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How does the Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change think about the intersection of culture, heritage, climate science & #ClimateAction? Some highlights of Dr Hoesung Lee's remarks at the 6 Dec launch of the @IPCC_CH co-sponsored #ICSMCHC
'For the first time in @IPCC_CH's history, we are bringing together, in one forum, scientists & experts from the culture and heritage community and those working on climate change science" - Dr Hoseung Lee, #IPCC Chair at #ICSMCHC 2021
'Not only is the #ICSMCHC a historical meeting but it's a historical opportunity to explore & deepen our collective knowledge &understanding of how climate change impacts culture & heritage &how these can enlighten our pathways to possible solutions in tackling climate change' 3/
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Excellent review of #COP26. Sees through the illusion of US as climate leader. Very understanding of India's position. An excellent,nuanced, parsing of the coal para in the decision and the goings on of the plenary.
Highlights India's role, close to my own personal reading.
Notes the importance of PM Modi's early announcements and the eloquent articulation of India's Env Minister @byadavbjp at the closing plenary of the equity dimension and why developing countries still need fossil fuels.
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An interesting analysis of American misinformation, inside the U.S. wrt to China's investment policy in Africa.

If the U.S. and EU would just compete for African investment opportunities, they might not be losing, and Africa would benefit.

Whenever I discuss Africa's circumstances wrt the US and EU, the reflexive response is almost always "but Africa is being colonised by China with debt".

This video, like most @BTnewsroom reports, places things in historical and contemporary news context.
In Greece, which is part of Europe, China has been steadily investing in the port of Pireaus (see report below).

It did so initially during the Euro Crisis 2014-2015, which was caused, in part, by financial warfare by speculators against the Euro.…
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#Espace - Les bonnes raisons d'y aller
🌿À l'heure de la #COP26, pourquoi dépenser de l'énergie et des finances pour aller dans l'espace. #Thread de quelques éléments de réponses du côté optimiste de la force 🤞
#espace #écologie #spacegeek Space final frontier - illustration Elite Dangerous
1. Pour trouver notre place dans l'#univers, #explorer, #rêver.
Historiquement, l'observation des étoiles a interrogé, fait rêver. Domaine des dieux, sphère céleste, on étudie le ciel nocturne et l'évolution de soleil en journée qui rythme les vies.
#astronomie #histoire #Science
🔭Les #philosophes déblayant les principes de la mécanique céleste posent les bases de l'#astronomie moderne, s'égarant parfois dans des interprétations erronées. Les briques sont posées et ainsi naîtra les #science, #physique, #astrologie, ...
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Now that #COP26 is over, what kind of momentum do we need in 2022 to drive real emissions reductions and bring 1.5°C back from the edge?  A 🧵 - and a blog
Our new rating system allows us to look at who needs to do what. First, a major overhaul of #NDCs, a number of which fall short of what's fair & needed to be in line w 1.5˚C. Some didn't increase ambition at all: here's looking at you, Australia 🇦🇺 Brazil 🇧🇷 Mexico🇲🇽 Russia 🇷🇺 /2
Targets: Some have increased ambition but need to go further - particularly Canada 🇨🇦  EU 🇪🇺 Japan 🇯🇵 Norway 🇳🇴 Switzerland 🇨🇭 and US 🇺🇸. Both China 🇨🇳 India 🇮🇳  are already set to meet their (weak) announced or submitted targets /3
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Pemerintah telah menawarkan Pulau Biak di Papua, kepada CEO Tesla, Elon Musk agar dimanfaatkan sebagai landasan peluncuran roket SpaceX.

Penawaran itu bermula dari perbincangan Jokowi dengan Elon Musk melalui telepon pada 11 Desember 2020.

@GreenpeaceID @Greenpeace Image
Saat itu, Jokowi dan Elon Musk membahas peluang investasi Tesla di Indonesia.

Musk belum berkomitmen untuk menyepakati atau mengomentarinya secara terbuka.
Namun, kemungkinan keterlibatannya telah memicu kesibukan pejabat-pejabat Biak untuk mempromosikan lokasi tersebut, serta penolakan dari masyarakat adat pulau itu.
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Here's our assessment of #COP26 and the Glasgow Climate Pact.…

We've taken a global outlook and considered the implications for the UK.

After Glasgow, there are important new considerations for UK climate policy. The UK must not walk away now.
COP26 is clearly a step forward. Equally clearly, it didn't halt climate change.

A realistic assessment is that the UN process is making progress, but not enough (yet). How far COP26 can be considered a success depends on actions in the next year and beyond, in response to it.
The key metric of progress is expected warming. Prior to Paris (2015) there was expected warming of 3.6°C. After Glasgow the expected temperature rise is around 2.7°C. Views will vary on whether that is good progress.

But, crucially, lower temp outcomes are now in reach.
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The world is set to add more renewable power capacity in 2021 than ever before

The record-breaking additions of 290 GW of solar, wind & other renewables are yet another sign that A New Global Energy Economy is emerging

Find out more in @IEA's new report:
We expect renewables to account for almost 95% of the growth in global power capacity through 2026, with solar PV alone providing more than half

This is driven by stronger support from policies & more ambitious pledges made going into #COP26

Read more:
India is set for the fastest rate of renewable capacity growth among major economies in the next 5 years, doubling additions versus 2015-2020

This supports 🇮🇳’s new goal of 500 GW of renewable capacity by 2030 & highlights its potential to accelerate its clean energy transition
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Extraordinary scenes in Seanad on deeply flawed Horticultural #Peat Bill. On top of exemption from #planning , the bill stayed enforcement action & disregarded unlawful extraction & more putting us clearly in breach of EU law - key parts of their #PeatBill NOT highlighted🤔& 👇
- #Peatbill didn't even bother to provide properly for allocation of all the assessments required by EU law. Talk about giving #falsehope to those impacted by the successive failures! U simply can't stick ur head in the bog when it comes to EU law - at least u shouldn't but 😱👇
What @reginadoherty described as "a foolish legal action" added insult to injury to our National Courts who rightly upheld the challenge . The #PeatBill added further insult and disregard to the EU Court of Justice's rulings.
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Remember that the timing of this USIP briefing coincides with the Ethiopian airstrikes in Mekelle, and fighting over Dessie and Kombulcha. Three days later the UNSC finally managed to agree on a press statement about the conflict >>>….
And another 3 days later on November 8th there was another UNSC meeting on "peace and security in Africa", with a briefing from AU High Representative for the HoA former Nigerian President @OluObasanjo1 who had recently spoken to both the TPLF and the GoE.…
@OluObasanjo1 Under questioning from USIP President Lise Grande, Feltman outlines what appears to be a more conciliatory approach to the U.S. He talks about the U.S. playing a low key role in the peace efforts and encouraging the AU to take the lead.
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Today's thread is a tale of two (Feltman) briefings. The first of which was hosted by the USIP on Nov 2nd in Washington.

This briefing - which many will be familiar with - took place on the 2nd day of the COP26 world leaders summit in Glasgow.
The timing was also:
- One month after Feltman visited Sudan in the first of two failed attempts to stop the coup there.
- One month after US Climate Envoy John Kerry annouced a decision made in Sept. for Egypt to host #cop27
- A week and a day after the Coup in Sudan.
In the USIP briefing Feltman read, very emotionally, a prepared statement, one which covers a lot of ground, and which contains much of the bluster which we have come to expect from U.S. imperial declarations.
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The @CrisisGroup has three new podcasts on The Horn podcast about the unfolding crisis in Ethiopia.

The latest one is pretty terrible. Another elderly British colonial era academic Christopher Clapham, attempts to reframe Ethiopian history, and fails.…
Unfortunately like many other elderly Western Academic commentators with a historic perspective, he lacks any understanding or insight about the current situation in Ethiopia, especially wrt the period since the Qeroo revolution.
The Clapham IV was dated Nov. 17th Next up we have @wdavison10 talking on Nov 9th.…
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EXTRAORDINARY PUSHBACK BY INDIA ON COP26 PRESSURE TACTICS -- PM Modi refers to attempts to hijack the climate agenda by the "colonial mindset". @bforboseman @nit_set @n_thanki @chilledasad100 @JMauskar @KevinClimate @doreenstabinsky @TheBTI @vijramachandran @3rdworldnetwork
See video available at (regrettably only in Hindi without translation) - from 1:09:00 to 1:16:00 -significant even for the length of the intervention on the importance of development for India.
The speech notes that the developed world has emitted about 15 times more than India in absolute and per capita cumulative emissions (from 1850 till today). Also notes that US + EU have emitted 11 times more in absolute cumulative and 20 more in per capita cumulative emissions.
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Welcome to Steart, a little bit of Britain that is fighting to keep its head above water

The only way to access the tiny Somerset village is via a single narrow country lane – one day, the only way out may be by boat

Residents know climate change is not some distant problem – rising sea levels and heavy downpours regularly bring the issue to their doorstep

Locals remember the sea wall being breached, damaging homes and killing farm animals

The @WWTworldwide, supported by the #TimesChristmasAppeal, found a way to fight water with water

Marshland once covered huge areas of Britain, soaking up rainfall and flooding. As the climate changes, their protective powers are needed more than ever…
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Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele briefing the media on the outcome of Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday #postcabinetbriefing
Cabinet has expressed concern on the safety of children with high incidences of kidnapping #postcabinetbriefing
Cabinet says is pleased that over 260 000 people vaccinated during the second Vooma Vaccination Weekend held countrywide from 12 to 14 November 2021 #postcabinetbriefing
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#EuropeChats Episode 7⃣ premieres at 09:30 via @YouTube ! Join us LIVE to discuss #EU-Canada relations with 🇨🇦 Ambassador to 🇪🇺 @Ailish_Campbell

@AspenInstitute @Canada2EU @CanadaUE

🔴 And we are live! Join us over on @YouTube NOW for #EuropeChats episode 7⃣

@AspenInstitute @Canada2EU @CanadaUE

We have another special guest today: @Ailish_Campbell, Canadian Ambassador to the EU, to discuss EU-Canada relations. 🇨🇦 🇪🇺

@AspenInstitute @Canada2EU @CanadaUE

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Talk on “Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive” at #COP26 was not recorded. But here is a summary of the talk and discussion after. A thread. @tjayaraman @nit_set @JMauskar @rishpardikar @3rdworldnetwork @bforboseman @Peters_Glen @KevinClimate @moefcc @HarryWinkler
1/n A reminder of why CBDR. Why Articles 3.1, 4.3-4.7? Where were we in 1990? 71% of emissions by 18% of global population in developed countries. Situation has not changed much between 1991 and 2019, except perhaps for China.
2/n Historical emissions responsible for 1.1 deg. C warming already. Over 2/3rds of the temperature target already gone. COP decision acknowledges this. But who is responsible? Net-zero calls miss the real story.
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🔴#Ahora inicia la #ConferenciaPresidente, hoy toca el turno de las #MentirasDeLaSemana y se dedica el resto del tiempo a preguntas de los reporteros asistentes

Aquí la transmisión 📺…
Señalan al @washingtonpost por decir que México defendió el uso del carbón en la #COP26, @_LizVilchis reseña una nota de ese medio como alarmista almcomparar el uso del carbón para generación eléctrica con otras naciones
También critica un par de notas de @ElUniversal y @heraldodemexico que reportan que el @GasBienestar_MX Se vende más caro en Iztapalapa, según dice @_LizVilchis, son falsas

También la noticia falsa sobre la renuncia de Jorge Alcocer, titular de @SSalud_mx
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come a suo tempo la compagna #fornero, anche #aloksharma con le sue lacrime di coccodrillo ha cercato di camuffare il fallimento di #cop26 dietro a un po' di sentimentalismo spicciolo 1/19
già due volte ministro del pessimo governo May, #aloksharma, secondo il Guardian’s Polluters Project che monitora le posizioni dei parlamentari inglesi in tema ambientale, ha votato contro le principali iniziative in tema di lotta ai cambiamenti climatici 11 volte su 13 2/19
è anche famoso per essersi opposto a quel disastro ambientale che è l'ampliamento di #heatrow fino a quando c'era da raccogliere voti, per poi cambiare idea una volta eletto dicendo che "sono gli uomini di affari di Londra che ce lo chiedono" 3/19
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At #COP26, @miaamormottley led the charge for the scale of climate financing we need, calling for a new allocation of $500 billion per annum in Special Drawing Rights over 20 years.

This thread explains how this fits with other 'asks', especially for developing countries.
First, we must recognise that climate mitigation, adaptation and loss + damage are 3 different things requiring 3 different funding mechanisms for 3 distinct outcomes.
1️⃣ Loss + Damage

A country that has just experienced a loss of 226% of GDP from a hurricane like Dominica in 2017 cannot take on debt to finance loss + damage. They need grants to offset loss + damage that is becoming more frequent + extreme as global warming worsens.
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Yesterday Woodside told the ASX it had reached Final Investment Decision to open up the Scarborough offshore gas field - part of the most climate-polluting project ever proposed in Australia. It's a big deal and could have disastrous consequences for WA and the world.
Here’s why:
Let’s start with the magnificent wildlife that is at risk. The Scott Reef complex is home to pygmy blue whales, endangered turtles and numerous other wonderful creatures, all of which are threatened by Woodside’s Scarborough project:…
Then there’s the small matter of the global climate emergency… The IEA has recommended that there should be no new gas projects at all, to give the world a chance of a safer climate. On that logic alone this mega beast should not proceed:…
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Did you raise an eyebrow when you heard confident projections during #COP26 of global warming in 2100 if we follow current policies (~2.6°C)?

Surely, surely, there must be more uncertainty?

Well, yes, we coincidentally have a new paper on that!…

A bit of background...

Some of us have been arguing there should be much more focus on scenarios that consider "where we are heading" with current policies or pledges.

This is harder to model then 'no climate policy' baselines, but it is essential!…

These current policy or NDC projections have been a mainstay of the @UNEP Emissions Gap Report & @climateactiontr.

These approaches have been based on statistical matching with existing scenario databases.

We wanted to used models to extend 2030 policies & pledges to 2100.

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Boris Johnson has been caught not wearing a mask, again, this time on a crowded train.

Why does our PM keep forgetting to wear a mask? 😷

🧵 Image
The prime minister was seen talking to passengers on a packed Manchester to Warrington service on Thursday afternoon.

Boris Johnson has been caught defying his government’s own advice by not wearing a mask in a crowded space...
...just one day after he apologised for not covering his face during a hospital visit.

On Wednesday — reacting to pictures of him greeting hospital staff while unmasked — he had insisted:

‘I wear a mask wherever the rules say I should, and I urge everyone else to do the same.’ Image
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First step -- Glasgow becomes a third person actor extraneous to countries. Glasgow decided, Glasgow's success... @JMauskar @bforboseman @3rdworldnetwork @Ninad_India @KanitkarT @n_thanki #COP26…
Glasgow was necessary...Glasgow strengthened the Paris Agreement mechanism...."Glasgow clarified the ‘ambition cycle’, and this appears to have had results in the form of enhanced pledges." What??
How does this trick work? One, confuse two separate stages -- before the meeting and what the meeting decided. Before the meeting, the UK Presidency, US and EU went around "persuading". Global media campaign, etc. Glasgow had nothing to do with it!! Countries provide pledges.
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