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देशाला स्वातंत्र्य देण्यासाठी संपूर्ण आयुष्य खर्च केलेल्या व्यक्तीला मारणारा आज देशातल्या एका विशिष्ट वर्गासाठी नायक,देशभक्त ठरलाय.आजच्या थ्रेडमध्ये
२)#गांधीजी व हत्या
३) वल्लभभाई पटेल व त्यांचा RSS विरोध
४)फाशीवेळीस गोडसेची परिस्थिती
#रिम #MahatmaGandhi Image
नथुराम विनायकराव गोडसे चा जन्म 19मे,1910 ला झाला.त्यांच्या जन्मावेळीस भारतात क्रांतिकारी चळवळी चालु झाल्या होत्या.थोड्या कालावधीने गांधीजीं चे भारतात आगमन झाले आणि त्यांनी 1920 ला 'असहकार आंदोलन' पुकारले.नथुरामचे वडील विनायक वामनराव गोडसे हे पोस्टल ऑफिसमध्ये कामाला होते.
त्यांच्या आईचे नाव लक्ष्मी.नथुराम चे 'नथुराम' नाव पडण्यामागे एक गोष्ट आहे.त्यांचे खरे नाव 'रामचंद्र' होते.पण नथुराम जन्माला यायच्यापुर्वी ३ मुले जन्माला आली आणि अल्पावधीतच मरण पावली.घरच्यांना वाटले की आपल्याला कोणतातरी शाप असावा त्यामुळे मुले दगावत आहेत..म्हणुन त्यांनी 'रामचंद्र' Image
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As we complete the 6th year of SBM-U on the 151st birth anniversary of #MahatmaGandhi, we reflected on activities that have made #SwachhBharat a Jan Andolan. Was delighted to participate in Inaugural Session chaired by Hon’bl MoS at National Webinar on #SwachhataKe6SaalBemisaal
We have travelled an exciting journey in achieving the #Swachhata parameters to pay a befitting tribute to Bapu, who during his life time, espoused wholeheartedly swachhata & never hesitated to pick up a broom to clean a dirty place or even a public toilet.
It is a great achievement in itself that every citizen of urban India has come together to make the dream of #SwachhBharat, envisioned by Hon’ble Prime Minister, a reality. Our streets, neighbourhoods, water bodies are cleaner; our cities & citizens healthier.
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How #नाथूराम_गोडसे_जिंदाबाद trended over #MahatmaGandhi on Oct-2nd, for a good part of the day👇

A welcome sign and Indians needs to understand much more on #NathRamGodse & why he fired on MKG. It was never proven if bullets from his gun actually hit MKG.…
Mr @RahulEaswar How can a Ram-Bhakt #MahatmaGandhi justify #SwamiShraddhanand killing & pardon killer #AbdulRashid? MKG was no Ram-Bhakt but was political-tool in hands of British 2 keep India divided. #Nehru got MKG killed(with Godse as front) & Congress benefitted for 70+ yrs! Image
#MahatmaGandhi's biggest DISSERVICE to India was not to fight capital-punishment to #BhagatSingh #RajGuru etc. He hated revolutionaries and hence never wrote to viceroy to commute their sentences, though he could used his influence on British.
@RahulEaswar… Image
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राष्ट्रपिता महात्मा गांधी जी की जयंती को आज संपूर्ण देश दुनिया में श्रद्धापूर्वक मनाया जा रहा है, उनको नमन करते हुए मैं उसके उत्तराखंड-प्रवास की अनुभूतियों को आपसे साझा कर रहा हूं।

#MahatmaGandhi ImageImageImage
हिमालय के इसी वैभव और आलोक ने गांधी जी को वर्ष 1929 में अभिभूत और स्पंदित किया था।उत्तराखंड के सौंदर्य- स्थल कौसानी में एक दिन के प्रवास के लिए आए श्रद्धेय बापूजी 24 जून से 7 जुलाई तक यहीं रुक गए। बापू ने यहीं 'अनासक्ति योग' पुस्तक का लेखन भी किया।

उत्तराखंड में महात्मा गांधी पर्यटन परिपथ...

उत्तराखंड में महात्मा गांधी जी द्वारा की गई यात्राएं स्वाधीनता आंदोलन, स्वराज लोक कल्याण के लिए थी किंतु गांधीजी हिमालय और गंगा के बीच खुद को पाकर शांति व सौंदर्य के मध्य जनकल्याण की भावना के साथ ही तन मन की प्रफुल्लता से अभिभूत हुए। Image
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On this day in 1869, #MahatmaGandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat.

In 1982, Richard Attenborough's film 'Gandhi' raked in eight Oscars. The film had an ensemble cast and crew, even in lesser roles. Many were already famous and many became legends in the years to come.

In 1962, Motilal Kothari, while working for the Indian High Commission in London, asked Richard Attenborough whether he would direct a film on Gandhi. He got Mountbatten to have a word with Jawaharlal Nehru who agreed with the script. The film is dedicated to all three of them.
Nehru's choice for the role of Gandhi was Alec Guinness. Peter Finch, Harvey Finney, Anthony Hopkins and even Dustin Hoffman were considered at one point of time. The role finally went to a certain Krishna Pandit Bhanji. Ben Kingsley, as he was better known, won an Oscar for it.
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The way Nathuram Godse argued his case stunned everybody including judges. Many women were in tears when they heard him.

Justice G.D. Khosla went on to say that if audience was jury, they would have pronounced Godse 'Not Guilty'.

📙 Source : The Murder of the Mahatma, pp. 47-48
Many dolts saying that Godse killed #MahatmaGandhi because he (Gandhi) was secular.
This is a rubbish interpretation!
Nathuram Godse himself supported the idea of a secular state.

Source :- The court Statement of Shri Nathuram Vinayk Godse, paragraph 51

Nathuram Godse was a great Nationalist. In his death letter, he asked his family to merge his ashes in SINDHU river when that river comes under the flag of India.

He was not a rich guy, yet he contributed Rs.101 (this was a good amount then) for reconstruction of Somnath Temple.
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#MahatmaGandhi was responsible for the worst genocide in the history of mankind , he spoke about ahimsa but his muslim appeasement led to the worst Hmsa.

One should be judged by the results of ones action not by his lip service

He did Gaddhari to Hindus & Hindustan
Congress CWC unanimously elected Sardar Patel as PM , but this man #MahatmaGandhi propped up a womaniserr as PM and scre*ed the prospects of Bharath for 6 decades.

Gandhi was responsible for the creation of cancerous Pakistan

He gifted Hindu and Sikh majority Lahore to Pakistan
#MahatmaGandhi wanted to experiment with truth, now my simple commonsense question is , can truth be experimented ?

This Gandhi could have saved lots of patriots and freedom fighters from death , but he turned away.

Gandhi could have saved Nethaji but he didn't
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#MahatmaGandhi said that when all else is forgotten about Travancore Kingdom Temple Entry Proclamation will be remembered by future generations with gratitude This is true from wide support for Chilkur Balaji Art 26 #DeityRightsMovement from all sections…
"Travancore will go down in history as the saviour of Hindu religion which was in danger of perishing " #MahatmaGandhi on Lord Shri Padmanabha Swamy Ruler Deity's Temple Entry Proclamation issued through His Shri Padmanabha Dasa Chitira Tirunal Balarama Varma Image
"It was the work of God who blessed the humblest effort of man ...God has made possible what man could not have done " #MahatmaGandhi on historic Temple Entry Proclamation 👆
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Allahabad High Court takes suo motu cognisance in the Hathras Gang Rape case.

Asks Principal Secy, DGP and DM Hathras to be present on October 12

#HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras Image
Allahabad HC directs that family members of the deceased victim i.e. the father, the mother, brothers and sisters shall also be present before this Court so that Court ascertains the facts and their version

#HathrasHorror #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #Hathras #UPPolice

concerned about the incidents leading up to Victims cremation, as alleged, have shocked our conscience, therefore, we are taking suo moto cognizance of the same.

#UPPolice #HathrasHorrorShocksIndia #HathrasHorror Image
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#Thread: #VeerSavarkar - From the eyes of #MahatmaGandhi, #NetajiBose #IndiraGandhi & #Communists.

#Swantantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly known as Veer Savarkar was an Indian patriot, independence activist, poet, writer and a social revolutionary.

(1/21) Image
Post 2014, several allegations were made to malign the image of #VeerSavarkar.

Despite the availability of several documents in the public domain, some people chose to believe the blatant lies spread about him by #Communists/#Islamists and vicious politicians.

In this thread, let us try to understand #Savarkar through the eyes of some eminent and revered personalities throughout India.

🔸#MahatmaGandhi: Contrary to popular perceptions, #Gandhi was not at loggerheads with Savarkar.

(3/21) Image
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A TRUE STORY & not many in 2020-India know it.

#MahatmaGandhi's son Harilal converted to Islam in May-1936. He barely survived 6 mths b4 #GharWapsi to Hinduism (via Arya-Samaj efforts) in Nov-1936. He saw totally opposite in Muslims what he was promised😎…
After conversion, #Harilal became 'Abdullah'. More than MKG, it was Kasturba who was upset with this & made efforts (via Arya-Samaj) to get him back.

Harilal wanted to be barrister & go to London 4 studies. But MKG disallowed. So he became alcoholic!…
#MKG accused son Hiralal accrued 4 raping his daughter. It's in his letter to him & is true story.

But what was more pervert>MKG slept naked with Hiralal's same daughter Manu, in name of celibacy-experiments,later on.

Why MKG's such liberalism ignored?😎…
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A thread on #MahatmaGandhi in context of #KangnaRanaut's statement on Gandhism.
1.Gandhi was against all isms.
2. Nobody can claim to believe in "Gandhism" & NOT be a liberal.
2. Has anyone seen a pix of #Gandhiji ever visiting a temple, derasar, church or mosque?
3.Gandhi was a liberal & a staunch secular. He never built a temple or inaugurated one.He was the first person who denied Govt funding to #Somnath reconstruction to Kanaiyalal Munshi.
4. #Gandhi ji's prayer meetings were always interfaith in nature, including the Ashram prayers.
5. #Gandhiji was not "nationalstic" in the contemporary usage of the term. He NEVER cited or used history to underscore his social or political battles. He believed only fake nationalists use history to score points without considering the political & social context of the era.
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#Thread on #India Fight for Independence

The Revolt of 1857, regarded as First War of #Independence. Initiated by the sepoy #mangalpandey the #Revolt aroused the accumulated grievances of the #people against the East #India Company’s administration. Image
Non-Cooperation #movement.
This #movement shook the #British authorities under #Leadership of #MahatmaGandhi and the Indian National #Congress from September 1920 to February 1922 Image
Simon #Commission was sent to #India in 1927 to suggest reforms in the structure of #Indian #Government Government but did not include any Indian member. It sparked a wave of protests. Crowds were lathi charged, Lala LajpatRai & Sher-e-Punjab were martyred in the agitation. Image
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#MahatmaGandhi on 15th August 1947.

He wasn't in Delhi. He didn't listen to Nehru's Tryst with destiny speech.

He was controlling Hindu-Muslim riots in Bengal.

He said something to Ministers of West Bengal, who came to meet him, which is so relevant even today....
Gandhi told them, “Today, you have worn on your heads a crown of thorns. The seat of power is a nasty thing. You have to remain ever wakeful on that seat. You have to be more truthful, more non-violent, more humble, and more forbearing.
You had been put to test during the British regime. But in a way, it was no test at all. But now there will be no end to your being tested. Do not fall prey to the lure of wealth. May God help you! You are there to serve the villages and the poor.”

Make sense even more today!
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#LokmanyaBalGangadharTilak - the ‘Maker of Modern #India’ and the ‘Father of India’s Revolution’

Tributes to a nationalist, teacher, social reformer, author and one of the first leaders of the Indian Independence Movement on his death centenary.

(1/9) Image
#LokmanyaTilak made everyone aware of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s idea of #Swarajya (self-rule).

He started grand public celebrations of ‘Ganeshotsav’ and ‘Shiv Jayanti’ in order to unite the masses.

#LokmanyaTilak ignited patriotic consciousness among the masses...

...during one of the most difficult periods in the freedom struggle.

His trisutri or three-point programme for national awakening – Swaraj, Swadeshi and Nationalist Education – lit the fire of self-pride and activism in a nation that was despairing and directionless.

(3/9) Image
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@RahulGandhi Dear @RahulGandhi .

Take a pause. You look so tired 😓 and drained out. Take a breath.

Remember, whatever you do now - is not going to change anything till 2024. We need you healthy in 2024.

No. No. Don’t get me wrong.
No one wants to see you as @PMOIndia , we have one.
@RahulGandhi @PMOIndia What we want ?

@INCIndia surviving till 2024. To have atleast 3-5 state governments, to be able to hope to give some fight to @BJP4India in 2024.

For that, you need to stop talking to people.

And, start talking to your party members , leaders, MLA’s , MP’s - to work.
@RahulGandhi @PMOIndia @INCIndia @BJP4India What you need to ensure - that every @INCIndia elected representative- donate all his wealth in an account dedicated to uplift the marginalised of this nation. The nation which has been built (broken as per others) by your ancestors .
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Gandhi Killed For Our Independence Image
Gandhi was a man studying in London. After his studies, he went to South Africa. Over there he was a well-respected man, always wearing a suit. But when he returned to India, he transformed. When he saw that the British had taken over India, he started becoming simple 1/4
He traded his suit for dhoti. He also started spinning cotton on his own Charka. When he saw the British charging high taxes for salt, he did the salt march. Where he marched to the sea and took a handful of salt. 2/4
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#IndiaAgainstCAA_NRC_NPR & #IndiaSupportsCAA_NRC_NPR both sides are #Indian citizens. Because of the loss of public property & human lives would request @Shaheenbaghoff1 & others to stop the movement. This would what #MahatmaGandhi would have opted. @thewire_in @timesofindia
To all those #Indians chanting God's name & opting for stone peltting, arsoning, shooting, damaging public property etc. should bow down their heads in shame.


Those who opt are Non - Religious, Not Even Atheist & Are Against Humanity
The kind of footages revolving on #SocialMedia of yesterday's #delhivoilence should stop. As these are building more hatered among those who are for or against #CAA_NRC_NPR

Request to all, don't break the #CommunalHarmony of our beloved nation #India

@thetribunechd @NH_India
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NEWS: A hateful, divisive and dehumanising rhetoric has been unleashed on students and those protesting against the equally divisive Citizenship (Amendment) Act by our elected representatives.

India is becoming a dangerous place for peaceful protest.…
"While students and other citizens of India have largely ensured peaceful protests across the country against the #CAA, political leaders have resorted to making hateful statements about the protesters” - @Avinash_1_Kumar Executive Director of @AIIndia.
#ShaheenBagh has become the epicentre of the anti-CAA protests in the country, it has largely been led by Muslim women.

The Union Home Minister @AmitShah in a campaign rally asked the audience to “press the button with such anger that the current is felt at Shaheen Bagh”.
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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Not everyone enters Politics or Social Work to be Politically Correct. Sadhvi Pragya is one of them. Her calling Godse a Patriot may be Politically Incorrect, but not a wrong statement.
Those who want to pretend to be holier than thou wrt Gandhiji & Godse fall into 4 categories & I have some questions for them:
Have you followed Gandhiji’s footsteps wrt:
Washing common toilets to prove that no work is small.

Eating food at the house of a slum dweller to prove that untouchability is a curse.
Wear only simple, one-toned or white Khadi cloth throughout your life.
Protest against the Establishment levying unjust taxes.
Drunk goat milk to prevent Gou-Mata from being exploited.
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🇮🇳 ¿Cual fue la relación entre #MahatmaGandhi y el fútbol? 🤔

#Gandhi150 Image
#Ghandi vio en el fútbol una herramienta para concientizar al pueblo de la necesidad de combatir de forma pacífica por la igualdad de derechos y por las injusticias del sistema de castas. Image
En Sudáfrica fundó 3 equipos de fútbol (en Durbin, Pretoria y Johannesburgo), en dónde buscó aplicar su pensamiento. A todos les puso el nombre de "Resistentes pasivos".

#Gandhi150 Image
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Named after #MahatmaGandhi, the #MGNREGA, one of the largest #publicworks programme in the world, came about because of inadequate govt schemes that weren't meeting the demand for #rural #employment.… Image
Recognizing there was persistent #unemployment in rural areas – and no #SocialSecurity mechanism for the #poor, the #MGNREGA aims to provide #wage #employment to poor #rural households, strengthen rural #livelihoods, and ensure #socialinclusion. #GandhiAt150
The Act guarantees that state govts will set up schemes to provide no less than 100 days of #employment in one financial year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual #work.
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