level format of Roam Research. /2
I can move very quickly in Roam, much more powerfully, with less awkwardness. It's easier to link, rearrange thoughts and navigate in Roam. /3
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Since I've published two Roam Books, I've got many requests of help from authors who wanted to publish theirs.

Hence, I made a course:

(more info below, 1/N)
2/ Roam Books are the future of eBooks.

(what are they?
3/ Authors have many reasons to consider publishing their books also in rBook format:
- it provides more value to the reader
- it positions them as innovative
- it provides them with higher royalties
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This, except I am painfully aware every day of how we haven’t solved the problem that drove me to work on this.

Success is the small improvements compounding, hard won victories that let you take on ever harder parts of the problem.

[[Beginning of Infinity]] ish
Shoutout to all my exes that were willing to use @RoamResearch to try and resolve our disagreements

Namaste to everyone who ever put in work to try and find out what the hell I was talking bout.

Hopefully the bright side of having hard-mode problem is that solutions will scale
Also much love to everyone in #roamcult who reads my tweets charitably and with assumption of positive intent, and to @EpistemicHope and for pioneering work on [[Double Crux]], one of best processes I’ve found for thinking together…
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The thing people actually fall in love with with Roam are the ideas, memories, and work they put into it.

Only a reflection of what you put in

If your work is spiritually dead, it’s much easier to sneer and blame “the system” than to face and question yourself and your choices.
“You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth.

For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession, that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite.”
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Exciting findings! Institute of Production of Space and the Rural Praxis under The Centre for Chinese Visual Studies (CCVS) uses @RoamResearch to build field notes and provide the public with a continuously updated, completely open database.… ImageImageImage
Those who are interested in rural construction materials can read all the stories of the exhibition at any time, and also read the field reports of the curatorial team in the near future.
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Ok, #roamcult (where are we on the topic of name change?) - here's some thought on true aliases in #RoamResearch : I need them. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. For reals: True aliases are necessary to get #RoamResearch to where we need it to be for actual networked thought. 1/
Right now, there are just too many missing connections to really live up to the concept of "networked thought". Let me give you an example: I recently read an article and found the word "communities" to be relevant enough a concept to link it. 2/
So I added the link and opened it in the sidebar. To my surprise, it had only two links. Something was off. So I did some digging and what did I find? A [[community]] page with significantly more links. Shoot. 3/
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A thread on 2-way links! I want to use them to interpret & contextualize what @Conaw, the Roam team & the #roamcult are building at @RoamResearch.

This is a tentative, personal take. I'll first compare Roam to other hypertext landmarks, then imagine why it could get very visual. Image
Let's start here: a visual link between 2 things ALWAYS goes both ways! ⇄

I mean it in the deep & natural sense that your 👁️ eye can go→ from one thing to the other, then ←back again.

A 1-way link is pretty abstract! To represent it I'll use arrowheads & comic panels. Image
The infamous, genius move by @timberners_lee was to make links 1-way in his 1989 World Wide Web.

With a URL address you point outwards to any other page. But the linked page doesn't keep track of its inbound links, nothing does! These are →jump-links without ←back-links. Image
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We listened to 8 hour podcast about an actual cult on this drive... and it could not be MORE different from the values of @RoamResearch and our community

I love tongue in cheek humor and the history of #roamcult, but believe it’s time we set an example [[Taking Words Seriously]]
Words matter.

Cults are real and all around us.

They seek to control and manipulate members, break bonds, isolate people from friends and family, destroy the individuals faith in themselves, and to be an unchallengeable fountain of “truth” that their adherents never question.
In every way, Roam seeks to do and be the opposite of all those things.

But the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves matter - and jokes are often most funny when they are half true

And sometimes the things that are fun in your youth and just plain irresponsible as you grow
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EP3 of S2 is a popular one, with our beloved CSS God @AbhayPrasanna on aesthetics, sovereignty of the mind and more: Image
When you're doing Roam experiments: when do you start? How far do you go? When do you stop? Abhay goes into further detail on what should be prioritized and feels important in the Roam space, especially with updating CSS:
When should blocks evolve, according to @AbhayPrasanna? He shares their sources and compares the brackets to Pokemon!

"The functionality of Roam becomes an algorithm of thought in itself"
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EP 2 of S2 is with the aspiring dunker turned screenwriter turned investor @jmj!

Focusing on what @RoamResearch represents from an investor's perspective, his Investor Frameworks, and more! Here are some highlights (eg. Will he hire a Chief Meme Officer?) Image
Firstly, the aspiring basketball player story:
Ever had a 10-hour call while smoking on the porch and drinking beers? That's what happened between both Jeff and @Conaw as they talked about investing in Roam. Oh, and it was compared to Evernote too!:
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Officially: Season 2 is out for @RoamFm!

Highlights from the first 3 eps incoming, starting with @cicatriz of Fractal Inquiry: Image
Spaced repetition through @RoamResearch is slowly getting implemented in many Roamans' workflows, and here Ryan gives us an idea of how he uses it to dive into a new field, in this example: macroeconomics!
What Ryan is interested in from @RoamResearch recently is tools for incremental reading: using a combination of spaced repetition and reading practices to get the most out of understanding a piece (PDF, video, etc.) and RECALLING what you've learned. Very important!
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These are the best ✨new (or otherwise yet to be massively appreciated)✨ tools that help you greatly with remote work:
. @AlmanacDocs is building the future of the documentation tools for teams. Reviews, approvals, merging, history, super great multiplayer. Early days, but super awesome.
. @withopal helps you block out apps, notifications, so you can truly focus or simply disconnect.

Super important, because remote work means work is always just a glance away. Opal helps increase that distance.
Mobile-only, but on desktops soon.
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