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I’ve been running and playing #MasksRPG for a few years now, and wanted to make this list of habits and best practices I’ve learned for players and GMs. This is focused on tablecraft and genre, rather than rules, and is stuff that’s not (I think) in the book.

This thread is divided into 4 sections:

1) Genre Conventions

2) Dialogue & Captions

3) Player Tips

4) Game Master Tips

First, genre convention tablecraft for both GMs and players:
1/ All damage is force damage, unless drama says otherwise. In comics you’ll see fights with fire blasts, swords and guns, but nobody gets burned, stabbed or gut shot. Heroes just get knocked back, down or out. Unless it’s dramatic (eg. mask burns away), there’s no “damage type”.
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Been running #ApocalypseWorld for 2 mo.

While I like the game a lot, I'm finding the system itself challenging, coming from a #MasksRPG background.

(this thread is long!)
The basic moves are...both complicated and simple. They give me ability to do what I want, but there aren't really any fail-condition suggestions, and it doesn't steer me toward anything, so I find myself floundering.
I'm having trouble with stakes, because it feels like it's only built for physical fallout?

By nature of our group's style, emotional fallout is far more valuable, which means I'm kind of toothless in terms of consequences.
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Hey if we all do this with #MasksOC we’ll have a public hashtag collection of Masks: A New Generation character inspo for anyone to use! #MasksRPG
@StacyHD Rick Spur is a supers beat reporter for the Halcyon Herald. Greying hair, grinds his teeth, a single dad raising a teen daughter. Who on the team is he investigating for an unsolved crime? His daughter sneaks out at night as a hero--what's her hero name? #MasksRPG #MasksOC
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#MasksRPG #rpgcap #thread for PS238. We have Aiden the brain, Echo the Beacon, and me as Yesi the Nova! We find out that some government people are coming to judge the school so we have to use our hero names and be on our best behavior.
We run into the gov'ment peeps and Aiden really really wanrts to ask them a question, but the principal says no and asks Yesi to take him to class. She picks him up easily and walks away.
Aiden: No! I need to ask them something!
Yesi & Echo: What do you need to ask them?
Aiden: I'm not telling you.
Yesi & Echo: Tell us.
Aiden: No.
Y&E: Tell us.
Aiden: No.
Yesi & Echo & Abby & Ironwing: Tell us!
Aiden: I wanted to ask if they know where my mom is...
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