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1. Interested about 🐤’r “Moments”? Who’s the 🎯❓
Great article end of thread-
🚨Take always from article below🚨👇👇👇
- 🐤’r 🚩’s POTUS’s 🐤 RE: 📮-In-Ballots #ElectionInterference #ElectionFraud
Let’s move on to what “Actual Fact ✅’s have to say about this...
2. “Actual Fact-✅’s” (not 🐤’r) say:👇👇👇
*🐤’s NOT fact-✅’d, don’t label 🐤’s true/false- just provide hyperlinks 2️⃣ articles 2️⃣ get facts. 🐤’r uses “Moments” - from media outlets 🤔 #BiasedMedia
3. “Actual Fact-✅’s” (not 🐤’r) also say:👇👇👇
*No transparency readers don’t know who can be 🚩’d; Who’s responsible 4️⃣ “Moments”, how 🐤’s chosen, & is method 4️⃣ USA or WW? #transparency
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/25/2020-2…
The CFO in Crisis Mode: Modern Times Call for New Tools…
#Crisis #cfo
When models are everywhere – O’Reilly…
The science of complexity - Massey University…
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The state of Texas gave us a censored version of its $295 million contract for contact tracing. The contractor got to decide what to black out. Since we also got the unredacted version we know what they didn’t want you to see #COVID19 #transparency…
This is what the recipient of a $295m TX contract allowed the state to reveal publicly about how it proposed to ramp up the hiring of contact tracers (The state says it let the contractor, @MTX_Inc, choose what to reveal and what to censor) #COVID19
And this is what the recipient of a $295m #Texas contract for contact tracing — @MTX_Inc — did not want you to see. Shows how they plan to ramp up hiring of contact tracers
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Had a #bot troll me as I slept. Every time I post about @realDonaldTrump & his “slush” fund the #bots come out.

I wonder why 🧐?

I’m going to give it 1 more shot. Maybe People will notice now since the $ has started to flow. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Start with my pinned tweet. It outlines the $. How the Feds are leveraging the $500B “slush” fund to $5T. The Fed is assuming 95% of the risk & banks are assuming the other 5%.

@stevenmnuchin1 & #Powell got together to set guidelines for it’s distribution.
The guidelines are public for the most part but, with no oversight how do we know the guidelines are being followed to a T?

@stevenmnuchin1 is responsible for certifying the guidelines are met for the Feds to purchase corp. bonds of a particular company.
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In an attempt to have our past, present + future efforts as impactful as possible, we welcome compiling ongoing series of videos speaking 'Truth to Power' and 'Transparency is Best Disinfectant'. PLEASE SHARE. Let's roll:
(2/13) March 24: "We're not Republicans or Democrats. We're Americans and fighting for American taxpayers every single day":
(3/13) April 16: A message to President Trump in re WHO, the Global Fund, State Department under HRC and Clinton Foundation. Supporting referenced documents included below:

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When should #Schools #Reopen in the UK? This thread summarises the key points & evidence on the issue & finishes with some things the government must do before allowing schools to re-open.
On 20 March 2020, UK schools closed their gates to all but the children of essential workers and those deemed most vulnerable. This remains the case; although the gvmnt has now said that more children will return to school at the start of June.
School closures have presented a huge challenge to children, parents & policymakers. A study by @TheIFS showed that better-off children now spend 30% more time on education than poorer children & school closures will increase educational inequalities.…
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This thread is about understanding Lebanon’s #budget in few questions.
Another thread will explain #Citizen_Budget 2020.
@OpenBudgets 👇
What is the #Budget?
Article 3 of the "Public Accounting Law" defines #budget as “a legislative instrument in which national #revenues & #expenditures are estimated for the upcoming year & by which #tax collection & spending are allowed”.
State #budgets have evolved to become a tool of #foresight, #planning and #accountability based on programs and #performance assessments.
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(THREAD) @ImpactAlpha challenges #impact investors to scale up their efforts 10X. To which I say: Yes! #Investors can do more, but there’s also #policy and #civics to consider. I want to share some ways at @_BlueHaven we’re addressing the #pandemic.
1/ On the #investment side, we’re checking in with #entrepreneurs and orgs we support, helping them keep their teams intact, thinking through costs, etc. (Check out @LaurenSCochran’s conversation with @annefieldonline:
2/ Bridge loans to #impact companies can also help. We’re excited about our investment in the Open Road Alliance Fund (@openroadtweets), which offers these to orgs affected by #COVID19 all over the world.
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Over the past few weeks of #covid19 confinement - or #shelteringinplace as they say in the US - we have been able to witness (and sometimes support) a number of organizations in their move to #remotework
We believe our experience with implementing #NWoW - #futureofwork in North America - is a helpful lens in seeing both the challenges and changes organizations face when switching to #remotework... some observations:
Organizations that are technologically well-equipped for #remotework before #covid19 were obviously advantaged, but... it was much easier for organizations that were already culturally fit/ready! #orgculture
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As said in the article, I am keen to engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue on #COVID19SWEDEN, based on science... so lets explore some of the science in the points raised.… via
1. The role of #asymptomatic and #presymptomatic transmission. As previously Tweeted, there are clear examples of #asymptomatic transmission... including through non-household contact: #communitytransmission…
2. Here is a pre-print of a review which reports multiple examples:… (as always, caution with pre-prints, but the take home here is there are several published examples)
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A shocking but necessary awakening. The @KillChaindoc trailer below shows how government officials brazenly lied about the security of our computerized elections. Watch the film 4 free at starting MON. We must save ourselves. 1/
2/ “The [‘ALERTS’] legislation would require the DHS to notify both state and local officials along with specific Congressional members and any affected voters when federal agencies have identified that there has been an election system breach.”…
3/ Demand #Transparency in every aspect of how & when ballots & votes are mailed, received, sorted, transported, stored, printed, marked, counted, transmitted, and audited. Ditto as to voter registrations. Lives depend on these things being done securely & competently.
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Did they think we couldn’t handle the truth? The @KillChaindoc trailer below shows how government officials brazenly misled us about the security of America’s computerized elections. Watch the film 4 free at starting MON. 1/
“The [‘ALERTS’] legislation would require the DHS to notify both state and local officials along with specific Congressional members and any affected voters when federal agencies have identified that there has been an election system breach.” 2/…
Demand the #ALERTS legislation (or some variation thereof) to disclose voting-system breaches to the public.

Demand #HandMarkedPaperBallots

Demand #ManualAudits
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As we fight for our lives against #COVID19, we can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand re: election security. Knowledge is power, which means we shld all watch @KillChaindoc , available 4 free at starting Mon. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #Transparency
I just watched @KillChaindoc with my son today, and it’s an absolute stunner. We both loved it.
"When governments can't assess the situation & take action & correct it, that's ... when you finish the target." ~ @HarriHursti, Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections.
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Follow this thread for coverage of our SFI Flash Workshop re: #COVID19, "After the First Wave," organized by @mikha_ehl, Cris Moore, & @svscarpino — with presentations by @meyerslab, @Caroline_OF_B, @rajivatbarnard, @glenweyl, & @sdelvall.

More info:…
Some background from Lauren Ancel Meyers @meyerslab about the #epidemiology modeling community's efforts to produce #pandemic projections for the @CDC — first about #influenza and then, suddenly and with the models incomplete, pivoting to #COVID19:
Aggregate data from travel in and out of #Wuhan in early 2020. To infer the pace of the #epidemic, @meyerslab and colleagues used info on timing & location from first cases in other areas, travel volume to/from Wuhan, and gave an early doubling rate for #COVID19:
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Here was the thing with Dennis Donohue as Mayor of Salinas. He was a terrible Mayor. Even Joe Gunter, the current Mayor of #Salinas, was running around investigating Donohue for some crime or walking on crime scenes without permission.

He played fast and loose with the rules

He sent Kelly McMillin a “police officer” over to the #Salinas #Californian (it was a daily paper at the time) to threaten them with zero #transparency if they didn’t stop writing mean articles about Dennis, but more importantly, his buddy Bruce”Troll” Taylor.

Donohue made space for Bankers Casino, a future card room owned by a guy he was on the planning commish with - in a bizarre property transaction - with some deal made over dirt lots on Division St (probation was all abuzz about this, because ...)

He brought #Salinas
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Our letter @thetimes requesting government share scientific evidence behind #COVID19 #publichealth response to retain scientific/healthcare community, and public’s understanding, cooperation and trust @richardhorton1 @Dr2NisreenAlwan @devisridhar @PWGTennant @drannewilson 1/4
“It is imperative to #delay and ‘flatten’ the epidemic curve to ensure the #NHS can cope. This is particularly essential for the UK which according to OECD data, has 2.5 hospital beds per 1000 population- behind Italy (3.2), France (6.0) and the USA (2.8) #FlattenTheCurve 2/4
“There is also no clear indication that the UK’s response is being informed by the experiences of other countries in containing the spread of Covid-19” #Response #GlobalPandemic #COVID19 #lessonslearned 3/4
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In Ogun State, there is currently a programme called the Home Grown School Feeding Programme that is meant to help children do better in school by giving them balanced meals

There are some issues though

1. There is poor documentation on how food is delivered to the schools
2. Kids are fed irregularly, sometimes the kids are fed a maximum of 7 times in a 13 school week period, not withstanding that the cost of these meals are about 70 naira per kid which has very little nutritional value


We need #Transparency
3. Intense monitoring only occurs in 14 Local government areas, the rest? Not so much

There is also a discrepancy in the amount paid to the cooks vs the number of kids that are enrolled in the schools

There needs to be more #Accountability in these matters
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1/ We are opening doors to a limited amount of partners — HNW individuals, family offices & accredited investors.

If you’d like to find out how to co-invest alongside our family office & benefit from our deal-flow pipeline, get in touch by visiting
2/ Our investment philosophy:

As central banks keep interest rates artificially low, the future expected returns of stocks & bonds look to disappoint after a long bull market.

It has become increasingly important to diversify your capital with alternative opportunities.
3/ To date, direct investing was accessible to only the wealthiest individuals who had private relationships and could meet the large investment ticket sizes (amounts).

That is not the case anymore.

The alternative asset sector has become more accessible.
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As at December 2019: reports of the #OgunSchoolFeeding

1,510 schools are currently benefitting from the programme
2,861 direct jobs have been created for vendors
182,422 pupils were fed.

The question is this: Is there #Accountability and
There is poor documentation on delivery of meals to school (No register, no verification medium for cooks delivering meals)

There is discrepancy in school enrollment figures versus the amount paid to the cooks

Aggregators protein content issues.
Consistent irregular feeding of pupils (Maximum number of times school feeding occur is 7 in a 13 school week period.

Budget allocated/money allocated to each cook for the programme is sometimes unavailable

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The man who shot and killed 26 people at a church in #Texas in 2017 used guns he wouldn’t have been able to purchase if the @USAirForce had properly managed its records.

Article by @IvanPentchoukov (Thread👇)…
On 6 occasions, #Military officials failed to send Devin Kelley’s records to @FBI while the @USAirForce investigated, court-martialed, and imprisoned him for abusing his wife and stepson.
Rather than being an anomaly, the preventable failures that contributed to the massacre are a symptom of a vast problem spanning the entire federal government, according to two experts with decades of experience—Daryll Prescott and Don Lueders.
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OK - Halloween terror (West Side highway van) defendant Sayfullo Saipov hearing now before SDNY Judge Broderick, on motion to suppress:… Inner City Press will be live tweeting thread
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @FUNCA_info @nycsouthpaw @BobbyChesney @jaketapper @itvnews @theintercept Judge Vernon S. Broderick starts by asks about Rule 15 / jury selection timing, so he'll know where he'll be if issues arise. During bond hearing on accused #NorthKorea sanctions violator Virgil Griffith, he said he's headed to Nevis…
@MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive @FUNCA_info @nycsouthpaw @BobbyChesney @jaketapper @itvnews @theintercept Saipov's Federal Defender David E. Patton is complaining about what victims' families members are being told about the death penalty process.
Judge Broderick: What this filed on the docket? I don't believe it was.
Patton: Filed under seal.

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A minute ago I stopped by @TrevorFitzgibb1's timeline. Now Im back from brushing my teeth, but the puke bile is still there. He is an alleged serial abuser of women and if you accept him in the transparency movement you are non grata with me. See sources:…
With friends like this who needs enemies.…
Mr Fitzgibbon has surrounded himself with wanna be spooks, spooks and trolls. As I have stated before he, and his enabling supporters, is a danger to Mr Assange, @Wikileaks and the transparency movement as a whole. Not only that, but he has launched a vicious lawfare ...
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What else did @Comey brief B. Hussein Obama on?

Surely not what was happening regarding the Clinton Email/DNC/Wikileaks scandal?
@TrumpWarRoom and many others know the Truth.

#WeThePeople #Transparency #WWG1WGA
#SpyGate #StopTheCoup
@Comey @TrumpWarRoom "FBI analysts and Prosecutor [2] told us that Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact...

...Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account."…
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I'm going to listen to @P4AHCF Executive Director Lauren Crawford Shaver's recent talk radio interview and share some thoughts in this <THREAD>. The interview is available here:… #SinglePayerSunday
The @P4AHCF "executive director" is being interviewed about her anti-#MedicareForAll project on a Washington State radio station that features three hours of Rush Limbaugh every morning. Please note that the "executive director" is a Democrat who worked for the Hillary campaign!
@P4AHCF After the host notes @P4AHCF can be followed across social media platforms, the interview begins with some chit chat between the host and Lauren about how she is from Washington State, but is now calling in from Washington, DC! LOL.
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