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31 Mar 19
Presenting the #AprilFool 2019 thread with a collection of videos / stories that brands have shared.

1. The @Olacabs Restrooms on Demand service.
@Olacabs 2. @TMobile introduces T-Mobile Phone BoothE. A video by @JohnLegere. Another #AprilFoolsDay Prank but also a jab at AT&T’s fake 5G E.
3. @kingfisherworld brings #KFInstantBeer which is an interesting #AprilFoolsPrank, so good that people who drink want this to become real.
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17 Mar 18
It's almost 12, heading back home & just realized that there's just 1 fight to Ahmedabad in the morning & that's at 5. 😲

Traveling for #GujjuBloggersMeet & meeting Bloggers from Gujarat. Won't be sleeping tonight just to make it to the event.

PS: Wish there was a late flight.
Just landed in Ahmedabad for the #GujjuBloggersMeet & realized that the whole flight was silent because of the odd time. 🙂

The weather is pleasant & there's OPPO, Vivo everywhere around making me confuse if I'm still in Hyderabad or another city.

Looking forward. ✌️
At the #GujjuBloggersMeet.

Lots of energy with a full house. 🖖
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