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13 Nov
COP26 President Alok Sharma cites three outstanding issues that the Glasgow outcome aims to solve:
Common timeframes, the enhanced transparency framework, and Article 6 #cop26
to meet again this afternoon for final closing plenary after a short adjournment to finalise the remaining text. "we do want to conclude this COP this afternoon," says #cop26 president Alok Sharma.
several parties want to make interventions, but Mr Sharma asks them to hold it; "I think the time for the general statements are over. and I say that very respectfully." But Guinea is speaking now.
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12 Nov
JUST IN: Singapore signs #cop26 anti deforestation pledge
I wondered why Singapore was not among signatories when I wrote the first story on Nov 2 at #cop26. Posed this question to the authorities, and glad to see Singapore doing so now. More in this story:…
Let’s be clear that this is merely symbolic. As other experts have pointed out, there is no embedded mechanism for accountability. Countries can interpret this in any way they want. But in my opinion, pledges like this give citizens the ability to hold their leaders to their word
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12 Nov
It’s Friday! Will those at #cop26 have to change their plans for onward travel? As we wait for answers, here’s a thread on key issues at the conference, what they mean and why they’re important.

First up: #finance. @SandeepChamling shares his insights.…
Second: #transparency at COP26

@mel_yseali wrote a great piece for our Science Talk section in @straits_times on why this is important. This was written before COP but still shaping up to be a rather tetchy issue……
More explainers to come on! But as we work on those, here’s an overview of other outstanding issues that remain on the table at #cop26:…
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11 Nov
Egypt will host #cop27
Egyptian Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad says at #cop26 that COP27 will be an African COP. “We hope that we can make a breakthrough on priority areas… such as climate finance, adaptation, loss and damage to go along with the progress on mitigation efforts…”
COP27 will be in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh
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9 Aug
What does the latest @IPCC_CH means for Singapore?…

TL;DR? The report examines how global climate will change w the amt of heat-trapping emissions in the atmosphere. But diff places experience impacts differently.
Singapore is keeping an eye out for a # of indicators that affect lives and infra here.

1) HEAT. We all know it’s alr hot; and warming here (1.8 deg C) is alr higher than global average (1.1 deg C) coz of urbanisation. And the @MetServiceSG says it’s likely to get worse.
Of course, we’re trying a few things to mitigate this; like planting trees everywhere and trying cool paint on some public housing blocks.…
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