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Author of “Conundrum: Subhas Bose’s Life after Death” and “Your Prime Minister is Dead”
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22 Jul
This is how our flag would have looked like, if Mahatma Gandhi had his way. Of course, Gandhi bhakts won't tell you this, so read on...



#राष्ट्रीय_झंडा_अंगीकरण_दिवस #तिरंगा_दिवस
#FlagAdoptionDay #FlagDay #Tiranga #FlagDay
This day in 1947, the Tricolour was adopted as India's National Flag. But do you know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted a Union Jack in one corner of the new flag? Something like this flag design seen here which was proposed by our first Governor-General Lord Louis Mountbatten. 2/n
Gandhiji, unlike Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, was not an enemy of the Empire. He favoured Dominion Status under the British monarch (which we got in 1947), not Purna Swaraj, or complete freedom of India as Netaji strove for. 3/n
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20 Jul
In 2015, when Netaji snooping scandal was laid bare by Mission Netaji with the help of confirmed official documents, no such stinging headlines or coverage was seen in the leading daily in Netaji's home state.

In fact, writing in the paper, one of its top editors and noted historian Rudrangshu Mukherjee sort of defended the snooping launched against people linked to Netaji arguing that “surveillance is a characteristic of all modern regimes of power”.

Mr Mukherjee further wrote that "dominant powers use it routinely against the opposition", and that “spooks are also known to have spied on the wrong persons”.

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4 May
"I surrendered no weapons to Gandhiji"

Gopal Mukherjee (Gopal Patha) recalls his meeting with Mahatma Gandhi following communal violence in Kolkata in 1946.

@Sanjay_Dixit @chandrachurg @ProfKapilKumar @vaibhavUP65 @UnSubtleDesi @avatans @VikasSaraswat @RahulEaswar @PanickarS
Gandhi’s secretary: ‘Gopal, why don’t you surrender your arms to Gandhiji?’

Gopal: `Where was Gandhiji during the Great Calcutta Killing? With these arms I saved the mothers and sisters of my area. I will not surrender them.'
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10 Oct 20
Savarkar was brutally tortured, hung up naked and he had to ease himself in that state in his cell. I hate to compare sufferings of freedom fighters, but we all know how humanly Gandhiji was treated when he was imprisoned.

This was the emaciated state to which #SubhasChandraBose was reduced to after imprisonment in jails, including the notorious Mandalay jail. He nearly died. Would take years to regain health.
Only two front ranking Congress leaders were sent to Mandalay jail-- Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Subhas Bose. Interestingly, there was one revolutionary who was imprisoned with Bose in Mandalay jail. Same revolutionary also spent time in Kala Paani when Savarkar was lodged there.
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10 Oct 20
Will some MP from Bengal or UP pls raise the matter of "leak" of DNA report conclusion in Gumnami Baba case? It happened months before the test concluded. So, those who leaked knew in advance that the test won't show a link between Netaji and holy man.…
Gumnami Baba DNA test report is dated June 2004. Leak happened in December 2003, when testing had barely started. @chandrachurg
Also available is data to show that the DNA test was fudged, just as handwriting tests were. Sarkari experts gave reports in line with the Govt stand that Netaji died in 1945 and hence he cannot be so-called Gumnami Baba.…
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5 Oct 20
If only we had formidable media back in 1966 when Shastriji's body arrived. Hole on the back of the neck from where "blood" was coming out, cut marks on stomach. Body had bloated merely hours after death, turned dark bluish. 1/n…
I consulted forensic experts. Bluish discoloration of a body means reduced hemoglobin which indicates either poisoning or asphyxial death leading to cyanosis. But everything looked normal to the people of truth and ahimsa back then. 2/n
Three things our Govt concealed from us:

1. Russians suspected poisoning from the very start
2. They offered post mortem, but we refused
3. There are tell-tale signs that Russians conducted some tests on the body 3/n
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3 Oct 20
People are feeling shocked over AIIMS unofficial 'leak' in #SushantSinghRajput case. In the Gumnami Baba matter, conclusion of the DNA test was published months before the testing concluded. And no one thought it was suspicious. @chandrachurg @PanickarS…
A report can be leaked after inquiry is over; but leak of the finding of a DNA test that is months away from conclusion is nothing but skullduggery. This is how Govt proved that Gumnami Baba was not Netaji. Fake DNA and handwriting reports.
I am not making any comment about the Sushant-AIIMS matter, pls be informed. My comment is about the Gumnami Baba matter, where there is clear evidence of government cover-up for reasons political.
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18 Sep 20
This day in 1985 Gumnami Baba was cremated in Ayodhya

This day in 2006 Mission Netaji's declassification campaign took off

This day in 2015 Bengal government released 64 intelligence files

#OTD @MissionNetaji ImageImage
This picture was taken back in September 1985 by journalist Ashok Tandon. Shows the site of Gumnami Baba's cremation at Guptar Ghat, Ayodhya. Bhagwan Ram took jal samadhi here in treta yug. Image
Going by journalist accounts (far more credible than sarkari claims) Police kept a close watch on the situation after Gumnami Baba died. They were there at Guptar Ghat too but did nothing to prevent this illegal cremation, right next to cantonment land.
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5 Sep 20
There is a long-standing conspiracy theory that as India's ambassador to Soviet Russia, Dr #SarvepalliRadhakrishnan came to know about the existence of #SubhasChandraBose there. God forbid this should be true! 🙏 (1/n) #HappyTeachersDay #सर्वपल्ली_राधाकृष्णन #शिक्षकदिवस Image
Similar conspiracy theory exists about Pt Nehru's sister Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, who was India's first mission head in Moscow. After he returned from Moscow, Dr #Radhakrishnan became India's first Vice President and was later bestowed with first Bharat Ratna with 3 others. (2/n)
Indian position is that #SubhasChandraBose died in Taiwan (whose govt denies it) and so Netaji couldn't have been in Russia thereafter. But a big chunk of Indians do not accept it, just as they do not buy the official propaganda that British left India because of Ahimsa. (3/n)
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20 Aug 20
This watch was said to have been removed from the body of #SubhashChandraBose. It was handed over to his family by Pt Nehru. There are 2 problems: Netaji never wore a square watch. The mark left by fastener on strap indicated it was worn by someone with wrist bulkier than Bose’s. Image
Netaji was known to wear a large, round gold watch. This one here (Omega Gold) was found among the belongings of the so-called Gumnami Baba. UP govt doesn’t want you to see these belongings. How cunning are these Gandhi bhakts! Image
@chandrachurg and i have made our case in our book. Things are not always what they seem.…
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19 Aug 20
#WorldPhotographyDay: Sunset at Santa Monica beach

#WorldPhotographyDay2020 ImageImageImage
I did not go there to see the beach. I had gone to give a talk on the Netaji mystery, courtesy @IndicAcademy. Ramnath Iyer attended the talk and later showed me around Los Angeles.

With my host Danji Thotapalli of @IndicAcademy

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4 Aug 20
Watch hit movie "Gumnaami". This is about a mostly unseen sadhu who lived in #Ayodhya and around and was considered Subhas Chandra Bose in disguise.

Dubbed Hindi version:…

Original Bengali:…

In brief, there is credible evidence that the so-called Gumnami Baba was Netaji. It could not be proven because govt experts furnished fake DNA/handwriting reports. Read reviews by readers for @chandrachurg and mine book:…

Third rate sarkari DNA/handwriting reports, which are at the heart of the case against Gumnami Baba/Netaji link, are effectively countered by independent experts, including an American.

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4 Aug 20
Requesting journalists in #Ayodhya to visit Ram Katha Sangrahalaya and view belongings of the so-called Gumnami Baba along with the artefacts recovered from #Ramjanabhoomi. Everyone Pls RT in public interest. (1/n) ImageImageImageImage
Chances are that the authorities will deny the journalists permission to see Gumnami Baba belongings. Pls ask them why public is not being allowed to view them despite clear order of the Allahabad High Court in 2013? (2/n)
Should the UP govt folks give you their own theory about Gumnami Baba’s identity (that he was not Netaji), pls tell them that their views are as hollow as the fake sarkari handwriting and DNA reports that were used to rule out the Netaji connection. (3/n)
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29 Jul 20
Archaeological artefacts excavated from Ramjanmabhoomi kept in Ramkatha Museum of Ayodhya will now be moved to a gallery in the temple to be build from 5th of August. (1/n) ImageImage
With these artefacts gone from the museum, the only things worth seeing there are the belongings of the so-called Gumnami Baba. But then, the UP govt doesnt want you to see them and has hence not carried out the clear-cut court order in this regard. (2/n) ImageImageImage
As a matter of fact, the "Gandhian" establishment would want to get rid of Gumnami Baba's belongings, so that the public and researchers cannot lay their eyes on them, much less to put them under scrutiny. (3/n) Image
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24 Jul 20
Mine in Chicago, courtesy @avatans Image
@chandrachurg talks about Netaji book over breakfast

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26 Jun 20
This day in 2012 “India’s biggest cover-up” put the Netaji mystery on the front page of India's No 1 newspaper, triggering a process which resulted in the declassification of hundreds of files. ImageImage
The book inspired @altbalaji's hit web series “Bose: Dead/Alive” (2017) and was utilised by @srijitspeaketh for his hit movie "Gumnaami" (2019).
Print and Kindle edition available from Amazon:…
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20 Jun 20
"Whether war should be brutal, cathartic or humane business is beside the point. Every one knows that no war can be conducted and fought with kid gloves. ...when it is forced on, it has to be waged in a manner that makes the opponent wince."

-- Gumnami Baba Image
Story from @DeccanChronicle. For the so-called Gumnami Baba, read our book:…
Pls read "human" for humane
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2 Jun 20
On a separate note, dark bluish discoloration of face and upper part of body was noted in the case PM Lal Bahadur Shastri. An expert told me that bluish discoloration meant reduced hemoglobin which further indicated either poisoning or asphyxial death.…
This is the one and only book that has gone deeper into this matter:…
There was a hole on the back of the neck of Shastriji from which a red substance was coming out. All the sheets etc were soaked in this "blood". This is what his wife and others noted. Asked Govt to do something but Govt did nothing
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19 May 20
"Le style, C’est L’hommemême (The style is the man himself ) - this French dictum is true."

- Gumnnami Baba

Belongings of so-called Baba have been preserved at Ayodhya's Ram Katha museum, but people not allowed to see them. UP Govt might destroy them in future, I worry ImageImage
the case that @chandrachurg and I make is contained here. I leave it to public to believe us or the sarkari version, essentially based on fake sarkari handwriting and DNA reports (exposed in our book)…
I leave it to the people of India to trust the word of this American expert (who has no reason to tell lies) or that of sarkari experts, who produced third rate reports and are afraid to face media even after retirement. Same story with DNA tests, which were fudged.
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13 May 20
Since lot of people are discussing scams, let me underline that India’s first scam was Subhas Bose-INA treasure loot scam. First highlighted by Subramanian Swamy in 1978, it was properly exposed in my book “India’s biggest cover-up” (2012). Kindle edition… Image
It is relevant to watch this video. @ProfKapilKumar discusses the fate of missing INA treasures.

This is Dr Swamy's take. A collector's item from 1978. With this Dr Swamy erupted on national stage. Image
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24 Apr 20
What CIA reported about Kim Il-sung, and what the so-called Gumnami Baba said

Watch this clip and then read the excerpt from @chandrachurg and mine book "Conundrum: Subhas Bose's life after death" released this day last year.

Get the book after the lockdown is over.…

Info that was not in public domain - from top secret Chinese underground facilities to what was happening inside east Pakistan (present day Bangladesh) was known to a "holy man" sitting behind a curtain in remote parts of Uttar Pradesh. If this is not fascinating, what else is?
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