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1/ #medtwitter if you care about #metoostem #meded #equity #burnout please follow along. Gender violence is pervasive in medical training.

#sciencetoo #meded #medtwitter #medtoo #timesup #beethical #heforshe #timesup
2/ “…we may hear and intimately know the experiences of gender violence, but we are unable to share. Our voices are trapped and silenced, exacerbated by the hierarchical and apprentice-based training environment.."
3/ Over 50% of medical students experience sexual harassment from faculty and staff. The people who are entrusted to teach us how to be physicians.
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I need to talk about some shit that just went down.

Ambulance toned out for an infant in cardiopulmonary arrest.

Not known when they were last seen normal.

A fucking infant.
There’s snow on the roads. No helicopters are flying. I don’t have an ICU.

Right now it’s on us.

We got ready:

ET tube
Broselow Tape
All the trimmings
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I’d like to talk about the finances - and potential financial conflict of interest - at the National Board of Medical Examiners.

This is gonna be a long one - but thanks for hearing me out.

Yesterday, I started a discussion about how our focus on #USMLE Step 1 was hurting both undergraduate and graduate medical education.

It’s gotten a lot of attention, probably because I highlighted a comment from the CEO of the NBME that touched a nerve for a lot of you.
Beyond that quote, when I read the article, what struck me was this:

The CEOs of the NBME and FSMB expressed numerous concerns about adverse effects of making USMLE Step 1 pass/fail...

...but loss of revenue to the @NBMEnow was not mentioned.
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Apple has a section of their website answering questions doctors may have regarding their latest #ECG technology. Where are the answers to the REAL questions #patients want to know about? For example, if I get an alert:

#AppleWatch #digitaltech #wearables #PatientAdvocacy
2) when do I confidently ignore, act upon, or wait to make actionable decisions about alerts I’ve received? #AppleWatch #digitaltech #digitalhealth #wearables #Innovation #PatientAdvocacy #healthcare #medtwitter
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Today in my role as nurse I wore many hats. Let me tell you a story about how the day went... #NurseLife
Came in this am to discover my pt from yesterday had imaging overnight that revealed catastrophic injuries, along with her sepsis and multi-system organ failure
Within 1/2 hr her fiance approached me about calling in a chaplain, which I assume is to do final prayers. He informs me that he wants to marry her. Today.

I'm not sure b/c pt is sedated and fully ventilated, with no hope of waking up.
Spend next few hours calling chaplains/priests/ministers. Keep in mind it's Sunday AM and church is happening soon.
I find out that if we can show "intent to marry" that a ceremony can be performed. Photos of pt trying on dress are used. A minister agrees to come after church.
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TOPIC: P-Values In Table 1 of RCT's. Time to revisit this poll.
Thanks very much to the clinicians that responded. This came out better than expected, albeit the selection bias of “clinicians that follow statisticians on Twitter” suggests that the respondents are collectively better versed in data analysis than general research population
Anyways, putting p-values in Table 1 of RCT’s is an inappropriate use of significance testing, yet remains prevalent in medical literature, because it SEEMS to make so much sense (at least, the way most people have been taught p-values and statistical significance…)
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I’ve been amplifying the #DoctorsAreDickHeads hashtag the last few days but haven’t actually shared my own story. It starts there, traverses through #DoctorIRespect and #DoctorsAreAwesome and ends with #DoctorsAreHuman (something for everyone!)
And of course it is not the entire profession, but the profession has a major systemic problem when it comes to disabled patients and those with #chronicillness that it seems to have little to no knowledge or self-awareness of. THAT – not the hashtag – is the problem #medtwitter
#MedTwitter, your patients have been trying FOR YEARS to speak out on hashtags like #spoonies #pwd #medtrauma and no one has listened (on this platform) at this scale until patients got....confrontational #DoctorsAreDickheads
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Feeling powerless against the relentless tide of hate and violence? Feeling like meeting the dangers of this perilous time by voting is necessary, but not sufficient? Why not submit a regulatory comment to protect immigrant children?
My guide is really geared towards #tweetiatricians and all the clinicians of #medtwitter, so let's talk about what to write if you don't fit into that box. The first couple of pages of have good, general background info anyone can use – read that stuff.
After reading the background materials (yes, there is reading–we're trying to keep children out of concentration camps), think about your way in to writing about why these traumatized children shouldn't be locked up indefinitely. What do I mean?
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When we were polite no one listened.

One curse word and we're finding each other & the attention of doctors.
You know what I partially take that back. The women doctors I have had all had one thing in common.

They listened. They saw me.
I had three great male doctors, all men of color. I've had four incredible doctors, all women.

Perhaps you are noticing a theme.
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I'm going to pull back the curtain: let's talk about submitting comments on the regulations spewing from Trump's administration. What is 'commenting'? Why do progressive orgs want you to do it? When does commenting actually matter? 1/
The U.S. Federal Government is gigantic. It employs millions of civilians. And it's so big no one actually has a comprehensive list for me to share with you of just how big it is. Here's a partial list from Wikipedia 2/…
It's the job of Congress to pass legislation, but with a government as big and as complicated as ours, governing a country as big and as complicated as ours, realistically the text of the laws Congress passes can't spell out all of the details. 3/
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I do think medicine needs a Catholic Church-style reckoning. I know that might sound like an odd analogy but when you stop talking about bad apples and realize the problem is fundamental and systemic, that it destroys lives... #DoctorsAreDickheads #medtwitter
...and that the reverence we have for the individuals that comprise the system helps no one (not our doctors, not the patients they are sworn to protect), only then can you hope to fix it. But you have to kill your old illusions first. #DoctorsAreDickheads #medtwitter
(I don’t know how or when that will happen.)
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It’s been a week since #RebPsych2018 and I’m still unpacking it all, but I’m most grateful for @YalePsych for their investment (and humility) to empower such critical conversations.

#RebPsych is sparse on Twitter, so here are some highlights...…
Centering “multiple justices” remains crucial.

#MentalHealthDisparities are huge problems, but they mirror other fields. While not easy to solve, they are more comfortable to discuss.

Psychiatry talking about foundational issues w/ “best practice” psychiatry? That’s new.
This @YaleSOM M2 (!!!) organizer introducing keynote @mychalsmith is my new spirit animal 🐅

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By @rwyeh request, I bring you this brief introduction of joint frailty models and their application in the #COAPT trial...
Please be advised that @graemeleehickey and others are more expert than I am in the direct, real-world application of such models, but here I am, so whatever. Read it, or don’t.
Suppose you’re just reading along in the #COAPT primary paper, found here:…

when you encounter this bumfuzzle:
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[cw trans slurs, misogyny]

hey, #medtwitter, if anyone knows who this guy is, slide into my DMs. (I'll provide a Signal # if you want encryption & disappearing messages) I'll file the complaint with the board of medicine myself, your fingerprints won't be anywhere on it.
[cw rape apologist, misogyny]

Because if you know who this is? And you're not doing anything about it? The very least you could do is let someone else take action.

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1/ A long thread on LifeVest. I promise it will be entertaining. If you find any inaccuracies please let me know.

Paper of VEST published here - will discuss background to WCD and #VEST but not the trial itself…
2/ In 2001, FDA gave approval to Lifecor for the first WCD. Later Lifecor was acquired by Zoll (2004 agreement, 2006 acquisition). Zoll maintains a registry for prescribed LifeVests. But lets go back to the FDA approval process.
3/ Lifecor presented 2 separate prospective studies to the FDA; WEARIT and BIROAD. FDA asked for both to be combined into 1 study, and each study representing a subgroup. A total of 289 patients were included.
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I’m over this dude & the mansplaining about how we shouldn’t get angry in the face of injustice, like sexism & racism at work. But he still has over 40,000 people listening to him, so here’s my take for #medtwitter.

Dr. Reid is afraid of anger. I’m not. Here’s why.
First off: the fact that women physicians are mistaken for nurses constantly is because of sexism. It’s a belief that doctors are more powerful than nurses, men are more powerful than women. This is a problem. We’re a team. We complement eachother. The hierarchy needs flattening.
What often happens is that a patient sees a health provider, interprets their [age] [gender presentation] [race] [national origin], calculates their expected level of societal power, then assigns them a role on the health care team. “I’m Dr. McNamara” becomes “My nurse is here.”
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There is a line between sickness and health where we stop treating the person like a person, “hi it’s Dr. Reid here, nice to meet you,” and start treating them like a situation or a procedure “hand me that suction, this is a tough one.”
When I was a rookie, this line was way out here towards health. To the the point where the patient might say, “I can hear you. I’m right here.”
With time, I’ve moved the line out to death. Then I heard a bunch of pathologist on #medtwitter talk about how using good manners around the dead is necessary to maintain their humanity. So I’m trying to get rid of the line altogether.
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Thank you so much to @PlenarySessShow @Plenary_Session for having me on episode 4 to talk about the benefits of #medtwitter! It was great to find another venue (ie not typing in < 280 characters) to discuss its role in learning, patient care, advocacy, & professional development
shout out to @ReneeDversdal (about a minute after my segment starts ~24:30) and another podcast (wink, wink, nudge, nudge @thecurbsiders)
HT also to my closest #medtwitter network, who I've gotten to collaborate with after meeting on twitter, one of the benefits discussed, with subtle nods to past and current projects!
@RJmdphilly @gretchendiemer @MargMChapman @michellebr00ks @WrayCharles @tony_breu
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#Disability twitter, #medtwitter , let us have a discussion about patients discussing #MedicalTrauma on here. A Thread:
#chronicillness #ChronicPain #Chroniclife #MedTraumaChat #Spoonie
2) Last night, a fellow advocate posted a very handy guide for HCPs & patients abt treating patients who are trauma survivors: Trauma Informed Care - Disclosures and Care Transitions… #medtwitter #Disability #chronicillness #medtraumachat #spoonie
3) It's a good resource for both #patients & HCPs, please read it if you have a moment.
This led to a helpful discussion about #MedicalTrauma between an HPC and the person who wrote this guide, who has had experiences with this,
#Disability #medtwitter #chronicillness #Spoonie
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Hey #medtwitter, it’s time for another #histmed #FOAMed Tweetorial! I’m giving a couple of lectures this fall, and in the spirit of #FOAM I’m going to (try my best) to do a Tweetorial for each, so anyone can benefit/watch me flounder/vehemently disagree with me.
So thank you to @BostonChiefs, and let's talk about semiotics and the development of the physical exam!
First, an opinion poll. Do you think that the physical exam as it is practiced today is useful for care of our patients? When I poll people, I’ve noticed dramatic response differential between training levels.
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1/n #Tweetorial: As an Assistant PD for @OHSUIMRes focused on scholarship, #medtwitter, & #hcsm (health care social media), I’m often guide residents and colleagues on how to best use Twitter for academics, networking, learning, etc...
2/n recently, while welcoming newbies (esp students) and “onboarding” them to #medtwitter & #hcsm, I was asked to put together advice for IM applicants on how to best use social media during application/interview season. I think this advice is applicable beyond IM, too.
3/n First, tell me about yourself:
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Great Q! Esp for #WomeninMedicine already with uphill challenge to promote our own work. Podcast interview > "media coverage", this is substantial teaching (and time commitment). Fortunately for this @thecurbsiders is earns CME so I would put there on CV! 1/n
I think also until CV outlines, educator portfolios, and P&T systems "catch up", find other ways to at least save it not share evidence of reception, impact, "ripple effect"
Ex word document with links #medtwitter comments/discussions 2/n
not trying to be overly self-congratulatory here, but sharing the wisdom esp for #Womeninmedicine of "selling"'s a recent example for me. I will save this link on my CV for now in connection w my recent #GrandRounds
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1/ Thread: This morning I gave Dept of Medicine #GrandRounds @OHSUSOM @OHSUNews. In #medtwitter’s spirit of sharing & learning, here is my first #Tweetorial summarizing highlights & crediting #hcsm’s incredible contributors & source material
2/ 4 months ago EBM & cardiology expert Dr. Milton Packer published a blog post detailing how he found Twitter uninformative and emotion/opinion driven
Is this the reality of #medtwitter??…
3/ #SoMe is digitally based mediums that helps us
60% of physicians say their most popular activity on #hcsm = Following what colleagues are sharing and discussing
Channel the “look at me” negative stereotype of #SoMe into “look at THIS” learning etc...
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Serious question for #medtwitter: If you show up at a code, and the patient is a centaur who had a cardiac arrest, ignoring the joules question, where do you think the defib pads should go? A, assuming the heart is in the human part, or B, assuming the heart is in the horse part?
Do you guys suppose *all* centaurs have the same cardiovascular anatomy? Or are there some that are horse-heart-dependent and some that are human-heart-dependent? I'm guessing human-heart-dependent centaurs would be smaller and more intellectual. Nerd-centaurs, if you will.
Well, this was a silly thing I was pondering while eating cold pizza late at night. I didn't expect the tweet to get much attention and now I feel awful for not crediting the artist. Pls know this centaur is the work of Minoh Kim:
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