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15 Apr

I have seen a lot of people asking why people on ODSP or OW should be eligible for CERB. The argument seems to be "Their situation hasn't changed, so why do they need more money?"
Quick non-COVID related background: OW and ODSP are not indexed to inflation. So people using those programs have effectively been given a pay cut every year, for decades. Because even years that rates have been raised, it is never enough to get caught up on inflation.
Using the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator, OW rates need to be raised by 44% (to $12444 a year) and ODSP rates need to be raised by 56% (to $17488 a year) in order to be the equivalent to what they were in 1993 <--- !!!
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24 Dec 19
Celebrating Adele's weight loss is a garbage thing to do for a million reasons. Here are two:

1. It tells your fat friends you think their bodies are a problem to be solved.

2. The weight loss could be the result of physical or mental health struggles. Weird to cheer about!
I had a nervous breakdown two years ago and was unable to eat. My heart was constantly racing to the point where my Fitbit tracked me doing 15 hours of cardio on a day I didn't leave my bed. I lost over 20% my body weight in four months.
If people saw a picture of me before and after, probably they'd think the after version was healthier (and some kind of achievement). In reality, this illness did lasting damage to my digestive system that I need to have a camera down my throat next month to assess.
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10 Oct 19

“Holly was single this summer and able to devote all her energy toward herself."

"It was hard to get a good picture her out of the water, because she was a submarine for the entire month. She didn't stop fishing, except to dig a belly hole big enough to sleep in."
This whole campaign is so effing brilliant. Nearly 200K votes were cast!
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7 Oct 19
A thread:

ATTENTION PROGRESSIVE MEN. No one has been more critical of Elizabeth May's stance on abortion than I have. But reproductive justice is under attack all the time, and Elizabeth May is hardly the reason that access is as limited as it already is.

#Elexn43 #cdnpoli
The abortion apologist nonsense Elizabeth May spouts is completely toxic and absolutely enables attitudes that result in limiting reproductive rights. Do not attempt to mansplain this to me.
But if the only time you post about this issue is during elections, and if you primarily target those posts at the party that is the biggest threat to the party you support*, it honestly doesn't feel to me like you care very much about this issue.

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2 Oct 19
@TheBirdsPapaya I'm in love with what you are doing on Instagram. Can I send you some of our non-alcoholic cocktails as thanks? Zero expectations, I'd just like you to have them! Here is our menu! (email and I'll hook you up!)
@TheBirdsPapaya I know you are more of an Instagram gal, so here is my Instagram!
And here is the Instagram of my company!…
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27 Sep 19
It's been a while since I checked what Twitter lists I'm on, and:
Also I am 33% of the members on the list "CELEBS WHO CARE."
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20 Sep 19
[#elxn43 Thread] Sincere question for those who insist on replying to every critical post about Justin Trudeau's brown/blackface with an assertion that Andrew Scheer is worse: 1. Do you actually think we don't know this?
2. What is it that you think we should do instead? Ignore it? Not discuss its impact or implications at all? Pretend it didn't happen? Look past the pain it has caused, because someone else is worse? #elxn43
Here's the thing! You can be critical of what he did, and still vote Liberal! It's so intellectually dishonest to pretend otherwise! #elxn43
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19 Sep 19
There is a timeline document about the history of Blackface in Canada. Montreal, 1850:…
I admit I didn't know any of this!
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19 Sep 19
Cool. I am expected to use @BeaconCBT for mental health support at work, despite their useless response to my flagging that it's irresponsible and triggering that their online intake has a required question about weight. They won't help me unless I tell them what I weigh? Brutal.
@BeaconCBT Oh cool it looks like the CEO supports the recent massive cuts to provincial mental health support systems.

@BeaconCBT Oh my actual god. So I completed @BeaconCBT's online assessment honestly (except for saying I weighed 11 pounds).
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9 Sep 19
Okay I am filling out a self-assessment tool in order to access something called @BeaconCBT, which I get through my work. Please join me on what is apparently going to be a half-hour journey.
Whoooo boy I don't think 256 characters is gonna be enough space to answer this.
I feel like "Mental health problems" is a super weird phrase to encounter in a counselling context?
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6 Sep 19
Hi I accidentally looked at shelter kittens in Edmonton. Sorry, but now someone has to adopt this perfect creature. I don't make the rules.…
Also ... surprise! Haritha and I adopted this equally perfect cinnamon bun. We pick her up Saturday.
I got Sam thirteen years ago, so that Zoe wouldn't be alone while I was at work. Then Zoe got cranky and old, so I got Leo for Sam to hang out with. Now we are getting this little gal, so Leo has a playmate again (he really misses Sam).

Getting cats for my cats since 2006!
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1 Sep 19
As I shared a few days ago, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost poor sweet Sam -- our giant Maine Coon -- to heart failure last week. Everything about this is crushing. We're devastated, Leo is bereft without his best friend, and the last week of Sam's life cost about $2K.
If anyone needs (or knows anyone who needs) either freelance comms support or an order of non-alcoholic cocktails, please keep us in mind!
Looking for someone to take writing assignments who can turn things around quite quickly? Here is my online portfolio!
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29 Aug 19
"Not interested in a paying situation."
Oh wow this dude has already "written" "books".
This is him.
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25 Aug 19
That article about 66K vacant homes in Toronto sort of blames it on Airbnb. But the research it's based on shows there are 31K Airbnb vacancies in all of Canada, about 5K of which are in Toronto. 5K is a lot, but why are those other 60K places vacant? Why is the focus on Airbnb?
Here is the Narcity article:…
Here is the study they pulled from:…
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23 Aug 19
Yes @lilitmarcus!! She is gonna get so much pushback for this but she is 100% right. <3 <3 <3
If you want to check out some amazing ASL interpretations of hip hop, check out this guy:
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22 Aug 19
This analysis is chilling:

"Male anger tends to be rooted not in frustration over tasks and responsibilities, but in a longing for love, fun, meaning, and a desire for a deeper connection with their partner.…
"Not the boiling, toxic hate that leads to the ugly crimes of passion recounted in Dateline episodes."

Uh, sure. Not that type of hate. She means the other less dangerous type of hatred men feel towards women they don't think love them enough.
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6 Aug 19
Oh good lord.
So I'm like "Fine I'm curious, I will download this magazine." But I guess because they want you to get the print version in the mail, the digital version (a PDF) is aggressively useless?
Like, calm down Ray Gun.
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28 Jul 19
Hi in case anyone wondered why I started a non-alcoholic cocktail company this is why.
His tweet bummed me out, then I remembered that Toronto Food had written a glowing review of Ten Restaurant that included this bit about our drinks: "Our meal was accompanied with Temperance Cocktails. Didn't know it was possible to make a non-alcoholic drink taste that way."
This feedback means way more than hostility from Twitter randos. I also wanna say that Ten Restaurant really lives their values. Their space is fully wheelchair accessible, which is so rare for a Toronto establishment.
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27 Jul 19
Hey @ONlabour, is this legal?
p.s. It's not and @FoxandFiddle are fucking trash for treating people this way.
(I'm irrationally worried folks think that I -- who joined my first union at five years old -- might not actually know if this is illegal. I promise I do! It was a rhetorical question!)
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26 Jul 19
When I read conversations from women* who relate to that Crane Wife essay, I feel like I am so fortunate and possibly an alien. I can't imagine getting into a relationship with someone so indifferent to me? If I was anxious and unfulfilled right away, I would not stick around.
To be clear, I can understand staying in something that has gone bad, hoping it gets better again; I tried to put up with less in order to stave off my last breakup. But I don't think I've ever wanted to have fewer wants. I've never even been on a diet.
Also there is no way my friends would let me put up with an undeserving partner! Maybe that is part of the difference? I've seen so many harrowing Bunz posts from women who talk about male partners who are unaffectionate and inattentive and impatient when asked to be otherwise.
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22 Jul 19
I know it can be exhausting to be a non-drinker in this world. I've literally never had any alcohol in my life, and I literally co-founded a company to push back against the dominance of alcohol in our culture.

But I was actually floored when a customer told me this story:
Time and time again I have experienced that there are people who just cannot fucking handle it if a single person in their vicinity is not drinking alcohol. It's unreal.
Feel free to share your own experiences with this! I'm down for commiseration anytime! <3
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