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When using @RoamResearch at work.

I'll try tag things with the week / quarter and sometimes sprint that i'm taking the note in.

#Roamcult #RoamAtWork
Being an engineering manager - being able to chunk things into quarter / week / sprint helps me quickly rebuild the context of what is going on and when.

It's also useful for getting ready for 1:1 meetings, performance feedback, and team trends
When I'm getting ready for a 1:1 - I have a [[1:1 questions]] page that I can pull in ideas from for questions to ask.

I also have pages for our engineering levels / rubric

If there is something I am looking for - I'll block ref items from there
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I have moved almost every part of my startup into @RoamResearch. Sales, CRM, tech sprints, documntn, project management, user feedback all linked. It's the dream.
Trying to gauge what kind of demand there would be for me to document the approaches and lessons. RT or ♥️
Uses all types of embedded blocks, attributes and attribute tables, repeating notes etc.
We simulate notifications among a team of 4.
Systems for regular meetings and external sources to feed into parts of the business.
I designed it after designing a graph data model to store the outcomes of an automated data system to detect and track all R&D in health globally. So was in right head space to design an always evolving networked representation of a company as it grows
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@RoamResearch has so many use cases. I am now using a graph shared with my #phd supervisors. The critical aspect of my creative writing thesis (in addition to the novel) focuses on the role of authorship in genre fiction in a post-press world. 1/3 Image
What better way to illustrate my theory that collaborative authorship (between creative entrepreneur & creator reader) is the future of self-publishing. We have decided to submit creative portion (novel) as a @roam research graph 2/3

Look out for a new addition to my Roam For Results courses. Roam for Creative Writers. 3/3

#amwriting #WritingCommunity
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Awesome. I work in the support team at @RoamResearch. Previous 7 years I spent doing PhD on recombination/exaptation. Not sure value of that until I saw Roam last year and from research I knew instantly Roam was very important. Thread on how I joined
After I signed up last year. I couldn't sleep thinking about how it's going to change things- education, wikipedia, how future generations will learn about today and interact with your ideas. How you can have a 100 year conversation with your family. Just getting started.
Next day I wrote to Roam support asking to join. Didn't hear back. Just kept learning Roam.
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🥳 Roam Research ✍️ Writing with your lovely cards 🧩 and any beautiful theme 🎨

Please 🎯 retweet and ✨ star on GitHub 👉…

This [[roam/js]] extension is under active development and #roamcult in the #RoamCN community.

@Conaw @RoamResearch @CultRoam
The extension support THREE modes for writing, inspired by

- Card List: Gives you a global view of all the CARDS you've written
- Card Editing: Allows you totally focus on writing one card
- Document: Writing with the traditional outliner or document way
I've found that this kind of card-like visualization has an impact on the way you take notes or writing

1. realizing that the card is empty or has room to spare makes you want to fill it up
2. the contrast of each column is very obvious, and it is easy to establish connections
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I. Wait a minute: #roamcult was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. What the hell is this!?

II. My current usage
Section I. How could a piece of software help you grow spiritually?

1. Using computing to assist thought is new.
2. Previous tech helped make people saints.
3. Roam helped in other areas. Why not in the spiritual life?
Here's an attempt to explain Roam to a friend. I compare it to traveling.

Biking is an upgrade to traveling with just your legs. Writing is an upgrade to thinking with just your first brain.
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Using @RoamResearch to reflect on days gone by. Like many, I have a [[Daily Practices]] entry in the template I use (thanks, @text_blaze). Or I *did* have one. #roamcult
Now, my [[Daily Practices]] entry is a {{[[∆]]:1+1}} "delta" entry: it moved to the next day (the first "1") after I created it, and hops ahead one day (the "+1") every day thereafter (leaving a trail of references behind it. New @RoamResearch magic. #roamcult
And in these [[Daily Practices]] I have
Review [[Quick Capture]] #Reviewed

This lets me open Quick-Capture mentions in the sidebar. I then use the filter to exclude the #Reviewed ones, and see what I've added from the mobile app. #roamcult
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Beautifully composed visual explanation to Zettelkasten from @e_thomas_v. Lots of insights. Only 11 minutes. Many best practice concepts from Zettelkasten that can be mapped to Roam, without having to do Zettelkasten.

@RoamResearch #roamcult #roamosphere
Zettelkasten - Position of the note in the slipbox is not important

Roam: don't worry too much about a top down structure. Just make sure to create references (tags, page links) to other notes, or providing context of the current note
Zettelkasten - Quality comes from the network of links between notes, not necessarily the content of the note.

Roam: Big picture is to insure unexpected insights through the network. We don't know yet what we don't know, just know that you don't know & eventually you will know.
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Playing with @RoamResearch Δ and exploring the featureset, especially wrt to-dos. To use the feature, right-click the bullet of the block you want to apply it to, then click the mysterious Δ. This adds an aliased blockref to your block. But where does this take us? #Roamcult \1
We open it, and now we're in tomorrow's daily notes, zoomed in to a new block that has the contents of the previous block and a Δ button. So far, we've made a block and copied it to the next day. Looks like a foundation for spaced repetition. What happens if we click Δ? \2
A new blockref has been added, but this time two days from that day. If you select the new block, you'll see {{[[∆]]:3}}. 3 blocks? The original (second) block now has {{[[Δ]]}}. What if we change the 3 to 5? \3
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Doing a lot of experimenting today given the new features coming out of @RoamResearch . So here is my new Project Management dashboard. Not finished, but beginning to draw together my workflow. #roamcult
Again, I feel the need to share. Many people argue managing tasks is rudimentary in @RoamResearch. I would argue against that. It is better to think of it like a bullet journal than an @OmniFocus. Been playing around a bit more: #roamcult (thread)
After [[Evening Review]] the day before, assign action tag to tasks which need to be completed/started the following day. Minimal query and query filter to keep things clean. Subtasks indicates there are subtasks to complete.
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I've had over 25 Roam Tour's in the last 3 months. Not because I'm good at using Roam, but because I'm bad at it.

I'm here to show you what a 2 / 10 can do with something as powerful as Roam. #RoamTour…
A #RoamTour is a 30-60 minute conversation in groups ranging from 2 to 16 people (thus far)

We walk through the kinds of things I cover in the video.
But it's after the basics that the magic begins

Here are some of the moments where I get audible gasps in my Roam tours
1/ block references. They're gonna be big.

The atomic unit of Roam is blocks. Every bullet point represents an isolated nugget of truth.

Your job is to find the relationships between those nuggets.

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What is @RoamResearch good for?

Obviously Evernote has better webclipper, Notion is prettier, default notes app on your phone is faster and more convenient.

Here's a thread on patterns I've seen, and aha moments common across most intense parts of the #roamcult


Focus on the fundamentals

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1/ #roamcult Who is doing Feynman's 12 Favorite Questions?

Let's do it collectively!

This will be a key starting point for Fabricating Serendipity v3.

If you already have access, I invite you to add yours:…

If not yet:… Image
2/ Sharing mine, to get the ball rolling, and to get lucky.
3/ How do you bring genomics to the developing world?

This is my favorite among my favorite problems right now. Image
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I propose a first foray into the uncapped threadosphere to explore the relationship between @RoamResearch and #ChristopherAlexander.

I may need to write this in stages 🧵..🧵
2/ Why does #ChristopherAlexander recur in #roamcult @RoamBrain @CultRoam @RoamFm? (Provoked by )

I have initially four propositions:
3/ 📜 [[History]] #ChristopherAlexander’s idiosyncrasy seeded the pre-history of @RoamResearch - the philosophical godfather of Object-Oriented programming he's a muster point for intuitive/ideological computer scientists, and a key catalyst for software-development-as-a-religion
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Well this thread is getting some attention again. Here's a few notes if you want to avoid the same issue that @RoamResearch is facing now:
1. It is fine to use Firebase when developing an app, it really is! What matters is *how* you build your app with Firebase. For instance, don't use Realtime Database (what Roam uses I assume) if you have a large amount of data you need to store. It gets expensive.
Realtime Database has much more downtime than Cloud Firestore. Cloud Firestore is built on Google Cloud's infrastructure from the start and can be multi-region, meaning if one region goes down, you have multiple other ones to rely on.

That's partly why Roam has so much downtime.
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I joined a cult with my eyes wide open. They said they were a cult. I knew they were a cult - and yet I joined. Why - and why do I stay? Join me as I take the plunge - my first tweetstorm. Thread follows #roamcult
Feb 2020 - I've spent more time since the year began on 'improving my productivity' than on actually being productive ImageImage
I decide 'enough is enough'. Two pieces in particular resonate in getting me to refocus on my 'why'
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OK, I made my "Hyperfine Village" into a public @RoamResearch database. Come take a look around, #roamcult!…
This is the map I imagine laid over the database. Forgive me; I'm no artist.

I don't have a "workflow" document anymore, or a daily checklist. I have an imagined stroll across different areas of the map. It works kind of like a mind palace for remembering what I need to work on. Image
I'm still transplanting some ideas into [[The Gardens]] from my private Roam, so it's a little patchy.

I'll do some public thinking there about how to use ideas from design-based research to improve "theory-rich" technology design. And about environments for knowledge work.
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The recent block references update to @RoamResearch has some interesting use cases.
first is Templating, which Matt Brockwell pointed out in Slack, here he's just typing ((2 by 2 table)) to get a table.
I tried this with Article/Books metadata. type ((t/Books)) on any page then click on the reference > "Apply Children as Text". This way by Clicking on Author references under Books you'll get a list of all book authors only. Same can be done with other attributes.
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#roamcult who's got a template for grappling with journal articles? Let's exchange notes!

Here's a first draft based on this resource from @JoelChan86

1. Skim (focus on focus on title, abstract, figures, and conclusion)

2. List related pages in Roam

3. Prioritization:
🔹probability of usefulness
🔹impact on my work
🔹score (I create a hashtag of the product of p and i, eg #readscore9)

4. Read now, assign to future self (page ref a date), or archive

5. Reading
🔹Create the top level structure for nested blocks
🔹Skim and write questions
🔹Find the answers
🔹Copy important sections and tag
Idea tags #claim #conclusion #proof #application
PM tags #cost #integration #scope #risk etc
(example screenshots)

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As long as @RoamResearch position themselves as a "notetaking tool" they're fighting an uphill battle.

They need to position themselves as an alternative to note taking tools, a new category called ______.

That is how they win.

Suddenly, ROAM makes note-taking old fashioned!
2/ As long as they are trying to dethrone note-taking, people are constantly asking "Can Roam do everything that Evernote can do? Notion?"

If they create new category, this reverses.

Can note taking tools surface knowledge like Roam, can they connect knowledge like Roam?
3/ And Roam doesn't want to compete on "being better at note taking!" That's not where it shines. It wants you to recognize that fundamentally the important part about notes isn't "taking them."
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"What have the Roamans ever done for us?!?"

The 8 Civilization upgrades @RoamResearch might enable.

The Pythons were lightyears ahead of its time.

#roamcult @Conaw @shuomi3 @NormanChella

Thread 👇
1 / *The Acquaduct*

Roam allows for the cross-fertilization of ideas, enabling them to flow to new unconnected areas, where it can combine into new insights.

The best ideas occur when you combine multipe domains.

2/ *Sanitation*

Roam helps you to keep sane, and improve your focus, mindset and even fight anxiety.

Keeping an Interstitial Journal or doing Morning / Evening Pages is almost effortless in
@RoamResearch, essential to #knowthyself

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I'm happy to announce that @RoamBrain and I are our launching our @RoamResearch knowledge project today!

We've named it RoamStack, in honor of the Roam ecosystem we see coming into existence.

We'll teach you the tools, techniques, and workflows to become an effective Roaman.
Follow @RoamStack to stay up to date with the latest techniques, tips, and tricks for Roam.

Join our newsletter to start learning with us, starting on Monday:
Why did we create @RoamStack?

@RoamResearch is at the core of the knowledge work that we do, and we've increasingly been sharing techniques and workflows to get the most out of it.

We also see potential in external apps to extend Roam's powers and want to help promote them.
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Alright #roamcult, it's time to let the cat out of the bag - I have a new course that I think y'all will love! It's called GALAXY BRAIN because that's what @RoamResearch is giving us all 😁
Let me tell you all about it 1/n
Galaxy Brain is _not_ a Roam Tutorial - there's great courses on that out there already, free and paid. This course assumes you know your way around Roam! What I'll show you is how to implement Algorithms of Thought in Roam - to read and think better.
First, I'll walk you through the algorithms in How To Read A Book by Adler and Van Doren and how implementing them in Roam can look like.
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The past few weeks have been exceptionally rough.

- I had two grandparents die (not COVID related)
- My family is in between houses...AND countries
- I know no one here except my wife's family


But I want to share how I'm getting through my days. #roam
I discovered @RoamResearch at the end of February, just before the planet went bonkers. I poured my brain into it and developed a daily routine for my work and personal life.

I did it long enough it became a habit.

My brain has been mush. Thinking is hard when you're dealing with grief, stress, and uncertainty (as EVERYONE knows right now!)

My first brain would be struggling if it was on its own.

Which is why I'm grateful for Roam as a second brain.
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