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Nov 4, 2021 42 tweets 8 min read
Follow education reporter @allymarkovich here as she reports on the BUSD school board meeting tonight. Big ticket items on the agenda tonight include an update on the Title IX reporting process and Coaching Boys into Men.The board will also vote on a climate literacy resolution🧵 Public commenters come out in droves in favor of the climate literacy resolution.
"The lives of our students and our future generations depend on our willingness tonight to prepare them for their future," says Berkeley High student Ella Suring, who co-authored the resolution.
Nov 4, 2021 79 tweets 30 min read
Tonight's Planning Commission is focused on development at the Ashby and North Berkeley BART station. Thread here! Agenda:… #berkmtg Looks like former Councilmember Laurie Capitelli is subbing for a commissioner who could not attend tonight. #berkmtg Image
Oct 7, 2021 31 tweets 8 min read
Tonight's school board meeting is covered by education reporter @allymarkovich. The school board is voting on a vaccine-or-test policy for students in advance of California's stricter vaccine mandate. Agenda here:…
Follow the meeting 🧵: The school board will also discuss how the district should deal with a decline in enrollment (known throughout the state as the 'ADA cliff') and share an update about a new, anonymous reporting hotline for sexual harassment, bullying, etc. Stay tuned more on both of these.
Oct 6, 2021 51 tweets 57 min read
Now onto the next (and sole remaining item) on this special #berkmtg agenda: Interim rules to be used by the new Police Accountability Board and director of police accountability for handling complaints against @berkeleypolice. There are two alternatives. THREAD. #berkmtg @berkeleypolice See Item 1 for agenda materials:… #berkmtg
Oct 6, 2021 43 tweets 22 min read
Starting now with Item A: a proposed waiver of Berkeley's Sanctuary City Ordinance for Motorola Solutions lease. The contract with Motorola will save the city $1M, the city manager says. #berkmtg The majority of police + fire radios were purchased in 2011 and have exceeded their useful life, the city manager says. Motorola is the only entity with equipment the city can work with, she says, because the radios need to be encrypted; it's part of a statewide system. #berkmtg
Oct 5, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Mayor @JesseArreguin and city officials are holding another COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall. New cases and test positivity rates are both down compared to two months ago.
Tune in now here Berkeley Health Officer Lisa Hernandez says there have been 70 "school exposure events," in which people who tested positive had been in classrooms — but no documented cases of transmission within schools. Figure includes BUSD and private schools.
Jun 3, 2021 60 tweets 12 min read
Coming up on tonight's #busdmtg school board meeting: a new block schedule at Berkeley High, two major budget drafts (next year's General Fund & 21-24 LCAP), a resolution in support of Latinx student achievement, changes to dual-language immersion program, and more. 🧵 Tonight's #busdmtg coverage is brought to you by Berkeleyside's education reporter @allymarkovich and fueled by a broccoli & tofu stir-fry, which said education reporter cooked up right before this. Cheers to those following along! We're in for a packed night.
Feb 24, 2021 41 tweets 21 min read
Tonight's regular City Council meeting ( begins soon and we'll be live-tweeting it here.

The important item today — a resolution to end exclusionary zoning in Berkeley. Read our coverage to catch up: #berkmtg… Here's the council tonight, all smiles after Mayor @JesseArreguin accidentally moved CM @loridroste to the attendee pool. Public comment will be limited to be one minute today due to large numbers expected. #berkmtg Image
May 14, 2020 13 tweets 6 min read
This Wednesday, #busdmtg is a community town hall, not a board meeting. It starts now on Zoom - info here:… Tonight's topic: reopening schools. What will school look like in the fall if students are allowed to return? Here's the "planning outline" staff will walk through:…. There will opportunities to submit live questions/comments #busdmtg
Apr 4, 2020 27 tweets 6 min read
Today's #COVID19 briefing from Gov. @GavinNewsom (we'll tweet highlights here). You can also watch on FB:…