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🎹Musical Director @CotWChoir the UK’s leading refugee choir 🌍 Human rights campaigner w/ @LordRRoberts 💜 @AmnestyUK Suffragette Sister 🇪🇺 /personal tweets/
Dec 28, 2021 37 tweets 7 min read
On Day 11 of illness/self-isolation & thought I'd write this up in case it helps #MedTwitter & this ongoing Omicron disaster.
13 days ago I spent 40 mins with someone who tested +ve, but despite having all the symptoms & being one of the most ill of my life, I'm still testing -ve Riddle me this Twitter....

The details:

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Sep 7, 2020 21 tweets 8 min read
I was asked what steps we are taking at rehearsals for @CotWChoir to sing together during #COVIDー19 times. I can't find the original question from @PollyRocket but here are our answers. Please feel free to share with other #choirs #musicians #musictherapists #singers (THREAD) 1. One way system to enter the building, only one person in the loos at a time. Regular anti bac etc.

2. Masks on whilst walking around the building. Can take off once in their seat. Choir members have an assigned seat and remain there (no swapping).
Dec 31, 2019 15 tweets 19 min read
#NewYearChallenge I am on the last day on not-buying-anything-I-don't-need-year and thought I'd share in case it inspires you to do the same

Two weeks before Christmas last year I watched a #DavidAttenborough show, #BluePlanet and it inspired me to take massive action

#Thread I watched the plastic floating in the oceans and wondered, with shame, how much was mine :/

I decided to do a year of not consuming.

My only rule was "not to buy anything I didn't need". This meant I could buy food, drink and basic toiletries etc.