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Lawyer. Secretary-General: GOOD movement. Member of Parliament. Urbanist #LSE alumnus: MSc in Cities. Pls also follow: @ForGoodZA
Jun 4, 2022 9 tweets 10 min read
@Tildy992 @BuddyWells1 @SAEditorsForum 🧵Before resigning from the DA, in 2018, I served on their Federal Council for about 6 years.
In 2017/18 the planning for the 2019 general election was in full swing:
- Scenarios for a CR win or a NDZ win at 2017 ANC conference;
- Policy / Manifesto work
- And *budgets* @Tildy992 @BuddyWells1 @SAEditorsForum @MVC_SA 🧵2:
The DA was working on a proposed budget for the 2019 election of R600 million.
At the time it was reported that the ANC budget was R1 billion.
If ANC figure is accurately reported then 2 parties were planning to spend R1.6 billion on contesting an election. Obscene amount!
Feb 28, 2021 13 tweets 12 min read
1. The @Our_DA and the @IRR_SouthAfrica are running grifter campaigns. Using fear-mongering and outright lies they are encouraging peeps to sign petitions to oppose the 2020 Expropriation Bill. They are simply capturing your data & will solicit a donation soon. Here are the lies: 2. #BIGLIE 1: The 2020 Bill introduces #expropriation into our law and if you can stop this bill you can stop expropriation.

#TruthMatters: Expropriations have happened across SA for over 50 years currently under the 1975 Expropriation Act. Prior to that under a 1965 Act.
Oct 25, 2018 22 tweets 6 min read
My statement on #Bowmans Reports

I’m shocked by the so-called findings of the Bowmans Report and reject their conclusions

Bowman Gilfillan, attorneys, were appointed to conduct an investigation into a number of alleged irregularities within the City of Cape Town. #CTCouncil Those alleged irregularities included the process surrounding the procurement of electric buses.