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Power Outage The "Real Story" Behind Historic Power Shutdown #California ...
2018 02 27 Directed Energy Weapons-
Sonoma County Board Supervisors Meeting
Infrastructure Recovery Workshop…
See ⤴ tweet.
Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed
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So, when you're grocery shopping - if you have the means - do this:
When in the store watch for people w/calculators adding up total amount in their cart (I've seen a lot of these ppl)!
Hand them $20. Tell them to buy the food they need - not what they can afford.🙏
I saw a lady do this once yesterday at Target.
She walked up to a woman and her daughter while they were adding up their cart in an aisle.
She handed her $20 and the woman grabbed her & hugged her bursting into tears.

I didn't understand most of what she was saying...
(My Spanish is rusty) - but her love came through! Her daughter looked at the lady who handed them the money and said "Mama said thank you! She didn't know what to put back! Now she doesn't have to!"

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The fire is at 76,825 acres and at **30%** containment. Kincade was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

#KincadeFire was mainly active on eastern part overnight, however, activity did remain throughout the entire fire footprint, including spot fires and flare ups (mainly eastern side). Northern part (mainly Geysers) remains hard to access making it tough to quell fire there.
#KincadeFire IAP (Incident Action Plan) for this morning expects fire to make runs in more rugged areas. Crews are hustling to take care of spot fires that pop up when an ember is cast into dry brush.
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California is still battling massive wildfires that have displaced thousands of people:

▪️ 140K people evacuated by #GettyFire and #KincadeFire

▪️ 21M people in extreme fire danger, says NWS

▪️ 43 of 58 counties experiencing "near-historic wind events"
Southern California is expecting high winds that could worsen the #GettyFire or spark new wildfires:

▪️ A rare 'extreme red flag' warning is in effect

▪️ Winds expected up to 80 miles/hour

▪️ 650+ acres now burned

▪️ Fire still only 15% contained
Northern California's #KincadeFire has burned over 75,000 acres, more than 2X the size of San Francisco:

▪️ 130K people still under evacuation orders

▪️ 1.5M people still without power

▪️ 180+ homes and buildings burned

▪️ Fire 30% contained
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The #KincadeFire started because PG&E did not repair a line they said would be repaired by April.… #CaliforniaFires #PGEshutoff #PGE #PGEoutage #Kincade
We need a full listing of all vulnerable infrastructure and the immediate placement of meteorological sensors, as used by the DWP in Los Angeles, to have a more accurate measure of where and when vulnerabilities require outages.… #PGEoutage #KincadeFire
The bankruptcy court should appoint the former PG&E engineers working with the City of San Jose as trustees to oversee the renegade utility. #CaliforniaFires #PGEshutoff #PGE #PGEoutage #KincadeFire
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The fire is at 76,138 acres and at 15% containment. Fire was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

The #KincadeFire is moving east. The fire has reached the Tubbs burn scar from two years ago. There is a Red Flag warning through 4 PM Wed. Wind gusts right now are 50 MPH near Mt. St Helena & 35 MPH near center of the fire. Humidity is very low - 6%.

#KincadeFire is erratic due to NE winds and high rates of spread are anticipated. Winds are pushing embers back west down the mountain into main burn area. Grass/Brush/Trees are critically dry meaning new fires can easily start.

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The fire is at 75,415 acres and at 15% containment. Fire was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

See thread below! Stay safe out there! 👇

You can find my evaluation of what happened overnight and wind conditions here:


124 structures have been destroyed, including 57 residential and 5 commercial
23 have been damaged, including 15 residential and 1 commercial
90,015 are threatened including 80,435 homes

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The fire is at 75,324 acres and at 15% containment. Fire was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

Many tweets to follow, so follow the thread below. 👇

#KincadeFire My report from today:
Earlier today, the SW winds helped to control the fire near Windsor and Healdsburg. However, winds shifted to the east which pushed it up the Mayacamas towards Pine Mountain and Mt. St. Helena.

The fire hopped the lines a few times, causing concern of the fire hopping over the ridge closer to Middletown (Dry Creek). Crews were able to get things back under control.

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As smoke from several wildfires blankets several areas of California, a reminder that its effects can linger for months:…
As part of an analysis we completed last year, we found that emergency room visits in CA surged several months after a previous large wildfire was extinguished.
If you're in the #BayArea, we suggest following our friends at @KQED for updates about smoke conditions near you. #KincadeFire
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1/7 Short series of posts to help you understand the satellite hotspot data that you see on fire maps. Number 1 rule: Never rely on any map to ignore an order to evacuate. If you are ordered to evacuate you need to collect any pets you have and be gone.
#KincadeFire #GettyFire
2/7 There are three satellites that collect hotspot data, 2-MODIS, 1-VIIRS. Usually any given fire will have a total of 4-6 ‘looks’ per 24 hours. It usually takes NASA ~3 hours to process the raw data before it can be seen on any map. Thus, it is *never* ‘real time’.
3/7 Satellite hotspot data on a map is almost always 3-9 hours old. <== Big reason to not rely on any map to ignore an order to evacuate. Also, the data is not perfect. A grassy area might burn and cool before the next satellite pass and never be detected as a hotspot.
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The fire is at 66,231 acres and at 5% containment. Fire was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

Long thread, so check it out below. 👇

#KincadeFire Morning Update
Red Flag warning continues through morning. Crews anticipate 40-50 MPH wind gusts throughout the evening.
Low humidity + Northeast winds = “critical fire conditions”
#KincadeFire Morning Update
Tomorrow we'll enter into another critical wind event. Here's what our NOAA meteorologist who is on the fire says: "The magnitude looks similar to when the Kincade Fire started." (That is not a good thing)

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#KincadeFire continues to rage across Sonoma County, Calif. 54,000 acres burned; 94 structures destroyed; 180,000 evacuated. Latest via @latimes:…
Historic Soda Rock winery destroyed as Kincade fire has wine country under siege.…
@latimes Two small quakes strike Sonoma County as #KincadeFire barrels toward Santa Rosa.…
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The fire is at 54,298 acres and at 5% containment. Yes, the fire declined in containment. Fire was first reported at 9:24 PM near the Geysers at a power plant on 10/23.

#KincadeFire Update
Today wind gusts were up to 75 MPH. Right now they are 40 MPH. The fire is very erratic.

When the Red Flag Warning expires tomorrow late morning we will have *24 hours* of good weather to contain this fire. Then we’ll have another major wind event.

#KincadeFire The crews were “incredible” today in protecting Windsor and that it was a big win for protecting the community and not letting the fire skip the 101.

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As of Friday morning, the #TickFire:
➡️ has jumped the 14 Freeway
➡️ has consumed nearly 4,300 acres
➡️ was 5% contained
➡️ forced 40,000 evacuations
➡️ destroyed at least six homes
➡️ threatened 15,000 homes…
As of Friday morning, the #KincadeFire:
➡️ has burned 21,900 acres
➡️ was 5% contained
➡️ has destroyed 49 structures
➡️ forced the entire town of Geyserville and vineyards in the region to evacuate…
Stay tuned to for the latest coverage.

This map shows where wildfires are burning in California right now:…
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1/12 Any reporters here? I have a story for you related to fires and all other emergencies. When a cell phone is used to call 911 the call center (PSAP) always gets "Phase 1" coordinates which is the location of the cell tower. Caller might be several miles away. #KincadeFire
2/12 The PSAP *might* get "Phase 2" coordinates and an uncertainty value (i.e. accuracy). Guess what? Those coordinates are intentionally dumbed-down compared to the coordinates the caller's phone can produce. <== No one knows this! #TickFire
3/12 Do this Google search: congress 911 glonass
The USA has a satellite constellation (GPS) and Russia has a satellite constellation (GLONASS). Starting with the iPhone 4s most cell phones use data from both sets of satellites to determine coordinates.
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If you're watching news of California's #KincadeFire from a safe place, here's what you should know, A THREAD:
1. It's looking like the fire was started by a malfunctioning jumper on a Pacific Gas and Electric transmission line.
2. (In anticipation of bad fire conditions, PG&E had shut off power to its lower-voltage distribution lines in this area, but not the transmission lines. The blackout made dealing with the fire harder.)
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Whatever the disaster, there's always someone willing to exploit it, and the #DallasTornado is no exception. (At least) nine long-dormant bots are prolifically posting porn to the hashtag via TweetDeck. (Linked videos are decidedly NSFW so no screenshots.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote The right things appear to have happened.
@ZellaQuixote New bots from the same network activated this morning, once again spamming porn links via TweetDeck. We ran across them as at least one of from this set hijacked the #KincadeFire hashtag. As with the previous set, they're all old accounts but almost all the tweets are recent.
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