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3 Sep
I'm often asked why I'm critical of @Tesla / $TSLA and @elonmusk and how that fits with my investment in and advocacy for clean energy technology.

My criticisms are based on my experience as an engineer, clean energy developer and former investment banker. A thread 👇🏻

Firstly, I like EVs. They’re great for city cars, particularly for those that can charge them at home. They're efficient in stop / go traffic (capable of energy regeneration instead of braking) and are economically superior vs internal combustion engines in low gears.

However, they're less compelling for heavy vehicles and at highway speeds vs ICEs in top gear. Also, long distance travelling is inconvenienced with long charge times (where one has to wait for the battery to charge as opposed to charging at home).

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3 Sep
I just heard @Barnaby_Joyce at the National Press Club now saying that in 2005 he predicted that a global pandemic occur within 15 years (as well as having made other prophetic predictions) as he literally reads out a rambling speech that somebody else wrote for him. #auspol
He's struggling to just articulate the words on the paper in front of him and doesn't realise that his speech rambles from one unrelated theme to another.
And there it is. He's just announced the closure of another Canberra based government office to relocate jobs to what I presume is a marginal electorate in Queensland. It's the Murray Darling Basin Authority debacle all over again.

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1 Sep
The Treasurer brags about "economic growth", overlooking that what we have is a one-off sugar hit from inflation inducing money printing.

It's amazing how quickly and easily the party of aspiration adopted socialist policies without understanding why the USSR fell apart. Image
The Australian economy has grown 0.7% in a quarter. That was bought with national debt which is now off the charts (it's doubled since pre-covid times).

I wonder what the narrative will be when a bottle of milk costs $5 in a few years while wages remain stagnant @JoshFrydenberg?
Meanwhile, young people can't buy homes in an overcooked market due to @RBAInfo having no idea what they're doing. Australia's covid debt won't be paid off through higher taxes on citizens and companies for generations. This is what you're celebrating @JoshFrydenberg?
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