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4 Sep
From the Morten Group at Oxford:

"Our ME/CFS Raman diagnostic paper is just back from review. They like it! But we need to run a further set of expts with new blood samples. Really important we get the PhD funded in order to collect new bloods."
"In this proposal we will explore this association in detail in ME/CFS, Chronic Lyme and Long Covid examining not only the gut but also the currently unexplored blood biome."
"We propose that the blood biome and its association with a leaky gut could be a pivotal factor in a number of chronic conditions including #ME/cfs, #LymeDisease and #Long covid."
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29 Mar
New research update video with Prof. Ron Davis, March 29th 2021.

Huge thanks again to Ashley Haugen @AshleyHaugen88 for her hard work doing this, also to Ron and Janet.


For patients that cannot watch or listen, I did a (rough) transcript below:
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-Intro from Ron. Ron's sole focus is ME/CFS.

-Trying to work on treatments or a cure.

-The Metabolic Trap idea. This is where a critical enzyme gets trapped in it's function.

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11 Mar
Responded. The best I could do at the moment. Thanks to @TomKindlon, @wilshica and @Huisarts_Vink for the literature. See response below. #MECFS
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11 Mar
"We have now done proteomics (the large-scale study of proteins) and metabolomics (an analysis of the metabolism) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood plasma from about 40 Intensive Care Unit COVID-19 patients. "

"Our next step will be the large-scale metabolomic study of plasma from a larger cross-section of less severe COVID-19 patients (where we have no possibility to collect CSF) not admitted into the ICU."
"In parallel, we are performing CSF proteomics and blood plasma metabolomics in around 50 Herpes Simplex Encephalitis patients (a rare infection with a related neurological disorder). The data from this cohort will provide a valuable baseline  for neuroinflammation..."
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