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Morning everyone☕️☕️

Pinch & a punch for the 1st of the month!

Have a fantastic day, stay safe & have fun

Fed Parl is sitting

House 9-5
Fed Ch 9:30-1
QT 2-3:15ish
#Estimates & committee (times/topics in pic👇)

Watch live👇…
#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
For more #Estimates info…

House Notice Paper/Daily program + more…


All we have to do to keep the bastards honest is pay attention.
#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
What else is on today:

National Press Club #NPC
Senator Don Farrell
12:30pm ABC

#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
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LNP’s Julian Leeser has attacked the PM at #NPC with the same irrelevant demands for details, looking as though they clearly haven’t learned lessons after #Aston
Says PM Albanese is denying Australians details on The Voice.

They are doubling down & going down with the ship
He’s also attached Albo for not “legislating” the voice and doing it via a referendum, implying they area lockstead heading for a No stance.

Leeser also spent a long time saying all the things he and his party have done for Indigenous people, trying to make out as though they are the real movers on Indigenous issues & that Labor is making it all about them.

Another negative, nasty & toxic Liberal speech.
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One of the key tools of public opinion control in the lead up to the Iraq War was the assertion by the political class that they had available to them information that wasn't available to anyone else and they were thus in a better position to assess the risk posed by Saddam's WMD
It all turned out to be bullshit, a lie enabled and perpetrated with the help of the mainstream media, from The NYTimes down. Plenty of people saw through the charade because "they weren't stupid" and could draw reasonable conclusions from publicly available information.
We are seeing the same stunt being pulled now in regard to AUKUS, with Keating and others being dismissed as unreliable bc they are not privy to "secret information". And once again, the media is leading the charge, during, and in the wake of, PJK's appearance at the #NPC
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC 730 senior politics corro Laura Tingle, 9fax (smh/Age) international editor Peter Hartcher and murdoch foreign editor Greg Sheridan. The interview is with deputy PM and defence minister Richard Marles.
opening spiel: defending Australia, helping the US, is China a threat. #Insiders
we will not get our first nuclear submarine for a decade? A few decades? Speers repeats “defend strike” sloganeering, repeats the job spruiking from the government. Coalition warmongering is “bipartisanship” while facts from Keating are Labor disunity. #Insiders
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As the whine-fest in the media continues about Keating at the #NPC (with some notable exceptions including @MichaelPascoe01 and @latingle) let me say again: how can you claim to be a 4th estate standing up to power when you are so easily derailed by some unwarranted name calling?
How can we trust you to hold power to account when you have spent the week falling into line with it?…
Nine Entertainment's coverage of this issue will be studied in journalism classes for years to come as an example of poor news judgement; of bending down to power rather than standing up to it; not to mention, as an example of pettiness clouding journalistic integrity Image
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“I’ve been attacked by Hartcher, that psychopath … who has this great stentorian voice, but no stentorian mind to match it”.

Keating’s still got it, LOL.

“Contextualisation of an issue may not be your strong suit.”

Keating to Andrew Probyn at the #NPC today, LOL.

Paul Keating to Olivia Caisley of Sky News at the #NPC:

“I know you’re just trying to ask a question, but the question is so dumb it’s hardly worth an answer.”
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Paul Keating has issued a statement labelling the AUKUS submarine purchase & build the "worst international decision" by Labor since Billy Hughes tried to introduce conscription @danielhurstbne @natasha__may #auspol
This is a statement ahead of the National Press Club #npc conversation between Keating and Laura Tingle.

Calls Penny Wong and Richard Marles "two seriously unwise ministers"
Guess what? He's still pissed about Britain's surrender of Singapore
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It is #lianghui day, or in other words, the opening session of #China's National People's Congress (#NPC). Later today I will be live tweeting premier Li Keqiang's government work report and commenting on it along the way.
For now though, it is @MeetThePress with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era:
This morning will be Li Keqiang's last Government Work Report, his 10th. Li will retire from his post, and be replaced by Li Qiang, the new #2 in the party hierarchy of the Communist Party of China. Below last year's report.
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Most studios are trapped in the past. 🤔

They fail to leverage #AI technology in their quest to modernize games.

But Farcana is different;

We are pushing the boundaries of gaming with AI. 🧵
Farcana integrates #AI in many aspects of its development.

And these AI systems come in 3 forms. 1⃣2⃣3⃣
1⃣ In-game #NPC AI technology

The Farcana game will include AI characters who continuously #learn from #gameplay data. 📕
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Linda Reynolds' interview with The Oz contradicts her official statement at the time.

Reynolds recollection of events is that it was "...prior to one question time..."

It was well prior, Reynolds did not attend the Senate at all that day.
#auspol #insiders
She refers to not knowing whether she attended QT or not.

Her official statement at the time said she was admitted to Canberra Hospital in the morning.

Question Time is on in the afternoon

QT started at 2pm on 24 Feb 2021
#auspol #insiders…
At 2:00 pm 24 Feb 2021 Senator Birmingham made a statement to the Senate.

#auspol #insiders
Source: Hansard…
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good morning on the bird app🐦☀️today on #Insiders are ex-murdoch now 9fax (The Age) politics corro Annika Smethurst, ABC everyman Stan Grant, and murdoch (Oz) serial temper-loser Greg Sheridan.
The interview is with opposition foreign affairs spokesman Simon Birmingham.
opening spiel: “diplomatic deep freeze” is over. What next? Why is Xi re-engaging? asks Speers (A: change of federal government from Coalition to Labor). #Insiders
Australia held its ground, says Speers. Xi has agreed to “the thaw” he says. And these outcomes a mystery to very senior press gallery journalist David Speers, or so he would have us believe. #Insiders
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Clock has struck midnight in Beijing; it's the 16th!

Happy 20th National Party Congress week to everyone.

Let's get down to business and see what predictions have been right, what #XiJingping has decided and what 🇨🇳 leadership we will busy ourselves with for the next 5 yrs! Image
The #NPC was opened by Le Keqiang, with the singing of the National Anthem. Follow us at @ORCA_India for more updates!
Moment of silence observed for fallen compatriots and revolutionary leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and more. ImageImage
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good morning (again) from unceded Kaurna lands☀️today on #Insiders are SBS Bureau chief Anna Henderson, ABC Melbs radio host Raf Epstein and Ch 10 politics editor/murdoch columnist Professor Peter van Onselen. The interviewees are Sally McManus and Jennifer Westacott.
opening spiel: skills shortages, widening gender pay gap, falling real wages, rising inflation and cost of living… goodness me the Coalition left another massive economic mess, just like the GFC in 2008.
Cool of media to notice now. #Insiders
Speers reels off a list of workers in low paid feminised industries. Underpaid and under-valued workers for as long as these jobs have existed. #Insiders
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good morning happy Sunday☀️today on #Insiders are ABC host Pat Karvelas, 9fax (smh) international editor Peter Hartcher and murdoch editor James Campbell. The interview is with federal Energy minister Chris Bowen.
this thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. Tweets in this thread are hashtagged #Insiders for your muting convenience.
opening spiel is on the NPC event this week, which Speers calls “a blunt warning from China” delivered directly in Canberra - at the invitation of journalists. He hypes up regional tensions. Briefly mentions National cabinet and coercive control. Then more China. #Insiders
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China's new ambassador to Australia, Xiao Qian, is about to give his first @PressClubAust address. There are *just a few* issues to cover in Australia-China relations so I'll tweet through them once he starts in about 10 minutes @ASPI_org
The ambassador has kicked off on a positive note, speaking of the hospitality and friendship he has received since starting in the role while flagging the growth in the trade relationship since diplomatic relations were established 50 years ago
He says the relationship has been 'caught in a difficult situation due to reasons known to all' (without spelling those out).
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Start now!
Start small!
Start with what you have.
Use paper and pencil. Google docs. Scribus. Public domain art. Stock art. Creative Commons.

1/4 Image
Set a reachable short term goal that will still challenge you.
Write 300 words everyday.
Finish a Pamphlet with a adventure/monster/miniRPG.
Write a game in less than 24 pages!
These will kickstart your creativity and keep you motivated!

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The long-awaited State of the Environment report dropped a couple of hours ago, and it's now obvious why it wasn't released before the election.

But what's all this got to do with our health? A 🧵...
#auspol #npc
Every day, tens of thousands of healthcare workers across Australia help keep people healthy through treatment, advice and care. But while healthier lifestyles can reduce your risk of disease or death, the health impacts from our environment have to be tackled societally
The State of the Environment report reveals that mortality from exposure to air pollution is increasing, with 2,556 deaths per year (that's far more than the annual road toll)
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Erickson: "It would be a mistake for Labor/progressives to interpret difficult questions/hostile coverage as an expression of an anti-Labor perspective ... that is starting to creep into debate about the media".
#auspol #npc
Erickson: I agree with Mark McGowan's comments about how media pack engaged with Albanese and Morrison. Reminded me of 2020 covid pressers - people were quite shocked at inter-personal engagement, the way journalists spoke to political leaders. A signal to reflect upon. #npc
Erickson: there were themes in questioning that weren't priorities for voters, a bit of groupthink. "There's a lot there to reflect on."
#auspol #npc
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Paul Erickson says it was "odd and then galling" that the Coalition engaged in "an all-out assault on state and territory Labor Governments" mid covid pandemic. #auspol #npc
Erickson criticises:
* Morrison reducing press conferences
* Backing Clive Palmers WA border challenge
* Criticising Palaszczuk
* Undermining Vic health response.
#auspol #npc
Erickson applying a gender lens to the covid response, noting Coalition govt's supposed heroes of the pandemic were all men; they ended free childcare; and Morrison's suggestion to solve women giving birth roadside w upgrade of Barton Highway rather than a maternity ward.
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Question for Sen McKenzie

Are all NAIF recipients meeting their indigenous engagement responsibilities?

E.g., Coalition gave cattle barons, Angus family $30.5 million to build an abattoir on their own land for their
#auspol #ausvotes
own cattle to reduce their own transport costs

Recently, Angus' sponsored ICMJ & sent a team who won several awards even tho the abattoir has only been open for a few mths

3 of the 7-strong team were daughters/niece of the recipients of $30.5 mill
#auspol #ausvotes #NPC
Is this the 'way of life' Morrison was talking about this morning that he's trying to 'protect'

No diversity? Nepotism?

The Coalition don't govern for all rural Australia, just the Squattocracy, big ag, big beef & mining

Nats follow the money
#auspol #ausvotes #NPC
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So the Greens won’t rule out voting with *Pauline Hanson* to block a referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament? 🚩

75% of Greens support a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice.

I wonder if they’d reconsider who they will vote for now.

#NPC @AdamBandt
The Greens position, suggesting Voice last, is a position without logic, devoid of strategy.

It’s like their advice is coming from someone who couldn’t be bothered listening to other mob, walking away from the hard strategy work before it was done.

@AdamBandt #halfbaked
Let me provide some Greens with some simple reasons why choosing to oppose a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice, because truth-telling and treaty deals must come first, is illogical: 🧵 for @AdamBandt
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About to deliver my post-Budget @PressClubAust speech in parliament’s Great Hall. You can watch live on @abcnews and @SkyNewsAust or follow here. #auspol #npc
After nine long years, three Treasurers and three Prime Ministers, the verdict is in.👇 #auspol #npc
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In my first collaboration with talented @WendyZhou502 for @TheAtlantic we argue that #China primarily sees the #RussiaUkraine conflict through the prism of the #UnitedStates and more broadly of the #West. 1/11…
We analyze #China's debates about #UkraineWar on #weibo, official statements and in selective media, and find that #ProRussia leaning is rooted in anti #Western sentiments. The key protagonist in many of these posts is not #Russia or #Ukraine, but #US and #NATO. 2/11
#NATO and the #US are portrayed as the source of the conflict, #Russia (and #Europe) as trapped by the #US, and #Ukraine as a powerless proxy of great power competition. 3/11
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🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (1) | The 5.5% GDP target (upper range of expectations) signals an intent to limit downward pressures from the #property slump, zero-#Covid strategy and #Ukraine war (affecting foreign demand).
*Note: China 2021 GDP growth was 8.1%
🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (2) | The fact that officials opted for the upper range of expectations looks very encouraging.
*There is a significant risk of missing this goal the year of Xi re-election.
🇨🇳 #NPC Meeting Debrief (3) | The fiscal support could be much stronger than indicated by the headlines as the government will use unused resources from last year (above-budget income as well as below-budget spending)
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