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13 Sep
⁉️What is the difference between mineral and organic acidosis?
⁉️Why does one cause more hyperkalemia than the other?

Join me on this 🐇🕳️rabbit hole #tweetorial on metabolic acidosis and it's effect on potassium.

📊To start, which type of acidosis causes more hyperkalemia?
Metabolic acidosis is defined as a ⬇️low pH due to a ⬇️decrease in bicarbonate extracellularly

💎Mineral acids (aka inorganic acids) are “synthesized from earth minerals.”

🥬Organic acids are metabolized by the cell and occur naturally.
Both can have a 🩸high anion-gap...just depends on anion accumulated.

💎Mineral acids are often (not always) a hyperchloremic normal anion gap metabolic acidosis

Think of 🥬organic acidosis as high anion gap metabolic acidosis (though not always true)
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9 Dec 20
🤔🔬Why are kidney stones so interesting?
Because the 🔑tubules > glomeruli

Disagree if you like, but it’s true.

A short thread on some mechanisms associated with calcium stones...

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Which is a risk factor for calcium oxalate stones?

Risk factors for calcium oxalate stones classically include 📌hypercalciuria and 📌hyperoxaluria along with 💧low urine volume.

#Hypercalciuria can stem from a LOT of different causes and clinical settings. The most common in adults is idiopathic. Image
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