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Ahead of #elxn43, I invited federal leaders to discuss the key issues of housing, transit, & opioids with me. All agreed except for Andrew Scheer. When I read his platform I knew why. It's clear to me that Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper. #cdnpoli #vanpoli
🏠On housing Andrew Scheer would move us backwards and make housing less affordable.

🚝On transit Andrew Scheer’s $18B cut to infrastructure would kill SkyTrain to UBC.

🚑On opioids Andrew Scheer would drag us back into court while more people die.

#cdnpoli #vanpoli #elxn43
To be clear: not telling people who to vote for.

But I do want to tell people in Vancouver that if you care about housing, transit and opioids – and I know most people do – Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper.

#cdnpoli #vanpoli #elxn43
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This vote splitting garbage has me LIVID.

I will vote for the person with the greatest chance of beating the Con. Period.

As for all the Singh purists, I am beyond up. Know why? Keep reading.../1
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
I started this election season truly supporting Mr. Singh. I saw a man who was passionate, articulate, charismatic. Turns out I was conned by an opportunist put in place by the NDP. They saw those traits & exploit them to save their dying party, regardless of 0 experience../2
At 1st I thought Mr Singh was very upfront & relatable. Turns out he went to an expensive private school in the states & is currently worth over $4 million. Meanwhile, he stayed silent while Scheer was attacked for misrepresenting his socioeconomic status.
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Lizzo's boys as #NDP candidates: thread

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #InItForYou
I like big boys
itty bitty boys
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Mr Trudeau,

For years, I have raised legit questions about:

- Your silence re: Rockefeller-funded activism to sabotage 🇨🇦 oil & gas

- Outside messing in 🇨🇦 elections (eg. @Leadnowca)

- Mishandling of CRA charity audits

- $US361,642 paid to @gmbutts

@JustinTrudeau #elxn43
My concern, Mr Trudeau:

I do not see how your climate plan helps protect the climate.

I do see how your policies have scared TENS OF BILLION$ away from 🇨🇦 towards 🇺🇸 where the oil industry is BOOMING.

HUGE economic pain 4 🇨🇦.
NO enviro gain 4 🌎.

@JustinTrudeau #elxn43
So far, I’ve:

- written articles in @financialpost & elsewhere
- testified to HOC & Senate Committees
- tweeted ad nauseum to @gmbutts
- even a doc:

And yet, nothing got you to address any of this.

So ...

@JustinTrudeau #elxn43
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For those that took the denials from @JustinTrudeau and @TOAdamVaughan seriously, the fact that their unofficial media wing @TorontoStar is floating this trial balloon, means it's coming. Vote wisely, they're after your nest egg. #elxn43
@JustinTrudeau @TOAdamVaughan @TorontoStar This post has taken off my response to @inklessPW on this subject. Thank you everybody. Spread this as a far as it will go. Taxing your primary residence should be the red line that can never be crossed. Let @TOAdamVaughan know what you think. #elx43
@JustinTrudeau @TOAdamVaughan @TorontoStar In case you are distracted by Liberal trolls coming here and claiming this is fake news, remember the current government amended the CRA rules in 2016 to make it mandatory to report sales of primary residences, a requirement never needed before. #elx43
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Who are the LGBTQ2 folks running in the upcoming election: What you need to know. Here are some highlights (Thread) of the work we did at @XtraMagazine over the past few months
#Elxn43 #ProudVote…
There are ~74 out LGBTQ2 candidates. 40 for the NDP, 18 for the GPC, 10 for the LPC, 4 for the CPC and 2 for the PPC (ugh). Of the 44 who completed our survey, 56.8% identified as gay, 20.5$% as bisexual or pansexual, 15.9% as lesbian, 6.8% as Two-Spirit and 36.4% as queer.
If you're sitting back saying: Wow! The Conservatives have gay candidates! Looks like they're a real big tent party! Well. No. They have four. And they're all cisgender gay men, 3/4 running in urban centers. None are expected to win. They're tokenized sacrificial lambs, sorry.
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I am so sick of people saying they can't vote Liberal over electoral reform!!!

1) it could not be done unilaterally
2) NDPP & Green broke THEIR word
3) Cons stated day 1 they would not allow reform to pass

Bigger picture, folks.
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
NDP and Greens joined with the Conservatives in 2016 to insist that a referendum was necessary 
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
#FactsMatter #BigPicture…
Right from the START Cons have viewed to block legislation
#CountryOverParty #elxn43
The Conservative Party is vowing to use any means necessary, including a Senate blockade, to keep the Liberal government from forcing through electoral-reform legislation…
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Many sites can show you who the best strategic vote is ie

Unless you are a wealthy straight white Christian male you WILL be negatively affected by a Con govt
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
A thread on Andrew Scheer's Statement of Life (2017) where he lays out his ideas about women's health, dying with dignity, LGBTQ, etc #elxn43 #CountryOverParty
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As I ponder last-minute Thanksgiving dinner preps, I consider how much Canadians have to be thankful for and the risk our hitherto successful nation faces, a risk that IMHO began in AB, which has an American outlook for historical and oil industry reasons. /2 #cdnpoli #elxn43
2/ Very gradually, an AB Reform movement got going and various pro-Reform Conservative "think tanks" were established to boost AB's oil fortunes. Jason Kenney's bunker fantasies notwithstanding, a lot of pro-oil/Conservative money sloshed into Canada, mainly from the US. /3
3/ A concerted effort has been made to shift Canada to the right - with the help of a concentrated corporate/American hedge-fund media - and now the oil industry is absolutely desperate to avoid having its assets stranded. SNC-L's fiduciary efforts are pitiful by comparison. /4
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Lots of speculation about who was around Mr Trudeau security wise last night. It was RCMP ERT with one Toronto ETF member working with the team. They can do close protection when required. They’re always around but you very rarely see them in the protection box #cdnpoli #elxn43
lots of folks see green and assume JTF2 - their uniforms when they actually wear them look quite different and they do protection overseas not in Canada. ERT has plenty of vets serving but are not military, they’re highly trained tactical police officers #cdnpoli #Elxn43
I was confused by the button up shirts and logos on the uniforms at first - different from what I’ve seen before. Multiple security sources say they are ERT. There is a national program crest but also divisional ERT crests. That’s the O Division ERT crest #cdnpoli #elxn43
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A Deep Dive into The Federal Conservative Party 1/10 #cdnelxn2019 #CDNvote2019 #cdnmedia #cdnpolil #elxn43
Mr. Scheer appears to have humoured an extremist who wished to charge the Prime Minister with treason. It should be noted that Trudeau now has to wear a bullet-proof vest because of people like this. 2/10 #cdnelxn2019 #CDNvote2019 #cdnmedia #cdnpolil
Scheer and other Conservative MPs also defended a Quebec woman attacking non-white immigrants. 3/10 #cdnelxn2019 #CDNvote2019 #cdnmedia #cdnpolil #elxn43
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In July, the @CPC_HQ began a 100 Day countdown: #100Days100Fails.

Since July, myself & others have been calling out the countdown on a daily basis.

You can find @AndrewScheer's #100Days100Lies threaded below.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #CanadaVotes #canadavotes2019
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer PREFACE: The early fact-checking threads can be on the lighter side, but as the days crawled on, they do become more detailed, if you can bear with me 🤘
@CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer Day 1/#100Days100Lies

The CPC confuses a 73% tax rate applied to investment income paid out from a corp to a business owner’s personal account w a tax hike.

Tax on $$ reinvested in the company is unchanged.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #FactsMatter

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Smart to take my advice. @CBC

Too late!! you have forever harmed PUBLIC reputation of @RosieBarton as journalist.

See: 10 part thread

CBC -By removing journalists you’ve admitted Rosemary Barton is in conflict and must recuse herself ASAP from #elxn43
2/ here a better photo of @cbc reversal and now will remove @RosieBarton as a NAMED PLAINTIFF to this specious biased claim.

I’m blocked by @RosieBarton so a follower sent this found reversal on rosemary site.

The reversal only proves me right.

It’s an admission by CBC.
1. @RosieBarton @cbc were smart to take my advice
2. Too late - the damage done. Rosemary reputation irreparable damaged.
3. @RosieBarton ONLY recourse now is to sue @cbc for negligently including her as a plaintiff
4. If Rosemary doesn’t sue CBC it’s an admission of BIAS
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What a JOKE!

Only in Canada can RCMP ‘suspend’ criminal investigation of most serious crime #ObstructionOfJustice by #TrudeauCorruption

But Public funded independent @CBC starts specious lawsuit DURING last days. #elxn43

2/ there is absolutely NO NEED to make @RosieBarton as a PLANTIFF

She is a national anchor— a debate monitor l!!

@cbc is not even pretending that it’s not biased.

This case is irrelevant and will not succeed BUT DOES IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO @CBCTheNational AND @CBC

3/ @CBCTheNational @cbc what benefit is this lawsuit vs. The damage you do to your brand?

Clear liberal bias us demonstrated— particularly by gratuitously including News Anchor and debate moderator @RosieBarton as plaintiff.

This is further clear evidence of systematic bias.
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This is worth sharing again. Parties tend to play on our emotions when vying for our votes but #FactsMatter

The link in the tweet below provides an non-partisan analysis of the Trudeau govt's performance vs it's 2015 campaign promises. #cdnpoli #elxn43
It's also worth noting that the Cdn economy is doing great, with decades low unemployment and wages on the rise. #cdnpoli #FactsMatter #ELXN43…
Notwithstanding what the Conservatives tell us, Canada is well-regarded on the world stage.…
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Anti Democracy.

Trudeau believes a UK democratic referendum, where British people CHOSE to leave EU is a "right wing policy".

If that's not enough to convince you to vote him out I don't know what is.

OCT 11-14

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo
🇨🇦 Advanced Voting & Registration:

***NB: If you are a Canadian citizen you can register at advanced voting booths with ID! ***

Details in tweets/links below.

Oct 11th-14th

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #TrudeauMustGo #GoVote…
🇨🇦 You must register to vote by Tuesday Oct 15th!

**NB**: If you don't have your voter info card yet you can register at advanced voting booths or Elections Canada offices.


Friday October 11 - Monday October 14
9am - 9pm…

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It is uncanny how the 2019 Canadian Federal Election seems to be like the 1972 one. 1/7 #cdnpoli #polqc #elxn43
4 years after Trudeaumania swept over Canada, the love affair with Canadian had evaporated and Trudeau faced a tough election battle. 2/7
The Conservatives were led by a man regularly attacked for being boring. The NDP was led by the first leader from a religious minority (non-Christian). 3/7
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Updated deficit projections for each party.

I used the announced platform for NDP/LPC/GPC. For CPC, I used @PBO_DPB baseline + *all* their costed announcements so far.

Google doc here.…
@PBO_DPB Some caveats:

* I didn't use the 'contingency fund' for the NDP, because it's not expenditure.

* LPC and NDP don't report 2024-25 numbers. I think that's fine--it's outside #elxn43's mandate.
@PBO_DPB Note:

The NDP deficits from 20-21 to 23-24 total $17.2B *less* than the CPC.

CPC are bigger borrowers than NDP, from what we know so far.

The one party that goes on and on about 'large deficits' is bringing in bigger deficits than the NDP. Go figure.

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1/ Canadians should note that some Christian Right (CR) "personalities" like Faytene Grasseschi are actively informing people on how to vote. She believes that Scheer's CPC has the best chances of passing bills aligned with the CR's conservative values.

2/ As part of her effort to help mobilize voters, Grasseschi has also created a website with information "for people who want to ensure great (pro-life, pro-family & pro-freedom) candidates are elected in this year's federal election."


3/ On her website, Grasseschi provides links to "training sessions" for volunteers who want to help get the vote out for pro-life candidates. Remember, the Christian Right has the ability to mobilize people who share its values; it exhibits strong organizational skills. #elxn43
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The second French-language Quebec debate is underway.

For those of you in Alberta who aren't watching, I'll provide some commentary.

The first question is on Climate Change (of course).

Justin Trudeau says "we need to stand up to oil barons".

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Now, a second question on Climate Change, this time for May, Trudeau, and Blanchet to "debate".

Spoiler: It's not really a debate.

The only thing they disagree on is how *quickly* they would destroy Alberta's economy.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Moderator asks Trudeau whether he would force Quebec to allow a pipeline.

Trudeau says a lot of words, but he doesn't answer yes or no.

Blanchet says Quebec doesn't want a pipeline.

#elxn43 #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
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1) Let’s have a quick look at who has power and influence at the UN. Power and influence in creating cookie cutter policy under the unsda, a global redistribution of wealth scheme meant to suck as much wealth from the west as possible.
2) The UN is made up of 195 countries. Within that group of countries are voting blocks and blocks of influence. One block, the largest, is the G77, made up of 133 countries. None of them are western nations. Within that power block, is the most influential sub-block...
3) 56+1 Islamic countries. The OIC. Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Motto: "the collective voice of the Muslim world to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony".
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I heard about this nonsensical facebook event the CPC are holding before the debate today. They are trying to fan the flames of that unsubstantiated rumour propped by propagandists .@jamesdifiore, other right-wing trolls, etc.

Expect the troll and bot army to trend nonsense.
Here is evidence that it was fake and pushed by the GOP/Rebel propaganda army and helped along by morons. Hamish is hard at work.

#cdnpoli #ScheerLies #elxn43……

Another piece from the Star, where propagandist @jamesdifiore again makes an appearance.

Don't fall for these dirty politics or these political operatives trying to elect Harper Lite and the CPC through nonsense and lies.

#cdnpoli #elxn43
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Not going to bother debunking this because other folks have already done that, but let's talk about the optics for a second and how that plays into narratives about how Alberta see themselves.

Notice how workers of colour are largely relegated to the side or background? #ableg
The "Nice White Kids"(TM), like Connor who's fistbumping Kenney, get to appear in their slick supervisory uniforms, which is precisely how white Albertan parents see their kids: clean-vut promoted, etc. even though McDonald's franchisees happily exploit workers of colour. #ableg
McDonald's loves the Temporary Foreign Worker program. (See here:…,…)

It expliticly allows franchisees to "utilize this federal program" (…).

Work permits under the program are tied to the employer. #ableg
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The problem is Judy that 1) you did not treat the #blackface issue with seriousness or sensitivity. You got your ass handed to you and then decided to put out a statement.
2) You felt ok to publicly state that “the community” accepts this because your leader, the PM, did not use the opportunity to raise the consciousness of Canadians about #blackface and tell people who need to learn about it, why it was wrong in the first place
3) Most candidates hoped the issue would just disappear, and instead of showing your mettle and challenging the PM to do better, and telling Canadians what he will do to be held accountable for his behaviour, most of y’all stayed silent
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