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27 Oct 18
#MasksRPG #rpgcap #thread for PS238. We have Aiden the brain, Echo the Beacon, and me as Yesi the Nova! We find out that some government people are coming to judge the school so we have to use our hero names and be on our best behavior.
We run into the gov'ment peeps and Aiden really really wanrts to ask them a question, but the principal says no and asks Yesi to take him to class. She picks him up easily and walks away.
Aiden: No! I need to ask them something!
Yesi & Echo: What do you need to ask them?
Aiden: I'm not telling you.
Yesi & Echo: Tell us.
Aiden: No.
Y&E: Tell us.
Aiden: No.
Yesi & Echo & Abby & Ironwing: Tell us!
Aiden: I wanted to ask if they know where my mom is...
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