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3 Jun
Hey let's go over some of the weapons police are using on protesters, and where they came from:
1. Rubber bullets:
-Developed by the British to suppress Irish nationalists during The Troubles
-Kill roughly 3% of the people they're used on
-The UK stopped using them decades ago…
2. Pepper Spray:
-Developed by this guy, who's kind of appalled by how it gets used now:…
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28 Mar
It's sad the California Capitol press corps has been hollowed out by years of newspaper cuts, b/c we could really use a well-sourced ticktock on wtf is going on inside the Newsom administration's COVID-19 response.
Like, he repeatedly issues executive orders whose text is at odds with how he describes those same executive orders in his press briefings. Why? What's going on inside his operation?
Why does he name-check Elon Musk every. Single. Time.?
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1 Mar
Berkeleyites just got mailed a glossy newsletter-looking thing published anonymously "by neighbors, for neighbors." Let's check some assertions, and look into the publisher 1/
There's an entire page devoted to an un-sourced argument that homeless people in Berkeley are moving here from out of state because our homeless services "can't be beat."
This ... would surprise actual homeless people in Berkeley. 2/
In fact, Berkeley's latest point-in-time homeless count finds 5% of homeless Berkeleyan were living out of state at the time they became homeless. 3/
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12 Feb
Let's review the things that happened since BART's ridership started dropping in 2014 that have nothing to do with homeless people riding the train: 1/
1. BART's raised minimum fares a cumulative 19%. (Chart from @danbrekke article here:)…
2. Gas prices plunged by almost 1/3 as fracked oil started hitting the market.
So: driving got cheaper while BARTing got priceier.…
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30 Nov 19
Apropos of a rent bad tweet I'll not amplify here, a reminder that the *most* government-subsidized form of housing in the US is... <drumroll>
the owner-occupied suburban single-family home!

Here's a thread:
1/ The government spends ~2x as much through the Mortgage Interest Deduction as it does subsidizing low-income renters through Section 8.*
*(These figures predate the Trump tax bill, which slightly lowered the MID cap)…
1b/ Guess who the MID benefits? High-income households!
That's because:
-The bigger a mortgage, the bigger the deduction (up to a cap of $750k)
-The higher your tax bracket, the more valuable the deduction
-Cheaper homes=lower mortgages=no benefit from itemizing, anyway
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25 Oct 19
If you're watching news of California's #KincadeFire from a safe place, here's what you should know, A THREAD:
1. It's looking like the fire was started by a malfunctioning jumper on a Pacific Gas and Electric transmission line.
2. (In anticipation of bad fire conditions, PG&E had shut off power to its lower-voltage distribution lines in this area, but not the transmission lines. The blackout made dealing with the fire harder.)
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18 Mar 19
So, a week from tomorrow Berkeley Council is going to vote on forcing ~200 existing homes out of the city....…
..two of three councilmembers who got endorsed by the local YIMBY group (@eb4everyone ) in the 2018 election voted for this on first reading. 2/
In letters to the City of Oakland, @eb4everyone has expressed opposition to bans on people sleeping in cars...… 3/
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1 Nov 18
Hi! I have to research, condense, and explain all the California ballot initiatives for my job. Here is a tweet-per-prop thread-guide (finance snips all from ballotpedia):
Prop 1: Borrow $4 billion to build more affordable housing.
DID YOU KNOW: By the state's estimate, we actually have a SURPLUS of housing affordable to high-income people, but massive shortages of housing for everyone else. (The market only tends to build for the top.)
P2: Allows the state to re-direct some $ earmarked for mental health services to housing for people with mental disorders
WHO'S WHERE: The official no argument comes from *one* local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Statewide NAMI *supports* it.
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1 Jun 18
Fun facts about what prop 13's contributed to our housing crisis, as Republicans celebrate its 40th anniversary (1/6)
1. It capped property taxes so low (at 1%) that it made building more housing a money-losing proposition for most local governments (because the taxes from the housing don't cover the services required by its residents)
2. That led local governments to back-fill their budgets with regressive sales taxes, court and jail fees that trap people in debt cycles after a brush with the law, and building permit fees that make new construction more expensive.
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