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10 Sep 19
I want to write a long twitter thread about this tweet from @techvsterrorism (which is funded by @Google @Microsoft @Facebook and @Telefonicahighly) and is misleading and misrepresenting the value of FOSS in a self-proclaimed purpose of battling tech against terrorism. (1/15)
Both @Google and @Microsoft have been utilizing open-source software for the developement of their products. Althoug historically against FOSS, @microsoft acquired @github in 2018 - the beacon of open source and @google "believes that open source is good for everyone".(2/15)
This post misrepresents what FOSS is in a scaremongering way: That because people can establish social networks through decentralised platforms, with no central authority and control, that will facilitate the creation of terrorist organizations.(3/15)
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6 Mar 19
1850: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen Urheberrecht auf Nachrichten durchsetzen, weil die neu eingetroffene Technologie des Telegramms ihr Geschäftsmodell ruiniert. Es wird abgelehnt. 1/26
#THREAD #copyright #Artikel11 #saveyourinternet
1886: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen, dass Nachrichten in der Berner Übereinkunft urheberrechtlich geschützt werden. Es wird abgelehnt, und eine Urheberrechtsausnahme für Nachrichten wird etabliert. 2/26
#copyright #Artikel11 #saveyourinternet
1908: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen beim Berliner Treffen für die Berner Übereinkunft die Möglichkeit der Reproduktion von Nachrichten durch das Urheberrecht einschränken. Es wird abgelehnt, da das Urheberrecht nur für kreative Schöpfungen gilt. 3/26
#copyright #Artikel11
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4 Mar 19
1850: German Press publishers want #copyright of news because the newly arrived technology of the telegram is ruining their business model. It is rejected. THREAD 1/26
1886: German Press Publishers want news to be covered by copyright in the Berne convention. It is rejected, and Ccopyright exception for news is established. 2/26
1908: German Press Publishers want to limit the possibility of reproduction of news by #copyright in the Berlin meeting for the Berne convention. It is rejected, as copyright is intended for inherently creative production. 3/26
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